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Versailles is located 17.1 km (10.6 mi) west-southwest from the centre of Paris. The city sits on an elevated plateau, 130 to 140 metres (425 to 460 ft) above sea-level (whereas the elevation of the centre of Paris is only 33 m (108 ft) above sea level), surrounded by wooded hills: in the north the forests of Marly and Fausses-Reposes, and in the south the forests of Satory and Meudon. Here are some facts about the Palace of Versailles. The Palace of Versailles is a royal castle, located in the Ile de France region of France. It is about 15 miles south west of Paris and easily reached by train. The palace was built in the late 17th century as a home for France's king [

Versailles is also an important node for the French army, a tradition going back to the monarchy with, for instance, the military camp of Satory and other institutions. In 2017 the Palace of Versailles received 7,700,000 visitors, making it the second-most visited monument in the Île-de-France region, just behind the Louvre and ahead of the Eiffel Tower.[3] The Palace of Versailles, or simply Versailles, is a royal château in Versailles in the Île-de-France region of France, approximately 15 miles southwest of Paris.It is also known as the Château de Versailles.. The Palace of Versailles cover an area of 8,150,265 square meters (87,728,720 square feet), or 2,014 acres, making it the World's Largest Royal Domain The first phase of the expansion (c. 1661–1678) was designed and supervised by the architect Louis Le Vau. Initially he added two wings to the forecourt, one for servants quarters and kitchens, the other for stables.[10] In 1668 he added three new wings built of stone, known as the envelope, to the north, south and west (the garden side) of the original château. These buildings had nearly-flat roofs covered with lead. The king also commissioned the landscape designer André Le Nôtre to create the most magnificent gardens in Europe, embellished with fountains, statues, basins, canals, geometric flower beds and groves of trees. He also added two grottos in the Italian style and an immense orangerie to house fruit trees, as well as a zoo with a central pavilion for exotic animals.[6] After Le Vau's death in 1670, the work was taken over and completed by his assistant François d'Orbay.[11] According to Tripadvisor travelers, these are the best ways to experience Palace of Versailles: Skip the Line: Versailles & Gardens Ticket + Self-guided tour in Questcity App (From $37.37) Skip-the-line Special Versailles Chateau and Gardens (From $35.17

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Launch the immersive experience on SteamVRGet the appThe RoyalsGet up close and personal with the kings and queens who lived at VersaillesKing Louis XIV ascended the throne at the age of 4 and ruled for 72 years and 110 daysI woke up like thisExplore where the King started his dayVirtual tourInside The King's BedchamberTake a tour of the King's private pad3D ModelWhere The King SleptSee the details of the King's bed, in 3DMeet Louis XIVWho Was The Sun King?Get to know the man who made the Palace, through his portraits3D ModelStep Into the King's BedchamberZoom into the bed to nap like a KingWatchThe Extraordinary Wax Portrait of Louis XIVSee the most true-to-life portrayal of the KingMarie Antoinette was the wife of King Louis XVI. She became the last Queen before the French Revolution.The Lady of the houseSee where the Queen let her hair downVirtual TourInside The Queen's BedchamberTake a tour of the Queen's BoudoirIn-painting tourMeet Marie AntoinetteThe Queen and her children by Vigée-le-Brun3D ModelWhere Marie-Antoinette Kept Her JewelsSee the details of the Queen's jewelry cabinet, in 3D3D ModelSee a 3D Model of the Queen's BedroomHow can you miss the 7 stools guarding the Queen's bed?WatchThe Story of Marie-Antoinette's AndroidSee the mechanical model presented to the Queen in 1785Meet the mistressesVisit the official apartments of Louis XV's mistressesBehind Closed Doors With YouTube Creator Brady HaranPlay video Versailles (French pronunciation: ()) is a city in the Yvelines département in the Île-de-France region, renowned worldwide for the Château de Versailles and the gardens of Versailles, designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites.Located in the western suburbs of the French capital, 17.1 km (10.6 mi) from the centre of Paris, Versailles is in the 21st century a wealthy suburb of Paris with a. In the 1670s, Louis XIV had a magnificent five-room bath complex installed on the ground floor of the apartments belonging to his mistress, Madame de Montespan.[90] The baths were installed with hot and cold running water, at the time an exceptional technological advancement, but their primary use was for sexual trysts between the couple rather than for hygiene.[91] The suite was dismantled and covered over after the relationship ended in 1684. Louis XV commissioned a bathroom to be built when he was thirteen years old - he would later build bathrooms supplied with plumbed-in hot and cold water.[92] To relieve themselves, many courtiers had their own collapsible commode, known as a chaise percée, which was a padded seat with a chamber pot underneath. It is estimated that there were only three hundred of these at any one time.[93] Although it was forbidden to dump the contents of these chamber pots out of windows, the practice persisted in the inner courts of the palace.[94] There's a lot more to Versailles than the chateau. Bring a picnic basket and have lunch in the gardens. They are huge and beautiful, you can find your own space away from the crowds. New York Habitat August 15, 2012. Words are lacking to describe this majestic palace, which is definitely a must-see when visiting Paris

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Book the Chateau Versailles - Stay at this 3.5-star romantic hotel in Montreal. Enjoy free breakfast, free WiFi, and room service. Our guests praise the breakfast and the helpful staff in our reviews. Popular attractions Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and Bell Centre are located nearby. Discover genuine guest reviews for Chateau Versailles, in Ville-Marie neighborhood, along with the latest. When these results and the high quality achieved were brought to the attention of the French Minister of Culture, he revived 18th-century weaving techniques so as to reproduce the silks used in the decoration of Versailles.[40] The two greatest achievements of this initiative are seen today in wall hangings used in the restoration of the chambre de la reine in the grand appartement de la reine and the chambre du roi in the appartement du roi. While the design used for the chambre du roi was, in fact, from the original design to decorate the chambre de la reine, it nevertheless represents a great achievement in the ongoing restoration at Versailles. Additionally, this project, which took over seven years to achieve,has required several hundred kilograms of silver and gold to complete.[41] One of the more costly endeavours for the museum and France's Fifth Republic has been to repurchase as much of the original furnishings as possible. Consequently, because furniture with a royal provenance – and especially furniture that was made for Versailles – is a highly sought after commodity on the international market, the museum has spent considerable funds on retrieving much of the palace's original furnishings.[42]

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CHATEAU VERSAILLES CONDOS FOR SALE (These are not apartments - these condos are individually owned) Chateau Versailles is one of NW Las Vegas' most popular condominium communities!Chateau Versailles is a gated community featuring 1-3 bedroom floorplans and is located near 215 and West Cheyenne in the 89129 zip code.. Included below are condos for sale in Chateau Versailles The Palace of Versailles offers a visual history of French architecture from the 17th century to the end of the 18th century. It began with the original château, with the brick and stone and sloping slate mansard roofs of the Louis XIII style used by architect Philibert Le Roy. It then became grander and more monumental, with the addition of the colonnades and flat roofs of the new royal apartments in the French classical or Louis XIV style, as designed by Louis Le Vau and later Jules Hardouin-Mansart. It concluded in the lighter and more graceful neoclassical Louis XVI style of the Petit Trianon, completed by Ange-Jacques Gabriel in 1768. When Napoleon Bonaparte became Emperor of the French in 1804, he considered making Versailles his residence, but abandoned the idea because of the cost of the renovation. Prior to his marriage with Marie-Louise in 1810, he had the Grand Trianon restored and refurnished as a springtime residence for himself and his family, in the style of furnishing that it is seen today.[31]

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The Royal Opera of Versailles was originally commissioned by Louis XIV in 1682 and was to be built at the end of the North Wing with a design by Mansart and Vigarani. However, due to the expense of the King's continental wars, the project was put aside. The idea was revived by Louis XV with a new design by Ange-Jacques Gabriel in 1748, but this also was temporarily put aside. The project was revived and rushed ahead for the planned celebration of the marriage of the Dauphin, the future Louis XVI, and Marie-Antoinette. For economy and speed, the new opera was built almost entirely of wood, which also gave it very high quality acoustics. The wood was painted to resemble marble, and the ceiling was decorated with a painting of the Apollo, the god of the arts, preparing crowns for illustrious artists, by Louis Jean-Jacques Durameau. The sculptor Augustin Pajou added statuary and reliefs to complete the decoration. The new Opera was inaugurated on May 16, 1770, as part of the celebration of the royal wedding.[67] Résidence officielle des rois de France, le château de Versailles et ses jardins comptent parmi les plus illustres monuments du patrimoine mondial et constituent la plus complète réalisation de l'art français du XVIIe siècle Palace of Versailles is minutes away. WiFi is free, and this hotel also features a bar and breakfast. Important: This destination may have COVID-19 travel restrictions in place, including specific restrictions for lodging. This was an older hotel that is clean and really close to Chateau Versaille. It was perfect for a nice getaway from the. L'application propose gratuitement l'audioguide de l'ensemble du domaine (Château, jardins, domaine de Trianon...) ainsi qu'une carte interactive.

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The end of the 19th and the early 20th century saw the beginning of restoration efforts at the Palace, first led by Pierre de Nolhac, poet and scholar and the first conservator, who began his work in 1892. The conservation and restoration was interrupted by two world wars, but has continued until the present day.[36] Louis XIII, who lived 1601-1643, bought up land, built a chateau and went on hunting trips. At the time, much of the land around Versailles was uncultivated, allowing wild animals to flourish Versailles World Tour 2010 Method of Inheritance -Grand Final- Chateau de Versailles. Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall (Shibuya Public Hall) 2010.09.04

The Petit Trianon was built on the site of a botanical garden developed about a decade earlier by Louis XV, within the grounds of the Grand Trianon, Louis XIV's retreat from the Palace of Versailles to the southeast. It was designed by Ange-Jacques Gabriel by the order of Louis XV for his long-term mistress, Madame de Pompadour, and was constructed between 1762 and 1768 The palace still serves political functions. Heads of state are regaled in the Hall of Mirrors; the bicameral French Parliament—consisting of the Senate (Sénat) and the National Assembly (Assemblée nationale)—meet in joint session (a congress of the French Parliament) in Versailles[101] to revise or otherwise amend the French Constitution, a tradition that came into effect with the promulgation of the 1875 Constitution.[103] For example, the Parliament met in joint session at Versailles to pass constitutional amendments in June 1999 (for domestic applicability of International Criminal Court decisions and for gender equality in candidate lists), in January 2000 (ratifying the Treaty of Amsterdam), and in March 2003 (specifying the "decentralized organization" of the French Republic).[101]

The Château de Chenonceau is a French château spanning the River Cher, near the small village of Chenonceaux in the Indre-et-Loire department of the Loire Valley in France. It is one of the best-known châteaux of the Loire valley. The estate of Chenonceau is first mentioned in writing in the 11th century. The current château was built in 1514–1522 on the foundations of an old mill and was later extended to span the river. The bridge over the river was built from 1556 to 1559 to designs by the French Renaissance architect Philibert de l'Orme, and the gallery on the bridge, built from 1570–1576 to designs by Jean Bullant. The palace is now a historical monument and UNESCO World Heritage site, notable especially for the ceremonial Hall of Mirrors, the jewel-like Royal Opera, and the royal apartments; for the more intimate royal residences, the Grand Trianon and Petit Trianon located within the park; the small rustic Hameau (Hamlet) created for Marie Antoinette; and the vast Gardens of Versailles with fountains, canals, and geometric flower beds and groves, laid out by André le Nôtre. The Palace was stripped of all its furnishings after the French Revolution, but many pieces have been returned and many of the palace rooms have been restored. This small château was the site of one of the historical events that took place during the reign of Louis XIII, on 10 November 1630, when, on the Day of the Dupes, the party of the queen mother was defeated and Richelieu was confirmed as Prime minister. The Palace of Versailles (/ v ɛər ˈ s aɪ, v ɜːr ˈ s aɪ / vair-SY, vur-SY; French: Château de Versailles [ʃɑto d(ə) vɛʁsɑj] ()) was the principal royal residence of France from 1682, under Louis XIV, until the start of the French Revolution in 1789, under Louis XVI.It is located in the department of Yvelines, in the region of Île-de-France, about 20 kilometres (12 miles. Henceforth Versailles was the possession of the Gondi family, a family of wealthy and influential parliamentarians at the Parlement of Paris. Several times during the 1610s, the de Gondis invited King Louis XIII to hunt in the large forests around Versailles. In 1622, the king purchased a parcel of forest for his private hunting. In 1624, he acquired more and entrusted Philibert Le Roy with the construction of a small hunting lodge of red bricks and stone with a slate roof. In 1632, the king bought the totality of the land and seigneury of Versailles from Jean-François de Gondi. The hunting lodge was enlarged to the size of a small château between 1632 and 1634.

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A château was historically supported by its terres (lands), composing a demesne that rendered the society of the château largely self-sufficient, in the manner of the historic Roman and Early Medieval villa system, (cf. manorialism, hacienda). The open villas of Rome in the times of Pliny the Elder, Maecenas, and Emperor Tiberius began to be walled-in, and then fortified in the 3rd century AD, thus evolving to castellar "châteaux".[6] In modern usage, a château retains some enclosures that are distant descendants of these fortifying outworks: a fenced, gated, closeable forecourt, perhaps a gatehouse or a keeper's lodge, and supporting outbuildings (stables, kitchens, breweries, bakeries, manservant quarters in the garçonnière). Besides the cour d'honneur (court of honour) entrance, the château might have an inner cour ("court"), and inside, in the private residence, the château faces a simply and discreetly enclosed park. Less a monument than a world unto itself, Versailles is the king of palaces. The end result of countless francs, 40 years, and 36,000 laborers, it was Louis XIV's monument to himself—the Sun King Versailles comme si vous y étiez ! Du lever du soleil à la tombée de la nuit, évadez-vous un instant pour passer un jour à Versailles. # ensembleàlamaison # VersaillesChezVous # CultureChezNous Versailles as if you were there! From sunrise to dusk, escape for a moment to spend a day in Versailles The thickness of the walls combined with the southern exposure and double glazing of the windows was designed according to the theories of Jean Baptiste de la Quintinie, the head gardener of the Potager du roi, to provide a frost-free environment year round for the tender subtropical plants, primarily Orange trees, beloved by Louis XIV.[80] Over one thousand citrus trees, palms, Oleanders, Pomegranate and Olive trees, along with other tender plants, are housed inside the walls of the Orangerie during the winter; they are taken out onto the parterre bas from mid-May until mid-October.[78]

This was originally a chapel. It was rebuilt beginning in 1712 under the supervision of the First Architect of the King, Robert de Cotte, to showcase two paintings by Paolo Veronese, Eleazar and Rebecca and Meal at the House of Simon the Pharisee, which was a gift to Louis XIV from the Republic of Venice in 1664. The painting on the ceiling, The Apotheosis of Hercules, by François Lemoyne, was completed in 1736, and gave the room its name.[56][57] The Grand Gallery is a set of three highly decorated reception rooms, dedicated to the celebration of the political and military successes of Louis XIV, and used for important ceremonies, celebrations and receptions.

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  2. The king's State Apartment consisted of an enfilade of seven rooms, each dedicated to one of the known planets and their associated titular Roman deity. The queen's apartment formed a parallel enfilade with that of the grand appartement du roi. After the addition of the Hall of Mirrors (1678–1684) the king's apartment was reduced to five rooms (until the reign of Louis XV, when two more rooms were added) and the queen's to four.
  3. The Chapel was the last building at Versailles to be completed during the reign of Louis XIV. It was consecrated in 1710, and was dedicated to Louis IX of France, the ancestor and patron saint of the King. Construction was begun by Hardouin-Mansart in 1699, and was completed by de Corte. Daily services, wedding ceremonies, and baptisms were held in this chapel until 1789. Like other royal chapels, it had two levels: the King and family worshipped in the Royal Gallery on the upper level, while ordinary courtiers stood on the ground level.[64]

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Now $189 (Was $̶2̶1̶3̶) on Tripadvisor: Hotel Le Louis Versailles Chateau, Versailles. See 618 traveler reviews, 533 candid photos, and great deals for Hotel Le Louis Versailles Chateau, ranked #1 of 25 hotels in Versailles and rated 4.5 of 5 at Tripadvisor The construction in 1668–1671 of Le Vau's enveloppe around the outside of Louis XIII's red brick and white stone château added state apartments for the king and the queen. The addition was known at the time as the château neuf (new château). The grands appartements (Grand Apartments, also referred to as the State Apartments[50]) include the grand appartement du roi and the grand appartement de la reine. They occupied the main or principal floor of the château neuf, with three rooms in each apartment facing the garden to the west and four facing the garden parterres to the north and south, respectively. The private apartments of the king (the appartement du roi and the petit appartement du roi) and those of the queen (the petit appartement de la reine) remained in the château vieux (old château). Le Vau's design for the state apartments closely followed Italian models of the day, including the placement of the apartments on the main floor (the piano nobile, the next floor up from the ground level), a convention the architect borrowed from Italian palace design.[51] 736.9k Followers, 476 Following, 4,093 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Château de Versailles (@chateauversailles

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In 1783, the Palace was the site of the signing of three treaties of the Peace of Paris (1783), in which the United Kingdom recognized the independence of the United States.[28] The Franco-Prussian War of 1870 put Versailles in the limelight again. On 18 January 1871 the victorious Germans proclaimed the king of Prussia, Wilhelm I, emperor of Germany in the very Hall of Mirrors of the castle, in an attempt to take revenge for the conquests of Louis XIV two centuries earlier. Then in March of the same year, following the insurrection of the Paris Commune, the French Third Republic government under Thiers relocated to Versailles, and from there directed the military suppression of the insurrection. The government and the French parliament stayed in Versailles after the quelling of the Commune (May 1871), and it was even thought[by whom?] for some time that the capital of France would move definitely to Versailles in order to avoid the revolutionary mood of Paris in the future.

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The Palace briefly returned to the world stage in June 1919, when the Treaty of Versailles, formally ending the First World War, was signed in the Hall of Mirrors. Between 1925 and 1928, the American philanthropist and multi-millionaire John D. Rockefeller gave $2,166,000, the equivalent of about thirty million dollars today, to restore and refurnish the palace.[37] Visit the Palace of Versailles with skip-the-line admission, and avoid standing in the entrance queue before touring this royal chateau. On this 75-minute tour, follow a knowledgeable guide around the palace to see the King's and Queen's State Apartments and Hall of Mirrors II. 7 18 November to Sieur du Metz, 43,475 livres 5 sols for delivery to Sr. Lois and to Sr. de Villers for payment of 142,196 livres for the silver balustrade that they are making for the king's bedroom and 404 livres for tax: 48,861 livres 5 sol. II. 15 16 June 1681 – 23 January 1682 to Sr. Lois and Sr. de Villers silversmiths on account for the silver balustrade that they are making for the king's use (four payments): 88,457 livres 5 sols. II. 111 25 March – 18 April to Sr. Lois and Sr. de Villers silversmiths who are working on a silver balustrade for the king, for continued work (two payments): 40,000 livres Pierre de Nolhac was the curator of the Palace of Versailles between 1892 and 1920 and one of the stand-out figures in the history of the museum. Made a Member of the Académie Française in 1922, Nolhac undertook a metamorphosis of the Palace of Versailles, transforming Louis-Philippe's museum from the previous century

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Découvrez l'histoire des grands personnages de Versailles à travers les œuvres des collections du château de Versailles. Discover the history of the great characters of Versailles through the works of the collections of the Palace of Versailles The features closest to the Palace are the two water parterres, large pools which reflect the facade of the palace. These are decorated with smaller works of sculpture, representing the rivers of France, which are placed so as not to interfere with the reflections in the water. Down a stairway from the Parterre d'Eau is the Latona Fountain, created in 1670, illustrating the story of Latona taken from the Metamorphoses of Ovid. According to the story, when the peasants of Lycia insulted Latona, the mother of Apollo and Diana, the god Jupiter transformed the peasants into frogs. The fountain was begun in 1670 by Le Nôtre, then enlarged and modified by Hardouin-Mansart in 1686.[71] The main statuary group of Latona with Diana and Apollo was created between 1668-1670 by the sculptor Gaspard Marsy and originally placed on a modest foundation of rocks in the middle of the basin. Gaspard's brother Balthazard designed six lead half-human, half-frog figures to grace the water spouts surrounding the Latona statue, with 24 cast lead frogs positioned on the grass surrounding the perimeter of the fountain.[72] Versailles' primary cultural attraction is the Palace, with its ornately decorated rooms and historic significance. The town also has other points of cultural notability; in recent times, its position as an affluent suburb of Paris has meant that it forms a part of the Paris artistic scene, and musical groups such as Phoenix, Air and Daft Punk have some link to the city,[10] as does the director Michel Gondry.

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During the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871, the Palace was occupied by the general staff of the victorious German Army. Parts of the chateau, including the Gallery of Mirrors, were turned into a military hospital. The creation of the German Empire, combining Prussia and the surrounding German states under William I, was formally proclaimed in the Hall of Mirrors on January 18, 1871. The Germans remained in the Palace until the signing of the armistice in March 1871. In that month, the government of the new Third French Republic, which had departed Paris during the War for Tours and then Bordeaux, moved into the Palace. The National Assembly held its meetings in the Opera House.[34] Versailles is the seat of a Roman Catholic diocese (bishopric) which was created in 1790. The diocese of Versailles is subordinate to the archdiocese of Paris. After the death of Maria Theresa of Spain in 1683, Louis XIV undertook the enlargement and remodeling of the royal apartments in the original part of the palace, within the former hunting lodge built by his father. He instructed Mansart to begin the construction of the Royal Chapel of Versailles, which towered over the rest of the palace. Hardouin-Mansart died in 1708 and so the chapel was completed by his assistant Robert de Cotte in 1710.[22] Château de Versailles, Versailles, France. 734,300 likes · 16,933 talking about this · 1,533,196 were here. Bienvenue sur la page officielle du château de Versailles. Welcome on the Palace of..

Seat of the political power, Versailles naturally became the cradle of the French Revolution. The Estates-General met in Versailles on 5 May 1789. The members of the Third Estate took the Tennis Court Oath on 20 June 1789, and the National Constituent Assembly abolished feudalism on 4 August 1789. Eventually, on 5 and 6 October 1789, a crowd of women joined by some members of the national guard from Paris invaded the castle to protest bread prices and forced the royal family to move to Paris. The National Constituent Assembly followed the king to Paris soon afterwards, and Versailles lost its role of capital city. Palace of Versailles, former French royal residence and center of government, now a national landmark. It is located in the city of Versailles in northern France, 10 miles (16 km) west-southwest of Paris. As the center of the French court, Versailles was one of the grandest theaters of European absolutism Mercure Versailles Chateau is within walking distance of several restaurants. Guests have easy access to a number of sites including the Royal Opera of Versailles. The hotel is 1,950 feet from the Versailles-Rive Gauche RER station (line C), which gives direct access to Paris Once Louis XIV embarked on his building campaigns, expenses for Versailles became more of a matter for public record, especially after Jean-Baptiste Colbert assumed the post of finance minister. Expenditures on Versailles have been recorded in the compendium known as the Comptes des bâtiments du roi sous le règne de Louis XIV and which were edited and published in five volumes by Jules Guiffrey in the 19th century. These volumes provide valuable archival material pursuant to the financial expenditure on all aspects of Versailles such as the payments disbursed for many trades as varied as artists and mole catchers.[112]

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Inspired by the architecture of baroque Italian villas, but executed in the French classical style, the garden front and wings were encased in white cut ashlar stone known as the enveloppe in 1668-1671 by Le Vau and modified by Hardouin-Mansart in 1678–1679.[48] The exterior features an arcaded, rusticated ground floor, supporting a main floor with round-headed windows divided by reliefs and pilasters or columns. The attic storey has square windows and pilasters and crowned by a balustrade bearing sculptured trophies and flame pots dissimulating a flat roof. Montreal Luxury Guest Rooms and Suites. For a truly unique Montreal lodging experience, look to Château Versailles. Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, our hotel features 65 rooms and suites, each with their own unique charm and decor.Rooms and suites are adorned with a mix of rich fabric textures set against vibrant color schemes with a backdrop of exquisite antiques On the Market: A Versailles-Inspired Chateau in Worcester The house features enough gold leaf detailing and crystal chandeliers to please any royal. By Rachel Kashdan · 4/15/2020, 4:50 p.m The city (commune) of Versailles has an area of 26.18 km2 (10.11 sq mi, or 6,469 acres), which is a quarter of the area of the city of Paris. In 1989, Versailles had a population density of 3,344/km2 (8,660/sq mi), whereas Paris had a density of 20,696/km2 (53,602/sq mi). - from the Palace of Versailles to the Grand Canal (1 km) 15 min. on foot - from the Palace of Versailles to the palaces of Trianon and Marie-Antoinette's Estate (1.5 km) 25 min. on foot, through the gardens - from the Palace of Versailles to the west end of the Grand Canal (3.5 km) Path Grand Trianon - Petit Trianon Access gate for pedestrian

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  1. istration, tourism, business congresses, and festivals. From 1951 until France's withdrawal from the NATO unified command in 1966, nearby Rocquencourt functioned as the site for SHAPE. Versailles is an important military center, with several units and training schools headquartered at the Satory military base, which hosted the headquarters of the famed 2nd French Armored Division until 1999, and where a military exhibition is organized[by whom?] annually.
  2. The main floor (above the ground floor) of the new palace contained two symmetrical sets of apartments, one for the king and the other for the queen, looking over the gardens. The two apartments were separated by a marble terrace, overlooking the garden, with a fountain in the center. Each set of apartments was connected to the ground floor with a ceremonial stairway, and each had seven rooms, aligned in a row; a vestibule, a room for the guards, an antechamber, chamber, a large cabinet or office; a smaller bedroom, and a smaller cabinet. On the ground floor under the King's apartment was another apartment, the same size, designed for his private life, and decorated on the theme of Apollo, the Sun god, his personal emblem. Under the Queen's apartment was the apartment of the Grand Dauphin, the heir to the throne.[12]
  3. The King's apartment was accessed from the Hall of Mirrors from the Oeil de Boeuf antechamber past the Guardroom and the Grand Couvert, the ceremonial room where Louis XIV often took his evening meals, seated alone at a table in front of the fireplace. His spoon, fork, and knife were brought to him in a golden box. The courtiers could watch as he dined.[61]
  4. Louis organizes a royal show in the Versailles gardens following France's victory, and turns to Madame de Montespan for help reining in the nobles. 6. Episode 6 52m. Facing a workers' strike at the construction site, Louis resists turning to the one person who could help. Cassel is forced to live at Versailles

Versailles (French pronunciation: [vɛʁsɑj] (listen)) is a city in the Yvelines département in the Île-de-France region, renowned worldwide for the Château de Versailles and the gardens of Versailles, designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Located in the western suburbs of the French capital, 17.1 km (10.6 mi) from the centre of Paris, Versailles is in the 21st century a wealthy suburb of Paris with a service-based economy and a major tourist destination as well. According to the 2008 census, the population of the city is 88,641[2] inhabitants, down from a peak of 94,145 in 1975. Bienvenue sur la chaîne du château de Versailles. Vous y trouverez des vidéos du Château et du domaine, avec visites des coulisses et présentation des grands..

A château (plural châteaux; all pronounced [ʃɑto]) is a manor house or residence of the lord of the manor or a country house of nobility or gentry, with or without fortifications, originally, and still most frequently, in French-speaking regions.[1] In the time of Louis XIV, even the palace, with its thousands of inhabitants, was continually short of fresh drinking water, necessitating the relocation of the court periodically to the palaces of Fontainebleau or Compiègne.[86] There was no fresh water tap above ground level until the reign of Louis XV, and even then it was limited to the King's private kitchen and his personal bathroom. For everyone else, water was carried by a small army of water carriers to the upper floors, filling copper tanks in the private appartements of the courtiers.[87]

The War Salon commemorates the victorious campaign of Louis XIV against the Dutch, which ended in 1678. The centerpiece is an enormous sculpted medallion of Louis XIV, on horseback, crossing the Rhine in 1672, created by Antoine Coysevox. Below the fireplace is a painting of Clio, the Muse of History, recording the exploits of the King. The Chateau at Versailles Townhouse for Sale in Alabang Philippines Price Range: Php 8,062,000 - Php 9,356,000. Versailles Versailles was made the préfecture of the Seine-et-Oise département at its inception in March 1790 (at which time Seine-et-Oise had approximately 420,000 inhabitants).[5] By the 1960s, with the growth of the Paris suburbs, the Seine-et-Oise had reached more than 2 million inhabitants,[5] and was deemed too large and ungovernable, and thus it was split into three départements in January 1968. Versailles was made the préfecture of the Yvelines département, the largest chunk of the former Seine-et-Oise. At the 2006 census the Yvelines had 1,395,804 inhabitants.[6]

The Versailles Chateau and Gardens Tour visits the formal gardens in the morning and the main palace around noon. If you would like to visit the extended gardens you have the choice to do so in the afternoon on your own On en rêvait, alors, quand on venait à Versailles. Si, sous l’Ancien Régime, le Château était accessible à un grand nombre de visiteurs, voir le Roi s’avérait plus difficile. Petits conseils répertoriés par la base « Visiteurs de Versailles », publiée en 2019 par le Centre de recherche du château de Versailles (CRCV).Versailles is historically known for numerous treaties such as the Treaty of Paris, which ended the American Revolution, and the Treaty of Versailles, after World War I. Today, the Congress of France – the name given to the body created when both houses of the French Parliament, the National Assembly and the Senate, meet – gathers in the Château de Versailles to vote on revisions to the Constitution. The overthrow of Louis Philippe in 1848 put an end to his grand plans for the museum, but the Gallery of Battles is still as it was, and is passed through by many visitors to the royal apartments and grand salons. Another set of rooms on the first floor has been made into galleries on Louis XIV and his court, displaying furniture, paintings, and sculpture. In recent years, eleven rooms on the ground floor between the Chapel and the Opera have been turned into a history of the palace, with audiovisual displays and models.[69]

The headquarters of the Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University are located in the city, as well as the ISIPCA, a post graduate school in perfume, cosmetics products and food flavor formulation. Le Louis Versailles Château - MGallery by Sofitel is less than a 5-minute walk from the Château de Versailles and a 20-minute drive from Parc des Princes Stadium. It offers air-conditioned rooms and suites, connecting rooms, 24-hour room service and free WiFi access is provided Book the Hotel Le Louis Versailles Château MGallery - Stay at this 4-star family-friendly hotel in Versailles. Enjoy free WiFi, a restaurant, and breakfast. Our guests praise the helpful staff and the clean rooms in our reviews. Popular attractions Palace of Versailles and Parc des Princes are located nearby. Discover genuine guest reviews for Hotel Le Louis Versailles Château MGallery along. In 1667, the name of the enterprise was changed to the Manufacture royale des Meubles de la Couronne. The Gobelins were charged with all decoration needs of the palace, which was under the direction of Charles Le Brun.[113] 50+ videos Play all Mix - [Versailles] Chateau de Versailles Nippon Budokan YouTube [Kiryu] Tandoku Jungyo - Saika Gaisei [Irodori live 2016] - Duration: 1:27:24. Visual Kei Uploads 5,794 view

During the Revolution of 1789, city officials had proposed to the Convention to rename Versailles Berceau-de-la-Liberté ("Cradle of Liberty"), but they had to retract their proposal when confronted with the objections of the majority of the population.[4] The old village and the Saint Julien church were demolished to make room for buildings housing the administrative services managing the daily life in the castle. On both sides of the Avenue de Paris were built the Notre-Dame neighborhood and the Saint-Louis neighborhood, with new large churches, markets, aristocratic mansions, all built in very homogeneous style according to the models established by the Surintendant des Bâtiments du Roi. Versailles was a vast construction site for many years. Little by little came to Versailles all those who needed or desired to live close to the maximum power. At the death of the Sun King in 1715, the village of Versailles had turned into a city of approximately 30,000 inhabitants. The Latona Fountain underwent a major renovation between 2012 and 2015, which required the removal of its statuary, marble fittings, and lead pipe network for off-site restoration.[74] When the project began in 2012, the foundation of the main basin had seriously weakened and was no longer watertight, threatening the fountain above. The marble facing and statues were covered in years of accumulated grime, obscuring the vibrant colors of the marble and the gilt fixtures as they originally appeared.[75] The parterre surrounding the fountain, landscaped with lawns and flower beds according to 19th century taste, was also completely overhauled. Formal beds of turf and boxwood outlined by gravel paths to form arabesque patterns were created, faithful to the original designs of Le Nôtre.[76] The Château de Montsoreau is the only Château of the Loire Valley to have been built directly in the Loire riverbed. It is also one of the very first example of a renaissance architecture in France.[12] Montsoreau was built in 1453 by Jean II de Chambes (first counselor of Charles VII of France and ambassador of France to Venice and to Turkey) by order of the king soon after the end of the Hundred's years war. The French dramatist Alexandre Dumas made the château de Montsoreau world famous with its trilogy on the French Wars of Religion of which the lady of Monsoreau is the second volume.[13]

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Skip the long lines at the Palace of Versailles and get priority access with your scheduled entrance time. Choose from several times available and meet directly in the office located near the Palace of Versailles. A hostess will accompany you inside the Palace, by-pass the lines and provide you with an audio guide. You can then discover the apartments and marvel at the Hall of Mirrors at your. We ranked the top 324 hotels near Versailles Palace (Chateau de Versailles) based on an unbiased analysis of awards, expert recommendations, and user ratings

Airelles finds a home in the Château de Versailles. Built in 1681 by Jules Hardouin-Mansart, the architect of King Louis XIV, Le Grand Contrôle is imbued with French history, and found right in the heart of the Château de Versailles. From 2020, Airelles will have the privilege of taking control of this historic building and creating an. Vivez Versailles Experience Versailles invites you to live two historical events that took place at the Palace of Versailles : the visit of the siamese ambassadors during Louis XIV's reign, and the Yew Tree Ball, organized by Louis XV In the city of Paris, the Louvre (fortified) and the Luxembourg (originally suburban) represented the original château but lost their château etymology, becoming "palaces" when the City enclosed them. In the U.S., the word château took root selectively, in the Gilded Age resort town of Newport, Rhode Island, the châteaux were called "cottages", but, north of Wilmington, Delaware, in the rich, rural "Château Country" centred upon the powerful Du Pont family, château is used with its original definition. In Canada, especially in English, château usually denotes a hotel, not a house, and applies only to the largest, most elaborate railway hotels built in the Canadian Railroad golden age, such as the Château Lake Louise, in Lake Louise, Alberta, the Château Laurier, in Ottawa, the Château Montebello, in Montebello, Quebec, and the most famous Château Frontenac, in Quebec City.[7] Moreover, in other French-speaking European regions, such as Wallonia (Belgium), the word Château is used with the same definition. In Belgium, a strong French architectural influence is evident in the seventeenth-century Château des Comtes de Marchin and the eighteenth-century Château de Seneffe.

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Welcome to the Palace. Here are a few tips for preparing your visit to the Palace. Search for the Chateau_de_Versailles or Orange WiFi network and connect. 2. Open a browser 3. Log on to the network to gain free access for one hour, with unlimited renewals. Close Mercure Versailles Chateau, Versailles 3-star This property has received its official star rating from the French Tourism Development Agency, ATOUT France. 19 rue Philippe de Dangeau, Angle rue Montbauron, Versailles, Yvelines, 7800, Franc The Loire Valley (Vallée de la Loire) is home to more than 300 châteaux.[9] They were built between the 10th and 20th centuries, firstly by the French kings followed soon thereafter by the nobility; hence, the Valley is termed "The Valley of the Kings". Alternatively, due to its moderate climate, wine growing soils and rich agricultural land, the Loire Valley is referred to as "The Garden of France". The châteaux range from the very large (often now in public hands) to more 'human-scale' châteaux such as the Château de Beaulieu in Saumur or the medieval Château du Rivau close to Chinon which were built of the local tuffeau stone.[10] The construction of the Hall of Mirrors between 1678 and 1686 coincided with a major alteration to the State Apartments. They were originally intended as his residence, but the King transformed them into galleries for his finest paintings, and venues for his many receptions for courtiers. During the season from All-Saints Day in November until Easter, these were usually held three times a week, from six to ten in the evening, with various entertainments.[56]

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ibis Versailles Château Hotel. Vibrant economy hotel, open to everyone. With its modern decor and unique location just a stone's throw from the Château de Versailles, the ibis Versailles Château hotel offers air-conditioned rooms with private bathroom, a lounge bar serving hot and cold snacks round the clock, free WIFI and even more comfort and well-being at the best price Name and address for Chateau Versailles on 10550 W Alexander Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89129 provided by ALN Apartment Data. The 2 bedroom condo at 10550 W Alexander Rd UNIT 2225 in Las Vegas is comparable and priced for sale at $ 202,900 Louis XIV first visited the château on a hunting trip in 1651 at the age of twelve, but returned only occasionally until his marriage to Maria Theresa of Spain in 1660 and the death of Cardinal Mazarin in 1661, after which he suddenly acquired a passion for the site.[8] He decided to rebuild, embellish and enlarge the château and to transform it into a setting for both rest and for elaborate entertainments on a grand scale.[6][9]

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  1. 2 An immigrant is a person born in a foreign country not having French citizenship at birth. Note that an immigrant may have acquired French citizenship since moving to France, but is still considered an immigrant in French statistics. On the other hand, persons born in France with foreign citizenship (the children of immigrants) are not listed as immigrants.
  2. utes outside of Paris in the city of Versailles, the Grand Palace was once the epicenter of French royal power and home to the French Monarchy
  3. g the park and gardens of Versailles in the early 1660s.[70] They are the finest example of the jardin à la française, or the French formal garden. They were originally designed to be viewed from the terrace on the west side of the palace, and to create a grand perspective that reached to the horizon, illustrating the king's complete do
  4. It is possible to reach the Estate of Trianon from the city of Versailles or from the Palace and its gardens. From the town of Versailles there are two ways to reach the Trianon Palaces and Marie-Antoinette's Estate: Direct access from the town of Versailles through the Grille de la Reine or Porte Saint-Antoine
  5. Info Coronavirus: In accordance with government regulations, the Estate of Versailles is closed. For more information on the Coronavirus, please consult: https://www.gouvernement.fr/info-coronavirus. For question you may have on the Coronavirus COVID-19 you can call, 24/7 for free: 0 800 130 000. 
  6. g at 9.00 am to visit the Palace when it opens or plan your visit for late afternoon. On the garden level, the Royal Courtyard gives access to the.

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Clearly, the silver furniture alone represented a significant outlay in the finances of Versailles. While the decoration of the palace was costly, certain other costs were minimised. For example, labour for construction was often low, due largely to the fact that the army during times of peace and during the winter, when wars were not waged, was pressed into action at Versailles. Additionally, given the quality and uniqueness of the items produced at the Gobelins for use and display at Versailles, the palace served as a venue to showcase not only the success of Colbert's mercantilism, but also to display the finest that France could produce.[116] The King increasingly spent his days in Versailles, and the government, court, and courtiers, numbering six to seven thousand persons, crowded into the buildings. The King ordered a further enlargement, which he entrusted to the young architect Jules Hardouin-Mansart. Hadouin-Mansart added two large new wings on either side of the original Cour Royale (Royal Courtyard). He also replaced Le Vau's large terrace, facing the garden on the west, with what became the most famous room of the palace, the Hall of Mirrors. Mansart also built the Petites Écuries and Grandes Écuries (stables) across the Place d'Armes, on the eastern side of the château. The King wished a quiet place to relax away from the ceremony of the Court. In 1687 Hardouin-Mansart began the Grand Trianon, or Trianon de Marbre (Marble Trianon), replacing Le Vau's 1668 Trianon de Porcelaine in the northern section of the park. In 1682 Louis XIV was able to proclaim Versailles his principal residence and the seat of the government and was able to give rooms in the palace to almost all of his courtiers.[21] Château de Versailles, Versailles, France. 734,316 likes · 18,034 talking about this · 1,533,228 were here. Bienvenue sur la page officielle du château de Versailles. Welcome on the Palace of.. Located inside the sunny glass-topped Inn atrium, the newly-renovated Versailles Restaurant, led by Executive Chef Rodney Ashley, features an internationally-inspired Chef's American buffet as well as an a la carte dinner menu. An expansive bar spans the length of the atrium and offers craft cocktails, beer, wine and a limited menu

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Le Louis Versailles Château Hotel-MGallery. A well situated hotel in Versailles, near the chateau, town and the RER station 30 mns from Paris. The staff is welcoming and friendly. Although it is a very smart hotel, the atmosphere is not stuffy or uncomfortable. There is always a friendly word and a smile and plenty of offers of help The hall was originally furnished with solid silver furniture designed by Le Brun, but these furnishings were melted down in 1689 to help pay for war expenses. The King kept a silver throne, usually located in the Salon of Apollo, which was brought to the Hall of Mirrors for formal ceremonies, such as the welcome of foreign ambassadors, including a delegation from the King of Siam in 1686. It was also used for large events, such as full-dress and masked balls. Light was provided by candelabra on large gilded guerdirons lining the hall. Those on display today were made in 1770 for the marriage of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, based on the moldings of earlier silver versions made by LeBrun that had been melted down. The twenty-four crystal chandeliers were hung only for special occasions. Courtiers gathered in the Hall to watch the King walk from his apartments to the chapel, and sometimes took the occasion to present him with requests. [62] Le château de Versailles et la marque française Kilometre Paris s’associent pour dévoiler une création originale, inspirée du Hameau de la Reine : un immense foulard de soie dessiné et brodé à la main. Ce MOOC qui s'est inscrit dans le cadre des 300 ans de la mort de Louis XIV est désormais disponible pour tous en parcours libre. Découvrez grâce à ce cours les grands moments d’une journée ordinaire du Roi.

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  1. presse.chateauversailles.f
  2. é de vedettes. 14 artistes, musiciens, danseurs, chanteur d'opéra, participeront à une heure de programme en ligne, depuis Vancouver, Toronto, Marseille ou New-York.  
  3. Le Brun also supervised the design and installation of countless statues in the gardens.[19] The grand stairway to the King's apartment was soon redecorated almost as soon as it was completed with plaques of colored marble and trophies of arms, tapestries, and balconies, so the members of the court could observe the processions of the King.[13]
  4. In October 1789, early in the French Revolution, the last banquet for the royal guardsmen was hosted by the King in the opera, before he departed for Paris. Following the Franco-German War in 1871 and then the Paris Commune until 1875, the French National Assembly met in the opera, until the proclamation of the Third French Republic and the return of the government to Paris.[9]
  5. g the cradle of the French Revolution. After having lost its status of royal city, it became the préfecture (regional capital) of the Seine-et-Oise département in 1790, then of Yvelines in 1968. It is also a Roman Catholic diocese.

As soon as the royal family departed, the Palace was closed, awaiting their return—but in fact, the monarchy would never again return to Versailles. In 1792, the Convention, the new revolutionary government, ordered the transfer of all the paintings and sculptures from the Palace to the Louvre. In 1793, the Convention declared the abolition of the monarchy, and ordered all of the royal property in the Palace to be sold at auction. The auction took place between 25 August 1793 and 11 August 1794. The furnishings and art of the Palace, including the furniture, mirrors, baths and kitchen equipment, were sold in seventeen thousand lots. All fleurs-de-lys and royal emblems on the buildings were chambered or chiseled off. The empty buildings were turned into a storehouse for furnishings, art and libraries confiscated from the nobility. The empty grand apartments were opened for tours beginning in 1793, and a small museum of French paintings and art school was opened in some of the empty rooms.[30] After this event, Louis XIII decided to make his hunting lodge at Versailles into a château. The King purchased the surrounding territory from the Gondi family and in 1631–1634 had the architect Philibert Le Roy replace the hunting lodge with a château of brick and stone with classical pilasters in the doric style and high slate-covered roofs, surrounding the courtyard of the original hunting lodge. The gardens and park were also enlarged, laid out by Jacques Boyceau and his nephew, Jacques de Menours (1591–1637), and reached essentially the size they have today.[a][4][6][7] Tout le monde connaît le château de Versailles en images, mais connaissez-vous, Versailles, en chiffres. on commence par un petit rappel historique située dans la ville de Versailles, Versailles, le le château château château qui qui qui porte porte porte son son son nom nom nom nom étant étant étant étant mille-six-cent-vingt-trois mille-six-cent-vingt-trois mille-six-cent-vingt. Arrival Station => Versailles-Rive Gauche (Zone 4, 3.65€ as of June 1, 2019) To get from Paris to Versailles by train you can take a RER C train from central Paris to within 5 minutes walk of Chateau Versailles, ending at station Versailles-Rive Gauche. Start your trip by going into any Paris Metro/RER station that you find around the. The Palace of Versailles was the principal royal residence of France from 1682, under Louis XIV, until the start of the French Revolution in 1789, under Loui..

Château Versailles Cozy atmosphere, historic splendor, and artful surroundings—these are just a few of the offerings at Château Versailles in Montreal, Quebec. Experience a seamless blend of sophistication and comfort at every turn in our historic hotel with 65 luxurious rooms and suites , unparalleled service, and an amazing location in. Participez à la replantation de l'allée des Tilleuls aux Mortemets, pour redonner vie aux perspectives royales du parc de Versailles.Born out of the will of a king, the city has a rational and symmetrical grid of streets. By the standards of the 18th century, Versailles was a very modern European city. Versailles was used as a model for the building of Washington, D.C. by Pierre Charles L'Enfant.[7] The site of the Palace was first occupied by a small village and church, surrounded by forests filled with abundant game. It was owned by the Gondi family and the priory of Saint Julian. King Henry IV went hunting there in 1589, and returned in 1604 and 1609, staying in the village inn. His son, the future Louis XIII, came on his own hunting trip there in 1607. After he became King in 1610, Louis XIII returned to the village, bought some land, and in 1623-24 built a modest two-story hunting lodge on the site of the current marble courtyard.[4] He was staying there in November 1630 during the event known as the Day of the Dupes, when the enemies of the King's chief minister, Cardinal Richelieu, aided by the King's mother, Marie de' Medici, tried to take over the government. The King defeated the plot and sent his mother into exile.[5] The Mercure Versailles Chateau is located in the heart of Versailles, within easy reach of the three stations that connect to Paris and the airports, and close to the business district, museums and monuments. Offering 60 airconditioned rooms, including 8family rooms (please contact the hotel directly to book one of these) and 3 rooms for guests.

Book now at Versailles - Chateau Elan in Braselton, GA. Explore menu, see photos and read 400 reviews: We felt the sides were some what lacking. The prime rib was very delicious The app is completely free of charge and can be used without an Internet connection. It includes: - the audioguide tour of the Palace: the Hall of Mirrors, the King's Apartments, the Royal Chapel, the Battles Gallery, etc. - the audioguide tour of the Gardens (including the Musical Fountains Shows and Musical Gardens) - the audioguide tour of the estate of Trianon : the Grand Trianon, the. Individuals, companies, foundations, help the Palace of Versailles to shine worldwide. From just five euros, anyone can contribute to a patronage project and be part of the history of Versailles.The Salon of Apollo was the royal throne room under Louis XIV, and was the setting for formal audiences. The eight-foot high silver throne was melted down in 1689 to help pay the costs of an expensive war, and was replaced by a more modest throne of gilded wood. The central painting on the ceiling, by Charles de la Fosse, depicts the Sun Chariot of Apollo, the King's favorite emblem, pulled by four horses and surrounded by the four seasons. In 1561, Martial de Loménie, secretary of state for finances under King Charles IX, became lord of Versailles. He obtained permission to establish four annual fairs and a weekly market on Thursdays. The population of Versailles was 500 inhabitants. Martial de Loménie was murdered during the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre (24 August 1572). In 1575, Albert de Gondi, a man from Florence who had come to France with Catherine de' Medici, bought the seigneury of Versailles.

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  1. VERSAILLES CENTRE À 3km / 1,88 miles. Par voiture. VERSAILLES CHATEAU À 0,2km / 0,12 miles. Par train. PARIS MONTPARNASSE 1 ET 2 À 20km / 12,43 miles. Par train. VERSAILLES CHANTIERS À 0,5km / 0,31 miles. Par train. VERSAILLES RIVE GAUCHE CHATEAU À 0,2km / 0,13 miles. GPS: 48.801903, 2.128
  2. Versailles, town and capital of Yvelines département, Île-de-France région, north-central France, 14 miles (22 km) southwest of Paris.The town developed around the 17th-century Palace of Versailles, built by Louis XIV, the principal residence of the kings of France and the seat of the government for more than 100 years.The first scenes of the French Revolution were enacted at the palace.
  3. Versailles, France This former unofficial capital of France sits just 10 miles from Paris and is easily reachable by train. Even though the Chateau de Versailles has been known as the epitome of indulgent luxury for centuries, seeing it in person is a jaw-dropping experience
  4. Supplying water for the fountains of Versailles was a major problem for the royal government. The site of the Palace itself is 490 ft. above sea level, with the nearest body of water capable of supplying the gardens and court being the Seine River, 6 miles north. This presented the daunting problem to Louis XIV's engineers of how to transport water uphill over such a distance.[81] In 1681, construction commenced on the Machine de Marly at Bougival; the machine consisted of 14 paddle wheels powered by the currents of the Seine. 259 pumps carried water up to the 530 ft. high Louveciennes Aqueduct, which fed the water into huge reservoirs at Marly-le-Roi.[82] At full capacity, over one million gallons of water per day could be pumped into the Marly reservoirs, but ironically by the 1690s the Château de Marly had become the main recipient, since Louis XIV built an enormous water cascade to rival the waterworks at Versailles.[83]
  5. L'Alcôve - Hôtel le Louis Versailles Chateau. Dear Solansh, That is a real pleasur to read that you spent such an amazing moment with us at the restaurant l'Alcôve. Your experience reflects what we exactly want our guests to live when the come to our restaurant and we want to thank you for this comment which warms people's hearts and gives.
  6. Google Arts & Culture features content from over 2000 leading museums and archives who have partnered with the Google Cultural Institute to bring the world's treasures online

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Listed for the past 30 years as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Palace of Versailles constitutes one of the finest achievements of French art of the 17th century. The former hunting lodge of Louis XIII was transformed and extended by his son Louis XIV who installed here the Court and the government of France in 1682 The Pullman Versailles Chateau is a luxurious hotel just minutes from many attractions one of which is the the Chateau Versailles. It includes a pool, their restaraunt, the LM Cafe which serves Mediterranean Cuisine, 24 hour room service, free internet access, a bar, and a 24 hour fitness center and sauna Hardouin-Mansart designed a much grander fountain of four oval tiers forming a pyramid, topped by Gaspard Marsy's statue and enhanced all around with the semi-human figures of Balthazard Marsy and an assortment of gilded frogs and lizards sculpted by Claude Bertin.[72] The four tiers are covered in 230 pieces of marble, composed of the white and grey-veined Cararra, greenish marble from Campan, and red marble from Languedoc.[73] The Palace of Versailles never played the protective role of a medieval stronghold. Beginning in the Renaissance period, the term "chateau" was used to refer to the rural location of a luxurious residence, as opposed to an urban palace. It was thus common to speak of the Louvre "Palais” in the heart of Paris, and the "Château” of Versailles out in the country. Versailles was only a village at the time. It was destroyed in 1673 to make way for the new town Louis XIV wished to create. Currently the centrepiece of Versailles urban planning, the Palace now seems a far cry from the countryside residence it once was. Nevertheless, the garden end on the west side of the Estate of Versailles is still adjoined by woods and agriculture. SAVE! See Tripadvisor's Versailles, Yvelines hotel deals and special prices on 30+ hotels all in one spot. Find the perfect hotel within your budget with reviews from real travelers

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The Salon of Mercury was the original State Bedchamber when Louis XIV officially moved the court and government to the Palace in 1682. The bed is a replica of the original commissioned by King Louis-Philippe in the 19th century when he turned the Palace into a Museum. The ceiling paintings by the Flemish artist Jean Baptiste de Champaigne depicts the god Mercury in his chariot, drawn by a rooster, and Alexander the Great and Ptolemy surrounded by scholars and philosophers. The Automaton Clock was made for the King by the royal clockmaker Antoine Morand in 1706. When it chimes the hour, figures of Louis XIV and Fame descend from a cloud.[59] Free online jigsaw puzzle gam The Château Versailles is a magnificent, Victorian, former residence dating back to the end of the 19th century. Completely renovated, the hotel offers superb guest rooms and suites, many with a fireplace. Continental breakfast, high speed WiFi included. The property is located in the heart of the Golden Square Mile, close to art galleries, museums, luxury boutiques, Mount Royal Park, and. King Louis XIV, son of Louis XIII, was only five years old when his father died. It was 20 years later, in 1661, when Louis XIV commenced his personal reign, that the young king showed interest in Versailles. The idea of leaving Paris, where, as a child, he had experienced first-hand the insurrection of the Fronde, had never left him. Louis XIV commissioned his architect Le Vau and his landscape architect Le Nôtre to transform the castle of his father, as well as the park, in order to accommodate the court. In 1678, after the Treaty of Nijmegen, the king decided that the court and the government would be established permanently in Versailles, which happened on 6 May 1682. Mercure Versailles Chateau. City-center hotel within easy reach of Palace of Versailles • Free WiFi • 24-hour front desk • Central location ; What types of hotels are available in Versailles? We have 54 Versailles accommodations with prices starting at USD 18. Choose one of our 9156 deals and get discounts of up to 75%

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  1. Versailles is also served by two other stations on Paris RER line C: Versailles-Château–Rive-Gauche (the closest station to the Palace of Versailles and consequently the station most frequently used by tourists) and Porchefontaine.
  2. g a reality. Back in 2015, the management of the Chateau de Versailles called for bids for transfor
  3. This salon was used for serving light meals during evening receptions. The principal feature in this room is Jean Warin's life-size statue of Louis XIV in the costume of a Roman emperor. On the ceiling in a gilded oval frame is another painting by Houasse, Venus subjugating the Gods and Powers (1672-1681). Trompe l'oeil paintings and sculpture around the ceiling illustrate mythological themes.[58]
  4. The Versailles 3D projects. Chaos to perfection. From the Grand Canal to the King's bedchamber, including the Orangerie, the Hall of Mirrors and the Colonnade grove, Chaos to Perfection takes the visitor on a tour of Versailles. For more information. The 3D scale models for mobiles. Immersion into the Palace's history on telephones and tablets

The Salon of Mars was used by the royal guards until 1782, and was decorated on a military theme with helmets and trophies. It was turned into a concert room between 1684 and 1750, with galleries for musicians on either side. Portraits of Louis XV and his Queen, Marie Leszczinska, by the Flemish artist Carle Van Loo decorate the room today. Chateau Versailles is rated Very Good by our guests. Take a look through our photo library, read reviews from real guests and book now with our Price Guarantee. We'll even let you know about secret offers and sales when you sign up to our emails Only in 1911 did Versailles definitely recover its level of population of 1789, with 60,458 inhabitants at the 1911 census.[9] In 1919, at the end of the First World War, Versailles came into the limelight again as the various treaties ending the war were signed in the castle proper and in the Grand Trianon. After 1919, as the suburbs of Paris continued to expand, Versailles was absorbed by the urban area of Paris and the city experienced a strong demographic and economic growth, turning it into a large suburban city of the metropolitan area of Paris. The role of Versailles as an administrative and judicial center has been reinforced in the 1960s and 1970s, and somehow Versailles has become the main center of the western suburbs of Paris. Easy, Fast And Secure Booking With Instant Confirmation. Book a Hotel near Palace of Versailles Versailles. Get Instant Confirmation

On the occasion of the exhibition "A taste of Marie Leszczynska", the Dauphine's apartments are open. The Dauphin's apartments are temporaly closed due to works.Concerts, operas, masked balls and shows : discover the programme for the 10th edition of the Festival of Versailles.A simple hunting lodging and later a small château with a moat occupied the site until 1661, when the first work expanding the château into a palace was carried out for Louis XIV. In 1682, when the palace had become large enough, the king moved the entire royal court and the French government to Versailles. Some of the palace furniture at this time was constructed of solid silver, but in 1689 much of it was melted down to pay for the cost of war. Subsequent rulers mostly carried out interior remodeling, to meet the demands of changing taste, although Louis XV did install an opera house at the north end of the north wing for the wedding of the Dauphin and Marie Antoinette in 1770. The palace has also been a site of historical importance. The Peace of Paris (1783) was signed at Versailles, the Proclamation of the German Empire occurred in the vaunted Hall of Mirrors, and World War I was ended in the palace with the Treaty of Versailles, among many other events. Versailles: The Palace is yours offers you a unique visit to the palace built by Louis XIV. Paintings, sculptures, furniture, the Hall of Mirrors - everything is within your reach as you have unlimited access to the treasures of Versailles. Happy exploring! Realized in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture This article often employs shortened footnotes. The full citations can be found in the immediately following section.

More work took place after World War II, with the restoration of the Royal Opera of Versailles. The theater was reopened in 1957, in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.[38] The Royal Chapel has been under renovation for 767 days. The end of the construction is scheduled for summer 2020.[66] HomeExploreNearbyProfileCollectionsThemesExperimentsArtistsMediumsArt movementsHistorical eventsHistorical figuresPlacesAboutView activitySend feedbackPrivacy & TermsHomeExploreNearbyFavoritesSign inLoading...Versailles: The Palace is YoursA private virtual tour of the former home of French royaltyIn collaboration withA virtual tour like no otherPart 1Stories from the PalaceFrom fun facts to long reads about Versailles through timeExplorePart 2Artworks Up CloseExplore the palace's art and design, from royal portraits to iconic interiorsExplorePart 3Never-Before-Seen ContentEnter in a new dimension with brand new 3D models, virtual tours, and VR experiencesExploreA game of thronesQuizWhich Royal Would You Be?From Louis XIV to Marie-Antoinette, find out which king or queen of Versailles is your twinReadFun facts11 Secrets From The Palace of VersaillesThe smell of the gardens was so strong, it made visitors ill...ReadHave the palace all to yourselfSee a different side of the palace with virtual realityWelcome to VersaillesPlay video

Access to the Palace and Estate - Palace of Versailles

The paintings on the ceiling display scenes depicting the three figures of the trinity. In the center is The Glory of the Father Announcing the Coming of the Messiah by Antoine Coypel, above the altar is The Resurrection of Christ, and above the royal gallery is The Holy Spirit Descending Upon the Virgin and the Apostles. The corridor and vestibule that connected the Chapel and the State Apartments included later art, commissioned by Louis XV, intended to portray the link between Divinity and the King: a statue of Glory Holding the Medallion of Louis XV, by Antoine Vassé; and Royal Magnanimity by Jacques Bousseau.[65] VERSAILLES CHATEAU : 171 MAIRIE VERSAILL . GARE MONTPARNASSE : VERSAIL CHANTIER . GARE SAINT LAZARD : VERSAILLES RIV D . RER : C VERSAILL CHATEAU . Par avion. PARIS ORLY À 19km / 11,88 miles. Par avion. PARIS ROISSY CHARLES DE GAULLE À 45,1km / 28,02 miles. Par avion. TNF À 12km / 7,5 miles. Par hélicoptère. ISSY LES MOULINEAUX À 10km / 6. This ticket gives access to the whole Estate and guarantees access to the Palace within half an hour of the selected time.The South Parterre is located beneath the windows of the queen's apartments and on the roof of the Orangerie. It is decorated with box trees and flowers in arabesque patterns. The Orangerie is located beneath the main terrace of the palace, on which the North and South Parterres rest. Three huge retaining walls divide the South Parterre from the lower parterre (parterre bas) of the Orangerie. Arcaded galleries with walls up to 16 ft. thick are built against the three retaining walls. The longest of these is the main south-facing gallery, at over 500 ft. (150 meters) from end to end and 47 ft. (13 meters) in height from floor to ceiling. Corresponding staircases known as the Escaliers des Cent Marches (so-called because each staircase has 100 steps) descend from above the east and west galleries to reach the level of the Orangerie.[79]

File:Allée d'Eau - Château de Versailles - P1050616-P1050624.jpg File:Allée d'Eau - Château de Versailles - P1050625-P1050627.jpg File:Avenue de Paris, Versailles.JP The Grand Trianon (French pronunciation: [ɡʁɑ̃ tʁijanɔ̃]) is a château (palace) situated in the northwestern part of the Domain of Versailles.It was built at the request of King Louis XIV of France (r. 1643-1715), as a retreat for himself and his maîtresse en titre of the time, the Marquise de Montespan (1640-1707), and as a place where he and invited guests could take light meals. The Grand Perspective of the palace continues from the Fountain of Latona south along a grassy lane, the Tapis Vert or green carpet, to the Basin of the Chariot of Apollo. Apollo, the sun god, was the emblem of Louis XIV, featured in much of the decoration of the palace. The chariot rising from the water symbolized the rising of the sun. It was designed by Le Brun and made by the sculptor Jean-Baptiste Tuby at the Gobelins Manufactory between 1668 and 1670, cast in lead and then gilded.[77] Beyond the fountain, the Grand Canal extends 1800 meters to the south end of the park.[71] The facade facing the garden, with the royal apartments and the Gallery of Mirrors between them[citation needed]

"Escape to the Chateau" Pig Roaster, Versailles Loo andAvenue de Paris (Versailles) — WikipédiaChâteau de Clagny — Wikipédia

The staircase incorporates allegories of the Four Parts of the World on the vault and representation of crowds of foreign visitors on the walls.[54] The staircase was lit from above with a skylight – a fairly advanced quality for seventeenth century architecture and is thought to have played a symbolic role in the connection with the scenes of the kings heroism depicted by Le Brun. Additionally, it is known to include Thalia (the muse of Comedy), Melpomene, Calliope, and Apollo (Louis XIV’s emblem)[55] and the twelve months of the year. References to the greater world, such as the depiction of the twelve months of the year and the four parts of the world, circle back to Louis XIV’s mentality of Versailles symbolizing supreme and divine power which in turn, reflects Louis XIV’s desired depiction of his reign. Plan of the main floor (c. 1837, with north to the right), showing the Hall of Mirrors in red, the Hall of Battles in green, the Royal Chapel in yellow, and the Royal Opera in blue A château is a "power house", as Sir John Summerson dubbed the British and Irish "stately homes" that are the British Isles' architectural counterparts to French châteaux. It is the personal (and usually hereditary) badge of a family that, with some official rank, locally represents the royal authority; thus, the word château often refers to the dwelling of a member of either the French royalty or the nobility, but some fine châteaux, such as Vaux-le-Vicomte, were built by the essentially high-bourgeois—people but recently ennobled: tax-farmers and ministers of Louis XIII and his royal successors. However, the quality of the residences could vary considerably, from royal châteaux owned by royalty and the wealthy elite near larger towns[3] to run-down châteaux vacated by poor nobility and officials in the countryside[4] isolated and vulnerable.[5] Le Louis Versailles Château, Mgallery by Sofitel has a unique location, being a mere 5 minutes walk from the Palace of Versailles. Add to this the fact there are copious restaurants and bars close by as well as one of the world's most celebrated golf courses in Le Golf National, its position is perfect

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