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Alaric returned as a Ghost in The Walking Dead, when the veil to The Other Side was dropped. When Damon is injured by Elena, Alaric shows up and helps him. After proving he is not Silas, Damon and he head into the basement. Silas later uses his form in an attempt to trick Damon but Damon sees through this. At the end of the episode, Alaric gives Damon The Cure. In Maybe I Should Start From The End, Still angry at Hope Alaric wakes up at 3am in the morning to discover her stealing his car keys. After explaining that Landon is in danger he agrees to the rescue mission as long she lets him go with her and drive the car which she accepts. After being sent a false location they finally track down Landon with his mom. Alaric bonds with Seylah who tells him that her story is pretty far out there and most days she doesn't believe that it really happened. She tells him her history at the Triad and how she conceived Landon apparently in there, surprising Alaric at this new information. She tells him she's selfish and wasn't fit to be a mother, and that Landon would be better off he didn't remember her, as they won't either as well soon, leaving him and walking away again. She tries to start her own car without keys and Hope confronts her on leaving Landon again. She tells her what she told Alaric that Landon would be better off and she shoots a dart in Hope's neck, temporarily knocking her out. Seylah drives to the Triad building and kills both of the security guards, watching the knife drop in the pit. She goes into the room where the pit is, goes over the rails, and jumps into the pit, thereby erasing everyone's memories of her, except Hope for some reason. Alaric despite his lost memory decides that Landon at the boarding school would be better for everyone involved. Hope in private fills in Alaric on blank spaces of his memory. Through overuse of the Gilbert Ring, Esther manipulated his spirit while he was on the Other Side before he would resurrect, and as a result he developed an alter ego, called The Darkness by Bonnie and Dark Alaric or Evil Alaric to others, that hated vampires and vampire sympathizers; as the Darkness, Alaric killed several members of the Town Council. With a goal to create a monster to end all monsters — similar to her husband before him — Esther linked Alaric's life force to Elena's and, in the process, created an Enhanced Original Vampire with one true weapon, the final, indestructible white oak stake. Fearing for her families life, Rebekah Mikaelson caused Elena's death, thereby killing Alaric in the process. Following this, Alaric was resurrected as his Original vampire self without his alter-ego. While trying to save Damon from Tripp Cooke, Alaric was pulled into the magic purification zone over Mystic Falls. He temporarily died from the stab wound that killed him before his transition, when the magic that made him an Enhanced Original was stripped from his body. Jo Parker revived him with her medical skills, but upon resurrection, Alaric reverted back to his human self. In The Tale of Two Wolves, she and Lizzie are first seen waving at Caroline as she gives a tour. Later, she and Lizzie are talking to their mother about having them siphon The Hollow out of Hope to save her life, but also bargain with her. They want phones and Josie wants to get rid of the skirts due to it being against feminist values. Before they can talk to Klaus, Alaric shoots an arrow through his chest and they look at him. At night, they begin the spell to siphon and once it's out of Hope and into Klaus, Alaric takes his daughters away. Later that night, Jo and Alaric aks for Lizzie and Josie's help. Lizzie clarifies what they're being asked to do — to siphon the magic from her until she's dead again. Josie can't bare Lizzie's words, but Jo tells her it's okay, that she's already dead. Jo comforts her daughters, reiterating that like them, she's a witch and they believe in the natural order of thing and she shouldn't be here. She loves the opportunity she's had, but it's a lie and she needs their help to make things right. Tearfully, she tells them that the more time she spends with them, the more she remembers where she came from. She used to watch over them, all of them, like in a dream where everything is warm and happy; she was at peace. She believes that's where she'll be again, waiting for them. Lizzie apologies to Jo for being awful. Jo tells her that she has such a big heart and it's okay to let other in to see it. She gives her daughters one final piece of advice, to be good to each other and to fight for each other, that when they're older, they'll understand. She holds out her hands to her girl, but Josie can't do what she's asking of. Jo tells her it's the right thing to do and it's the only thing to do for them. she tells them all she loves them so much. Lizzie and Josie proceeds to siphon the magic that sustains her resurrection and she fades from existence, finding peace once again.

In Since When Do You Speak Japanese?, Josie experiences difficulties with the adverse effects of using dark magic. Professor Vardemus enters her room offering her a solution to the problem, however she declines, reciting that her father was right to forbid dark magic. However Vardemus simply states that Alaric had a reason to suppress their full abilities, asking that Josie never limit herself or shy away from dark magic. In Kai Parker Screwed Us, when realizing that they have been transported to a dangerous and unlikely place, Alaric rushes Josie to retrieve the mora miserium and bring it back to the Salvatore Boarding House. Josie questions why they're rushing and alert, given that Kai is dessicated after years of hunger. After going to meet Penelope, Josie begs her to stay. Penelope says that she had been waiting weeks for Josie to give her one reason to stay, but instead she got a thousand reasons to leave. She says that her heart cannot take Josie always putting herself second. And that she does not want to watch and see what happens to Josie next. Josie is confused, so Penelope pulls out a big book from her handbag, that had recorded all the writing her spy pens had collected. She hands it to Josie and tells her to read what her dad wrote about The Merge. Though Penelope doesn't stay, they affirm that they still love each other with a tearful goodbye, and a kiss.

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Esther decides to make Alaric a true Original Vampire Hunter like her husband Mikael, with Alaric to be the "vampire to end all vampires." Esther gives Dark Alaric Elena's blood and tries to perform the ritual on him. She then stakes him through the chest with the White Oak Stake. Alaric later awakes as himself and stops Esther from killing Jeremy and Matt who had come to rescue Elena. Alaric decides that it would be too dangerous to complete the transition into an Original Vampire, and so he decides to let himself die. Just before he dies, Bonnie appears while under the control of Esther, and incapacitates Damon using her magic. She then feeds Alaric her blood which completes his transition into an Original Vampire, his dark side now in full control with the indestructible White Oak Stake. In Cold as Ice, Alaric and Caroline discuss attending a birthing class for the twins. They eventually agree to attend together. At the birthing class, Caroline makes a joke about a quote from a book she read, however Alaric corrects her on the chapter that the quote is taken from. Alaric is startled when Caroline gets angry over something she heard with her enhanced hearing; her vampire features begin to show, which causes issues for the two. In the premiere of the eighth season, Alaric suggests that they live together being they’re both struggling with their personal obligations and raising their twin daughters at the same time. Whether or not Alaric suggested this because it would make life easier for them and their daughters or if he was still in love with Caroline, she knew it wasn’t a good idea and she told him this, rejecting his inquiry of moving back in together. Due to the sirens’ involvement with Mystic Falls, both Caroline and Alaric struggled to keep their children safe during Season Eight. After the sirens and Cade were finally defeated, Caroline and Alaric opened a school for supernatural students in Stefan and Damon Salvatore’s old home and they are currently working together while raising their siphoner-daughters that go to that school as well.

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They see the van coming and Alaric waves to stop it. He then asks for a lift. Once Tripp had refused, he smashed the window in holding onto the van. Tripp steps on the accelerator, making the car thrust forward, hitting Alaric's car and over the border of Mystic Falls. Tripp loses control of the van, making it swerve and tip over. Alaric is found laying over near the van. Alaric, Enzo and Damon start dying as the magic undoes because of the Magic Purification Spell. Stefan has only time to save, both Enzo and Damon, however, Jo comes to the rescue, attempting to stop the bleeding from his heart. Jo is determined to save Alaric from dying and refuses to get him across back the border. Alaric, for a short period, dies. But is later revived by Jo. He wakes up feeling different. He quickly comes to a conclusion that he is again human and freed from the curse of being a vampire. Later, Elena phones Alaric in hospital, he tells her he's happy to be human and apologizes to Elena. She says its okay because she had the chance to get her memories back. She says she'll have to live with herself now. The Vampire Diaries (2009-2017) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017. Error: please try again. Four months have gone by since the Other. In Do You Remember the First Time?, Damon visits Alaric in the hospital, playing around with all of the hospital equipment, Damon knows that Alaric is sorry for not being unable to uncompel Elena, but there is no way to undo it since Alaric is now a human. Jo joins them and invites Alaric as her date to the hospital fundraiser, where Elena will also be with Liam. While at the fundraiser, Alaric watches Damon fail to rekindle his relationship with Elena. Alaric acknowledges that it was his fault since he shouldn't have compelled her but Jo reminds him that it was Elena's choice. Alaric embraces being a human again, despite the pain he's still feeling from his injuries. Did You Check eBay? Fill Your Cart With Color Today

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When Stefan tries to find a way to get in touch with Isobel he goes to Alaric to ask if he has any way of contacting Isobel. When John Gilbert returned it cause a lot of problems between Alaric and Jenna. In A Bird in a Gilded Cage, Jo is seeing how Sarah is doing and tells her she's at the medical center and that she lost a lot of fluids. Jo tells Alaric she's not okay turning the center into a supernatural holding cell, but he wants to make sure Elena's blood is out of her system first so there isn't another Salvatore vampire. Jo mentions Sarah goes to Duke and says it would be a nice name, which alarms Alaric as he hasn't really been thinking of names. Jo then calls Alaric and he says he has a few names and she jokes to him that someone with the name like "Alaric" shouldn't name kids. After Alaric wakes from being knocked out earlier from a vervain bomb, Jo checks his eyes with a pen light and tells him she's marrying an idiot since he could've died. She tells him she needs him alive at least 18 years to help her raise the baby, then after it's of age, he can run around and attack vampires. As of Legacies, Caroline and Alaric are raising their children separately. With Caroline in Europe recruiting for the boarding school, Alaric must run their school by himself. However, Alaric is also tasked with raising Lizzie and Josie while Caroline deals with other situations outside of the boarding school.

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  1. isced about their time together and the impending danger the twins faced on their 22nd birthday. Later that night, Alaric, Jo and the twins met in the twins' bedroom. Jo sadly said goodbye to Lizzie and Josie, both of whom were inconsolable. As Alaric looked on with tears filling his eyes, Lizzie and Josie siphoned away the magic in Jo, causing her to fade away into nothing. Alaric then tearfully embraced the girls.
  2. Later, she talks with Hope, who tells her that she wants her to come back to the school and misses her. During the conversation, the two notice a scratching, which Josie reveals to be Penelope Park's diary. In it, they read as Landon writes a goodbye note. Josie welcomes Hope back to the school, citing that she belongs there, with or without Landon.
  3. Unfortunately for Alaric, Lizzie and Josie interrupt his interrogation. Alaric covers Jo's mouth and attempts to persuade their girls to leave; however, they refuse and siphon Emma's spell. Revealing Jo, who immediately makes the connection that they are both sixteen and twins, possibly her twin daughters. Josie, however, recognizes her from a photo from Alaric's shelf. Jo believes it to be impossible, that she wasn't even showing at their wedding, but Alaric informs her that her coven magically implanted them into Caroline when she was murdered by Kai. Caroline was their surrogate and the the one who gave birth to them. Lizzie introduces herself, named after her mother's mom. Josie does the same, revealing that she's named after herself.
  4. In The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get, Alaric asks Elena to find out why Jo can't be compelled. Elena checks her coffee and her bracelet for vervain but Jo figures out what she is doing and tells her that she already knows that Elena and Alaric are vampires because he tried to compel her, she has terrible luck in her love life and has noticed the missing blood bags. Elena asks her if she is a witch but she doesn't comment. She confronts Alaric just as he is leaving for the Mystic falls border and they aren't able to talk so she follows him. He gets thrown into the anti-magic border and she rushes to help him and is able to treat his death wound so he becomes human. Later, he is admitted into hospital and thanks her for giving him his life back. 
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Not long after Lizzie had gone outside, Alaric heard a scream echo through the hallways and ran to find Lizzie on the floor of the lounge with vicious claw marks across her stomach. Deducing that it was a gargoyle that attacked her, Alaric updated Dorian on the situation and initiated a school-wide lock-down while he went in search of it, believing that it was after the knife. While the students hid, Alaric moved through the school and happened upon the motionless gargoyle. Examining it for a moment, he went to stab it with the knife but the monster stopped him and took the knife from him. Alaric helps Stefan save bonnie from the vampires, however he is visibly annoyed when Stefan makes jokes about getting the Mystic Falls Gang back together. Alaric eventually explains the trauma Caroline went through when Stefan left her, and explains that Caroline doesn't want to see him, despite what he may think. Alaric is later angry but surprised to see Stefan at his house when he returns home. Alaric later helps hunt down the monster that turned MG's mother to stone. He draws on ancient literature, drawing the conclusion that the monster must be a gorgon. They are successfully able to find Nia as the culprit, and everyone is turned back into flesh. The Vampire Diaries Season 6 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. EDT on the CW. Do you think Bonnie, Jo and Elena are dead? Will they all survive or is this how Nina Dobrev is exiting the series

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Elena is Jo's new medical student. She seems impressed by Elena's intelligence and Elena originally wanted to set Alaric up with Jo. She knows that Elena is a vampire. Jo helps Elena hiding her true identity from Liam by changing the medical report of Lady Whitmore. In Fade Into You, Elena saves Jo by giving her blood when Jo was almost killed by her father. After Elena loses her daylight ring to Kai in Woke Up With a Monster, Jo makes her a new one. For Alaric and Jo's wedding, Jo makes Elena the maid of honor. Unfortunately, they are permanently separated when Jo is murdered by Kai and spells Elena into a magical coma. Apr 1, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Kayla Lawler. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres After the battle, a dying Josie waits for their father with Lizzie. He gives her Hope's blood which she drinks, and that saves her. Later, she's sitting with Lizzie and reveals that she stole the box their father was keeping hidden in his office. She sits with the rest of the students later as their father reveals that he was responsible for Triad getting in, a plan that was made in the event that the world would need protecting from the supernaturals in the school. He tells them to make the decision whether or not to keep him as their Headmaster. Unbeknownst to Josie and the rest of them, Hope was going to sacrifice herself to stop Malivore. Josie, along with everyone else, suddenly didn't remember Hope. In Best Served Cold, it is revealed by Valerie Tulle that the twins actually survived Kai's attack on Jo, due to the fact that the Gemini Coven performed a spell to transfer the twins into another body. It was also revealed that Caroline Forbes is currently pregnant with the twins. Later on when Landon goes missing, Alaric looks through a bag he initially believes to be Josie's, however it turns out it was the Sheriff's. Inside the bag, he finds a case file on himself, realizing the bag to be the Sheriff's. Later on, he confronts her about the case file, and she reveals that she was checking his background history before asking him out, and he laughs the situation off. She asks him out on a date later that night, but he doesn't give a definitive answer.

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  1. ded him that he and Caroline were going to get married in a month. Matt warned him that something bad had happened and he was sending help but Alaric refused. Suddenly, the door bell rang and he found Valerie at his door with Rayna Cruz captive. Valerie told him that when the Phoenix Stone was destroyed, all of the vampire souls inside had been released and found new bodies, some human and some vampire. She also told him that Stefan, who had been trapped in it again, hadn't been found yet. Rayna explained to Ric the importance of tracking down the released vampires since most of the vampires in the stone were evil and destructive, since she didn't like going after do-gooders.
  2. After the break, Elena shares more Damon memories with Alaric, including when he stepped in as her escort for Miss Mystic Falls. She remembers it was the first time she noticed how sexy he was. But erasing that doesn't change things. They go through every moment she can come up with but none of them undo how she feels. She quits. Alaric then calls Caroline for help figuring out when Elena fell in love with Damon. Caroline knows immediately, it was when she was still was Stefan.
  3. d to Stefan as she kisses Alaric on the cheek before taking care of the twins. Both Alaric and Caroline close the door on Stefan's face.
  4. Alaric is confronted by MG's mother, Veronica. Veronica has concerns that the school environment is no longer safe for MG, given his recent display of emotions and murder of a fellow student; she is also concerned about MG attending school with a phoenix. She suggests pulling Landon from the school, however Alaric assures her that the school is the best place for MG, and the situation is being handled.
  5. However, after Ric came through, Lucas Parker stopped the spell allowing the ghosts to pass through Bonnie. Alaric was the last to come back before Damon was trapped. The Other Side collapsed, taking both Bonnie and Damon with it, leaving Alaric as a resurrected vampire. Alaric found Elena breaking down and hugged her, his first acts since his return being to comfort a distraught Elena and Jeremy over their losses.
  6. d off of Elena and Ric's own grief was a good distraction for him. While on the trip, he got drunk regularly, apparently trying to drown his sorrows away. When they heard about trouble with the Heretics back in Mystic Falls, Stefan called and asked Alaric about how to make a bomb, since he was going through his weapons and needed something that could take out the Heretics all at once. Alaric said he would call him back when he wasn't in such a public place. Alaric then excused himself, acting drunk, when it was revealed soon after that he was actually just drinking tea and pretending it was bourbon.

In There's Always a Loophole, Alaric tries to return to the Salvatore School with Dorian, however, finds that the road is blocked as Wickery Bridge has been destroyed. Alaric eventually gets into contact with Hope and meets her in the tunnels beneath the school, where he is able to disarm the blood fountain that is blocking magic. Eventually, when the school is back under his control, Alaric reveals to the school that his actions have caused the danger of the students and that the efforts used by Triad to infiltrate the school are ones set up by him in fear of the students. He is ashamed that he believed one day the world would need protecting from the students, and not the other way around. With a large feeling of remorse, Alaric puts his position at the school to a vote in which the Honor Council will vote him to stay, or leave. In I'll Wed You in the Golden Summertime, it is the big day for her and Alaric, and she expresses wedding jitters. Later, she collapses and ends up in the hospital. She insists that Elena should not tell Alaric about the incident, although Elena already told him. As she is getting ready for the wedding, her father shows up in the room and asks her if he could walk her down the isle. During the wedding, Jo is about to tearfully say her wedding vows to Alaric, but suddenly pauses and it is discovered that she is being stabbed. She falls into Alaric's arms and her brother Kai emerges out of a cloaking spell with a bloody dagger. Jo then dies during all of the chaos going on.

In I Couldn't Have Done This Without You, Josie attempts to fix the rapidly-degrading mora miserium. She is unable to do so, however, but finds herself stuck in a dream-like vision of what the future holds if the sand clock smashes. The vision shows total devastation at the Salvatore School and Josie is overrun with dark magic. The vision unsettles her, however and she is brought back to present events. She uses this as an excuse to research the mora miserium, but finds little to help her. She is confronted by Dorian who asks what she is doing, but manages to pass it off as an assignment from Professor Vardemus. Hope interjects when Josie is talking with Dorian and offers to help her with the spell. Alaric holds another emergency assembly wherein he explains that Lizzie did not survive the merge. He also explains that the Josie they knew previously is gone; this is all a charade, however, as Alaric is aware that Chad and the Necromancer are watching his every move. Josie Saltzman is a member of the Saltzman Family and the Parker Family and a member of the Forbes Family, due to being Caroline's surrogate daughter.

In After School Special, after Elena tells Damon that she loves him, Damon looks up at the sky and smiles. At that moment, it seems like Damon is thinking of and thanking Alaric. And then when later when Penelope shows up to escort Josie down the stairs, she reveals that she's going to fall onto Hope's biggest rival like Lizzie planned. This upsets Penelope, and she tells Josie that she could win if she wanted to. That she believes in her. Although Josie almost goes through with going down the stairs without incident, she catches Lizzie's eye and trips as planned. Frustrated, Penelope offers no help and asks her what she would do if she was no longer there to fight for Josie. When she's confused, Penelope tells her to read the letter, which she does. In the letter, she finds out that Penelope is leaving Salvatore School. After reading it, Josie heads over to tell Lizzie, shocked that her twin already knew. Hurt, Josie asked if her twin even thought to tell her, only getting more upset when Lizzie insists that it's good news. She tells Lizzie that she never considers anyone's feelings but her own. And that it was bad enough that her sister thought she didn't want to enter, but even worse that she not a single part of her thought she could win. Josie asks Lizzie if she even knows how good it would feel to compete, and in their mother's dress. She also reveals that the dress came from Klaus Mikaelson, Hope's father. Secretly, Jo had relinquished her magic into a knife which she hid in a knife in their front yard. When Kai attempted to merge with her, he was unable to given her lack of magic, and the coven used a spell to trap Kai in a Prison World with help from family friend Sheila Bennett. Following this, Jo left the coven and attended medical school, becoming a doctor and joining the army as a medic. Eventually she left to teach at Whitmore College.

In Live Through This, it was revealed that the soul that was placed into Jo's body was not her, that it was an old vampire soul trapped within the Phoenix stone. After six long, wedding-less seasons, The Vampire Diaries is cordially inviting viewers to the (stunning) nuptials of Alaric Saltzman and Josette Parker — and TVLine has your exclusive first look This article has been identified as an article that needs help. The reason the article has been tagged as such is that it is lacking You may wish to edit it to improve the standard or quality of work present on this article. The Vampire Diaries, a one-hour American supernatural drama, was renewed for a sixth season by The CW on February 13, 2014, and it premiered on October 2, 2014. A majority of the episode titles for this season are named after songs released in 1994 & 1903. The Vampire Diaries was renewed for a seventh season on January 11, 2015, by The CW

In Black Hole Sun, Alaric is first seen when Elena goes to see him, asking about her life that he had compelled away. Alaric gives her a box full of her things that contained things that reminded her of Damon. She finds a letter that she had wrote to herself, detailing why she had gotten Alaric to wipe her memories of ever loving Damon. Alaric asks her is she wants to remember, she replies with no, not yet. Alaric takes hungover Jeremy to the hospital. Jo comes over to help, Alaric asks her if he could a STD test on him as a joke, sense shes already insisting a full workup. Once Jeremy had gone to pee in a tube, Alaric fails to flirt with Jo while over viewing a man with a bloody face. Alaric and Jeremy then go to the woods to work out their issues, fighting. Jeremy doesn't think the fight is fair to Alaric practically being an practically being an Original Vampire, but Alaric counters that Jeremy had killed an Original before. Alaric's new mission is to get Jeremy healthy again. Jeremy feels like he has a right to have a problem right now since Bonnie died to save everyone else and told him about it over the phone. He has resentment issues, and Alaric, wanting to say what every adult is thinking, is like, "I have YEARS of resentment, you entitled teen prick." I'm paraphrasing. The moral here is, "We find a way to keep going." He seems to get through to Jeremy. Back in the present, Alaric, Josie and Lizzie are trying to slow down the crumbling of the Mora Miserium, however every spell they attempt fails. Alaric becomes erratic when Lizzie suggests sending the mora miserium to the Prison World. He tells the twins that on no condition can that happen, and promises to figure the ordeal out. He asks Emma about the situation, however she is unable to provide any answers. Alaric and Bonnie prepared to use the stone to try and bring back Jo, but were interrupted by Damon with Oscar's dead body. Needing Oscar alive to get Elena back, Damon asked that they instead use the stone to bring Oscar back first. They put the stone to Oscar's chest and watched as Bonnie tried multiple spells to try and bind his soul to his body through the stone. After many unsuccessful attempts, Oscar awakened from the dead but with no apparent memory of what had happened to him, and desperately craving blood. Seeming to have worked, Bonnie and Alaric then tried the Phoenix Stone on Jo's corpse. They watched as the Phoenix Stone seemed to resurrect Ric's late wife. The Vampire Diaries: 8x14 - Katherine Pierce came back, Bonnie puts Kai in the prison world - Duration: 3:14. kid 1,097,478 view

In We're Being Punked, Pedro, as punishment for using magic during the game and the fight after it, she and the rest of the team are forced to pick up garbage in the town. Due to the tensions between her and Lizzie, she partners up with Hope, during this time she questions her on the mission to retrieve Landon and Rafael's disappearance. This leads to an argument about their rivalry which ends in laughter. After helping Hope with a spell she senses her sister's distress and the two head for the school. They find Alaric and successfully face down the Gargoyle. Afterward, she criticizes her father for putting himself in harm's way. She is later seen relaxing with Lizzie and is joined by MG. Alaric later visits Elena at her dorm room. Elena asks Alaric how he's handling coming back to life and being a vampire. He tells her he hates everything about being a vampire. She tells him she did too, until she found the idea of eternal love with Damon, but now she's lost it. She needs Alaric to do something for her. Because he was created by the original vampire spell, which means he can compel other vampires. She wants him to compel her to forget that she ever loved him.

Read 142 » alaric from the story The Vampire Diaries Imagines 2 by mcrningstar (ミ☆ minttu) with 11,851 reads. klausmikaelson, damonsalvatore, kaiparker. i thin.. In Since When Do You Speak Japanese?, Alaric has a discussion with Hope over what she revealed to Landon, as he left a post-it note on his desk asking for a meeting. She tells him that she revealed she is a witch, but nothing else. She reveals that she and Landon were in love, but she cannot reveal that to him. He later suggests that she transfer to the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted, where she will be better placed to protect and watch over Landon; she declines, however. When Hope leaves, Sheriff Mac enters, handing Alaric a restraining order placed against him by Professor Vardemus, meaning he cannot go near the school. Then Jeremy receives a phone call from Klaus. He was compelled to stand in front of a speeding car without the Gilbert Ring after he receives this call. When Alaric sees the car, he runs and saves Jeremy in the nick of time, pushing Jeremy out of the way and being run over himself. Luckily the driver is Tony, a hybrid, so Alaric will come back to the living. When he wakes up, he still has his his wounds and internal bleeding, damage so severe the ring could not fully repair. He states something's wrong with the ring. Paramedics come but they are stopped by Tony, who is killed by Jeremy. Alaric is then taken to the hospital. There he meets doctor Meredith Fell, who is amazed by his incredible fast recovery. Unknown to her, it was Damon's blood. At the end, he and Elena decide to make Jeremy leave town. On their request, Damon compels Jeremy to leave the town behind and never think twice about it. The presence eventually releases Jo again. She's taken to Alaric's office, though overtaken with grief, he tells her that Josie's okay, that she was rescued. Alaric knows that it wasn't her, but the thing that takes over. Jo tells him that it's wrong and it's not safe for any of them. In order to get this thing out of her, she wants the girls to siphon it's magic from her. Alaric reasons that the magic is likely the only thing keeping her alive. He understands what she's asking of him, but doesn't say it aloud; tears well up in his eyes. Jo restates Josie's sentiment, that she thinks he's lonely, and asks if he's happy. He tells her that he is, right in the arms of his demon-possessed baby mama. He answers again, more seriously, that he will be once the girls are grown. Jo promptly asks if they know what happens when they turn 22 years old. Alaric truthfully tells her that they don't and will only know until they've exhausted all options. That is also the reason behind Caroline's absence, that she's following some lead. Jo tells Alaric to be sure to tell Caroline "thank you" for being her girls' mom. She kisses him on the cheek and they embrace in another hug, both crying over what's to come. Alaric und Jo Spitzname(n) Jolaric Status fast verheiratet, Jo ist tot Intimität fast verheiratet, sexuell, liebten sich, sie haben Kinder, er vermisst sie noch Jahre später Erstes Treffen Für den Rest der Ewigkeit, 6x01 Erstes Date Keine Gefühle, 6x07 Trennung Blutige Hochzeit, 6x21 (durch Jos Tod) Letztes Treffen Blutige Hochzeit, 6x21 Dies ist die Beziehung zwischen der Hexe Josette.

In the new alternate reality, Josie and Lizzie attend public school; Mystic Falls High School. Josie flourishes and, unlike Lizzie, is the popular girl and cheerleader captain; she's even has a boyfriend, Connor. As the day progresses, Josie confesses that she wants to take thing to the next level with Connor, to show him that she's a witch and as well as to have sex with him. When Lizzie confesses that Dana and Connor were secretly seeing each other, Josie defends Connor and ignores her accusation. Josie, angry with Lizzie, goes off on her revealing that Alaric hates his job and only works to keep an eye on Lizzie and that she's done making excuses for her sister and she's done letting her control her happiness. She demands for Lizzie to hand over the watch but Lizzie siphons the magic from it before handing it over. Fed up with Lizzie, Josie, flatly, tells her that she hates her and walks off. Lizzie overcome with her own pain and inability to get Josie to stop, exposes her magic inadvertently when she loses control. However, Hope, Kaleb, Jed, and Pedro arrive from the Mikaelson Boarding School to contain the situation, to set up a perimeter and compel the students to forget. They take them to the boarding school to offer Alaric a new position as headmaster. While Josie and Hope converse, laughing together, Lizzie meets again with Ablah and wishes that Hope was never born. Jo regained her powers after being given incentive by Kai, who escaped the 1994 Prison World that she had helped trap him in; however, Luke merged with him instead, resulting in Luke's death. Although she loathed Kai for destroying her family, she agreed to help him with his post-merge sickness by transferring her magic to him, considering the whole coven would die if he did. She later learned that she was pregnant with Alaric Saltzman's children, and the two immediately decided to wed. However, Jo was killed by Kai at their wedding. As a vampire hunter, he designed several different weapons to fight vampires which include vervain tranquilizers and arm vest stakes.

In Never Let Me Go, Alaric taught his class full of students about fables of monsters, hoping he could get the teens to stop sneaking into Mystic Falls for amateur monster hunts. He told them that the most terrifying thing they would find there is a trespassing ticket. Bonnie spoke to him after class commenting on how the evacuation plan didn't go as well as everyone had hoped. Ric told her that they turned it into a ghost town but ghost towns draw the college kids and the Heretics had killed ten people already. She asked him if he was okay and that Damon filled her in on what he was doing in Europe. Ric told her that he was over it. Bonnie admitted she was a little offended that he didn't come to her first about contacting Jo in the afterlife. Ric asked her if she'd ever heard of the Phoenix Stone. In The Boy Who Still Has a Lot of Good to Do, Alaric and Kaleb head out to find MG, who has disappeared following a rough encounter with his father. They find out that MG has been bitten by Rafael and is suffering from the effects of werewolf venom. He is healed by Hope, however, everyone is shocked to find that MG has killed Landon Kirby. Kaleb questions whether Hope will still cure MG after his actions, but Alaric tells him to give her a minute. They're all shocked to watch as Landon sets into flames and returns from death. Alaric identifies Landon as a Phoenix. In Smells Like Teen Spirit, Alaric is seen training Elena how to kill vampires in the woods. Later Alaric tries to help Elena from Stefan, but Stefan warns him not to get in his way. Elena tells Alaric how she's one of Klaus' assets now because of her blood and Stefan is sort of her bodyguard. Later at night in Rick's classroom, discussing the plan to incapacitate Stefan, he learns from Damon Tyler is sired to Klaus. After Elena gets drunk she distracts Stefan long enough for Alaric to shoot him with tranquilizers. While in Alaric's car Vicki sets it on fire to try to kill Elena. Alaric is outside trying to free her. Stefan then kicks the door open, allowing Alaric and Elena to pull Stefan to safety. Back at the Salvatore house Elena asks Ric if he wants to rekindle his bromance with Damon. Ric's not too enthused. In Fade Into You, Elena calls Alaric, he tells her about Bonnie's teddy bear, Ms Cuddles, giving them hope that she’s still alive. They’re in Portland to track the Gemini Coven and to make Stefan feel bad that he was the only one not invited to Friendsgiving. Damon, Stefan and Alaric arrive to the location when the Gemini Coven is meant to be. While walking up to the empty field, Damon starts using Bonnie's bear, Miss Cuddles, to taunt Stefan. Stefan then grabs the bear form Damon's hands and kicks it as hard as he could, unveiling a cloaking spell on a house. Alaric suggests that Bonnie has put her magic inside of her bear. While the only human there, Alaric is the only one to enter the house, suggesting that someone lives there. Alaric looks around the house, bumping into Liv and Luke's father. He then shakes Damon's hand, causing Stefan and Alaric to disappear out of the house and also cloaking the house once again while Damon was still inside. In The Tale of Two Wolves, Alaric is wary of Klaus when he shows up and initially denies his request for his daughter's service of siphoning out the Hollow's dark magic and transferring into Klaus. However, he changes his mind after he sees Klaus acting like a father. After the spell is completed, Alaric takes the girls away.

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Josie speaks briefly with Lizzie again and the two discuss Landon. Josie tells Lizzie that they are just friends but Lizzie finds this hard to believe and sarcastically remarks that somewhere Penelope Park's heart has just exploded. Lizzie begs Josie to join her and their mother on their trip to Rome, however Josie declines the offer. Still somewhat skeptical, Alaric utilized the truth sphere and questioned Jo further; she answered everything truthfully, while even restating Alaric's statement of being there to cause harm to be a lie. Josie took the opportunity to ask how the two of them first met. Irritated by how affectionate Josie was being to Jo, Lizzie insisted they leave to get ready. Leaving Jo in his office, Alaric conferred with Dorian and Emma about the situation and the possibility that Jo was unknowingly being used as an infiltration weapon by a powerful enemy. Hurrying back, Alaric found his office empty and immediately deployed the staff to search the school while he went to check on his daughters. As he was running across the grounds he came upon a dirt-stained and hysterical Jo who claimed to have no memory after being taken by Josie to the birthday party. Suddenly she collapsed, her eyes turning white and an unearthly voice spoke through her saying that Josie had been buried alive and demanding the knife for her location. Frantic, Alaric raced back to his office to get the knife only to discover that Dorian and Emma had taken it with them and left the school.

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In Home, Alaric's ghost came to assist Elena's on the Other Side, saying he would find Damon and get him to Bonnie so they could all pass through to the land of the living together. However, when he found Damon they were delayed trying to save Sheriff Forbes from being trapped under the rubble in the Mystic Grille. After helping the sheriff, Alaric and Damon met up with Bonnie, who grabbed Alaric first, allowing him to pass through her and resurrecting him. At Alaric's apartment, Alaric hands Caroline a blood bag and remarks that the people at the birthing class were jerks, and deserved everything they got. Caroline questions if blood is bad for the twins, and Alaric tries to reassure her that it is probably alright for them, given it is good for her. Alaric receives a call from Hope who asks for an update. Alaric reveals that he has figured out that whatever happens to the creatures erases them from history and memory. Alaric puts down the phone after consoling Hope about Landon. Feeling sorry for the dryad, Alaric opens the window, allowing her to feel the breeze again, and the dryad admits that she will honor the deal they made and reveal what they wish to know. The dryad reveals to Alaric her history, including the night she disappeared; she admits she remembers nothing, except awakening with an urge to possess the knife. In a turn of events, the dryad turns violent, admitting that she feels an urge to possess the knife and Dorian is forced to fire an arrow into her chest. The dryad feels no anger, simply begging for Alaric to return her to the forest; back to her home.

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His fixation on Isobel eventually came to pass when he learned of her transformation into a vampire and he managed to let her go, namely after she compelled him to do so, so that he could go along with his life. This allowed him to develop his relationship with Jenna. This week's episode of the hit supernatural TV drama series The Vampire Diaries Season 6 titled I'd Leave My Happy Home for You, is said to tackle on the issue of whether or not Elena (Nina Dobrev) will take the cure for her vampirism. Meanwhile, a slew of promo images for the show's May 7 episode features Elena and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) getting cozy with each other during a wedding.

In Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn, Alaric is forced to forego his regular duties as coach of his daughters' team for the annual Salvatore Boarding School vs. Mystic Falls High School football game. Instead, he's has to go track down Landon and get the supernatural knife back; however, his plans were interrupted slightly when both Hope and Rafael insisted on accompanying him. Alaric gave in and allowed the two to help. Alaric, Hope, and Rafael traveled to the last place Landon was seen - the charred bus off Route 29. Hope believed it was Landon's doing while Rafael insisted something else was responsible for the dead bodies. The trio tracked Landon into the woods and stumbled across a mysterious mute woman with singed clothing; they presume she's a survivor from the bus incident. Alaric deduced that Landon was hiding in an abandoned root cellar and sent Hope and Rafael to scout the area but not to engage Landon while he questioned the woman. In the aftermath of a skirmish with and subsequent death of the arachne, Alaric berated his daughters over ignoring his advice and breaking the rules of the school but was rebuffed by them over his unwillingness to properly teach the students how to defend themselves in light of the increasing monster attacks. Exhausted with arguing over the issue, Alaric reluctantly agreed to revisit the possibility. Biding them goodnight, he tied up the last of the day's loose ends by incapacitating and locking up Kaleb, who had unknowingly admitted to the sheriff to feeding on a number of students from the human high school. Matt warned Alaric about controlling his students but Alaric responded by promising to end the sheriff if he ever went after any of his students or the school. He then rang up Dorian and told him to return to the school with the knife even as Dorian was being confronted by the next monster. Meanwhile, at the arranged time, Hope arrives to take Lizzie's place and fight with Josie until MG is able to convince Lizzie to return. The two brawl and Josie is able to get the upper hand before being interrupted by Lizzie, who saves Hope. Josie and Lizzie begin the Merge and—as she predicted�—Lizzie loses and all hope appears lost. Unbeknownst to Josie, Landon and Hope have formulated a plan-b and were aware that the possibility of Lizzie losing the Merge was high; Hope has placed herself within Josie's subconscious when she was asleep in a bid to find the real Josie. Jo was described as a tough and accomplished doctor at the university hospital. She demands excellence from her students and has learned the hard way that there's no room for error in her profession. Alaric and Jo have had a whirlwind romance on this season of The Vampire Diaries, easily becoming one of the show's cutest couples. The two crazy kids are Denk aan je veiligheid en gezondheid

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  1. utes with her would know just how special she was. Josie implies that she's only saying that because she's her biological mother, but she tells her that it's okay that Caroline is her mom. Josie confides in her that Lizzie is exactly like her, that you'd never know that she's not biologically Caroline's daughter. Jo, proudly, comes to the conclusion that she takes after herself. Josie smiles and tells her that she's happy she's here, that she honestly thinks that Alaric is really lonely. Jo attempts to persuade her to leave for her party, but Josie asks if she wants to come with her, to spend more time together.
  2. Alaric is a member of the Saltzman Family and a non-biological relative to the Petrova Family and the Gilbert Family, due to being Elena's step-father through his marriage to Isobel, and Jeremy's guardian.
  3. Alaric and Jo (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) have been reunited, but there's trouble brewing. The Vampire Diaries executive producer Caroline Dries teases that Alaric's arc is going to continue to be.

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  1. Alaric With Caroline, Alaric starts the school and gets to take care of his two beautiful daughters. It seems he still holds a torch for his wife, Jo, though, and we get to see her ghost looking.
  2. Alaric and Elena (one-shots) the vampire diaries Teen Fiction. It's family movie night with Elena, Jeremy and Alaric..but Elena is sad bc her and Damon got into a argument and Alaric comes to her rescue. (I do not own the vampire diaries or anything about it or the characters..
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  4. Josie's father Alaric is a profoundly caring person. Throughout his run on The Vampire Diaries, Alaric helped many people through different things. He also managed to never be in short supply of.
  5. At the age of twenty-two, Kai became aware of their parents' reasoning behind having so many children and decided to kill his siblings and merge with Jo. He stabbed Jo with a hunting knife to get her out of the way as he went after their siblings, but Jo managed to cloak the twins to protect them, promising to merge with him so long as Liv and Luke could live.
  6. Fade into You is the 8th episode of the sixth season of the American series The Vampire Diaries and the series' 119th episode overall. Fade Into You was originally aired on November 20, 2014, on The CW.The episode was written by Nina Fiore and John Herrera and directed by Joshua Butle
  7. Josie is a pretty young woman with brown hair and eyes. She also has an athletic build and light skin. Josie often wears her hair up, mostly in a simple, loose ponytail, but she once wore it in messy twin buns for a football game.

Realizing the gravity of her mistake, Lizzie recalls her wishes by wishing that Ablah never met the creature that sent her to Malivore. Ablah grants her wish and effectively restores reality to where she and Lizzie never met and Josie never died by Lizzie's hand. With no memory of what happened with Ablah, Lizzie returns to the moment before her first wish. Josie meets Lizzie in their room and asks her not to be mad at dad. Lizzie immediately gives into her urge to hug her sister, but Josie, questions why she's suffocating her. Lizzie's clueless but Josie accepts it nonetheless. In Death Keeps Knocking On My Door, when Cassie returns from the dead due to the Necromancer, Alaric questions her along with Rafael over what she remembers. When she explains what she remembers, Alaric informs Cassie that the memories are from two months ago, and she has been dead ever since. She later attempts to call her parents, before Alaric interrupts her, telling her that it is not the best idea, as her parents know she is dead.

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When he emerges from the simulation, he formulates a plan to have everyone — especially Josie — believe that Lizzie died during the Merge. He instructs Lizzie, Kaleb and Jed to keep Lizzie's secret and protect Hope's whereabouts as she navigates Josie's mind. In Hope is Not the Goal, Alaric was notified by the Mystic Falls Sheriff that two local girls had disappeared without a trace. Unnerved by the possibility that one of his students was responsible, Alaric addressed the students with a plan to uncover more information about the missing girls by having a few of them infiltrate the local human high school under the guise of an exchange program; Lizzie, Josie, Hope, Kaleb and MG all volunteered for the mission. Later that day during a training session, Hope questioned him on Landon's situation with the school to which Alaric responded that Landon's activation of the knife warranted further examination. Struck by inspiration, Alaric then met with Landon and asked him to join in the mission to the human high school, reasoning that Landon would be an effective guide for the others, to which Landon eagerly agreed. In Hello, Brother, Josie and her sister, Lizzie, are seen video calling Alaric until he asked for Seline. Seline tells them to go put on their swimsuits while they chat. Later, the girls visit Caroline at work; Seline leaves to go have a salad for lunch and leaves the girls with Caroline. While she left, Caroline mentions that Seline probably loves kale, which makes Lizzie ask her what is kale; Caroline responds with you don't want to know. The video, that is given to her by Seline from Pete, that Caroline is attempting to watch gets to a certain point and the sound messes up to which Lizzie tells her mommy that it is too loud. Later that evening, Virginia breaks into the house, attacks Seline and tries to kill the girls for opening the armory. Virginia stalks through the house where she comes to the girls' room. When inside, she hears laughing come from the closet and proceeds though before she is able to approach is knocked out by Caroline. Caroline checks the closet and finds the girls, Lizzie saying hi to her mommy, to which Caroline tells the girls don't move while she goes to handle Virginia. The Gemini Twins Are Alive & Inside Caroline On 'The Vampire Diaries,' Making For One Mother Of A Bombshell went out to Alaric during this week's Vampire Diaries episode faux-Jo with her.

In Let's Just Finish the Dance, Josie is helping preparations for Miss Mystic Falls. When Lizzie steps down from the competition, she hopes that her sister will choose her to run, but is disappointed when her sister chooses Hope instead. During dance rehearsal, when Josie attempts to trip and fall, Penelope smoothly catches her. Josie is mad at her for ruining Lizzie's plan. Penelope asks her if she had wanted to win the title of Miss Mystic Falls, which Josie denies and says Lizzie planned for Hope to win. Ignoring how upset Penelope is, Josie continues to help Hope win. He got to a point where he was just over all the vampire stuff. He clearly blamed Damon for Jo's death as it was Damon's plan to leave Kai in the Prison and Alaric knew that. Then he didn't want any of Damon's Drama to mess with Lizzie and Josie he was even irritated at Caroline for a minute with the whole siren stuff In his office shortly after, Alaric talks with Vardemus about the magical simulation box. Vardemus tells Alaric how to increase the difficulty on the box in a bid to trap, and contain, Josie. He successfully does, but is trapped within the box by Hope as she believes he will ruin her chances of getting through to Josie. Alaric eventually escapes the simulation when he becomes self-aware following a conversation with Kaleb, who is also trapped within the simulation when he does not follow Hope's plan.

As Alaric drove to the meeting place, he was ambushed by The Hollow in Sofya's body. The Hollow demanded that Alaric hand over the finger bone. As Alaric tried to stall The Hollow from hurting him he went to the back seat of his car and pulled out a crossbow. He used the crossbow on The Hollow and she used her magic on him, completely overpowering him. Alaric was thrown through the air and onto his back. The Hollow prepared to finish him and approached his vehicle but Alaric pulled out a gun, revealing that he had filled his car with explosives. He fired at his car which blew up right next to the Hollow. However, his efforts weren't enough to stop the Hollow from taking the finger bone. In Ghost World, Damon goes to Alaric and tells him about Mason Lockwood's ghost, however Alaric still mad at Damon for killing him, doesn't want to help until they both see Mason appear. Later Damon needed Alaric to enter a cave in which he can't enter. At first Alaric doesn't want to help until Damon tries to apologize in his own way for killing him. Alaric and Damon finally renew their friendship. Alaric then discovers the cave wall covered in drawings, a story of the Original Family carved on the walls. When they arrive at the hospital, they are surprised to find Jade, who has drank all of the blood in the storage room, thus leaving them with no access to Bennett blood, and therefore no way to power the ascendant. Nevertheless, Josie reveals that she has a vial of Bennett blood, and pulls it from her pocket. It is eventually revealed that Kai is the master behind the Prison World and is actually working with Jade. He takes the blood from Josie after immobilizing her, and flees to power the ascendant. Jade takes her to the bar Alaric is trapped in, and she is privy to Jade allowing Alaric 24 hours before Josie is killed. In Requiem for a Dream, Josie, along with her sister and her father, call Caroline before they go to bed. Josie along with her sister appears to miss Caroline being she has been on the run with Stefan Salvatore trying to get away from Bonnie. Before they go to bed, they say their good-nights to Caroline before Alaric takes the phone from them to talk to Caroline alone. Alaric does not let the subject rest, however, and when Landon has completed Sebastian's assessment, he interrupts Alaric to tell him the good news: Sebastian passed all of the assessments. Alaric is unaware that Landon is lying, but continues to read the book in front of him with a chapter titled "Sebastian the Merciless". Knowing that Sebastian cannot be trusted — whether he passed the assessments or not — Alaric follows Sebastian and catches him just as he is about to feed on a human jogger. He shoots Sebastian and the two talk. Sebastian tells Alaric that Lizzie will never be safe at the school as long as he is alive, which angers Alaric. Nevertheless, Alaric tells Sebastian that he is willing to give him a chance at the school if he follows the rules, however Sebastian mocks him.

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It's family movie night with Elena, Jeremy and Alaric..but Elena is sad bc her and Damon got into a argument and Alaric comes to her rescue. (I do not own the vampire diaries or anything about it or the characters.. In This Woman's Work, Alaric is worried when he talks with Valerie and Stefan; Caroline is in urgent need of a C-section in order to save hers, and the twins' life. Alaric tells them to do what they have to, but to keep everyone safe. THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is back with yet more romance, suspense, thrills and intoxicating chemistry. In the wake of Elena Gilbert's departure, the characters are forced to expose their true colours

Einig Zeit später plante Alaric, Jo einen Heiratsantrag zu machen, vorher teilte sie ihm mit, dass sie schwanger war und sie verlobten sich. Kai Parker tauchte während der Hochzeitszeremonie auf und erstach Jo. Ein paar Wochen später erfuhr Alaric, dass die Zwillinge gerettet wurden und nun von Caroline ausgetragen worden. Als Andenken an ihre Mutter benannte Alaric eines der Zwillingsmädchen nach Jo. In The Feast of All Sinners, Alaric is at the Salvatore Boarding House. That turned into a school for kids that have mystical powers. He walks up to Hayley who just arrived with Hope. He tells Hayley that Hope looks like she is doing well talking to kids her age. He tells her about the kids there and how they all get along and willing to learn new things about witchcraft. He then tells Hayley what they teach the kids. And how these kids will be better at accepting who they are being mystical. In I Never Could Love Like That, Jo is seen helping cover up Caroline and Stefan's murder spree with Elena. Elena finally tells her about the fact that Kai is again trapped in a prison world. Jo seems overjoyed by this news but soon changes her face when she quickly responds with where's the ascendant, and that it needs to be destroyed because she didn't want her father getting his hands on it. Elena realizes that Jo is pregnant and they both have a heart to heart talk about what it is like to be human. At the end of the episode, Jo reveals that the companions that were traveling with Lily were siphoners and were turned into vampires, however they retained the ability to siphon magic and that they have an unlimited supply of magic to use as they can just siphon themselves. But with the ability to use magic, and the bloodlust, they are described as extremely deadly. She wants to destroy the ascendant because if Kai does get turned into a vampire, he mustn't be allowed to escape. He will be unstoppable.

In Bad Moon Rising, Alaric went to the Salvatore Boarding House where he was questioned by Elena, Stefan and Damon on Isobel's research on the paranormal, hoping to figure out with species The Lockwoods were. Alaric said all of Isobel's research was at Duke University. He spoke to Jenna while Elena packed for the trip. Jenna was happy he was spending time with Elena because of Isobel. Alaric apologized for not being around very often, but Jenna was used to that sort of talk and told him not to bother. Damon, Elena and Alaric met Vanessa Monroe who leads them to Isobel's study before trying to shoot Elena. Alaric grabbed her and forced the crossbow out of her hands before sitting her down in a chair. He is shown to be protective of her and her family. In This Year Will Be Different, Josie and Lizzie speak about the Merge, having both agreed to leave the matter to their parents. Josie supports Lizzie when she reveal that she is going to have a year where she embraces opportunities. In Screw Endgame, Josie talks with Landon as they set up for the 80s Decade Dance. She reveals that Alaric won't be in town later that night, hinting to the two having sex. Landon has difficulties coming to terms with this, and talks with Dorian about it. In Founder's Day, after John Gilbert turned on the device, Stefan, Damon and Anna along with several other vampires were affected and when Stefan was spotted, Alaric sent a deputy towards another vampire instead of Stefan, saving his life. In Because, she and Alaric are on watch duty at the Bed & Breakfast where Stefan and Caroline are at. She and Alaric are talking about the wedding cake and the wedding itself being a few weeks away, and they start kissing until Elena shows up. After Caroline turns her humanity back on, Jo goes in to see how she is and tells Stefan he should see how she is.

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  1. Alaric finds Elena in her dorm room, leaving a desperate message for Luke. He confronts her about falling in love with Damon while she was with Stefan. He knows she never betrayed Stefan and it's okay to love them both. Elena remembers Katherine used to say the same thing. Elena finally admits the day she fell in love with him, her birthday after she and Damon spent all summer looking for Stefan. He gave her the necklace Stefan gave her that she had lost. She knew how much it hurt him but he still gave her and decided to be selfless. In that moment she loved him. Elena tells Alaric she's ready. He rewrites the memory, and she remembers the night ending with Damon snapping Jeremy's neck in front of her. Finally, she doesn't remember Damon as her boyfriend, but as a monster who died.
  2. MG and Josie are close friends and have been for some time. They are shown hanging out and talking often. However, Josie feels betrayed when MG hooks up with her ex-girlfriend, but MG sincerely apologizes and the two share a hug. When Josie's life is in danger on her birthday, MG is desperate to help her. They often confide in each other and are friends despite MG's mistake of hooking up with Josie's ex-girlfriend.
  3. Poor Alaric was forced to say goodbye to Jo once again on the devastating Nov. 12 episode of 'The Vampire Diaries.' But is Jo's road really over? Jodi Lyn O'Keefe sounds off to HollywoodLife.com.
  4. g a spell that returned everyone their memories of Hope. Ultimately, Landon chooses Hope, leaving Josie heartbroken. However, he wanted to remain friends.
  5. Josie was born on March 15, 2014 as a set of twins with her sister, Lizzie. She is the daughter of Alaric and Jo, and the surrogate daughter to Caroline.
  6. ded by Lizzie that the Salvatore School is hosting this year's Miss Mystic Falls Pageant. Realizing this, Alaric announces the news to the school, warning them to keep their supernatural abilities hidden from the public, thus projecting the image that they're a boarding school for the rich and entitled.
  7. They then start to fight and Damon tries to invoke their friendship to stop him. However, Alaric tells him that their friendship was what was wrong, and that he never should have forgotten who he truly was. However, Damon, who had a memory of the first time he met Elena before compelling her to forget, starts to fight back, using his anger and his love as boost to his strength.

In I Alone, Jo and Alaric have a romantic moment, but unbeknownst to her, Damon compelled Alaric to get the truth about the Ascendant out of her since she's not saying much about it. He jokes about how her dad gave Alaric his blessing since he didn't kill him and gets to the subject about the Ascendant. She says she used to sleep with it under her bed, but it's now in her underwear drawer next to her pot. Jo soon finds out that the Ascendant is gone and asks Alaric where it is, but figures out Damon compelled him. Jo drives him across the Mystic Falls border and it is revealed Damon did compel him, but he didn't want to believe his own friend would compel him. Add an image In Kill 'Em All, Alaric and Caroline ally together for the first time in three years to help Bonnie Bennett live. They slaughter a bunch of vampires on Rayna Cruz's hitlist and talk about their commitment to their future-marriage. At the end of this episode, they argue about their needs for closure in their old relationships in order to continue with their wedding plans (Caroline with Stefan and Alaric with Jo). Caroline Is the Surrogate For Jo and Alaric So those two little girls that Alaric has? They are his and Jo's twins — Gemini twins, to be exact, and saved by the coven when Jo is murdered.

The Vampire Diaries: 10 Reasons Why Damon And Alaric Aren

  1. In I Went to the Woods, although Caroline doesn't appear in this episode, it is revealed that through raising the twins, Alaric and Caroline became closer and started developing romantic interest; Alaric eventually proposed to Caroline, which she accepted being she thought that it made sense for their twins. Alaric is truly in love with her though despite knowing that she will never truly love him over Stefan Salvatore.
  2. ivan, the trip begins with Lizzie and Hope arguing, though Josie is happy to ignore it by listening to music. This only frustrates Lizzie further because she's left her alone in the conversation. Over the course of the six hour drive, Josie gets car sick and sings with everyone to pass the time.
  3. When Alaric and his friends find the Phoenix Stone, Alaric believes that he has successfully resurrected Jo, but it is later revealed that the stone holds vampire souls prisoner and the spirit inside Jo was in fact a vampire named, Florence, and Jo's body begins to die once more with the presence vampire spirit inside it. Instead of mourning Jo.
  4. g, expressing how since they were welcomed at the airport, they were forced to take a three-hour shuttle ride. Ultimately, she blamed Hope. Josie, however, brushed it off as Lizzie stormed from Alaric's office.
  5. In Moonlight on the Bayou, after seeing the birth of his children and remembering his promise he had made to Jo about moving away, Alaric decided to move to Dallas with his two daughters. Caroline was shocked by his sudden decision, worried about the care of his daughters so suggested that she go with them. Alaric and Caroline drove the babies out of town while Matt called hoping to figure out where Rayna was. Stopping at a diner, Alaric finally managed to get his daughters to stop crying. Caroline tried to help him find a suitable nanny for the girls. After moving into his new house, Alaric told Caroline she was welcome to stay as long as she wanted.
  6. g and indirectly talks about Damon. He tells Elena at the end 'Damon might be gone but I can still find pleasure in judging his life choices'. He also asks her if she's changed her

While his students searched for Landon, Alaric tried to talk to the woman but all she did was take his phone from him. When he tried to take it back, the woman breathed fire at him, forcing Alaric to flee back toward the highway. Having flagged down a passing-by motorist, he borrowed a phone of a to call Dorian, believing that the woman was a Pyromancer - a fire-breathing witch. Realizing that his students were in serious danger, Alaric raced to the root cellar to find Hope and Rafael with a distraught Landon, who claimed to have no memory of stealing the knife and that he'd lost it in the woods. The group went back out to find the woman waiting for them, silently demanding the knife and forcing Landon to reveal that he actually still had it. The woman attacked again, forcing the group back inside where they found a barrel filled with phones and other valuables. Another call to Dorian revealed that the woman was not a Pyromancer at all but a dragon in human form. Dr. Alaric J. Ric Saltzman is a main character of The Vampire Diaries and Legacies.He is a former recurring character of first half of Season One, Season Four and Season Five.He also served as the main antagonist in Season Three along with the Mikaelson Family.Alaric is a Human, Vampire Hunter, former history teacher at Mystic Falls High School and a former Enhanced Original, not by being. Later on, after they meet up again after finding their kids, Caroline attempts to apologize for her involvement with Stefan and Damon lately, but Alaric cuts her off by saying that he is sorry. Alaric then explains that he was in the wrong for dismissing her motherly status and Caroline smiles, silently accepting his apology. However, Caroline comes to the decision that her being involved with their kids is not the best idea right now, much to Caroline's heartbreak. Alaric seemingly respects her decision and stays silent on the matter before parting ways for now, on the episode. In The New Deal, Alaric is at the Grill, reading his students' papers. He went there to see Jeremy who had F for his midterm paper, but is an hour late for his shift. Later he learns that Jeremy was fired a week prior, and tells this to Elena. Together they try to convince Jeremy to stop hanging out with Tyler, because he is sired to Klaus and considered dangerous as he lacks his free will against Klaus' orders. It backfires and Jeremy invites Tyler in. Alaric asks Tyler the difference between being sired to and being compelled, and they learn that although he denies it, he is blindly loyal to Klaus and would do whatever Klaus says, even if he were asked to rip his own heart out, although Tyler doesn't understand what he just said.

Caroline und Matt | Vampire Diaries Wiki | FANDOM powered

Thursday's Vampire Diaries formally reunited Alaric with (the body of) the love of his life, and it turns out her portrayer was just as surprised by Jo's revival as most of the CW drama's. In We're Planning a June Wedding, Alaric surprises Caroline with the twins while she’s getting prepared for her wedding. Indeed he changed his mind about the girls not going to the wedding, plus he made sure they would be safe (Valerie did a protection spell on them). Then Lizzie asks him to practice with her and Josie but he replies that he needs to go back to work. Lizzie makes a comment on Caroline's look and Alaric agrees. He clearly still cares for her, though he knows who she loves; hence he tells her to be happy and they embrace. In Gods and Monsters, Alaric and Caroline are seen together discussing whether or not they should use their twin daughters in siphoning the Armory doors open. They both agree to use their daughters being they know that the twins will always have access to the supernatural. The family work together in teaching the twins on using their siphoning abilities and they successfully opened the Armory doors together. Later on, Alaric and Caroline are discussing when to go back to Dallas, but Alaric breaks up with her due to Caroline being in love with Stefan, she then goes back with Stefan after three years.

The World Has Turned and Left Me Here is the 5th episode of the sixth season of the American series The Vampire Diaries and the series' 116th episode overall. The World Has Turned and Left Me Here was originally aired on October 30, 2014, on The CW.The episode was written by Brett Matthews and directed by Leslie Libma In Plan B, Alaric goes to Damon with some of Isobel's research on Aztec legends regarding werewolves and the Curse of the Sun and the Moon, and is shocked to see Jeremy Gilbert there. They discover that the moonstone can break the werewolf curse. Later that evening Alaric is staying for super at the Gilbert's when Elena gets a call from Katherine who made Jenna stab herself right in front of Alaric and Elena. They both rush over to her side. Later in the dorm, Ric showed Bonnie the Phoenix Stone and told her about its supposed resuscitative powers. He explained that got it the night they were in New York when he pretended to pass out, but had actually sneaked into the Maritime Museum because the Phoenix Stone was on display there and he stole it. Bonnie didn't feel any magic from the stone but told Ric that sometimes witches would conceal a powerful talisman by hiding the magic inside it. Bonnie started getting horrible, bloody, violent visions and dropped the stone, telling him that she saw people dying and that there was something wrong with the stone, something evil. She told him that he can't mess with that kind of magic and he needed to destroy the stone. In his classroom, Alaric dissolved a regular stone in hydrochloric acid and was glad to know that it worked. However, he couldn't bring himself to destroy the Phoenix Stone as he gazed at a picture of him and Jo. He later lied to Bonnie, telling her it was destroyed and then went to the morgue again and set the Phoenix Stone on a dead man's chest. The man came to life, startling Ric who quickly removed the stone, causing the man to return to his former state. Florence was unwittingly placed in Jo's body by Bonnie Bennett in a fruitless attempt to use the Phoenix Stone to resurrect Jo. However, in I Was Feeling Epic, it is revealed that Jo had found peace, and watched over Alaric and her daughters, Josie and Lizzie, who had been placed in Caroline Forbes' womb by her coven to save them.

Josette Parker | Vampire Diaries Wiki | FANDOM powered by

Alaric is seen in his office an unknown amount of time later cleaning his arrow. Lizzie asks about Sebastian, and Alaric tells him that Sebastian chose to leave the school. Lizzie breaks down and the two embrace. The Saltzmans are descendants of German immigrants who arrived in Texas in 1755. He was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. He mentions to Jenna Sommers that during high school, he wore eyeglasses and had a skin condition. While attending Duke University, he met and then married Isobel Flemming, a parapsychologist (it's revealed by Meredith that Isobel filed a restraining order against him twice) who had an interest in vampires, a topic he would regularly tease her about. In I'll Never Give Up Hope, Josie talks to Lizzie about events unfolding at the Salvatore School, including how their father is coping after being voted out of his position by the Honor Council. She tells Lizzie that he isn't doing too good, but will be fine eventually. Lizzie then reveals that she has found out some information about the ascendant, a mysterious device they created with Bonnie when they were five. Lizzie admits that details are still vague at the moment, however. In The Ties That Bind, Alaric has lunch with Meredith at the Grill, and invites her to dinner as well. He is warned by Damon to take it easy with his new girlfriend, because he believes that she may have been the one who committed the murder of her ex-boyfriend Brian Walters the medical examiner. Alaric tells Damon he can handle the problem, but is interrupted again during a physical-training time. Visiting him at home, Alaric is informed again by Damon that Meredith used vervain on him and took his blood.

In I'll Tell You a Story, Josie is still upset with Lizzie and is even sleeping in Penelope's old room. She is also looking into The Merge, and is upset when Lizzie tries to help. She also expresses disinterest when Hope tells her that Lizzie is about to crash, and that it was inevitable. When a confrontation happens, Lizzie admits she’s just as codependent as Josie is. The two fight but Josie easily overpowers her sister. Eventually, Hope calls Alaric and forces him to tell the girls what The Merge is. So to recap: we were invited to Jo and Alaric's picture-perfect wedding, and just after they say their vows, Jo is repeatedly stabbed in the torso (and she's pregnant, which is another Red.

Stefan, Elena und Damon | Vampire Diaries Wiki | FANDOM"Vampire Diaries" Staffel 6: Weihnachtskrise in MysticDie besten 25+ Elena gilbert Ideen auf Pinterest | Nina"Vampire Diaries" Staffel 7: Vaterglück für Alaric

Shortly after a battle with the darkness, Josie is revealed to be the pig in disguise. Josie reveals that she thought she could trick the darkness and allow Hope to get to safety; this failed, however. After a brief conversation with Hope, the darkness attacks Josie. Josie cowers in a corner, but soon realizes that she can beat the darkness if she fights. She tells the darkness that she was afraid of being powerful because it meant hurting Josie, but now she realizes she can be both like Hope. Josie takes on the darkness head-on and is able to subdue her, before receiving warnings that she will always return. Later, when Josie helps save Lizzie's life, she realizes that something is missing from her memory, and therefore must mean that someone has been consumed by Malivore. They are next seen at the Salvatore Boarding House and Josie reveals that the Prison World is made of magic, therefore can be siphoned in order to allow them a way out; she formalizes a plan that allows her family and friends to escape, whilst she remains behind. When it comes to finally performing the spell to allow her family to escape, she is successful in allowing Alaric, Lizzie, Jade and Wendy return to Mystic Falls, but is approached by Sebastian before the spell is finished. Sebastian tells Josie to tell Lizzie something a better man would say, and then touches her, becoming the anchor to the spell and allowing Josie to return home. When she returns home, it appears that the dark magic has been left behind and Josie has returned to her former self. In Yellow Ledbetter, Alaric is trying to compel Elena to forget her love for Damon. He sits down with Elena, explaining the process he's going to use to work back through her memories to find the signature memory about Damon that should affect all the others when he alters it. She's sad to be losing her memories of Damon, but knows she needs to. He walks her back through meeting Damon on the bridge in Mystic Falls and changes it to meeting a stranger. Then Elena is remembering when Damon kissed her. Alaric alters the memory but she still thinks of Damon as her boyfriend, so they decide to take a break.

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