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Good Q, geeta! Am also waiting for Abhay's reply. :)But Geeta, then and now, the royalty (or today's celebrities) was very particular about keeping skeletons firmly locked in cupboards. They did not want their image to suffer or their honor mocked at by the common people and so bore all kinds of scandalous matters silently. It may also be possible that the queens knew the darkest secrets of the kings and could blackmail them or expose them if pushed to a corner. This may also have made the kings keep quiet. :)I cannot believe that the Rana punished Dhirbai! This seems like NR to me. Dhirbai was powerful till the end of Rana's life. She made him choose her son Jagmaal as the heir over the real heir, MP. Humayun's tomb (Persian: Maqbara e Humayun Turkish: Hümayun Kabri) is the tomb of the Mughal Emperor Humayun in Delhi, India. The tomb was commissioned by Humayun's first wife and chief consort, Empress Bega Begum (also known as Haji Begum) in 1569-70, and designed by Mirak Mirza Ghiyas, a Persian architect chosen by her. It was the first. In 1926, after a reign of 25 years, Sultan Jahan abdicated the throne in favour of her youngest child and only surviving son, Hamidullah Khan. She died four years later, aged 71.[7] Jodha Akbar 2nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com. Scene 1 jalal comes to jodha, he sits beside her and greets her, jodha smiles shyly. jalal ask why you seem tensed? doctor told that you shouldn't take tension in this state, its not good for children. jodha thinks to tell about what sharif thinks about his baby, no it is matter between husband and wife. Sáng ngày 26 tháng sáu 1539, Humayun biết việc bà bị giam cầm, ngay lập tức ông phóng trên một con ngựa cùng với bốn nhà quý tộc, Tardi Beg, Baba Beg, Koch Beg,MrBachka Bahadur. Nỗ lực để cứu hoàng hậu, họ đã cố gắng để chiến đấu.[1]

The full title is Ahwal Humayun Padshah Jamah Kardom Gulbadan Begum bint Babur Padshah amma Akbar Padshah.[37] She was only eight when Babur died, and was married at 17, but her work, in a simple Persian style, has been found very interesting by its relatively few readers. A skilled statesman, Sultan Husayn Bayqara was best known for his interest in the arts and was renowned as a benefactor and patron of learning in his kingdom,[2] with his reign being heralded as the second Timurid Renaissance.[3] He has been described as "the quintessential Timurid ruler of the later period in Transoxiana" and his sophisticated court and generous artistic patronage was a source of admiration, particularly from his cousin, the Mughal emperor Babur.[4] Sultan Husayn Bayqara was the last Timurid ruler of consequence in Khorasan.[2] Suganya,You are right. It appears bad from today's generation's perpective, but after all a facet of polygamy where wives competed.Nice to see you here, take time. :)Hajjah Nawab Begum Dame Sultan Jahan GCSI GCIE GBE GCStJ CI (9 July 1858 – 12 May 1930) was a notable and progressive Begum of Bhopal who ruled from 1901 to 1926.[1][2][3] Here, she gave birth to her last known child, Aqiqa Sultan Begum. In 1539, Bega accompanied her husband to Chausa, where she was taken as a prisoner by Sher Shah Suri, after a well developed surprise attack on the Mughal territory by Sher Shah's forces

Geeta and Radhika,I have created a separated post dedicated to Maharana Pratap show's episode discussion. Hope you will find it helpful. :)Link:http://mariam-uz-zamani.blogspot.in/2014/12/bharat-ka-veer-putra-maharana-pratap-discussion.html Spouse-Hamida Banu Begum, Mah Chuchak Begum, Bibi Gunwar Begum, Khanish Aghacha, Shaham Aghacha, Maywa Jan Aghacha. Children- Al-aman Mirza, AkbarMirza, Muhammad Hakim, Ibrahim Sultan Mirza, Farrukh-Fal Mirza, Aqiqa Sultan Begum, Jahan Sultan Begum, Bakshi Banu Begum, Fakhr-un-Nissa Begum, Bakht-un-Nissa Begum, Amina Banu Begum, Sakina Banu Begum What would happen history-geek, if a king happened to have a son frm a baandhi or an ordinary lady, before any queen frm royal family?Would he be treated as waris?I am also amazed at the ease at which Gulbadan begum is narrating the story,without any fury or comment!

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Iqra,What a beautiful fact you shared! Thanks so much. :)Abhay had mentioned that Akbar took HK with him to war and then to Sikri after the twins' demise.Truly, such a beautiful story - the relationship shared by the two. Did the peer sahib give any reason as to why Akbar was attached to HK? :)Looking fwd to hearing more from you about HK and Akbar.:)In 1501 the Uzbeks conquered Transoxiana for good from the Abu Sa'id's grandson, Babur. Under Muhammad Shaybani, the Uzbeks could now threaten Khurasan. Suffering from the effects of advanced age, Husayn made no move against them, even after Babur advised him to act. The Uzbeks began conducting raids into his kingdom. Finally changing his mind, he began to march against them but died in 1506 just after beginning his advance. The inheritance of his empire was disputed between his sons Badi' and Muzaffar Husain. Babur, who had begun an expedition in support of Husayn, noted the infighting between the brothers, decided the area was impossible to defend and retreated. The next year, Muhammad Shaybani conquered Herat and caused Husayn's successors to flee, putting an end to Timurid rule in Khurasan. Izz-un-Nissa Begum was the third wife of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. She is popularly known by the title, Akbarabadi Mahal, and commissioned the Akbarabadi Mosque in Shahjahanabad .Less commonly, she is also referred to as Sirhindi Begum

Thanks for sharing this interesting historic piece Abhay :) .....But I don't know what to say.....It is so similar to Ruku's (in JA) case....Even she was seeking attention and wanted audha :-ss......Do you have any info, on what was Humayun's or Maham Begum's or others reaction on knowing about this fake pregnancy???....No one gave her a piece of mind for fooling / playing with sentiments of Humayun M Begum and the other royal family members who were so looking forward to a waaris??? :-ss.....and what a foolish idea to go with increasing size of pillow for 12 months and they were fooled too :))....Royal Hakimas ki to shaamat aayi hogi c-)Geeta,Exceptions are always there. Childless ladies also got power. :)Salima Begum was childless, still she exercised great power, that too in Akbar's reign. Nur Jahan also can be taken as an example, she did not had a kid with Salim, still got the power. Though, she was quite clever/manipulative.By the way, i would differentiate the two cases. Salima Begum got power from in the reign of a VERY powerful man, FROM a powerful MAN - Akbar.But, Nur Jahan got it from Salim, who was not like Akbar, in many aspects. He had many vices.It's like -> A budding cricketer would have MORE regard for a compliment he/she gets from Sachin Tendulkar, then the one he/she got from his fellow team mate. This is only to differentiate. :)With this Persian Safavid aid Humayun took Kandahar from Askari Mirza after a two-week siege. He noted how the nobles who had served Askari Mirza quickly flocked to serve him, "in very truth the greater part of the inhabitants of the world are like a flock of sheep, wherever one goes the others immediately follow". Kandahar was, as agreed, given to the Shah of Persia who sent his infant son, Murad, as the Viceroy. However, the baby soon died and Humayun thought himself strong enough to assume power. Bega, who was in Kabul at the time, was asked to return to India only after her step-son, Akbar, defeated the then King Hemu. Bega Begum, now, is standing in the headwind of an unsettling storm. She has always been very close to her nephew, whom she helped raise for ten years in Kabul after the early deaths of her own children

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  1. g in the desert of sindh with his two wife (his firs
  2. Looking for Begam ? PeekYou's people search has 35 people named Begam and you can find info, photos, links, family members and mor
  3. Hey Abhay !!! Sorry subscribing so late , but i will sure catch up with all the posts and try to comment my view on it !!!Regarding faking pregnancy's , this only shows how polygamy of that era has made woman stoop so low and as this generation's women i feel it is against any ethics !!! would comment on other chapters later :)
  4. iaturists, and Kamaleddin Behzad had two of his pupils join Humayun in his court. Humayun was amazed at their work and asked if they would work for him if he were to regain the sovereignty of Hindustan: they agreed. With so much going on Humayun did not even meet the Shah until July, some six months after his arrival in Persia. After a lengthy journey from Herat the two met in Qazvin where a large feast and parties were held for the event. The meeting of the two monarchs is depicted in a famous wall-painting in the Chehel Sotoun (Forty Columns) palace in Esfahan.
  5. Iqra,I don't think this kind of incident was common. It seems a one-off thing. Though Abhay can confirm this better. :)Like I said earlier, Iqra, this wasn't a major crime considering the kind of crimes Mughal emperors were used to facing and Humayun did need to forgive her and hush up the matter to save his own image. I don't know about Humayun, but Akbar suffered so many conspiracies at the hands of his kinsmen and forgave them many times. The necessities of politics require a certain amount of tolerance, I guess. :)
  6. Sultan Husayn Mirza Bayqara (Persian: حسین بایقرا‎ / Husayn Bāyqarā) was born in Herat in June-July 1438 C.E. to Ghiyas ud-din Mansur Mirza son of Bayqarah Mirza I son of Umar Shaikh Mirza I son of Amir Timur Beg Gurkani. He was the Timurid ruler of Heratfrom 1469 until Ma
  7. Ruqaiya's oldest paternal uncle was the second Mughal emperor Humayun (who later became her father-in-law as well) while her most notable paternal aunt was the imperial princess, Gulbadan Begum, the author of Humayun-nama ("Book of Humayun"). [11]

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Meena,The exact reasons are not known to me. I made an update in this regard at this link. Check it out. >http://mariam-uz-zamani.blogspot.com/2014/09/historical-update-september-29-2014.htmlHi Abhay, thanks for the info really a very good info but still i want to know how is ruq and Akbar relation in real is they r like in the show r differ so ruq fake track is taken from here Abhay why did the show lot of phase in Akbar life which r really very interesting before salims birth can u tell me after AMer prince came in Akbar life how many rajput did Akbar marriedParhez Banu Begum was a Mughal princess, the first child and eldest daughter of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan from his first wife, Kandahari Begum. She was also the older half-sister of her father's successor, the sixth Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. Bega Begum was a Persian from Khurasan and was the daughter of Humayun's maternal uncle (taghai), Yadgar Beg, who was the brother of Sultan Ali Mirza, father of Kamran Mirza's wife Gulrukh Begum. She was a wise, well educated woman and had profound knowledge of medicine and treatment also

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Salima Sultan Begum married Akbar 1561. Akbar Abu'l-Fath Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Akbar (Persian: ابو الفتح جلال الدين محمد اكبر ; October 1542- 27 October 1605), popularly known as Akbar the Great , ( Akbar-i-azam اکبر اعظم ), and also as Akbar I ( IPA: [əkbər] ), was the third Mughal emperor, who reigned from. Bega kết hôn với người anh em họ cô cậu là Hoàng Tử Humayun vào năm 1527. Cuộc hôn nhân đã diễn ra trong khi Humayun còn là Phó vương Badakshan. Tháng 11, 1528 bà hạ sinh Al-andrei Sacha, đứa con đầu lòng của bà với Humayun. Tuy nhiên, đứa bé mất không lâu sau đó khi còn rất nhỏ. Nawab Sikandar, the Begum of Bhopal Painting of Nawab Shah Jahan Begum in the Taj Mahal Palace. Madhya Viceroy and the Begum of Bhopal Architecturally akin to Delhi's Jama Masjid, this imposing mosque was built in 1860 by Sikander Jehan, daughter of Kudsia Begum. In this photo: Manjli Bia, Choti Bia, Judicial Magistrate, Nawab Sultan Jehan Begum Padshah Begum was a superlative imperial title conferred upon the 'imperial' or 'First Lady' of the Mughal Empire and was considered to be the most important title in the Mughal harem or zenana. This title can be equivalent with "empress" in English, but in only approximate terms in the Mughal context.

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Salima Sultan Begum (Urdu: سلیمہ سلطان بیگم, February 1539 – 2 January 1613)[2] was the fourth wife of the Mughal Emperor Akbar[3], and the granddaughter of Babur. Kandahari Begum was the first wife of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and the mother of his first child, Princess Parhez Banu Begum.

Humayun fled to the refuge of the Safavid Empire in Persia, marching with 40 men, his wife Bega Begum, and her companion through mountains and valleys. Amongst other trials the Imperial party were forced to live on horse meat boiled in the soldiers' helmets Consort: Bega Begum. Wives: Hamida Banu Begum Mah Chuchak Begum Bibi Gunwar Mewa Jan. Issue: Al-aman Mirza Akbar Mirza Muhammad Hakim Ibrahim Sultan Mirza Farrukh-Fal Mirza Aqiqa Sultan Begum Jahan Sultan Begum Bakshi Banu Begum Fakhr-un-Nissa Begum Bakht-un-Nissa Begum Amina Banu Begum Sakina Banu Begum. Full name:.

The only major battle faced by Humayun's armies was against Sikander Suri in Sirhind, where Bairam Khan employed a tactic whereby he engaged his enemy in open battle, but then retreated quickly in apparent fear. When the enemy followed after them they were surprised by entrenched defensive positions and were easily annihilated.[citation needed] Husayn was viewed as "a good king, a lover of peace and justice", and he built numerous structures including a famous school; however, he was sick with a palsy for twenty years of his reign.[17] He was forced to deal with several revolts and incursions. In 1490 the brother of Husayn's son Ibrahim Husain's guardian, Darvish 'Ali, conspired with Sultan Mahmud, who by that time ruled in Hisar. Mahmud moved against Balkh, which Ibrahim resided in, forcing Husayn to mobilize against him. Some years later, Husayn transferred his eldest son, Badi' al-Zaman, from Astarabad (renamed Gorgan in 1937) to Balkh, but Badi' revolted when his son Muhammed Mu'min was denied rule in Astarabad. Husayn defeated both Muhammed, whom he executed, and Badi', whom he reconciled with. The truce fell apart afterwards, however, and in 1499 Badi' besieged Herat. Thank u, Abhay, when u do known their name let me also know it pls.I was very much mesmerized by the Great Akbar i want to every bit of history but its not possible as iam not able to search it by my own but if u got u pls let me know, thanks and keep continue this work to dig more about him Consort of Emperor Humayun. After her husband's untimely death she orchestrated the construction of the Tomb of Humayun monument, which in turn inspired future Mughal monuments, most famously the Taj Mahal built by her step-grandson Emperor Shah Jahan I

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  1. Geeta,The king/heir of royal blood was preferred over others. In Akbar's time, we know that preference was more for Daniyal, to be the next ruler among all the sons of Akbar, as he was free from addiction earlier. He too was also a son of HK/MUZ, as we know. :)
  2. From Haji Begum to Qudsia Begum, there is a a long list of women who contributed to the city's grandeur Women who patronised Delhi and converted it into a centre of art and culture, besides making it verdant and floral by laying parks and gardens, can be traced right from the time of Bega Begum or Haji Begum who built the beautiful tomb for.
  3. The lines above, paraphrased as they are, can be found close to the close of Ira Mukhoty's Daughters of the Sun and yet, much like the rest of this tale, her words bring to In the 5,000 odd years of the history of India, many kings and dynasties have reigned supreme - Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Sikh and Muslim
  4. She stands out in the early Mughal history and was known as the "Khadija of the era" (Khadija-uz-Zamani) for her wisdom.[5]

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Interesting post and somewhat sad too. How come Humayun and his mother did not find out for 12 months!Jagat Gosain meaning 'Mistress of the World', was Empress consort of the Mughal Empire as the wife of Mughal emperor Jahangir and the mother of his successor, the fifth Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. She is also known as Jodh Bai and was given the posthumous title of Bilqis Makani. She should not be confused with Mariam-uz-Zamani, who was also wrongly named "Jodha Bai" by European historians.On 24 January 1556, Humayun, with his arms full of books, was descending the staircase from his library when the muezzin announced the Azaan (the call to prayer). It was his habit, wherever and whenever he heard the summons, to bow his knee in holy reverence. Trying to kneel, he caught his foot in his robe, tumbled down several steps and hit his temple on a rugged stone edge. He died three days later. His body was laid to rest in Purana Quila initially, but, because of an attack by Hemu on Delhi and the capture of Purana Qila, Humayun's body was exhumed by the fleeing army and transferred to Kalanaur in Punjab where Akbar was crowned. Humayun's Tomb in Delhi is the first very grand garden tomb in Mughal architecture, setting the precedent later followed by the Taj Mahal and many other Indian monuments. It was commissioned by his favourite and devoted chief wife, Bega Begum.[30][31][32][33][34][35][36]

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  1. Sultan Husayn Mirza Bayqara (Persian: حسین بایقرا ‎‎ / Husayn Bāyqarā) was born in Herat in June-July 1438 C.E. to Ghiyas ud-din Mansur Mirza son of Bayqarah Mirza I son of Umar Shaikh Mirza I son of Amir Timur Beg Gurkani.He was the Timurid ruler of Herat from 1469 till May 4, 1506, with a brief interruption in 1470
  2. Bega Begum Sahiba- Chief Consort Bega Begum aka haji begum was also captured by Sher Shah Suri but she was a relative of babar and hence she may have been returned back with respect to Humayun. She was mother of Al -Aman Mirza and Aqiqa Sultan. Al-Aman Mirza died while crossing the Thar desert pursued by She
  3. Hamida Banu Begum was a wife of the second Mughal emperor Humayun and the mother of his successor, the third Mughal emperor Akbar. She is also known by the title Maryam Makani, which was given to her by her son, Akbar.

Mother Sultanam Begum. Ruqaiya Sultan Begum (c. 1542 - 19 January 1626) was empress consort of the Mughal Empire from 1557 to 1605 as the first wife and chief consort of the third Mughal emperor Akbar. She was also the longest serving Mughal empress, having tenure of almost fifty years u r right..the serial shows nothing in compare to reality..it was more complicated and nasty politics in real. Biography Early life. Sarkar Amman known better as Sultan Jahan, was born at Bhopal, the elder and only surviving child of Nawab Begum Sultan Shah Jahan and her husband General HH Nasir ud-Daula, Nawab Baqi Muhammad Khan Bahadur (1823-1867). In 1868, she was proclaimed heiress apparent to the Bhopal musnaid following the death of her grandmother, Sikander Begum and her mother's succession to. In 1914, she was the President of the All-India Muslim Ladies' Association. Sultan Jahan's primary legacy, though, was in the field of public health, as she pioneered widespread inoculation and vaccination programs and improved the water supply and standards of hygiene and sanitation. A prolific author, she wrote several books on education, health and other topics, including Hidayat uz-Zaujan, Sabil ul-Jinan, Tandurusti (Health), Bachchon-ki-Parwarish, Hidayat Timardari, Maishat-o-Moashirat. Owing to her numerous activities, she was the recipient of numerous honours and awards. His youngest brother, Hindal Mirza, formerly the most disloyal of his siblings, died fighting on his behalf. His brother Askari Mirza was shackled in chains at the behest of his nobles and aides. He was allowed go on Hajj, and died en route in the desert outside Damascus.

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95 relations: Afaq Khoja, Aquila Berlas Kiani, Aram Banu Begum, Asaf-ud-Daula, Asmat Begam, Badshah Begum, Baig, Bangladeshi name, Bega Begum, Begum (name), Begum Hazrat Mahal, Begum Johnson, Begum Samru, Begun (surname), Bey, Bibi (title), Bismillah Khan, Chawk Masjid, Chronicles of the Canongate, Dürrüşehvar Sultan, Dilras Banu Begum. Salima Sultan Begum (23 February 1539 - 15 December 1612) was an Empress of the Mughal Empire as a wife of Emperor Akbar. Salima had been previously married to Bairam Khan and after his murder in 1561, she was subsequently married by her first cousin, the Emperor Akbar. Salima Begum was a senior-ranking woman i Here, she gave birth to her last known child, a daughter, Aqiqa Sultan Begum. In 1539, Bega accompanied her husband to Chausa, Bengal, where she was taken as a prisoner by Sher Shah Suri, after a well developed surprise attack on the Mughal territory by Sher Shah's forces. According to Niccolao Manucci, she was the only Mughal empress to have.

aisan daulat begum 18. aisha sultan begum 19. albomarginata sweetgum 20. algum 21. alina begum 22. alk gum 23. alsace gum 24. ameena begum 25. American Sweet Gum: 26. american sweetgum 27. ami sirajer begum 28. amina begum 29. amrad gum 30. anacardium gum 31. anishinabe of wauzhushk onigum 32. anjuman ara begum 33. anwara begum 34. apple gum 35. The Shah urged that Humayun convert from Sunni to Shia Islam, and Humayun eventually accepted, in order to keep himself and several hundred followers alive. Although the Mughals initially disagreed to their conversion they knew that with this outward acceptance of Shi'ism, Shah Tahmasp was eventually prepared to offer Humayun more substantial support.[24] When Humayun's brother, Kamran Mirza, offered to cede Kandahar to the Persians in exchange for Humayun, dead or alive, Shah Tahmasp refused. Instead the Shah staged a celebration for Humayun, with 300 tents, an imperial Persian carpet, 12 musical bands and "meat of all kinds". Here the Shah announced that all this, and 12,000 elite cavalry[citation needed] were his to lead an attack on his brother Kamran. All that Shah Tahmasp asked for was that, if Humayun's forces were victorious, Kandahar would be his. Humayun (Persian: نصیر الدین محمد همایون ‎; OS 7 March 1508 - OS 17 January 1556 ) was the second Mughal Emperor who ruled over territory in what is now Afghanistan, Pakistan, and parts of northern India from 1531-1540 and again from 1555-1556. Like his father, Babur, he lost his kingdom early, but regained it with Persian aid, with additional territory

He was chased by Sanjar Mirza to Karakum Desert. He was continuously pursued until he was forced to march towards Khwarazm, where he remained between the deserts of Marv and Khiva.[13] Highway 23 is a north-south highway that straddles the Columbia River in the Columbia Country region of British Columbia, Canada.Its section north of Revelstoke is known as the Big Bend Highway and was part of the original routing of Highway 1; the Big Bend area was well known as there was a gold rush there, beginning in 1864. Travelers used canoes or river steamers until a dirt-surfaced. Thank god Radhika, we r born in this century n not in the 15 th where women were used as machines to produce waris:) Afroze Jehan Begum, married Mirza Shahrukh Sultan, son of Mirza Ahmed Sultan. Sarwar Sultan Begum; Humaira Sultan Begum; Qamar Sultan Begum [Khatoon Zamani Begum], married and had issue. She died June 1993. Shahzada Mirza Mughal, born 1817, married and had issue. He died 1857 , shot to death by Major Hodgson, then beheaded and hanged Sarkar Amman[4] known better as Sultan Jahan, was born at Bhopal, the elder and only surviving child of Nawab Begum Sultan Shah Jahan and her husband General HH Nasir ud-Daula, Nawab Baqi Muhammad Khan Bahadur (1823–1867). In 1868, she was proclaimed heiress apparent to the Bhopal musnaid following the death of her grandmother, Sikander Begum and her mother's succession to the throne. In 1901, Sultan Jahan succeeded her mother at her death, becoming Nawab Begum of Dar-ul-Iqbal-i-Bhopal.

Anyway, Bega Begum continued to remain Humayun's favorite queen for a long time and I think she was the one who also got his tomb built. So she didn't lose any ground due to Meywa's antics.After Humayun set out from his expedition in Sindh, along with 300 camels (mostly wild) and 2000 loads of grain, he set off to join his brothers in Kandahar after crossing the Indus River on 11 July 1543 along with the ambition to regain the Mughal Empire and overthrow the Suri dynasty. Among the tribes that had sworn allegiance to Humayun were the Magsi, Rind and many others.[citation needed] Salima had much influence over Akbar and her step-son, Salim,[4] and wielded major political influence in the Mughal court during both the father-son's respective reigns. She played a crucial role (along with her cousin and co-wife Ruqaiya Sultan Begum) in negotiating a settlement between Akbar and Salim, when the father-son's relationship had turned sour in the early 1600s, eventually helping to pave the way for Salim's accession to the Mughal throne.[36] In 1601, Salim had revolted against Akbar by setting up an independent court in Allahabad and by assuming the imperial title of "Salim Shah" while his father was still alive.[16] He also planned and executed the assassination of Akbar's faithful counselor and close friend, Abu'l Fazl.[37]

Radhika, in the serial, she has been in the kaal kothari fr sometime. obviosly, one of her innumerable cospiracy must hv seen the light of day. She was released to facilitate the alliance of MP with the rajkumari of Marwar. I started watching it fr the girl child actresses. n also curious abt how Akbar is portrayed.But the amt of conspiracy there is really notiating.:(Iqra,Yes, I read that there was a covered passageway connecting her palace to his khwabgah. :) Anyway, FS itself was completely built for her. That shows how much Akbar valued her!Looking fwd to hear more from you!The Mughal Emperor Humayun gathered a vast army and attempted the challenging task of retaking the throne in Delhi. Humayun placed the army under the leadership of Bairam Khan, a wise move given Humayun's own record of military ineptitude, and it turned out to be prescient as Bairam proved himself a great tactician. At the Battle of Sirhind on 22 June 1555, the armies of Sikandar Shah Suri were decisively defeated and the Mughal Empire was re-established in India. Bega Begum: Wives: Hamida Banu Begum Mah Chuchak Begum Bibi Gunwar Begum Khanish Aghacha Shaham Aghacha Maywa Jan Aghacha: Issue: Al-aman Mirza Akbar Mirza Muhammad Hakim Ibrahim Sultan Mirza Farrukh-Fal Mirza Aqiqa Sultan Begum Jahan Sultan Begum Bakshi Banu Begum Fakhr-un-Nissa Begum Bakht-un-Nissa Begum Amina Banu Begum Sakina Banu Begum

A very long information about achivements of Humayun - 1086077 His full title as Emperor of the Mughal Empire was Al-Sultan al-'Azam wal Khaqan al-Mukarram, Jam-i-Sultanat-i-haqiqi wa Majazi, Sayyid al-Salatin, Abu'l Muzaffar Nasir ud-din Muhammad Humayun Padshah Ghazi, Zillu'llah.[citation needed]

Humayun ordered the crushing by elephant of an imam he mistakenly believed to be critical of his reign.[29] Bega Begum: Wives: Gulbarg Begum Mah Chuchak Begum Hamida Banu Begum Gunwar Bibi Khanish Agha: Issue: Al-aman Mirza, son Akbar, son Mirza Muhammad Hakim, son Aqiqa Sultan Begum, daughter Bakshi Banu Begum, daughter Bakht-un-Nisa Begum, daughter: House: House of Timur: Father: Babur: Mother: Maham Begum: Born: 17 March 1508 Kabul, Afghanistan.

Humayun Family History and Chronicle

radhika - ur point z valid. being a woman i do not think it 2 b wrong on bega begum's part 2 ask time 4 herself. humayun can have reasons for 'tis. i will wait 4 abhay's details. but i dont disapprove bega begum's demands. she demanded her rights being a lawful wife.Friends,This is a common question that what happened to the wife who faked her pregnancy. So answering here. There is nothing mentioned about it, upto the page where i have read till now. Also, Humayun had gone to Chausa at the time, her "bhandaphod/expose" happened. But her father continued to remain in the honorable position in Humayun's service is a recorded fact, and supported him when Munim Khan deserted Humayun.He was the one to head a party who attended/welcomed Bairam Khan when he was returning from Gujarat on 12th April 1543.Note the years, she faked her pregnancy in 1531 but her father continued to serve at a distinguished position even in 1543. Seems she was forgiven.!!!!!By the way, it also makes me wonder, that she could fool everyone for 12 months.!!! And used pillows. Till now i saw this on television, now this is coming across as reality.OMG someone actually faked pregnancy Chee how cheap Is that aisa koi karta hai bhala... I know Heram was a place where diffrent kind's of cheap conspiracies were hatched.... but Faking Pregnency is way too much and so not fit to be forgiven... I wish Meywa Jan was punished and not Forgiven.. then our Jalal would have also punished his Bachpan ki Aziz dost aur BEK Jaan Begam.... This idea of Faking Pregnency is repulsive... I am shocked to know about this.... But I also agree with Radhika that if Humayun can marry her just to beget an heir then he should also face some of the consequences of such an attempt.... As a woman I feel it is an insult to the woman who is being used to get an heir and also to all those wives who were unable to produce heir.... maybe I am too modern but this is also unacceptable..... Both Faking Pregnency and Marring for an heir is gross and is insult to womanhood as well as motherhood... Thanks for this information Abhay.... :-)

Humayun now prepared to take Kabul, ruled by his brother Kamran Mirza. In the end, there was no actual siege. Kamran Mirza was detested as a leader and as Humayun's Persian army approached the city hundreds of Kamran Mirza's troops changed sides, flocking to join Humayun and swelling his ranks. Kamran Mirza absconded and began building an army outside the city. In November 1545, Hamida and Humayun were reunited with their son Akbar, and held a huge feast. They also held another, larger, feast in the child's honour when he was circumcised. Mughal Emperor. He was the second Mughal ruler having succeeded his father Babur. He reigned from 1530-156. His tomb was built by his senior wife Haji Begum. It is the first important example of Mughal architecture in India True Radhika.I mentioned the answer in the above chain of comments. Dhirabai in prison was most likely NR. She remained the favorite queen of Rana dai Singh.

Thanks Abhay, for sharing this interesting historical piece of information. Desperate humans can stoop to any level to seek attention. So did Meywa Begum, even though a royal, was human too. She was ready to go to any lengths, to receive Humayun's attentions.Maybe this incident was the 'inspiration' for the makers, to show Rukaiyya's fake pregnancy. Humayun's tomb is the tomb of the Mughal Emperor Humayun in Delhi, India. The tomb was commissioned by Humayun's first wife Bega Begum (Haji Begum) in 1569-70, and designed by Mi

Husayn's empire was now secure. The Ak Koyunlu made no further attempts against him, and the Timurids in Transoxiana were too weakened by internal conflicts to advance into his territory. His boundary with the Ak Koyunlu started on the southern edge of the Caspian Sea, running south, then east across the north of the Dasht-e Lut, ending at Lake Hamun. His border with the Timurids was the Oxus River. He more or less respected both borders, refusing to cross north in an attempt to capture Transoxiana from his former enemies. He was probably aware of the Uzbek threat to the region, and was wise enough not to pursue a border with this dangerous tribal people. This complaining and rather tart remark was made 500 years ago by Bega Begum to her husband, when she grumbled that he spent too much time visiting his aunts. That these rather frank statements were articulated by a woman so long ago was already a revelation but that the husband in question was the Mughal Padshah Humayun, son of the great. However, while Humayun had a larger army than his brother and had the upper hand, on two occasions his poor military judgement allowed Kamran Mirza to retake Kabul and Kandahar, forcing Humayun to mount further campaigns for their recapture. He may have been aided in this by his reputation for leniency towards the troops who had defended the cities against him, as opposed to Kamran Mirza, whose brief periods of possession were marked by atrocities against the inhabitants who, he supposed, had helped his brother.

In 1607, Ruqaiya made a pilgrimage to the Gardens of Babur in Kabul and for the first time, visited the mausoleum of her father Hindal Mirza, as well as those of her other ancestors. [33] She was accompanied by Jahangir and Prince Khurram. [23] In the same year, Sher Afghan Khan, the jagirdar of Burdwan died and his widowed wife, Mehr-un-Nissa (later Empress Nur Jahan) was summoned to Agra by Jahangir to act as lady-in-waiting to his step-mother, the Dowager empress Ruqaiya. [34] Given the precarious political connections of Sher Afghan before his death, his family was in great danger and therefore for her own protection, Mehr-un-Nissa needed to be at the Mughal court in Agra. Ruqaiya, having been the late Emperor Akbar's principal wife and being the most senior woman in the harem, was by stature and ability, the most capable of providing the protection that Mehr-un-Nissa needed at the Mughal court. [25] Sher Shah withdrew to the east, but Humayun did not follow: instead he "shut himself up for a considerable time in his Harem, and indulged himself in every kind of luxury".[10][full citation needed][non-primary source needed] Hindal, Humayun's 19-year-old brother, had agreed to aid him in this battle and protect the rear from attack, but he abandoned his position and withdrew to Agra, where he decreed himself acting emperor. When Humayun sent the grand Mufti, Sheikh Buhlul, to reason with him; the Sheikh was killed. Further provoking the rebellion, Hindal ordered that the Khutba, or sermon, in the main mosque surrounded.[11] Bega Begum (1511 - 17 Tháng 1, 1582) là Hoàng hậu Mogul với danh phận chính thất của Hoàng đế Humayun. Bega còn được biết đến như Haji Begum sau cuộc hành hương đến Mecca.. Bà là người khởi xướng nên truyền thống xây dựng lăng tẩm tượng đài tưởng niệm các vị vua triều Mogul khi cho xây dựng lăng mộ của chồng.

Khi Humayun băng năm 1556, Bega  vô cùng đau buồn và dành cả cuộc đời còn lại của bà để xây dựng một lăng mộ lớn và tráng lệ nhất đế chế, ở gần Sông Yamuna, Delhi để tưởng niệm tiên hoàng.[4] A great reformer in the tradition of her mother and grandmother, Sultan Jahan founded several important educational institutions in Bhopal, establishing free and compulsory primary education in 1918. During her reign, she had a particular focus on public instruction, especially female education.[5] She built many technical institutes and schools and increased the number of qualified teachers. From 1920 until her death, she was the founding Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University. Even till today, she is the only female Chancellor ever served for Aligarh Muslim University.[6] English: Nasiruddin Humayun (Persian: نصيرالدين همايون) (March 6, 1508 - February 22, 1556), was the second Mughal Emperor who ruled much of modern Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the northern parts of India from 1530-1540 and again from 1555-1556. Like his father Babur, Humayun lost his kingdom early, but eventually regained it with aid from Persia That was a good one Iqra. That supports our dear historian history-geek's wellresearched poinion. Thank u fr that piece of info.At the age of 18, Salima Begum was married to the considerably older Bairam Khan (who was in his fifties)[18] on 7 December 1557 in Jalandhar, Punjab.[1] Bairam was the commander-in-chief of the Mughal army and a powerful statesman at the Mughal court, who was acting as Akbar's regent at the time. Salima's maternal uncle, Humayun, had promised Bairam that he would give his niece in marriage to him as soon as India was conquered (which was accomplished in Akbar's reign). The bride was probably a reward for the surpassing services done by Bairam for Humayun. The marriage enhanced his prestige among the Mughal nobles as it made him a member of the imperial family.[24]

Ruqaiya Sultan Begum (alternative spelling: Ruqayya , Ruqayyah) (c. 1542 – 19 January 1626) was empress consort of the Mughal Empire from 1557 to 1605 as the first wife [2] and chief consort [3] [4] [5] of the third Mughal emperor Akbar. She was also the longest serving Mughal empress, having a tenure of almost fifty years. [6] Radhika,Akbar was very right. ;p He must have learnt a lot. It is very certain a lot of harem politics must have happened.About Humayun, i only mentioned what he said. True, if we see from today's perspective then it was unfair for the wives, but those were such times, where these things happened. Not all the wives were lucky like MUZ for Akbar etc.. One needed to carve out a place for herself.BTW, Humayun took a "legal signed agreement" from his ladies that they will not harbor ill-feelings in case he does not spends time with them. Bega Begum had even taunted Humayun. LOL.OMG! legal docs!!! Shocking...he must have been driven crazy by the harem politics to have gone to this extent. :)Wonder how Akbar managed :)The begums thought nothing of taunting their emperor-husbands. The emperors must have put up with them because they didn't want to have to pacify one and all.

Jahangir was thus constrained to go to the female apartment, and on account of the pressure exercised by his step-mothers, he finally pardoned him.[39] Jahangir speaks fondly of Ruqaiya in his memoirs and while recording her death in it, he makes note of her exalted status as Akbar's chief wife. [37] [3]

Interesting info Abhay.... :)But how come she fooled all of them till 12 months? Either hakimas were incompetent or party to the crime... :)) 1) Shahzadi 'Aqiqa Sultan Begum. b. at Agra, before 19 th December 1531 (d/o Bega Begum). She was lost at the battle of Chausa, 27 th June 1539. 2) Shahzadi Bakhshi Banu Begum. b. at the Bagh-i-Khwaja Dost Munshi, Lahore, before 12 th October 1540 o.s. (d/o Bibi Gunwar). m On 20 November 1551, Hindal Mirza died fighting valorously for Humayun in a battle against their half-brother, Kamran Mirza's forces. Humayun was overwhelmed with grief upon the death of his youngest brother, who had expiated for his former disobedience by his blood, but his amirs consoled him by saying that his brother was blessed in having thus fallen a martyr in the service of the Emperor. [13] Salima's mother, Gulrukh Begum, was a daughter of the first Mughal emperor Babur. The identity of the mother of Gulrukh Begum is disputed. In some sources her mother's name is mentioned as Saliha Sultan Begum, however this name is not mentioned in the Baburnama written by Babur himself or the Humayun-nama written by Gulbadan Begum, and therefore the existence of such a woman is questionable. She may also have been the daughter of Dildar Begum, who may have actually been the same woman as Saliha Sultan Begum. [9] [10]

I object to that, history-geek! Queen dhirbai might not hv been punished, she might be his dearest qn, but she was a great cospiater all thru,right? She wanted her son Jagmaal to be coronated. How can such a woman can be on par with our dear lady MUZ? Salima Sultan Begum was the wife of Mughal Emperor Akbar. She was born 23rd of February, 1539. Akbar was three years younger than Salima Sultan Begum. Salima's mother, Gulrang Begum, was a Mughal Empress. Her mother was the daughter of Babur and sister of Humayun. Gulbadan Begum was the the sister of Gulrang Begum

Shortly after Humayun had marched on Gujarat, Sher Shah Suri saw an opportunity to wrest control of Agra from the Mughals. He began to gather his army together hoping for a rapid and decisive siege of the Mughal capital. Upon hearing this alarming news, Humayun quickly marched his troops back to Agra allowing Bahadur to easily regain control of the territories Humayun had recently taken. In February 1537, however, Bahadur was killed when a botched plan to kidnap the Portuguese viceroy ended in a fire-fight that the Sultan lost.[citation needed] Ak Begum Ai Begum Bega Begum Zainab Sultan Begum Makhdum Sultan Begum Rajeb Sultan Begum Moheb Sultan Begum two unnamed daughters: Full name; Sultan Mahmud Mirza: Dynasty: House of Timur: Father: Abu Sa'id Mirza: Sultan Mahmud Mirza (c. 1453 - January 1495) was a prince of Timurid branch of Transoxiana, son of Abu Sa'id Mirza

Mehr-un-Nissa and her daughter, Ladli Begum, served as ladies-in-waiting to the Empress for four years while earnestly endeavoring to please their imperial mistress. [34] The relationship that grew up between Ruqaiya and Mehr-un-Nissa appears to have been an extremely tender one and there is every indication that the former treated the latter as her daughter. The Dutch merchant and travel writer, Pieter van den Broecke, described their relationship in his Hindustan Chronicle: "This Begum [Ruqaiya] conceived a great affection for Mehr-un-Nissa [Nur Jahan]; she loved her more than others and always kept her in her company." [25] Indian Women Through the Ages by Ghosh, S. K. and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at AbeBooks.co.uk

During the period of political uncertainty following Humayun's death in 1556, Ruqaiya and the other female members of the imperial family were staying in Kabul. [16] In 1557, Ruqaiya came to India and joined Akbar in Punjab, shortly after Sikandar Shah was defeated and had submitted to the Mughals. She was accompanied by her mother-in-law Hamida Banu Begum, her aunt Gulbadan Begum, and many other female members of the imperial family. Ruqaiya's marriage with Akbar was solemnized near Jalandhar, Punjab, when both of them were 14 years-old. About the same time, her 18-year-old first-cousin Salima Sultan Begum, married Akbar's considerably older regent, Bairam Khan. [17] After resting for some four months in Punjab, the imperial family set out for Delhi. The Mughals were at last ready to settle down in India. [17] GeetaI asked the same Q and Abhay has answered below. He was only talking of their influence on their husband, not comparing their personalities. :)Isn't it worth thinking about that so many medieval women could break the barriers of orthodoxy and the veil and play strongly positive or negative roles in politics and the ruling of empires?

Bega Begum also known as Haji Begum was the chief wife of Mughal. Emperor Humayun. It was Bega Begum who commenced the construction. of Humayun's tomb at Delhi After Sirhind, most towns and villages chose to welcome the invading army as it made its way to the capital. On 23 July 1555, Humayun once again sat on Babur's throne in Delhi. Once the Army of Humayun had made its charge and Sher Shah's troops made their agreed-upon retreat, the Mughal troops relaxed their defensive preparations and returned to their entrenchments without posting a proper guard. Observing the Mughals' vulnerability, Sher Shah reneged on his earlier agreement. That very night, his army approached the Mughal camp and finding the Mughal troops unprepared with a majority asleep, they advanced and killed most of them. The Emperor survived by swimming across the Ganges using an air-filled "water skin", and quietly returned to Agra.[8][page needed][15] Humayun was assisted across the Ganges by Shams al-Din Muhammad.[16] Outstanding Women 227, Glimpses of Intellectual and Religious Emancipation •, Mira Bai • Religious Devotees • Women of Warrior, Families • Muslim Women • Gulbadan Begum, (Princess Rose Body) • Bega Begum • Hamidah Bano, Begum • Maham Anagha • Salima Sultan Begum •, Jaan Begum • Dai Lado • Nurjahan • Mumtaz Mahal.

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