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Guardiola has had the ‘keepers acting in the rondos – every player needs to be technically proficient.Thanks for all of the fantastic analysis. This site fills a much neglected niche in English-language football analysis.

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However, Guardiola’s playing philosophy differs from Tuchel’s in some ways. With the Man City boss, the guidelines for positioning are more explicit and rigid whilst the circulation of the ball is more patterned and structured than what we saw over the past season in Dortmund. Because of this, we may see a different speed of adaption from the City players. On one hand, the more explicit playing style may allow the players to execute it sooner on the pitch, yet due to the more regulations in the playing style, it could take longer for the likes of Sterling and Silva to learn the ropes of Guardiola’s footballing style.In his position alongside Julian Weigl, Gündogan has a dribbling ability which few players have in this area of the pitch, allowing him to create space individually and avoid the pressing efforts of those who attempt to challenge him. His other great quality is his excellent capacity to circulate the ball and create chances for teammates. The 20-some million pound signing is capable of a wide array of passes, ranging from short interplay passes to far-reaching long balls with a particularly impressive chip over the top of the defence, as seen below.The ball-far winger was prompted to read the decision of the striker’s marker. If the striker is followed tightly, the ball-far winger should stay deep for a lay off to relieve the pressure. If the striker isn’t followed, the ball-far winger should also run forwards quickly. This will give further time for the striker to dribble forwards, and give an option for a through ball. Exclusive interview with David Krecidlo In the 2019 Mercedes-Benz Junior-Cup in Sindelfingen last weekend, FC Bayern's under-19s came in third place. On the evening of the first day of the tournament, under-19 assistant coach David Krecidlo, who took over during the absence of head coach Sebastian Hoeneß, answered our questions BLOGS 11 tegen 11 american soccer analysis analyse football analysing performance by Keith Lyons different game chance creation model different game Different game (links page) football stats and tactics International Federation of Football History and Statistics on footy penalty professional soccer coaching rational football scoreboard journalism Soccer Analysts soccer by the numbers (from.

This provides interconnectedness within the team as well as confusing the opponent. When Messi was introduced as the False 9 vs Real Madrid in the Santiago Bernabeu for the first time, Madrid’s central defenders admitted they had no idea how to defend Barcelona, and they lost 6-2 on the day.These superiorities or overloads provide interesting effects in the game. Combinations become tighter and quicker when a space is overloaded. It’s possible to break through the defense on the near side of the field, to open spaces on the far side of the field, and it allows for the stable possession.JD, what about 7a-side-game? What is the state-of-the-art in Germany? Can you write something about it?When coaching and attempting to further the understanding of our players it is important to understand what kind of “knowledge” of the specific context you are coaching you want your players to gain. Coaching can often be broken down into two areas of “knowledge”, procedural knowledge (or implicit knowledge) the knowledge of how of related to methods & procedures and the declarative knowledge (or propositional knowledge) which allows one to describes things, their attributes, and their relation to each other. Both types of knowledge are essential to deep understanding, and I challenge coaches to think of how their practices and interventions are shaped by which kind of “knowledge” they are developing in their participants.

City’s incapacity to space themselves correctly has often led to an inability to penetrate the attacking midfield area, or ’10 space’. When trying to circulate the ball through the midfield, they often have an insufficient amount of players behind the opposition midfield as many are more inclined to occupy inoffensive positions in deeper spaces. With few players to move the ball forwards into, their ability to penetrate lines of defenders is significantly reduced which leads to a slow and ‘U’-shaped ball circulation which is easily defended against. In the same play as the graphic below, they demonstrated the limiting power a weak positional structure has within the final third. Preparing for 5 a side competition von JD am 22.06.2017 in den Kategorien Coaching mit 6 Kommentaren. SV-Coaching is our practical-related category. The content combines technical, tactical and physical aspects into a holistic training approach, that focuses on decision making under variable space, time and opponent pressure As you can see on the right, City have looked to close down WBA in build-up with Agüero the closest person to McAuley in possession. Whilst the front four are in advanced positions high up the pitch, the two central midfielders are much deeper and thus a significant opens up in the centre. The long ball is played into Rondón who is able to make an unchallenged lay-off into said gap as WBA continue their attack forward.

---- Football analyst network vis: New and improved! // Wallpapering Fog My original visualisation of the football analysis community on Twitter generated a fair bit of interest, so it's time for a new and improved version. We had one recurring question the first time around: Where am I on the graph?. It badly needed This process of communication is very important as we are coaching players not only on, but also off the pitch. A more conceptual language can lead to a simpler process in other departments, but within the coaching of players action language should be preferred. Ideally, this can either evolve into two different pathways: 1. An objective language that derives from the game itself and stems from very simple language based on the football actions and thus becoming an “interactional language” where there can be no misconceptions and each action being tied to the actions of the other players on the pitch 2. Creating your own terminology and teach it to the players, where you can assign useful keywords to actions, ideally associated with the preferred volition or emotion to enhance the process of creating a playing style or even a team identity Both approaches are valid and understandable.[9]: Siegbert Tarrasch was a German master of chess. He had many books on chess and contributed many things to the game of chess.Another way of constraining the game would be by not allowing neutral players to be tackled and forcing them to stay in a zone outside the main field. Whilst this might make teams have more stable possession and highlight certain pressing triggers it would greatly take away from the game in other ways. For example, dribbling into space, drawing pressure to the release the ball as well as forward defending moments would be taken away that could otherwise provide very desirable situational solutions. Therefore, as mentioned above one would be highlighting parts of the game whilst compromising others. Creating a potentially positive effect in one way whilst creating another problematic one.

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They feel that the time will come and that possession itself is nothing, but rather a means to reach the goal. That it is better that the ball reach the extreme end of the pitch via the center rather than from up the sides. And with all this, sometimes, occasionally, they also lose. They lose through lack of will power, by not getting their shirt sweaty enough. Or because they have recently eaten too much and too well, and they have lost their appetite. ADAC Reiseführer plus Deutschland: Die schönsten Autotouren: Mit extra Karte zum Herausnehmen buch von k.A. .pd If a system has natural triangles in its design than it is that much easier for the players to form triangles in possession. This is one of the many reasons we see formations with variations like 4-3-3 or 3-4-3 being used in teams who play this way. Every player is connected to one another and they move like chains throughout the field in order to have the best structure in possession and support their teammates and the ball. Oscar Moreno mentions the interconnectedness of all the players on the field here:Boateng received the ball from the left side of the field so when he turned to face the far side, there was a bit more space since the opponents have gathered on the near side. Boateng attacked the area farthest from Dortmund pressure and the scene ended in a dangerous Robben shot on goal.When taking this into consideration, it comes as little surprise that Manchester City possess one of the slowest attacks in the league. They gain space at a very slow rate as they progress up the pitch with little intensity and despite receiving a fraction of the criticism, are comparable to their Manchester neighbours. With the players taking their time in moving off of the ball and supporting the ball-carrier, it not only takes time to formulate an attack but also progress it through the lines of opposition defence.

The movement of the deeper midfielders is one of the bigger factors in this lack of dynamic and all but Fernandinho are to blame at least to some extent. Whilst the likes of Toure are rather lethargic, Fernandinho offers an individual dynamism which can be quite useful when moving the ball in midfield. The versatile midfielder covers a relatively large amount of space, allowing him to be present in the circulation which he does so with clever short passes within the midfield gaps. At times he is the only one offering connections to under-pressure teammates whilst Fernando is in contrast much less ball-oriented in his positioning on the pitch. Although his presence is important to City, he obviously can’t fulfil the role of 3 players at the same time (after all, he’s no Luka Modric) and his team are still lacking in this department.The opponents all seem open to the ball carrier but the defenders are closing the passing lanes while all pressuring the ball together. Guardiola’s teams counterpress. The moment the ball is lost is the perfect time to press the opposition because the opponent is disorganized, especially the player who won the ball.They try to stay connected with each other while occupiing the relevant zones for their play. The lines are rough borders between different zones. Inside a zone there are special tasks and responsibilities for the occupiing player(s) to enable every player to play “everywhere”. There are a lot of principles in Juego de posicion like forming triangles and rhombuses (is that the right word?) to build as many player-to-player-connections as possible or not to position to many (e.g. more than 3) players on one direct line because they would block passinglanes between each other. By following these principles the Coach tries to create a free man inside the opponents defensive block. This man is the most dangerous thing because he gets a moment of time and space to make an potentially game-changing action. The free man can be everyone – thats not limited to attackers like Messi who often act as game-changers it could also be Mascherano playing a more precise pass because he has more time to elaborate his options and then picks the right one.Because the holes in the opponent formation are on the sides of the two central midfielders, in the interior corridors, Guardiola decided to let his 2 most dangerous players play in these zones. From here, Bayern attacked with Ribery and Robben diagonally towards goal with the positive effects of these movements mentioned in an earlier game analysis. Bayern’s goal in this match stemmed from such movement. The free men in between the lines are the most important players for Positional Play, and this match Bayern’s two best players were used in the most important positions in Guardiola’s Positional Play philosophy. No sexto episódio do Rondo, um convidado especial: Albert Castelló, representante da La Liga no Brasil para falar sobre as novas tecnologias utilizadas não só nas transmissões do campeonato, mas também os dados disponibilizados para todos os clubes da primeira e segunda divisão, além da busca por mais. (Blog Spielverlagerung.de.

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Bài viết sử dụng, tham khảo, biên dịch, tổng hợp và mượn ý tưởng từ nhiều nguồn tư liệu, chủ yếu gồm: Spielverlagerung.com, Wikipedia, TomPayneFootball, BBC, The Telegraph, The Guardian, sách Pep Confidential Using this matrix, we are able to define the problem in action terminology and the players are able to understand the problem within their own context on the pitch, which leaves little room for misunderstanding. I think this tool is a fantastic reference point for thinking about football problems from within in a football context. Additionally, the WHY and the HOW of each question help on a deeper level to reflect on both, the problem and the solution. These are connected to the space-time components of every physical action: Position, Moment, Speed & Direction. Within the structures created in possession, a main principle of supporting the ball is creating triangles or preferably diamonds. Formations are not entirely important to Pep Guardiola. They are merely numbers. He cares more about the perfect coverage of the field in relation to the ball.

The value of diagonal play can be observed here. Diagonal passes eliminate both vertical and horizontal lines of the opponent defensive shape. This eliminates a large portion of the opponent players while moving towards their goal and attacking through a zone that is usually underloaded by the opponent. Also, when attacking the field from one side diagonally towards the other the players have a connection towards varied zones, like the flank or the center. While attacking from the center means you have the same option on either side.There have been signs of further work on this area in a short clip of another exercise. In a fairly small square area, a (possibly) 7v7+2 game was played where the focus was on maintaining possession and using the joker players to create connections and overloads to keep control over the ball.  Another session shows a similar 6v6+3 practice with the same principles as the former, later on in the session – this was elaborated into a small match spanning the length of one half of the pitch. The emphasis remained on active positioning off of the ball and the players maintained a fairly good level of connections as fast combination plays ensued as a result. Robert Rosier is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Robert Rosier and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the.. So in positional play the players position themselves on the lines or in the spaces between the 4 vertical lines??

When the forwards do look to apply pressure, it can be quite difficult to make it a threat to the opponent’s build-up. Not only is there extra space for the opposition to evade the pressure into, but there is a distinct lack of support from the midfield four. Although the ball-near winger will push up to (individually) press wide situations, they chain of four is commonly disconnected from the front two. This uncompact shape makes it difficult for inter-player support in the pressing which results in quite an individualistic defensive effort.We also used a number of conditions within our training session matches to promote certain behaviours. The most prominent condition was to play within a hexagonal field. Rondo, Eck, Hösche, Piggy in the Middle: Viele Begriffe für eines der simpelsten, beliebtesten, aber immer noch am meisten unterschätzten Übungen im Fußball. Das rondo ist eine Übung, in der eine Mannschaft in Überzahl gegen eine Mannschaft in Unterzahl versucht, den Ball zu halten [7]: Johan Cruyff is arguably one of the best players and coaches in the history of the game. He won 3 Balon d’Ors. He was coached by the father of “Total Football,” Rinus Michels. Pep Guardiola considers Cruyff his largest influence, being coached by him and winning 4 La Liga’s from 1991 to 1994.As noted well on Spielverlagerung, positional play is perhaps the number one factor in the success and beautiful football of a typical Guardiola team. Both his Barcelona and Bayern sides were trained to be positionally intelligent and would consistently occupy the correct spaces on the pitch at all times, in turn allowing them to move the ball quickly and emphasise the abilities of players such as Messi and Müller. His sides practice on a marked pitch which consists of 4 vertical lines which separates the pitch into 5 vertical corridors of space as he teaches them to position themselves upon the lines marked below.

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  1. Rondo posicional 10x3 por equipos Villareal. nur Mannschaften wie RB Leipzig und Real Madrid beherrschen das Direktspiel als Mittel zum Kontern und zur schnellen Spielverlagerung. One-Touch-Kombinationsspiel gehört zum Standard-Repertoir jeder Topmannschaft. In dieser Trainingsform im Doppel-Dreieck spielen die Spieler alle Bälle direkt.
  2. [4]: Ricardo La Volpe is a famous Argentinean coach. He won the 2003 CONCACAF Gold Cup with Mexico. Pep Guardiola notably fell in love with his 2006 Mexican National Team. The Mexican National Team lost to Argentina in the Round of 16 2-1 after extra time in that World Cup. These results brought Mexico to 4th in the FIFA World Rankings.
  3. Against Borussia Dortmund, the pressing of City looked strong as they were able to stop the opposition from consistently constructing possession with short passes. Although a quickly-deteriorating pitch supported their cause considerably, Pep’s team were able to put the ball under pressure well and force more direct passes from Dortmund.
  4. g and solidifying understanding. This is based loosely on the „Language/Action Perspective“ by Fernando Flores and Terry Winograd from 1987. Their main messages can be summarized as „All Information Is Communication“ and „Language Is Action“; similarly to a more philosophical foundation with the quotes of Wittgenstein “The limits of my language are the limits of my world” (1922) or „The Theory Of Communicative Action“ by Habermas (from 1981). As we know “we can not not communicate” and every output, not just utilizing language, of ourselves as a coach will be leading to an input in our players’ brains.
  5. “Move the opponent, not the ball. Invite the opponent to press. You have the ball on one side, to finish on the other.”
  6. antly stems from their weak spacing when in possession. If the players are disconnected and distributed poorly when they have the ball, then the same factors are going to impact their attempts at counterpressing. Should they make a turnover with few players nearby, it becomes rather difficult to enforce a sufficient level of pressure and the opposition can counter-attack with relative ease.

These characteristics allow us to guide our thinking and correctly diagnose the problem within a football action context. Whilst their possession game did show clear improvements and distinct traits of a Guardiola side, they still showed the remnants of last year’s side, which is entirely understandable of course. While evidently improved, their spacing was rather inconsistent and the lower-level of synergy common in pre-season (and under a new coach) was unmistakeable as the distances between players wasn’t always conducive to effective ball circulation.The free man is an extremely important character in terms of manipulating the opponent. This is achieved mainly through switching the ball to the opposite site of the field once the opponents have gathered on one side. Usually the free man is the unmarked player on the opposite side of the field and he has the best value to the attack. The ball is a tool that is used to eliminate opponents and manipulate their defensive balance. The ball isn’t held in possession just for the sake of having the ball; possession is a consequence of this style of play.

In this game the green team play against the green team in the field. Each team looks to transfer the ball from one neutral red team to the other without the opposition intercepting it. Every time this is done successfully a point is awarded, making for a directional positional game. [1]: Maurizio Viscidi is well known in Italy as one of Arrigo Sacchi’s best students and assistants. He is also a well known “Giochi Di Posizione” coach. Maurizio has worked as Director of Youth Development, Technical Coach, and Assistant Coach under Cesare Prandelli and Antonio Conte for the Italian National Football Team.It seems like Guardiola took little time to begin to address the issue of spacing in possession, with his first training session showing him directing players’ positioning during build-up. From what the club’s YouTube channel allowed us to see, Pep designed a match-like scenario where they focused on the structure of the team when playing out from the back. In an obviously laid-back session, one team would build-up possession from the goalkeeper, often passing in clear patterns through the players and upon reaching the half-way line, would pass it to the opposing ‘keeper and the sides swapped roles. The defenders split in deep positions whilst a pivot would drop between and the player’s positioning off of the ball took the main focus of the session. Pep would sometimes specify the focus and force the teams to build-up through exact areas on the pitch, as h In other areas, it seemed there was a focus on ball-oriented shifts which had the purpose of re-adjusting and maintaining support in areas around the ball despite longer passes being made. Rik Thys: The videos are not available. Is it possible to re-upload them? Thanks a lot. Due to this open shape, City can often struggle to form effective pressure on the opposing team. The large gaps available to the opposition offer a way out of any tricky situations which makes defensive access difficult to create. If you pair this with the at-times passive defending of the front two, then City’s defensive structure is rather unstable and lacks security in the centre. Without pressure on the opposition’s first line, they have more time and space to pick out a pass into the open defensive block.

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His pace is a major tool in his array of skills and if necessary he can rely on this to beat his man either on or off of the ball. His playing style is far from a typical winger however and he also has a strong capacity to combine well with teammates either opting for simple 1-2s in wide areas or, towards the centre, more complex combinations. Coming inside onto his left foot, Sané shows quite a high attacking intelligence and is able to find free teammates with short passes or find runners with diagonal through-balls from the right half-space.By pressing with an open and stretched shape, one allows the opposition to benefit more from a direct passing game. Long balls are commonly used as a means to counter a pressing defensive system as it acts as a means to bypass the pressure higher up. By having an uncompact midfield, the players higher in attack have more space in which they can receive the ball, whilst the forwards are more able to lay-off any long passes to continue to the attack.City’s inability to occupy the key areas of the pitch and distance themselves appropriately restricts them from achieving an important facet of juego de posicion – positional superiority. By occupying different lines on the pitch and staggering effectively, a team can create space and passing lanes within the opponent’s defensive block. Yet just as in the examples provided above, City are unable to create such gaps or lanes and there is no pressure on the defensive stability of the opposition.

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  1. ded the striker to drop into the central space if the opponents were man-marking tightly. The ball-far winger is encouraged to make a curved run into depth immediately.
  2. [8]: Oscar Moreno is the author of “Modelo de Juego del FC Barcelona.” He is currently a coach of CD Alcoyano.
  3. ate opponents. The idea of Tiki Taka is to keep possession for the sake of having possession.

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  1. The fullbacks or wingers are usually very wide and open on the sidelines of the pitch. They stretch the defense and create interior spaces and passing lanes. The opening of these spaces provides a better environment for the interiores and creates superiorities and free men in the most strategically important area of the field the center.
  2. Las relaciones y la confianza se forman en las pequeñas cosas. - Simon Sinek Resumen. Hay mucha comunicación dentro de un pase. Al aplicar cierta intensidad/velocidad y al elegir la distancia del pie del receptor a donde ejecutamos el pase estamos enviando muchas señales no verbales a mi compañero.. Esto explica en parte por qué parece ser que muchos mediocentros tienen el pleno control.
  3. Gotze and Lewandowski came close to the ball for a potential combination and break through while Lahm and Alonso provided safe back pass options. Rondos and Positional Play games have a strong resemblance to this scene specifically. This is an interesting example of a varied Bayern strategy and its relation to training.
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  5. g triangles allows players to have better orientation on the field and creates uniformity in movement. Depending on the ball’s position the players will position themselves in a way that allows them to move it into important areas of the pitch. If the ball is on the left flank in attack, the positions that must be occupied are completely different than the positions that must be occupied if the ball is in front of your own penalty box.

Chris: Hi, thanks for a good article. One question about conceptual vs action based - is there a situation when ... This scene is the buildup leading to Gotze’s goal and Bayern’s second goal on the night. Here the effects of Robben’s constant threat are visible. Since he was causing so many problems Roma began orienting their players more towards him. Robben was a constant threat that night and even scored 2 goals. Because of his output, the Roma defensive shape now lacked horizontal compactness.

Rondo is simply a foreign word for small sided keep-away games. What Pep and the others do with their Senior Team in training is come up with a game plan that fits their available players and that week's opponent and then drill the players to get them ready I think a perfect defender like Boateng is not that neccessary in the Premier League because there won’t be real pressing to beat in most games. Otamendi always looked at least okay to me, he’s relatively quick and can play the ball without too many mistakes. The others are all quite flawed, either injured (Kompany) or pretty bad on the ball and/or far too slow. On the other hand he will need some strength at CB (thats where all of them are good) to throw against the bull-like PL-Strikers. He will look to bring in at least one playmaking CB (Stones, Laporte) but decent CMs should be more important (and more difficult) to acquire. Thats the part City lacks the most with only Gündogan and Silva really capable of steady ballprogression. Fernando and Yaya will be out pretty fast and might leave this summer, Fernandinho and Delph could be valuable squad players for certain situations but not for regular starting spots. With Gündogan currently injured I’m expecting a move for another No.8 and a decent DLP/No.6 If there are no further CMs added to the team de Bruyne could likely play in the center alongside David Silva with Gündogan as No.6 Dec 5, 2019 - Explore liammulrooney2's board Football Rondo drills on Pinterest. See more ideas about Football, Soccer training drills and Soccer workouts

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  1. When considering asking players questions during a coaching activity, I try to create a framework to help me cover as many different types of critical thinking skills as possible when questioning players. I understand with the complex nature of the coaching process, may different outcomes will occur per question, but I use this as a framework to rationalise a starting point.
  2. The biggest move of their window was the introduction of Ilkay Gündogan from Borussia Dortmund. Enjoying one of his best seasons ever, and certainly his best performances since the 2012/2013 season, the midfield benefited massively from the system introduced by Thomas Tuchel. Playing on the right side of the pivot in a 4-2-3-1, Gündogan was a crucial component of the system acting as an important playmaking influence in all areas of the pitch. The Turk-German is of great technical ability and one of the best in his position at carrying the ball forward through the centre of the pitch.
  3. Catenaccio.nl. 7,725 likes · 46 talking about this. Voetbal-analyses, achtergronden en statistieken
  4. It has been interesting to see Guardiola give quite explicit instructions to his team during training, especially when they’re learning the basic positioning in match situations. The coach clearly states the positions which he wants them to be in, instead of allowing them to find their own solutions.
  5. A clear example of this is to the left. City have tried to attack but their weak shape was a contributing factor as they lost the ball in a turnover. With Arsenal now on the counter, City’s control of the midfield is poor with open gaps through the centre – the large distances between the players means that the highlighted CM has too much space to cover and is easily beaten.

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Each movement can cause the opponents to concentrate their positioning more towards the ball which opens other spaces on the field. Lionel Messi and especially Andres Iniesta are masters of this. They create spaces by drawing many players towards them. It can be considered a sort of “offensive pressing trap,” because they invite pressure from many players then escape it and conquer the resulting spaces with their teammates. Johan Cruyff talked about the types of players he wants specifically:Both types of passes should be used flexibly though. The players will look to move the ball as quickly as possible so that the opponent cannot react in time and so that the forwards have the edge in game rhythm. In terms of positioning, standing between the lines attracts the attention of more than just one player, which can be beneficial to others. Das Rondo hat viele Namen und noch mehr Ausführungen. Über die letzten Jahre hinweg hat es sich zu einer der prominentesten Trainingsformen entwickelt und wird vom FC Bayern bis in die.

Die #Spielform #Rondo mit #Spielverlagerung eignet sich besonders gut, um die Prinzipien einer vorbereiteten Seitenverlagerung zu trainieren. Den kompletten Ablauf inklusive Coachingtipps bekommst. Fitting into Guardiola’s system at Manchester City, one can be fairly sure of seeing him largely in the 8 position in Pep’s preferred 4-3-3 formation. It wouldn’t be surprising to see a fast transition into Guardiola’s system considering his excellence under Tuchel in his last year at Dortmund. As I’ve already noted in this article, the two share very similar playing styles and principles meaning Gündogan will be already at least somewhat accustomed to such a game model and adjustment will be less drastic than the teammates he is joining.

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In 6 a side, I used 2-1-2. I think the base positioning offers clear and valuable solutions to build-up situations. Without the ball I like using a 3-2, usually with the central player dropping between the 2 defenders.Normally every variation of a game should stem from the 11v11 with pre-planned changes to its design that, ideally, give a clear base for the application of coaching points or, at least, for the hopefully positively changed (inter-)action. Due to different sensory input (as in: perception) everything else will consequentially change, being it the integration (say: decision making) or the motor output (= technical execution) where the coach can include additional coaching points to the coaching points of the designated game.

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There are various fundamentals that are trained very intensely during this game, like intelligence and technique under pressure. This applies to both the offensive players and the defenders in the middle. That is why Guardiola uses this drill almost every single practice.He proceeds to break through the first line of City’s defense and join the midfield. This creates a 7 vs. 5 overall match-up in midfield that Bayern can exploit and use to break through the opponent midfield. Also, notice that Alonso has dropped into the space on the left side of the 2 Bayern central defenders, in-between Bernat and Boateng.

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Robben stretches the AS Roma midfield and allows for the ball to be played to Bayern’s 3-man strikeforce easier.When the coach left, the team continued playing the same game,but they were gradually losing focus and intensity in fundamental movements to the point that it became a very flat and predictable variation of play with a tendency to pass horizontally that ultimately reduces the possibilities of generating superiorities after lines of pressure of the opponent. This was one of the main problems Barca suffered in the last two seasons, although it was not the only one. Whilst Manchester City’s problems are rather deep-rooted in their play both in and out of possession, we may see a rather fast turnaround in performances this season. We saw an incredibly quick improvement in Dortmund after Thomas Tuchel took over from Jürgen Klopp on the back of a terrible final season for the now-Liverpool manager. It was known that Tuchel had met Guardiola on a number of occasions during his sabbatical and when he arrived at the Westfalenstadion, the coach implemented a playing style which closely resembled Juego de Posición.

“Everyone is allowed to move into the box, but none are allowed to stand in it.” – Pep GuardiolaThe aspect of knowing both the “how” and the “why” is vitally important for coaching as coaching can be described as the process of applying contextual knowledge in action, (Lyle, 1999, Cote et al, 1995). It’s important to note how a coaches’ effectiveness and efficacy when implementing an approach can effect the delivery of the approach. Does the coach understand complex systems theory and Non-linear pedagogy? Understanding Complex Systems and NLP will allow the coach in theory to, explain, describe and predict how their athletes learning system (Chow, 2008) adapts and changes to the stimulus provided by the selected approach. Whilst they have signed Geronimo Rulli, he will spend the coming season back on loan at Sociedad which leaves the goalkeeper spot for the first year still in question. Although both goalkeepers have taken part in the rondos and will have trained their technical abilities more intensely under Guardiola, there is a question around whether they are up to the level which Guardiola demands. With that being said, Victor Valdes had reluctancies upon the coach’s promotion to the Barcelona first team and we all know how that worked out.One heuristic: Never compromise a principle for another. Either bypass this effect by another rule or prevent it by not using rules at all and only coaching what you want at times. Still, keep in mind that your coaching can be like a rule and lead to similar consequences. Ask questions that allow players to find their solutions and not close off too much with our coaching. Just highlight certain principles within session design but ideally without compromising behavior in other phases of the game.By Author RM. By developing a greater understanding in our players through clearer coaching actions, we can hopefully increase what Foucault would deem our ability to “sensemake” as coaches.

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Erik ten Hag: Possession with Purpose During their incredible 2018/19 campaign, Erik ten Hag's Ajax represented football at it's most intelligent. Of course, he hasn't reinvented the wheel; much of his philosophy has been inspired by the likes of Johan Cruyff and Pep Guardiola It also provides an optimal view of the field. If your players are attacking at a diagonal angle, that means their backs are facing the corners of the field which – are the least important. Also, depending on the position of the attack moving diagonally inside mean going towards the goal, while moving diagonally from directly in the center means slightly moving away from the goal. Taktische Periodisierung | Praxisbeispiel Marco Henselings von Marco Henseling am 04.01.2014 in den Kategorien Featured,Trainingstheorie mit 8 Kommentaren. Der ganzheitliche Ansatz der tactical periodization. Die Viertelfinalisten der UEFA Champions League Saison 2005/06 stellten insgesamt 51 Südamerikaner, was etwa einem Viertel aller Spieler der besten acht Teams entsprach

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— The Rondo (@TheRondo_es) January 29, 2017. Serie A je opet teže smaranje od lige. Prije koji tjedan stvari su se nakratko i samo malo zakomplicirale, ali onda su vraćene u surovu stvarnost: Juventusu u Italiji nitko ne može ništa, ispričavamo se što smo uopće pomislili da bi moglo biti drugačije The responsibility of creating this pace and dynamic in the attack is often dropped on one player – David Silva. With the rest of the team in stagnation, the diminutive interior often takes it upon himself to accelerate the attack as he comes to receive the ball and proceeds to carry it into more prosperous situations. Obviously, a reliance on one player is far from ideal and although many Premier League defences are bettered by this strategy, it’s less sustainable against stronger opposition.In this scene Boateng plays one of his impressive laser passes through the opponents midfield. Borussia Dortmund focused their entire defensive game plan on congesting the central areas of the field. This is because they knew this is what is most important for Pep Guardiola and his style of play.

The most common Rondo seen in Guardiola’s training sessions is in a 10x10m square in an 8 vs. 2 “Monkeys in the Middle” game dynamic. Usually it is played with one touch passing, but that can be changed depending on the parameters. The size of the square as well as the amount of players on each team are variable as well. This is an example of the most basic Rondo Pep uses.Absolutely remarkable work! Truly stunning, wonderful analysis. I have a couple of questions how does Guardiola’s game differ from Louis Van Gaal’s juego de posicion? Also are there any other coaches who utilise juego de posicion? Judah: https://footballtactics1415.wordpress.com/For this explanation we will use a very simple example. As some readers perhaps already gathered, on this platform we moved over the years more and more away from conceptual language to (inter-)actional language, as mentioned here with the case of man- and zonal marking. While one big advantage of conceptual language, especially for more theoretical pieces (and writing in general) is obviously the possibility to include a bundle of different situations, heuristics and patterns into a single terminological construct, it often fails short when coaching on the pitch or when trying to explain specifics. Ironically, by moving away from the output of game(s) and coaches to utilizing basics of the laws of the game and general principles of working with players a compromise can be reached where principles generated within interactional language can cover different situations.

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Additionally, the pass into the central striker triggers the 3rd man movement that we worked on in the dynamic 4v2 rondo. In response to this pass (or the central striker dropping), the nearest wide player runs into depth behind the striker. This creates a dilemma for the pressing centre back; press the dropping striker or drop off to defend the runner. The pass selection/decision will depend on the decision the defender chooses.In terms of having competition in this particular game after a ball is played on one side of the field with a particular team playing 2v3 and another 5v4, the same would now start on the other side of the pitch with opposite roles. Within this game it makes sense to switch players roles in breaks frequently as well. Since the end of our league season, my u14 side have been using training to prepare for upcoming small sided tournaments, beginning with a 5 a side competition. This article will detail our preparations for said 5 a side. Modern Soccer Coach listeners can get a $50 discount on their first order of custom balls or training vests by mentioning the podcast when they email info@BounceAthletics.com to begin the order process. Tom Crean: NBA Development and Brutal Honest If there aren’t many players in spaces around the ball, then there won’t be any defensive presence if the opposition regain it. Another thing to consider is the actual positions of the players; if they’re grouped together with too-short distances then it’s likely that other spaces will be uncovered. In the case that the opposition defender intercepts the ball, there will be open spaces to move the ball into and away from pressure of any counterpressing forwards. Because of City’s weak positional game with the ball, their transition into defence is very weak and they cannot effectively counterpress nor can they recover well due to the open gaps left in the midfield.

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Gary is joined by Martin O'Neill for a special live interview alongside the North American Irish Coaches. The former Ireland, Celtic, Sunderland, Aston Villa manager discusses his journey and experiences in the game, including:- Playing under Brian Clough - Why he chose Roy Keane as an assistant coach - Difference between coaching for development versus results - Do coaches today. The game of football is a game with a specified purpose, laws and means. Two teams are facing off against each other with the objective of scoring a goal utilizing the ball. These rules are the same all around the globe. Similarly, the principles following these laws of the game will be the same – as will be the purpose of training. Football is a game that is trained and therefore coached, with most coaches focusing on doing so within their specific interpretation of these principles, for attacking, defending and the transition in both directions between these two.

A long pass generates pressure at its destination as it gives the defense more time to read its flight as well as more time to arrive. So, once a long pass escapes pressure and the pressure gathers near the destination of the pass the ball is laid off to another teammate. This allows the ball to be given to a player who now has a better view of the field and much less pressure around him than the player who played the layoff pass. Spielverlagerung. 30,268 likes · 13 talking about this. Wir bieten alles, was das Taktikerherz begehrt. Nirgendwo sonst gibt es so detaillierte und.. “I think, and maybe I’m wrong, but what I see is: [Barcelona] like to organize themselves according to the ball—that they attack and defend with the ball and understand that it is unacceptable that the ball is there and we are here. The players feel that, instead of moving towards the ball, the ball will reach them where they are. They feel that, in order for the attackers to succeed and appear in the newspapers, [they] need a good ball from the midfield and they, to do so, need a good ball from their defenders. I will pass it on to you and you pass it to them.

Thank you for the reply, you’ve actually cleared an awful lot up for me there! The main difference then is simply the speed of build up play I guess, Klopp is more transitional and fast whilst Guardiola is more considered and slow. Laurie McGinley - Interview - Tristan Thomas Job Title -Academy Head Coach Club - Aldershot Town Country - England Can you tell me a bit about yourself? Having loved the game since I was a toddler, I first thought about coaching as a career when I was about 15 or 16. Having read about footbal In a 2v3 it is possible to score on the mini-goal, if the ball is lost one can win it back and if that is not successful one has to press backwards. For the initial 3 players when they win the ball they can break out of the area via a dribble or a pass into the 2 attackers or a localized combination amongst one another. Linking this exercise closely to the initial rondo in terms of possible outcomes. For example, when trying to escape pressure it is recommended your team looks to play a long flat pass to the 3rd man. This is a key principle in avoiding counter attacks. The 3rd player provides an option for a long pass and as a result as they usually have more space and a more efficient view of the field. It is common to see the top teams execute a layoff pass after playing a long escape pass.

Jun 11, 2019 - Explore shinn_ca's board Football training on Pinterest. See more ideas about Football drills, Soccer drills and Soccer training These moments are common throughout City’s matches and it significantly stunts their attempts at passing the ball out of the back. Without players in these key central areas, they reduce their ability to move the ball forward and invite the opposition to put them under pressure whilst they’re in a weak position. If there aren’t any midfielders or forwards in important positions, then the risk to consider when pressing is much less as the consequences are smaller in the chance that the pressing is bypassed.

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For instance, if you are not able to lift your leg up without losing the ball, you are communicating to everyone on the field that you will not be able to execute a long pass. Especially utilizing the first approach and using football action language for all the possible interactions that emerge non-verbally seems like the most holistic way to go right now. Whilst on the first look this approach might seem simplifying, the infinite amount of possible interactions makes it very complex and there are tools to specify either about what the action language is used for or how it is used.The four central lines are of utmost importance. This is where the men in between the lines play and it is the most important portion of the field for Guardiola. There are 4 vertical lines and 5 vertical strips of space on the field. The flanks are the outside vertical strips, the 2 inside strips are called “interior corridors[12]” in Positional Play, and the central strip is the center.

But in general, the interpreters of this model need to know the catalog of movements that need to be executed in depth. As in any piece of music, one same score gives rise to many different interpretations: faster, slower, more harmonious… more or less a concrete interpretation that you like, but what should be kept in any case is that the tune is similar to the original. Positional Play is a musical score played by each team who practice it at their own pace, but it is essential to generate superiorities behind each line of the opponent pressure. The team that interpreted Positional Play in a most extraordinary way was the Barcelona of Pep Guardiola. These underloaded areas are the least important for the immediate play, though they also play a role. Guardiola’s teams seek to have superiority in the center of the field. Permanently occupying the center means that players always have an option to pass to. The manner in which Guardiola’s players support each other means that the player will always have at least 2, and preferably 3, passing options. 552.PRIMA SQUADRA RONDO POSIZIONALE 5 VS 2 + 1 VS 2. 3 months ago . Share on Facebook Share. Share on Twitter Tweet. Share on Pinterest 1483. Dreier - Passen. 23 hours ago . 1482. Viererkette trainieren. 23 hours ago . 1481. Spielverlagerung Eine komplette Trainingseinheit. 23 hours ago . Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address.

Using this image, I reminded the centre back to manipulate the opponents’ first presser with the two nearby options. His selection of the pass, or dribble route, to take will depend on the decision of the first presser. If the first presser approaches whilst blocking the centre, the nearby winger should be able to receive.For example on that picture, how would you search the numerical superiority? By drawing a circle around each player? A square? A triangle? By drawing the “Guardiola’s field”?

That opened up vertical passing lanes into the trio of Gotze, Mueller, and Lewandowski through the stretched defensive connections of Roma. These 3 players are excellent in tight spaces and in combinations. This is another form of a qualitative superiority, only in a different manner. These 3 vs. the back line of Roma caused a goal in this scene. This was a great strategical game for Guardiola. His initial strategy opened up holes for the secondary strategy and Roma had no answers.Our main method of attacking against man-marking was to be 3rd man runs from deep into depth. Not only is this a generally effective way of creating advantages in these situations, it suits our players since we have wide players with a strong sense for timing runs in behind. Furthermore, this fits with our diamond shape since we have players starting wide on either side who could potentially make such runs.This scene is from Bayern’s 7-1 victory over Roma. This shows the principle of the free man and his value to the attack. Bayern positioned their most dangerous player alone on the far side of the field as a free man. Robben is normally a winger so this position was perfect for him. Roma plays very compact horizontally which leaves the far side of the field open. Guardiola prepared for this match very well in terms of strategy. I just can't stop thinking about the game I saw yesterday. Looking for a game in the background to kill office noise, Ludogorets and Steaua Bucharest were the only ones still playing in extra time to decide who would go to the Champions' League group stages so I listened, and as the never-happen-anymore events buil Once we explain to the player what we want from them, it is fine to use terms such as “aggressive” because that term has been defined within this coaching context between the player and the coach, up until that point, “aggressive” is just a subjective term leaving much room from misinterpretation.

Read all of the posts by rjweise on Football VizAna. Football analyst network vis: New and improved! // Wallpapering Fog My original visualisation of the football analysis community on Twitter generated a fair bit of interest, so it's time for a new and improved version.. We had one recurring question the first time around: Where am I on the graph? As I documented in my Hinrunde analysis, Dortmund’s excellent performances saw a rapid return to one of the best clubs in the world. The now-more possession-based footballing style had Tuchel get the best out of world class players such as Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Mats Hummels and the man which Pep now has at City, Ilkay Gundogan. From their 4-o win over Gladbach on the opening matchday, Dortmund’s spacing was at a very high standard and with it, other aspects such as their ball circulation and counterpressing improved dramatically too.

“Positional Play does not consist of passing the ball horizontally, but something much more difficult: it consists of generating superiorities behind each line of pressure. It can be done more or less quickly, more or less vertically, more or less grouped, but the only thing that should be maintained at all times is the pursuit of superiority. Or to put it another way: create free men between the lines. So we could design sessions that fit our preferred solution of a specific situation that we cut out from the game or on something that was not good and thus should be improved, right? But if the changes to our training and its reflected effect on the players’ behavior are not done well, it might become either ineffective or a circle of improving one aspect and worsen another.Using the goalkeeper in special ways in tandem with the defensive line is something we see frequently in Bayern. Here Neuer plays a long diagonal flat pass into the center while being pressured. The pass is incredibly accurate and Robben lays the pass off to Mueller who breaks through the Dortmund midfield in order to attack the defensive line. The effect of layoff passes are also visible in this scene. When a long pass is played, pressure gathers around the destination point. Once the pressure gathers and Robben plays a one-touch layoff pass to the forward facing free man, Mueller, Bayern have an extremely advantageous attack.

“I want players who can make decisive moves in small spaces, I want them to work as little as possible to save energy for that decisive action.”It also means that if Bayern want to finish the attack on the opposite side of the field in regards to the ball position, they are well structured to attack that area. Notice that the players all stagger and position themselves in a well oriented manner in adherence to the general rules of positional structure in the philosophy of Positional Play. This creates many triangles and diamonds which Bayern use to dominate the situation.“Positional Play consists of generating superiorities out of the defensive line against those who are pressing you. Everything is much easier when the first progression of the ball is clean.” 07.04.2018 - Fussball software und übungen TORSCHÜSSE 2 - YouTube. Güvende ve sağlıklı kalın. Lütfen ellerinizi sık sık yıkayın, sosyal izolasyon uygulayın ve yaşadığımız sıradışı döneme uyum sağlamanıza yardımcı olacak kaynaklarımıza göz atın No-one will have been surprised to see nearly every exercise involves a football to some extent, the warm-ups feature basic manouevres in passing and very rarely can you see work without the ball. Every aspect is football-specific and more specifically focused on improving technical capacities and manipulation of the ball – something obviously central to Guardiola’s footballing ideology. It didn’t take long for rondos to make an appearance either, with some basic variations being used to help the players adapt to the new playing style.

Zonen-Rondo Eine weitere Rondoform erfolgt ebenfalls mit drei Teams, welche jeweils aus zwei Spielern bestehen. Zwei Teams agieren zusammen in Ballbesitz, während das dritte versucht, den Ball zu. For an in-depth look into Guardiola’s juego de posición playing style, read AO’s detailed analysis of the philosophy.Meaning that your very best players should be the ones who are the men in between the lines. They are the ones who will most skillfully exploit the holes in the opponent’s defense as well as perform the most valuable actions for the team. Examples of these players in Guardiola’s time with FC Barcelona are: Xavi Hernandez, Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta, and Sergio Busquets. Counter- or Gegenpressing by René Marić on Spielverlagerung.com. Hello! I'm a Gegenpress fan! I'm gonna start a save with my love team Benfica. So Ball Distribution to me means Tactical Rondo's which is Rondo's with a twist where you have 3 units doing different things throughout the Rondo. It's different from a normal Rondo because there.

City’s inability to maintain a sufficient level of occupation over the attacking midfield spaces was once again on display as their positional structure in the final third at times resembled a clear ‘U’. However whilst it was a big problem in these isolated moments, it was much less a recurring issue throughout the 90 minutes. The midfield and forwards were able to more persistently take up positions within the Bayern defence and although the staggering of the players was sub-optimal, it’s a definite improvement from what we would have seen a few months prior. Spielverlagerung, Spielaufbau, Bewegung, Technik spielt sich lange nicht auf dem Niveau ab, auf dem man es bei dem Preis eigentlich erwarten würde. Du musst halt auch sehen, wo er herkommt. Damit meine ich seine bisherigen Trainer I think these kinds of limits are good in practices that focus on combinations and timing of runs, they are arguably the best way to implicitly create quick combinations, whether this be deep-combinations in early build-up or final third combinations. This final game is an adaptation to an exercise witnessed elsewhere. In that exercise 3 player would play a 3v2 rondo in a square around the halfway line. If the 2 would win the ball they were allowed to break out and attack the goal in that half with another attacker. Making for a 3v2 attack towards goal.Robben received the ball here and attacked directly towards goal, ending up in a 1 vs. 1 against Ashley Cole which is a very favorable qualitative superiority for Bayern. Note that once Robben goes diagonally inside to attack, Lahm immediately runs towards the flank in order to balance Robben’s movements and proved stability in the positional structure.

The Spanish National Team that made history from 2008-2012 had times where they played this way, and the players in that team were Guardiola’s players. Maybe similar accusations will arise if Germany start playing poorly now that he coaches Bayern Munich, though they just won the 2014 World Cup with a style of play similar to his Bayern Munich team. In the end, these are not his teams, but other teams that may give this idea of possessing the ball a bad name.It goes back to the saying of Johan Cruyff where he said he wants players who can make the correct decisions in the smallest spaces. These games are used frequently in order to sharpen the players and teach them the most valuable aspects of football. During all of these drills Guardiola uses freezing of play and talking to his players to explain concepts and to coach the players. All of these aspects in training translate to the play of the team in real matches.

I think you are right. The training exercises are set up to promote or improve a certain tactical behaviour (and avoid different behaviour). Of course the managers and coaches will talk with the players. But it often takes more time if players have to listen and think about what to do, instead of getting certain rules in training and just stick to this rules.This is a stark contrast to the football we saw at Bayern with many players working together to create dangerous situations within the final third. Players would stay connected for the duration of the play by moving well and positioning themselves effectively without the ball which allowed them to participate in combinations when they try to break through the defence. Another means of generating superiority is through overloads (named numerical superiority) where the attacking team positions more players than their opponents in a particular space – in doing so, they create free players who can be uncovered in space to accelerate the attack forwards. This tactic represents a truly collectivist playing style where teammates work together to create a promising situation as a group, A goal which Pep will aim for his City team to achieve.In a Rondo, there are specific passes like a 1st line pass, a 2nd line pass, and a 3rd line pass. A 1st line pass doesn’t bypass any defenders. A 2nd line pass bypasses a defender but doesn’t split the two defenders in the middle. A 3rd line pass is the ultimate goal and is a pass which goes between the two defenders in the middle. The players on the outside may move around and change their body position at any time.

Some may argue that these games are missing actual goals to finish the play, but football is mostly progressing through zones with the movement of the ball and players in relation to the ball, rather than finishing on goal. In fact, if a team can progress through the field consistently well, they most likely won’t have finishing problems. Spielverlagerung: Eine komplette Trainingseinheit. Fußballtraining von Martin Hasenpflug - Spielverlagerung: Eine komplette Trainingseinheit. Torwart Einheit Fussball Coaching Spiele American Football Fitnessübungen. Rondo possession session from @SoccerMustangs. @GSarakinis @CoachFrank66 @bill_ault @heiditoot @coachingbadge There is little doubt that Pep will improve the defensive transitioning at the Etihad and this can largely be done indirectly. By improving the spacing through the above-mentioned adaptions, Guardiola will give his team a much stronger starting position from which to counterpress. With a better connected shape with stronger numbers around the ball, City will theoretically be able to quickly apply pressure with numerous players and from various angles in close vicinity to the opposition ball-carrier.meticulous, thorough and detailed good use of pictures, quotes, videos and references. Could be added as an extra for Pep Confidential. Good work.

Mar 18, 2020 - Explore jdeddins's board Soccer Drills on Pinterest. See more ideas about Soccer drills, Soccer and Soccer coaching Kieran Smith - RONDO'S Gary is joined by Spanish football and training methodology expert Kieran Smith, to discuss one of the hottest topics in coach education in recent years: rondo's. Kieran discusses what it is, what it is not, how it should be implemented, ways coaches can progress them, and mistakes he sees both in theory and practice The latest Tweets from Carald Vella (@CaraldVella1). Youth coach. Always looking to learn and improve. Europ Spielverlagerung.com on Twitter In this soccer drill we play a 6v3 rondo with 3 teams. Every time a ball goes out of bounds, another team will be the defending team. For more soccer drills,... What others are saying. In this soccer drill we play a rondo with 3 teams. For more soccer drills, Every single action that happens on the field must have a purpose. The ball doesn’t move just to move. The ball is moved in order to move the opponent, to gather them on one side while you plan to attack the other. Every pass has the intention of building up to the action of eliminating opponents. If it isn’t possible to eliminate opponents then the players will keep the ball and look to get the opponents to move out of position. The ability to do any of these actions is supported by the structure in possession talked about earlier.“In football each player is responsible for another except in the [2 central defenders] vs. [1 striker] tip of each team. We start our 2 vs. 1 with a central defender driving out towards the opponent goal, causing an opponent out to prevent his progression, freeing his [partnering central defender] (generation of free man). Danger! If we lose the ball the opponent strikers have a 1 vs. 1 against our defenders. Each team decides how they will play now.”

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