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At German universities, the academic year is divided into two terms: Wintersemester and Sommersemester. The winter term begins officially on October 1 and ends on March 31. The summer term begins on April 1 and ends on September 30. However, the lecture period only runs from mid-October until mid-February and from mid-April until the middle/end of July

The HSG's Student Union awarded two prizes: the prize for excellent teaching – the Credit Suisse Award for Best Teaching – went to Prof. Dr. Vito Roberto, Professor of Private, Commercial and Business Law. The Mentor Prize was awarded to Prof. Dr. Ulrike Landfester, Vice-President for External Relations and Professor of German Language and Literature. 29.06.2020 - 24.07.2020 1. Woche: 8xMo, 8xDi, 7xMi, 8xDo, 8xFr (Ges.39) Lehrveranstaltungstag Leuphana's campus is a bustling place where university members come together for a wide range of activities to develop their skills - while studying, teaching, working, at sports, at cultural events, in meeting and communicating, or to participate in one of the many initiatives

Dies academicus 2020 je odložen 14. 5. 2020 | Aula Masarykovy univerzity na Právnické fakultě MU. Slavnostní akademický obřad u příležitosti Dies academicus 2020, který byl plánován na čtvrtek 14. května 2020, je s ohledem na mimořádná opatření, která jsou přijímána jako prevence šíření koronaviru, odložen na podzimní semestr 21 May 2017. Numerous guests from academia, business and politics – among them the Chairman of the University's Board of Governors, Education Minister Stefan Kölliker, National Councillor Walter Müller, Councillor of State Paul Rechsteiner, Minister of Economic Affairs Bruno Damann (Canton of St.Gallen) and Education Minister Roland Inauen (Canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden), as well as representatives of 13 universities from home and abroad – together celebrated the University of St.Gallen’s greatest day of the year, the dies academicus. Dies Academicus Postponed Esteemed colleagues, dear students, May is the month when we traditionally celebrate the Day of our University - Dies Academicus. Because stopping the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is currently our highest priority, our activities are, hence, tailored to epidemiological measures and guidelines Are you looking for learning strategies, time management for your student home office and advice against procrastination? You will find suggestions for efficient planning and arrangement of the virtual summer term on our #WiSoVirtuell blog. The school of business, economics and society is happy to support its students during the virtual term DIES ACADEMICUS . koja će se održati. u srijedu, 11. prosinca 2019. godine s početkom u 18 sati . u Velikoj dvorani Hrvatskog liječničkog zbora, Šubićeva 9 • Zagreb . Program Svečane sjednice: Pozdravna riječ Predsjednice i uzvanika ; Prigodni glazbeni program ; Dodjela znanstvenih nagrada «Ante Šercer» i «Borislav Nakić» za.

Dies academicus 2017. Staff, students and alumni of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) come together on Thursday, 7 December 2017, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Auditorium maximum on city campus, to celebrate the annual traditional university event dies academicus. This event gives the university the opportunity to look back over the past year and honor individual achievements in. Unser Eventvideo vom DIES 2017! Perfektes Wetter, über 8.000 Gäste und jede Menge #feelfalt, gute Laune, Kreativität - einfach DIES Feeling in seiner reinsten Form! #diesgoe #feelfalt Dies academicus. Save the date: please note the date for our dies academicus in the Audimax. In a ceremony in the Auditorium maximum, the university welcomes its guests, looks back on the past year and honors students, scientists for outstanding achievements. The program will be announced in autumn glhv dfdghplfxv 6hlwh :lvvhqvfkdiwvsuhlvh ghu 8qlyhuvlwlw 3dvvdx.duo +hlq] 3roorn *hglfkwqlvsuhlv ghv 0dqdjhphqw&rqyhqw ghu 8qlyhuvlwlw 3dvvdx ± 1hxexujhu *hvsulfkvnuhlv h Master's programmes (graduate degrees) at USI provide high-quality interdisciplinary education, leading to international careers: At a glance Our programs: Humanities - Master in Architecture - Master in History and Theory of Art and Architecture - Master in Lingua, letteratura e civiltà italiana - Master in Philosophy Finance - Master in Finance - Master in European Studie

Contact The committee office supports the work of the executive committee and is the main contact for matters of young researchers at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU). Amongst others, some of its responsibilities are Dies Academicus (ETH Day) Saturday, 21.11.2020: Show: Main building HG closed until 15:30 h, before only access for invited guests. Sport Center Polyterrasse MM open Polyball (annual student ball) Saturday, 28.11.2020: Show: Buildings HG and MM closed starting Saturday, 17:00 and Sunda XXIV Dies academicusSaturday, May 9, 2020Online at 10am The Dies academicus is the annual celebration of the University, a significant moment to share and learn about USI and its developments. The Dies includes an official address by the Rector and speeches by guest speakers, both from within and beyond USI. It is also an opportunity to welcome at USI the Rectors from othe

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  2. Obilježen je Dan Sveučilista u Rijeci. Rektorica Snježana Prijić Samaržija iznijela je godišnje izvješće rada Sveučilista i dodijela titule počasnim profesorima te rektorove nagrade studentima. Predsjednica Studentskog zbora Pegi Pavletić istaknula je posebna postignuća i novitete u radu Zbora
  3. The Dies Academicus was one of the last events in the anniversary year of the Technical University of Munich.
  4. DIES ACADEMICUS 2019 - awardees and university management (photo/©: Stefan F. Sämmer, JGU) The GYR Executive Committee The GYR honoures a postdoctoral researcher with the Gutenberg Translation Award which allows the translation of an excellent publication

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Letošní Dies academicus nabídne bohatý doprovodný program. Na Fakultě informatiky MU chystají například na 15. května vystoupení místního studentského divadla s představením Pán much. O den později se uskuteční 13. ročník Filmového festivalu fakulty informatiky Esteemed colleagues, dear students, May is the month when we traditionally celebrate the Day of our University - Dies Academicus.Because stopping the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is currently our highest priority, our activities are, hence, tailored to epidemiological measures and guidelines

Weakening of the Degree Monopoly One the one hand, new institutions (teaching colleges, commercial players), often with new degree offerings, pave the way for a degree program 'market' as one of the consequences of the Bologna accord. On the other hand, specialized degrees allow to individually compose educational services, which sometimes. Array ( [0] => December [1] => 7, [2] => 2018 ) 07December2018 Share General Dies Academicus 2018Staff, students and alumni of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) came together on December 6, 2018, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Auditorium maximum on city campus, to celebrate the annual traditional university event “dies academicus“. This event gives the university the opportunity to look back over the past year and honor individual achievements in research, highlight up-and-coming research talents and reward employees for their excellent work. Sehen Sie sich das Profil von Francesco De Bellis auf LinkedIn an, dem weltweit größten beruflichen Netzwerk. Francesco De Bellis hat Informationen zur Ausbildung im Profil angegeben. Sehen Sie sich auf LinkedIn das vollständige Profil an und erfahren Sie mehr über die Kontakte von Francesco De Bellis und über Jobs bei ähnlichen Unternehmen

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This year's Dies Academicus took place on November 17 in the ballroom, Campus Westend. As part of this event, the Dean of the Department of Economics, Prof. Dr. Raimond Mauer, welcomed the two new professors and honorary professors of the Marketing Department, Prof. Dr. Torsten Bornemann and Hon.-Prof. Dr. Martin Schmidberger [infobox maintitle=Dies Academicus subtitle=The Dies is the uni's biggest sports event and one of the biggest in Germany. More than 8.000 people are likely to participate and/or drink while cheering their team. It's organized by the Hochschulsport Göttingen team, which puts together a diverse program of sports and culture

3.11.2017. at 11 am University of Zagreb, Trg Republike Hrvatske 14, Zagre Prof. Ruth Müller at Dies Academicus. At this year's Dies Academicus, MCTS professor Ruth Müller discussed with President Thomas Hofmann and other TUM members why it is essential for TUM to focus on socially responsible research and innovation in future. Read more at Dies Academicus BIGS Doctoral Studies Program The doctoral program of BIGS-OAS begins annually on October 1st. It is divided into a preparation phase (1 year after a M.A. degree, 2 years after a B.A. degree) and a dissertation phase (3 years). every doctoral student is expected to publicly present their dissertation project at Dies Academicus

DIES ACADEMICUS—153 de ani program Vineri, octombrie Aula Magna Mihai Eminescu 10.00 Gaudeamus Igitur Corul bărbătesc Mitropolitul Iosif Naniescu al Facultăţii de Teologie Ortodoxă Corul studenţesc Schola Cantorum al Facultăţii de Teologie Romano—Catolică 10.05 Cuvânt de deschider unimusik@uni-hohenheim.de oder 0711/459-24072 reserviert werden. Ort: Samstag, 30. November, 19:30 Uhr Universität Hohenheim, Euroforum, Kirchnerstraße 3, 70599 Stuttgart Tickets: 15 €, ab 19 Uhr an der Abendkasse Morgen, 18.10. ~15h wird Friedrich Kisters, CEO OriginStamp AG, den Festvortrag beim Dies Academicus der Uni Konstanz halten. Thema Influencer und Social Trust - kann die #Blockchain Wahrheit. Program Photos will be taken at the event and will later be published by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. By participating in the event, all guests declare their consent to these photos being taken and published (both in print and online)

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PROGRAMM DIES ACADEMICUS 2012. 11. Juli 2012, 18 Uhr Don't get around much anymore komponiert von D. Ellington arrangiert von M. Voigt Begrüßung Prof. (HSG) Dr. Sascha Spoun, Präsident. Am Dies Academicus feiert die Uni Trier sich, ihre herausragenden WissenschaftlerInnen und Studierenden. Auf dem Programm stehen unter anderen ein Festvortrag von Wissenschaftler und Romanautor Dirk von Petersdorff, der über Lyrik zum Mauerfall spricht

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  1. WINTER SEMESTER 2020/2021 | OCTOBER 1, 2020 - MARCH 31, 2021; Registration, enrollment, and withdrawal period for courses* October 1, 2020 - November 10, 202
  2. An MA programme allows you to further deepen your knowledge. Discover the wide range of MA study programmes on offer at the University of Lucerne - including the study programme for you
  3. The University of Zurich was founded on April 29, 1833, when the existing colleges of theology, the Carolinum founded by Huldrych Zwingli in 1525, law and medicine were merged with a new faculty of Philosophy. It was the first university in Europe to be founded by the state rather than a monarch or church
  4. g increasingly digital. The fashion industry needs communication managers that... master digital trends. are aware of the long-term socio-cultural processes that shape fashion. understand how fashion's ethical dimension and major sustainability challenges impact society. Would you like to acquire... communication skills as applied specifically to the fashio
  5. On April 25, 2020, at the annual Dies academicus of the University of Zurich (UZH), Prof. Giorgio Noseda has been appointed honorary senator of the University in... Read more: 03.04.2020 New paper from Cejka's Lab : CtIP promotes DNA break repair When DNA breaks, cells need to join the broken DNA pieces in an accurate way to prevent mutations

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The Dies speech is the focal point of the celebration at St. Martin's Church. It is held by the University's President and addresses a topic related to academia or university policy. During the Dies Academicus, the faculties award honorary doctorate degrees to deserving individuals from academia and society What? Dies Academicus at TU Dresden When? 17th May, 11:00 - 16:00 Where? HSZ-Wiese behind the HSZ of TU Dresden, right next to our office. It is Dies Academicus at TU Dresden again. Most groups active at the University, including our non-profit association, will present themselves at the fair

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  1. Programm­höhepunkte. Am 2. Dezember 1409 wurde unsere Universität gegründet. Alljährlich wird an diesem Tag der Dies academicus begangen. An diesem akademischen Feiertag sind Universitätsangehörige und die interessierte Öffentlichkeit zu zahlreichen Veranstaltungen eingeladen
  2. BICC - Bonn International Center for Conversion. Peace Report 2013 on the occasion of the Dies Academicus 2013 In the framework of the Dies Academicus at Bonn University on 4 December 2013, peace researchers and political scientists will discuss current questions posed by the Peace Report 2013
  3. Doprovodný program k Dies academicus 2018. Při příležitosti Dies academicus 2018 připravily fakulty Masarykovy univerzity doprovodný program. Na všechny uvedené akce jste srdečně zváni! Campus day Lékařská fakulta, přírodovědecká fakulta, fakulta sportovních studií a CEITEC MU pro zaměstnance a studenty kampusu připravili.

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Franciscans and Dominicans in Jerusalem came together for an important event: the 2017-18 Dies Academicus for their Biblical institutes. On November 15, the Studium Biblicum Franciscum and the École Biblique et Archéologique Française organized the meeting in which new school year curriculum was presented. At the École Biblique headquarters, director Jean-Jacques Pérennès welcomed the. Dies Academicus Katharina Engel, M.A. Jackie Kay's Other Voices: Hybrid Identity in Poetry Dies Academicus: Prof. Dr. Klaus P. Schneider, How does the Internet impact academic communication and information seeking behaviour? Review: Workshop Impact & Research Communication Skill awarded at the Dies Academicus, University of Lucerne, November 2020. Other Awards, Honors, Scholarships and Fellowships Professional Thank a Teacher certificate, Georgia Institute of Technology, Spring 2008. (student nominated) Richard J. Lewis Quality of Excellence Award, 2006, Eli Broad Graduate School of Management Od četvrtka 21. ožujka do ponedjeljka 25. ožujka Sveučilište u Zadru brojnim programima obilježava Dan Sveučilišta - Dies academicus 2019. Program obilježavanja jutros su u rektoratu predstavile prorektorica za studije i studente prof. dr. sc. Nedjeljka Balić Nižić i predsjednica Studentskog zbora Monika Marić

Klicke hier für die deutschsprachige Version dieser Seite. What is the Buddy Program? Our team from AEGEE-Dresden forges links between German and international students at the Dresden University of Technology (TU Dresden) and other universities in Dresden. We help international students to feel at home in Dresden and support the intercultural exchange. We offer several occasions for y. Dies Academicus 2015 Program Schedule November 13th, Casino Building Festsaal, Campus Westend . from 4:30 p.m. Reception in the Casino Building Foyer. 5:00 p.m. Program Opening in the Casino Building Festsaal . Welcome by Goethe University Vice President, Prof. Manfred Schubert-Zsilavecz

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Success thanks to local roots and an international presence President Thomas Bieger opened the ceremony and in his address considered the question as to why local roots were particularly significant in an era of globalisation and digitalisation. For Bieger, local roots in the region were very important and had always been part of the HSG. "Established by the Canton, the City and business, no other university expresses the idea of a regionally embedded university as well," said Bieger, "and I’m talking of both society and the economy." For a university to be successful, however, it always required a good balance between international openness and integration in international networks, on the one hand, and physical local roots, on the other hand, for only in this way would both parties profit from each other: the region from direct and indirect economic effects, and the university from a vibrant environment, a network of inspiring practice partners, as well as from basic funding. The program part concerning plasma medicine is based upon participation to (i) seminars (Dies academicus) with a focus on plasma medicine sciences and research, (ii) hands-on-training courses (Hospitationes), putting an emphasis upon bed-side training, (iii) conferences featuring plasma medicine research (Studium generale), for example at the. 1995 Honorary Doctor's Degree from the University of Zurich (awarded at Dies Academicus Celebration, April 29 1996 Honorary Doctor's Degree from the University of Utrecht (Conferred May Award was received as part of the Dies Academicus, Leuphana University's official honoring of scientists', employees' and students' special efforts concerning teaching, research or volunteer work. Winner of the Zukunft Selber Machen - Junge Ideen für Nachhaltigkeit youth congress for new ideas for a sustainable future with the project. Register for the ceremonial event Dies Academicus 2019 which takes place in the ballroom on Campus Westend and gives insights into the manifold activities of the Department of Economics at Goethe University.. The welcoming of new professors, honors and awards in research and teaching as well as interesting student projects will be further important components of this special day

Heute Dies Academicus im Foyer VMP 9 mit Vorträgen und Präsentationen zur Forschung bei uns. Außerdem die offizielle Eröffnung des Forschungslabors mit einem Festvortrag von REINHARD SELTEN, Nobelpreisträger für Ökonomie (11:00 Uhr) Juni 2011 ihren ersten Dies Academicus, einen feierlichen akademischen Abend im Zeichen von Lehre und Forschung. Die prächtig ausgestattete Aula der FH Kufstein diente den hochrangigen Keynote Speakers, Minister für Wissenschaft und Forschung Dr. Karlheinz Töchterle und Präsident der Industriellenvereinigung Dr. Reinhard Schretter.

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  1. ulom roku. Napriek počiatočným problémom s angažovaním sa našich študentov a pedagógov sme pripravili skvelý program, ktorý mal len jedno slabé miesto - pomerne slabú účasť tých, ktorým bol určený. Teda všetkým NÁM
  2. DIES ACADEMICUS 2018, který se uskuteční ve středu 16. května 2018 od 10.00 do 12.00 hodin v Aule Masarykovy univerzity na Právnické fakultě MU, Veveří 158/70, Brno. Po skončení programu jste zváni na pohoštění ve foyer Právnické fakulty
  3. Dies academicus 2018: Tradition and vision of the future. Seven honorary doctorates were awarded at the University of Bern's 184th Dies academicus. The university's foundation ceremony is a celebration with a long tradition at which the speakers take a look into the future
  4. The program of BIGS-OAS consists of four areas: 1. Main curriculum 2. Year group research colloquium (e.g. year group 2013; year group 2012) 3. Presentation days within the framework of Dies Academicus 4. Knowledge transfer and managemen
  5. 2014 Dies Academicus talk. On Wednesday, 3rd December 2014, Pawel Sickinger and Elina Löwen gave a talk on Schule und Sprachwissenschaft - Zwei Welten ohne Berührungspunkte? in the context of Bonn University's Dies Academicus. Queen's Prize for Inken Mays. Congratulations to our M.A. student and student assistant Inken Mays who has been awarded the Queen's Prize for her bachelor thesis on.

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Ceremonial act Dies Academicus Academic ceremonial act at the Dies academicus to start off the Festive Week in the Otto Rettenmaier Audimax: The keynote lecture will be held by Prof. Dr. Mojib Latif from GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel. The topic: Challenges of Climate Change. All University members are cordially invited Please, note that travelling beyond the departure date will be complicated as your residence permit will only be valid until then. Please, also note that staying in the Schengen area, including Germany and the majority of other European countries beyond the expiration date of your residence permit/visa document will be illegal The Franciscans, who organized the dies academicus this year, invited Cardinal Zenon Grocholewski, former prefect for Congregation for Catholic Education, to offer the main lecture. It was under his responsibility as head of this dicastery, that the SBF was erected as a faculty of biblical sciences and archeology in September 2001 Outstanding achievements honoured The Fondation Latsis Internationale, Geneva, awards a generous annual prize at selected universities in Switzerland with the purpose of promoting young researchers. The 2016 Latsis Prize went to Assistant Professor Dr. Thomas Epper.

Dies academicus Once a year, our academic holiday brings together friends and former students of the university as well as prominent figures from the sciences, the field of economics and society at large. The Dies academicus of 16 May 2020 will be conducted virtually The program helped me to build my critical thinking on development issues affecting agriculture. Agricultural Economics is very relevant to many development topics affecting the developing countries today. Around 100,000 Euros is the total amount of all scholarships and awards that are presented each year at the Dies academicus U proteklih tjedan dana u tri dijela obilježen je Dies Academicus - 44. Dan Sveučilišta u Rijeci. U četvrtak, 20. travnja održana je svečana sjednica Senata na kojoj su rektor prof. dr. sc. Pero Lučin i predsjednik Studentskog zbora Sveučilišta u Rijeci Kruno Topolski podnijeli izvješća o radu u protekloj godini te su proglašena tri nova professora emeritusa

Follow this link to the Dies academicus. The Dies academicus is an academic holiday we celebrate together with the teaching faculty, students and staff of the HSG. The day marks an occasion on which we award honorary doctor’s titles to distinguished scientists in the disciplines of business, law and the social sciences. Dies academicus 2018. Rektor Masarykovy univerzity Mikuláš Bek si Vás dovoluje srdečně pozvat na slavnostní akademický obřad u příležitosti. DIES ACADEMICUS 2018, který se uskuteční ve středu 16. května 2018 od 10.00 do 12.00 hodin v Aule Masarykovy univerzity na Právnické fakultě MU, Veveří 158/70, Brno May is the month when we traditionally celebrate the Day of our University – Dies Academicus. Because stopping the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is currently our highest priority, our activities are, hence, tailored to epidemiological measures and guidelines. The ceremony, along with other special events, will not be held in mid-May, but when the conditions are right. Der traditionelle Galaabend Dies Academicus wurde am 22.05.2014 bei schönstem Wetter in der Aula der FH Kufstein Tirol abgehalten. Eröffnet wurde die Veranstaltung vom Geschäftsführer der Fachhochschule, Prof. (FH) Dr. Thomas Madritsch, der den Abend den vielen anwesenden Partnern aus Lehre und Wirtschaft und natürlich den MitarbeiterInnen widmete, Sie alle tragen dazu bei, dass. Dies Academicus 2009 ; Interdisziplinarität im wissenschaftlichen Rechnen. Sorry - alle Sottisen nur in Deutsch! Eine wissenschaftliche Groteske in einem Auftritt (Uraufführung in München am 16.1.1997) Sprach der Limnologe zum Informatiker: Also, ich empfehle Ihnen dringend, einen Limnologen einzustellen. Meiner Erfahrung nach können sich.

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  1. His nephew Dr. Thomas Bally, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry at University of Fribourg, received the Degree Diploma on behalf of Dr. Bally. Rice University Professor André Droxler represented the Dept. of Earth Science at the November 15, 2016, Dies Academicus ceremony during which Bally's Doctor Honoris Causa was granted
  2. ister of state a.D. Dr. Otto Wiesheu, a former member of the university council, were appointed Honorary Senators.
  3. The Master in Health Sciences is designed for motivated students who are looking for the challenges of a demanding program. With its interdisciplinary perspective, the Master of Health Sciences attracts candidates from a variety of educational backgrounds

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The Faculty of Economics @Goethe University Frankfurt invites you to join in for Dies academicus 2020 on October 23 at 6 p.m. After the academic program, the WiWi party ReConnect again offers ample opportunity to exchange ideas and to celebrate together.. The detailed program and registration form will be available in summer University of St.Gallen - School of Management, Economics, Law, Social Sciences, International Affairs and Computer Science (HSG)The spirit of a new start "Switzerland does exist – and how!" said Martin Meyer, journalist (head of the NZZ's culture section from 1992-2015), publicist, essayist and author of books, in his address. Time and again, however, it was torn between being a successful small country and part of a wide, by now also globalised world. Scepticism and sobriety would ensure that this to-ing and fro-ing was sensibly balanced out as a many-faceted process of give and take. However, other qualities were also in demand: primarily a spirit of a new start that originates in the liberal centre, is more actively committed to freedom and realises the principle of creative responsibility as against administrating laziness and ideological obscurantism. The fact that the Swiss grassroots democracy still kept much under its own control should be understood and exploited as a locational advantage. The first major event of the Dies Academicus was the lecture of Fr. Attard, in which he focussed on the background of the Preparatory Document for the 2018 Synod on Young people, the Faith and Vocational Discernment. Drawing on the centrality of the Second Vatican Council to the current ecclesial reality, he rapidly traced the Synodal.

Feiern Sie mit uns den traditionellen Hochschulfeiertag Dies Academicus! An diesem Tag blicken einmal im Jahr die Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter, Studierenden und Alumni der Technischen Universität München gemeinsam zurück auf das vergangene Jahr, würdigen besondere Verdienste um die Universität und tauschen sich miteinander aus Attention visitors! Due to the new launch of this website (14.10.16) you might experience slight technical difficulties. We are trying to fix all problems as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding. If you have questions or feedback you can send it to website@wi.tum.de We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Optional programme: Dies Academicus 13:30 Dies Academicus is an academic holiday. Students and staff of the university are given an opportunity to get to know other faculties. It is also a day where the university opens its doors to the public and thus, it is also known as the Open University A University for Europe. See what our university is all about. Research Excellence. Overview of current projects. A great student experience. All degree programmes at a glance. A global outlook. International research and teaching focus. City of Three Rivers. A University for Europe. See what our university is all about. Research Excellence PROGRAMM DIES ACADEMICUS 2013. dies academicus 3. Juli 2013, 18 Uhr Musik: Sonny Rollins - Tenor Madness Begrüßung Prof. (HSG) Dr. Sascha Spoun, Präsident Grußwort Oberbürgermeister Ulrich.

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Doprovodný program k Dies academicus 2019. Při příležitosti Dies academicus 2019 připravily fakulty Masarykovy univerzity doprovodný program.Na všechny akce jste srdečně zváni! Výstava MUNI 100 připomíná 100 let existence Masarykovy univerzity a přináší n etradiční pohled na její historii i současnost. Výstava je otevřena od 17. května 2019 do 30. září 2019 T he Institute of Postgraduate Studies in Orthodox Theology of Chambésy began its 22 nd academic year by conferring Master degrees to height graduates (coming from the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the Churches of Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece and Poland) and welcoming seven new students into its unique tripartite program of theological studies on 14 October 2017 during the ceremony of Dies.

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On 1 May 2020, FAU established its own department for research and teaching in artificial intelligence (AI) in health. The University is using the professorships it has received within the framework of the Hightech Agenda Bavaria for strengthening Erlangen's position as an AI health hub for increasing innovation in universities as the new department will not follow the structure of a Chair Dies academicus 2017 On 20 May, the HSG celebrated its dies academicus with University members and guests from politics, academia, business and the general public. Four Honorary Doctorates were awarded 30.03.2016 - 31.03.2016 . Obilježavanje 14. Dana Sveučilišta u Zadru / Dies academicus 2016. započet će u srijedu, 30. ožujka 2016. koncertom Sveučilište Zadru gradu u kapeli sv.Dimitrija u 19.00 sati.. Na koncertu će sudjelovati profesori i studenti Sveučilišta u Zadru okupljeni u Akademski pjevački zbor Sveučilišta uz dirigenta Tomislava Koštu, nastavnika na Odjelu za. Group picture of the laureates of the Dies Academicus 2018 of UniBw M with (from left) Vice President Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thienel, A. Lehner, Chairman of the Board of the Friends of UniBw M and President Prof. Dr. Niehus

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Aufgrund der derzeigen Covid-19-Situation wird der Dies academicus am 27.05.2020 nicht in der gewohnten Weise stattfinden. Allerdings gibt es einige digitale Vorträge am Dies academicus, 27.05.2020 Programm des digitalen Dies academicus am 27.05.202 Studying in the digital age Under the heading of "Studying in the digital age: why still at uni?" Mario Imsand, President of the Student Union of the University of St.Gallen, raised the question of the added value that a university was able to create in a digital world. He spoke about the students’ pride in the fact that the HSG was regarded as an educational institution of people who think critically and act sustainably. "In times of change, this core competence must not be lost." The HSG should develop even more intensively into a place of personal exchange. Knowledge and subject matter should be acquired in private study while the campus should be a place where students acquired the skills to understand things. After all, what ultimately counted for students was not degree certificates and credits, but a "licence to operate" in a constantly changing environment. Der für den 31. März 2020 geplante Dies Academicus findet nicht statt. Hier finden Sie Programm, Reden und Protokolle der vergangenen Veranstaltungen: Dies Academicus 2018. Dies Academicus 2017 (2) Dies Academicus 2017 (1) Dies Academicus 2015. Dies Academicus 2014. Dies Academicus 2013. Dies Academicus 201

Svečanost je upriličio i bogat glazbeni program Zagrebačkih liječnika pjevača, a predsjednica prof. dr. sc. Lipozenčić zaključila je radni dio Svečanosti i pozvala na druženje u klub HLZ-a. Akademija medicinskih znanosti Hrvatske AMZH Dan Akademije Dies Academicus HLZ Hrvatski liječnički zbor laudacija svečanost 2016-12-1 Manifestacija Dies academicus 2017 završava u petak, 31. ožujka promocijom magistara i doktora znanosti Sveučilišta u Zadru. Promocija će se održati u Svečanoj dvorani Sveučilišta s početkom u 11.00 sati Universitätsjahr Preisregen und Batterieforschung beim Dies academicus Protagonistinnen und Protagonisten des Dies academicus 2019: 1. Weiterhin unterstützt das Programm PRT (Pregnancy in Trauma Research) Wissenschaftlerinnen während der Schwangerschaft und Elternzeit - beispielsweise mit zusätzlichen Mitteln für technisches Persona 11.45 Kulturní program 12.00 Slavnostní zakončení, Gaudeamus igitur. Po skončení programu jste zváni na pohoštění ve foyer právnické fakulty. Pro účastníky akademického obřadu Dies academicus 2017 uděluje rektor MU rektorské volno

2018: Dies academicus 2018: Tradition and vision of the

Dies Academicus - aegee-dresden

Distinguished HSG personalities In addition, we award the title of Honorary Senator to persons who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the University. The Dies academicus is also an occasion for honouring outstanding junior faculty. The dies academicus is a unique day at the TU Dresden. And this is only possible because of people like you. You are doing a noble job there. On Twitter and integrale.de, you can get more information in the dies academicus. Besides her volunteer work, Ines also works as a musician Der Dies academicus 2019 fand am 28.November um 17 Uhr im Auditorium maximum statt.. Für den Festvortrag konnte Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Direktor emeritus des Potsdam-Instituts für Klimafolgenforschung (PIK), gewonnen werden

Dies academicus der Friedrich-Alexander-UniversitätDies academicus 2015 - Universität RegensburgVideo und Fotos: Das war der Dies academicus 2016Dies academicus 2005
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