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What does it do exactly? It makes it so that it appears as if you're looking straight into the front-facing camera during a FaceTime video call, when you're actually looking at the adjacent screen. That distracted look could be a thing of the past soon.The Photos gallery is becoming what Apple called "a diary of your life", with a new tab designed to document your best photos by day, month and year. You'll also have more pinch controls to zoom in and out of the Photos gallery.

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  1. MacRumors attracts a broad audience of both consumers and professionals interested in the latest technologies and products. We also boast an active community focused on purchasing decisions and technical aspects of the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Mac platforms.
  2. iOS 13 compatibility requires an iPhone from the last four years. That means phones like the iPhone 6 won't be getting iOS 13 – if you've got one of those devices you'll be stuck with iOS 12.4.1 forever.
  3. Apples WWDC 2019: iOS 13 könnte im Sommer kommen. Wenn die aktuellsten Gerüchte stimmen, dann könnte uns Mitte der Jahres schon iOS 13 erreichen. Die neueste Version von Apples Betriebssystem befindet sich derzeit in Arbeit, dennoch sind bereits kleinere Details durchgesickert. So soll der Nachfolger von iOS 12 mit einem dunklen Modus kommen
  4. So it seems you have recently installed iOS 13.4.5 Update on your iPhone / iPod touch or iPadOS 13.4.5 Update on your iPad device which was just announced by Apple at WWDC 2019 event. Now due to some reason you want to Uninstall iOS 13.4.5 Firmware or Uninstall iPadOS 13.4.5 Firmware and wants to Revert Back to iOS 13.4.1 from iOS 13.4.5 on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices
  5. Download iOS 7 Beta - Apple is getting close to the launch of iOS 7 to developers. WWDC 2013 is just few days away, and then Apple will launch the iOS 7 beta to developers. iOS 7 Beta Downloads are the most important part of the iOS 7 development phase. Apple releases latest iOS 7 beta downloads for third-party developers to check it, and test their applications with new environment
  6. iOS 13 and iPadOS make your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch more powerful, personal, and protected than ever.
  7. g in iOS 13.1.

Apple is adding a Sign in with Apple privacy feature that gives you a convenient and data safe way to sign into apps and websites. Your Apple ID is able to authenticate your account via Touch ID or Face ID, and developers see a unique random ID rather than your real info. In the Books app, there's a new Reading Goals feature that keeps track of how long you've read each day. The app encourages you to read every day, see your stats soar, and finish more books.If you have Family Sharing enabled, your family members can automatically join your personal hotspot in iOS 13.

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iCloud Folder Sharing, designed to let users share folders in iCloud Drive with other people, is available as of iOS 13.4. The feature shows real-time updates so file changes sync across the devices of all people with access to a specific folder. You can use the QuickType and QuickPath methods of typing interchangeably, and so far supported languages include English, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese is now included.4. The official iOS 13 release date and time: Apple launched the iOS 13 software in its final, stable form on September 19, just 24 hours ahead of the iPhone 11 delivery date. Alongside iOS 13 and macOS Catalina, the HomePod will be gaining an array of new features making it a far more capable device. Let's go through all the new features arriving for HomePod with iOS 13. Sign in with Apple works like Google, Twitter, and Facebook sign-in options, but with an important distinction -- Apple does not track or profile you when you use the feature.

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Apple mentioned during the keynote that location access is getting scaled back in iOS 13, and in the Settings app, there's a new option that requires an app to ask each time it wants to access your location.You'll need an iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus or iPhone SE or later to install iOS 13. With iPadOS, while different, you'll need an iPhone Air 2 or iPad mini 4 or later.In the Camera app, there's a new option to adjust the position and intensity of studio lighting. Moving the light closer to your subject digitally enhances the effect to smooth skin, sharpen eyes, and brighten facial features, while moving the light away decreases the intensity for a more subtle adjustment. Apple has yet to roll out a HomePod beta software set. We'll be looking closer at all of these features as soon as we can. 1 Could the Samsung Galaxy Note 20's fiercest competitor be a cheap Motorola phone? 2 Google is making another game-changing update to Chrome 3 6 new TV shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streamers this week 4 A Game Boy for 2020: we ask Panic all about its crazy Playdate handheld 5 PS5 release date, specs, news and features for Sony’s PlayStation 5 1 Get incredible deals on Samsung smartphones - but be quick 2 The 10 best Netflix Original movies – and 5 of the worst 3 Questo è il notebook più lento del mondo, ma lo vogliono tutti 4 AMD threatens to wreck Nvidia’s launch party with monster graphics card release 5 Rubati i dati di più di 20 milioni di persone... ma non si sa da dove arrivino TechRadar is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Visit our corporate site.

Assuming you are running iOS 12 and the latest version of the mapping app you want to use, you should see icons for those apps there. Just tap the plus button to add them to your CarPlay set-up. You should see the familiar Google Maps interface, including the customary green background, according to an early beta tester The controllers can be used with iOS games and support was implemented with the Apple Arcade gaming service in mind.

Smart lists are more helpful, automatically organizing your reminders and grouping them by Flagged, Scheduled, and Today.With the update, the passcode interface pops up more quickly when an iPhone detects that a mask is obscuring the face after a user swipes upward, so it's quicker to get into an iPhone using a passcode than before.

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  1. Peek gestures that let you see previews of emails, links, messages, and more are now available on any iPhone or iPad that runs iOS 13 or iPadOS. These were previously limited to devices with 3D Touch.
  2. coconutBattery 3. The standard for battery reading since 2005. With coconutBattery you are always aware of your current battery health. It shows you live information about the battery quality in your Mac, iPhone and iPad. Download v3.9 Plus. macOS 10.12 - 10.15 Release Note
  3. There's also a new time in bed feature that's designed to analyze your sleep patterns based on your iPhone usage at night.
  4. 5. iOS 13.1 update rolls out: Apple follows up its iOS 13 rollout with the iOS 13.1 update arriving just under a week later, on Wednesday 25 September.
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From the Share Sheet in Safari, you can now email a web page as a link, a PDF, or in reader view, and when it comes to privacy, there are a few new improvements. If you try to use a weak password when signing up for a website account, Safari sends a warning, and your Safari history and iCloud-synced tabs use end-to-end encryption. There are hints of a new CarKey API in iOS 13.4, which would allow the iPhone to be used to lock, unlock, and start a car that has NFC capabilities. This functionality hasn't been announced by Apple as of yet, but it will allow iPhone owners to use their devices in lieu of a car key. Sharing features will also be available for assigning keys to friends and family members.tvOS is the operating system that runs on the models of the Apple TV that have an App Store - that's the fourth-gen and 4K Apple TV models. It's the Apple TV's equivalent of iOS on the iPhone or macOS on the Mac; it manages the apps you can install on the device and offers various features of its own. iTools 2018 Free Download With iOS 11.0.3 To iOS 11.1.2 is a little application that empowers you to deal with your iOS contraptions through an easy to use interface by means of your Windows PC. Among different things, the application permits you import your photos and deal with your applications. The interface is clear to use and furthermore straightforward

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You can update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to the latest version of iOS wirelessly. If you can't update wirelessly, you can use your computer to get the latest iOS update.Dark Mode introduces a dramatic new look for iPhone. It’s thoughtfully designed to make every element on the screen easier on your eyes and is seamlessly integrated throughout the system. And it’s simple to turn on from Control Center or set to automatically turn on at night. Somewhat. iOS 13 Yukon will have a big iPad-focused feature upgrade as well, including an updated Files app. some other things in the works are tabs in apps like in MacOS, same app side by. Checklists have been improved with options to reorder checklist items, indents (added with a swipe), and a feature that lets you reuse a checklist with a click to uncheck all of the items. There's also an option for sending checked items in a list to the bottom of the list.Memoji Stickers are something entirely new – iOS 13 brings more iPhone and iPad users into the Memoji fold, TrueDepth camera or not. You can customize a Memoji and iOS 13 will automatically create a fun-looking sticker pack that lives in a sub-menu on the keyboard, which you can use in Messages, Mail, and third‑party apps.

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Die iOS-13 Public Beta 2 ist ab sofort zum Download verfügbar. So installieren Sie die iOS-Beta-Version auf Ihrem iPhone. Bevor Sie iOS-Beta installieren, sollten Sie immer eine Sicherheitskopie Ihrer Daten (Backup) anlegen, da ein Verlust durch instabile Software nicht auszuschließen ist Apple Tablet PCs Model A1876 (iOS 11 Software Version) Apple brand tablet PCs model A2013 (iOS 11 software version) PC tablets of the brand Apple models A1934, A1979, A2014 (iOS 11 software version) Yeah, this is like a good, old-fashioned FCC leak but from Eastern Europe instead of the United States Other new features include multicolored flags for flagging email messages, an improved photo selector that doesn't cover up the screen when you're adding an image, and an updated auto complete feature that lists email address choices under each sender when adding a recipient to an email. In the Health app, you'll find a new feature for monitoring hearing health based on the environmental noise level around you, and for women, there's a new Cycle Tracking feature for monitoring menstrual cycles.

There are nine new Memoji and Animoji stickers included in the update, featuring emoji-style poses like shocked face, face with hearts, eyes rolling, and more. With all of the new editing tools paired with the simpler layout, iOS 13 offers far more options for enhancing your photos so you can get the exact look that you're going for without needing a third-party app. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It is the eighth generation of the iPhone, succeeding the iPhone 5S, and was announced on September 9, 2014 and released on September 19, 2014. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus jointly were themselves replaced as the flagship devices of the iPhone series by the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus on September 9, 2015 The existing Open Comments threads will continue to exist for those who do not subscribe to Independent Premium. Due to the sheer scale of this comment community, we are not able to give each post the same level of attention, but we have preserved this area in the interests of open debate. Please continue to respect all commenters and create constructive debates.

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  1. If you want to select multiple email messages, files, or folders, tap with two fingers and then use a drag gesture.
  2. We thought we knew all about iOS 13 in June, but it turns out there were a few new features geared toward the newly announced iPhone 11 phones. 
  3. i 2, previously marketed as the iPad
  4. The iOS 13.5 update also launches Apple's framework for contact tracing apps. No, the apps aren't here yet, but when governments and public health authorities do launch them, you'll be notified – anonymously – when you come into contact with someone who tests positive for Covid-19. Apple's API is the first step to rolling out these apps.

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Mit iOS 13.1 soll das erste größere Update schon Ende September folgen - am 30., wie das Unternehmen anmerkte. Es liefert Funktionen nach, die in iOS 13.0 fehlen. Erst zu diesem Termin. Flexed Biceps. An arm flexing to show its biceps muscle. Represents strength, or working out. Flexed Biceps was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015 Apple has long offered photo editing tools, but video editing was limited to cropping. That's no longer the case in iOS 13, with Apple now offering video editing tools to adjust elements like exposure, contrast, saturation, brightness, and more.

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Reminders are organized into different lists, with customizable colors and icons. Under each reminder entry, you can create additional nested reminders, and multiple lists can be grouped together. Custom fonts can be installed on iPhone and iPad for the first time, so custom fonts can be used within apps.

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Siri Suggestions have been added to Podcasts, Maps, and Safari, and Siri is able to detect content to add to Reminders in Messages and events in third-party apps. For radio fans, you can ask Siri to play live radio from more than 100,000 stations by accessing radio streams from iHeartRadio, Radio.com, and TuneIn. Apple has also seeded four betas and a golden master of an upcoming iOS 13.5 update to developers and public beta testers. iOS 13.5 was previously iOS 13.4.5, but Apple introduced a new SDK that necessitated a bump in version number.iOS 13 supports a new swipe-based keyboard called the QuickPath Keyboard, which lets you swipe a finger from one letter to the next to type without removing your finger from the iPhone's display. This is much better than requiring you to fail out of Face ID twice to get that option. Passcode will also become the default option in Apple Pay and other purchases that require authentication if you're wearing a mask.

Wann steht iOS 13 zum Download bereit? Das sollten Sie beachten. Heute ist der große Tag. Apple wird iOS 13 sowie watchOS 6 für alle Nutzer freigeben. Die neuen Betriebssysteme kündigte Apple. Real-time transit schedules are now available in the Maps app, including arrival times, network stops, and connections for improved route planning. Real-time information like outages and cancellations is also listed in the Maps app. iOS 13 is not coming to the iPad: Tricked you. iOS 13 is strictly for the iPhone (and iPod Touch). iPadOS has debuted for iPad with exclusive productivity features for the bigger tablet screen.Double tapping quickly selects elements like phone numbers, email addresses, and addresses, and you can now pick up the cursor and move it to where you need it with a simple drag, a gesture that's quicker than the prior iOS 12 cursor movement. Data collected from the new Noise app on the Apple Watch is stored here, letting you know if you've been in environments where sound is above 80 decibels, which can damage hearing over time. Noise Notifications are available to let you know when the ambient sound is too loud or when your headphones are too loud.

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1. iOS 13 developer beta: First launched at WWDC 2019, this version was restricted to paid Apple developers, and initially required Xcode or macOS 10.15 to install. The second developer beta fixed that with an over-the-air (OTA) update. Simply put, it was not meant for average consumers, but for serious app developers.Apple offers 10 days of free iCloud storage for video content that does not count against your iCloud data plan limits, but there's a bit of a catch -- you need to have a 200GB iCloud data plan ($2.99/month) for a single camera, or a 2TB iCloud data plan ($9.99/month) for up to five home security cameras. Text formatting tools are also included, so you can change font styles, colors, and sizes, add selections and strikethroughs, change alignment, add numbered and bulleted lists, indent and outdent, and more. System fonts are supported, as are imported fonts, a new feature in iOS 13. iOS 13 is compatible with just one iPod – the newest version. No surprise, the new iPod Touch 7th gen is the only devices of its class that gets iOS 13 support.To use the new Reminders features in iOS 13 — smart lists, a new quick toolbar, and more — you need to upgrade the reminders in iCloud.

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  1. The Shortcuts app is now built in and brings together shortcuts from your apps with the ones you’ve created. Shortcuts are also more conversational, so you can do things like tell Siri “Order takeout from Caviar,” and Siri will pull up a list of restaurants you previously ordered from along with your favorite dishes from each one.
  2. There is no way to accurately predict the release date of iOS 12.2 as Apple does not follow a fixed timeline for its updates. However, it is likely to be released by this month or latest by early next month and it is also working on iOS 13. Since.
  3. Wann kommt iOS 14? iOS 14 wird vermutlich auch dieses Jahr traditionell zusammen mit dem neuen iPhone im September offiziell vorgestellt werden. Davor erhalten Entwickler bereits Mitte des Jahres die erste Beta-Version und wenig später wird auch die öffentliche Beta zugänglich gemacht
  4. Apple will be releasing the 13.0 software update to HomePod this fall alongside iOS 13, iPadOS, watchOS 6, macOS 10.15 Catalina, and tvOS 13.
  5. Motion Capture is also supported, letting developers integrate people's movements right into their apps.

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The update may also address an issue with Personal Hotspot that prevents it from working for some people and it could also fix a VPN-related vulnerability, both of which are bugs that Apple has promised to address in upcoming iOS updates.For more on all of the new features in Safari in iOS 13 and iPadOS, make sure to check out our Safari guide.

Apps in iOS 13 launch up to twice as fast, and apps in general are smaller. Apps are 50 percent smaller in size when you first download them, and 60 percent smaller on average when updating. The Shortcuts app has become smarter, with an easier way to set up new routines. For example, you can trigger off your morning routine by setting up a Shortcut that loads your drive to work on Maps, brings up your day's appointments on Calendar and so forth. Lowest prices: Apple's 16" MacBook Pro (32GB RAM) drops to $2,449, standard model now $2,099

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All new Memoji to play with: You can add make-up, throw in Memoji stickers from the keyboard - if you're into your own cartoon face there's a lot to try here. iOS 13 pro tip: Stickers works on iPhone 8 and older iPhones, even if you don't have the TrueDepth camera for moving Memoji. Many iPhone users facing problem on my iPhone not notifying new Mail in Notification center and for the Mail app, Lest see how to enable/ turn notification alert on each new mail or old conversation reply comes to you without any of miss. First I will discuss what have to do in your iPhone, iPad running on iOS 10 or later The Wann family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. The most Wann families were found in the USA in 1920. In 1840 there were 6 Wann families living in Alabama. This was about 25% of all the recorded Wann's in the USA. Alabama had the highest population of Wann families in 1840

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‎Weltweit suchen Wissenschaftler nach Medikamenten gegen Covid-19. Vor allem vier sind besonders im Gespräch. Doch die Biologen Stefan Pöhlmann und Markus Hoffmann rufen in dieser Folge vom Podcast Tonspur Wissen zur Geduld auf: Erfolgsmeldungen mit Patienten werden noch eine ganze Zeit dauern. Collections and Favorites, iOS 13 features in Maps, are available in CarPlay so you can get directions to your favorite places quickly.

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  1. When using the option in Messages to record a voice-based message, there's a new icon for the option. It's now a waveform rather than a microphone icon.
  2. All data collected by the Health app can be viewed by hour, day, week, month, or year, and there are also metrics like historical average, daily average, range, alerts, and more.
  3. That's why tvOS 13 introduces user profiles, not only for use within the Apple TV+ app, but for use system-wide. It's easy to switch between accounts via the all-new Control Centre for Apple TV. We hope that it'll allow different s for a variety of Apple TV apps and, more crucially, games. 
  4. There's an updated Favorites option in Maps, which lets you search for specific locations and add them to a favorites list. Favorites are Home and Work by default, but any location can be added to the list.
  5. There's way more detail here by way of Apple rebuilding maps from the ground up. There's more realistic detail for roads, beaches, parks, and buildings, and you can now explore cities with a 3D 360-degree experience.
  6. For more on the photos app, make sure to check out our dedicated Photos guide that goes through all of the new features introduced in iOS 13.
  7. As for the initial iOS 11.2.6 stability reports, they are mixed. The good news is problems remain reasonably isolated at this stage, but there are reports of iOS 11.2.6 breaking Touch ID sensors.

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  1. Apple is working on a few notable updates to the Home app and the HomeKit protocol in iOS 13, bringing new features to those who use smart home products. The main Home app interface hasn't changed, but Apple has introduced updated control options for HomeKit devices.
  2. macOS Mojave (/ m oʊ ˈ h ɑː v i, m ə-/ mo-HAH-vee) (version 10.14) is the fifteenth major release of macOS, Apple Inc.'s desktop operating system for Macintosh computers. Mojave was announced at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference on June 4, 2018, and was released to the public on September 24, 2018. The operating system's name refers to the Mojave Desert and is part of a series of.
  3. Another major issue with iOS 13 was with location permissions – Fast Company recently reported that if a user had selected to never share location details for an app, a privacy flaw changed that selection to “Ask next time”. 

Siri has an all new voice that sounds much more natural, and in Siri Shortcuts, you'll find a new Suggested Automations feature that suggests personalized shortcuts you might want to create. Siri now supports Live Radio, and the personal assistant can access stations from iHeartRadio, radio.com, and TuneIn.iPadOS has its own roundup, but in a nutshell, the update brings an updated Home screen with the ability to pull out Today View Widgets, and major updates to Slide Over or Split View. You can now have two windows from the same app open at once, and a new App Exposé feature makes it easy to see everything you have open and swap between windows.

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Mail is getting some changes when it comes to writing out properly formatted email. You'll have more control over font style, size, color, alignment, indenting and outdenting text, and numbered and bulleted lists.HomePod got a few moments in the spotlight during Apple's annual developer conference and it was enough to show how much potential the HomePod still has left untapped. Handoff is coming to HomePod, which is absolutely the best way to transfer audio to and from Apple's smart home speaker. Say a user walks into the room with music playing on their phone. They simply need to just tap their phone near the top of HomePod and the audio will then be passed from the phone to HomePod. Apple last updated HomePod in September when it added the ability to search songs by lyrics, set multiple timers, make and receive phone calls and more. Control your iPhone with just your voice. Rich text editing features let you make corrections as you dictate. Navigate comprehensively using voice commands and gestures. You can even see numbers or names next to everything you can tap, and superimpose a grid onscreen to tap when there aren’t controls.

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Apple combined Find My Friends and Find My iPhone in iOS 13, and the union lets you locate your friends and missing gadgets with a faster, easier-to-use interface. In the iOS 13.5 beta, released this morning, Apple has streamlined the speed with which the passcode pops up when a person wearing a mask is detected, making it easier to get into an iPhone with a. Get ready for iOS 13 and iPadOS. Brand new features for your iPhone and iPad are coming soon. Learn what you need to do > Mir ist gerade langweilig und frage mich deshalb ob wer zufällig weiß, wann das neue Betriebssytem für iPone, iPod touch und iPad rauskommt. 0o. More Less. iPad Update 0.15.0 (The Friendly Update) was an update to Minecraft that was released on June 13, 2016 for all platforms.. Additions General. Minecraft Realms; Achievements (iOS, Android, and Amazon) ; Texture Packs; Redstone Phase 3. Pistons. Sticky Pistons; Bedrock Exclusive: The neck of the Piston has a broader base Bedrock Exclusive: Levers can be placed on Piston

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In scenes, HomePod and other AirPlay 2 speakers can be paired with other HomeKit devices, so you can do something like have your HomePod and lights come on all with one button press or Siri command. There are new controls for calls and third-party navigation apps in CarPlay, changes to location requests for apps requesting user location, a new Shazam Shortcuts action, and more. The info pane, accessible when tapping the "i" icon in a conversation, is now better organized. It offers up images, locations, attachments, and links that have been shared during a conversation so you can find what you're looking for more quickly.Apple in iOS 13.4 added iCloud Folder Sharing, allowing users to share files and folders from iCloud Drive with others.The new QuickPath keyboard works in English, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

When someone asks about reminders, calendar, or music it will now know which information set to look for. New location controls and transparency features help you stay more in control of your data. Choose to allow apps access to your location just once. And there are more protections than before from people who want to track you without your permission.

Can I jailbreak iOS 9.2.1, iOS 9.2 or iOS 9.1 on iPhone or iPad? Here we look at the state of the jailbreak with Apple having now released iOS 9.1 / 9.2 / 9.2.1 final versions to the public. The introduction of a jailbreak solution with Pangu 9 for iOS 9.0, 9.0.1, and 9.0.2 in fall 2015 took many by surprise. It was, of course, a very welcome. MacNews. Release von iOS 13.1 & iPadOS 13: Wann erscheinen die Systeme für iPhone & iPad? iOS 13.1 und iPadOS 13, die nächsten Betriebssysteme für iPhone und iPad, erscheinen doch früher als gedacht nämlich nicht erst am 30

The emoji key on the iOS keyboard is no longer the same key as the globe key that lets you switch between languages. The emoji key lives next to the number key and the globe is now below. In iOS 12, a long press swapped between functions of the all-in-one key.The all‑new Reminders app makes it easier to create reminders with smart lists, powerful Siri intelligence, and more.For more detail on all of the new features in the Maps app in iOS 13, make sure to check out our Maps guide. iOS 13, muhtemelen şu anki durumdan daha az rahatsız edici olacak yeni bir ses göstergesi içerdiği söyleniyor. Uyku Modu. Apple, kontrol merkezinde bulunan Rahatsız Etmeyin işlevini değiştirecek, kilit ekranını daha koyu hale getirecek ve gelen tüm bildirimleri susturacak bir uyku modu üzerinde çalışıyor QuickPath is quite smart and is able to guess the word that you're aiming to type, so you can slide through letters rapidly. Alternate word options show up in the predictive bar, so if the iPhone or iPad does guess wrong, you can choose an alternate word.

Though not an iOS specific feature, Apple with iOS 13.4, macOS 10.15.4, tvOS 13.4, and Xcode 11.4 is allowing developers to create apps with universal purchase support, which means Apple device users can purchase one app that works across multiple platforms. In the new Photos tab, muted Live Photos and videos play as you scroll, which has the effect of bringing your photo library to life. The best of your photos are also shown larger, accompanied by smaller shots, making your photo library more dynamic.

TeamViewer appoints Gautam Goswami as CMO, names Dr. Mike Eissele as CTO. January 24, 2019. TeamViewer Expands Its Deep Integration with ServiceNow. Press Release - January 24, 2019 TeamViewer Expands Its Deep Integration with ServiceNow Embedding Remote Connectivity within ServiceNow Improves IT Support, Resolver Efficiency, and Employee. Silence Unknown Calls sounds fairly smart, if you're not expecting business numbers cold-calling you for work. Those that do call you and aren't on your personal 'VIP list' will go straight to voicemail. Wann kommt iOS 13 für den HomePod? Mehr Weniger. 22. Sep.. 2019 10:28 Antworten Hilfreich (1) Antwort im Thread - weitere Optionen. Beitrag verlinken; Benutzerprofil für Benutzer: ruben791 ruben791 Stufe: Stufe 3 (816 Punkte) Apple-ID. AppleInsider has affiliate partnerships and may earn commission on products purchased through affiliate links. These partnerships do not influence our editorial content.

watchOS 6 requires iPhone 6s or later with iOS 13 or later, and one of the following Apple Watch models: Apple Watch Series 1. Apple Watch Series 2. Apple Watch Series 3. Apple Watch Series 4. Apple Watch Series 5. Not all features are available on all devices. Find your Apple Watch model iOS 13 unterstützt optimiertes Laden. Das bedeutet, dass das iPhone beispielsweise beim Laden über Nacht zunächst nur bis zu 80 Prozent geladen wird. Mithilfe von Maschinenlernen soll iOS wisse n, wann man das iPhone dann wieder benötigt und lädt die letzten 20 Prozent kurz davor nach Safari in iOS 13 has an updated start page that features your favorite websites, frequently visited websites, and most recently visited websites. It also displays relevant websites based on browsing history, links sent to you in Messages, and other Siri suggested content. Upgraded reminders aren't compatible with earlier versions of iOS and macOS. If you upgrade your reminders on your iPhone with iOS 13 or later, your other devices — like your iPad and Mac — can’t access the reminders until you update your iPad to iPadOS or your Mac to macOS 10.15 Catalina. Learn what to expect until all your devices have the latest software.Shared lists require that both the creator of the list and the people who can view it have upgraded their reminders.

‎Sophos Authenticator is a simple and intuitive application that provides multi-factor authentication on your mobile device. It generates both time-based and event-based one-time passwords (OTP) according to RFC 6238 and RFC 4226. Once configured, 2-step authentication protects your account by requ If you were thinking that the Apple TV+ streaming service would arrive at the same time, you'll have a longer wait for that. It's coming on 1 November.Photo editing is refined with iOS 13, adding adjustment controls and filters, while the video editing portion mirrors this almost entirely: nearly every photo tool and effect – including filters, rotating and cropping – makes it over to video. If you're not good at tinkering with video, there'll even be an 'Auto' adjustment button.  Doch es ist Geduld gefragt, da die Funktion zumindest aus der Vorabversion von iOS 13 entfernt wurde und nicht klar ist, wann sie endgültig anlandet. Apple iOS 13: Health-App erfasst Zyklu In the Safari section of the Settings app, there's a new option to automatically close all of the tabs that you have open in Safari. You can set it to a day, a week, a month, or leave it on manual, which is how it currently works.

Multiple other apps also got new features in iOS 13. Reminders has been overhauled with an updated look and overhauled functionality that makes the app more useful than ever. It's easier to keep track of reminders, and there's a new toolbar for adding times, dates, locations, flags, and more. Deep integration with Messages lets you tag someone in a reminder so that it surfaces when you message that person.Switching between the cameras lenses (two lenses on the iPhone 11 and three on the iPhone 11 Pro series) is supposed to be seamless, with quick taps or a wheel to transition between zoomed-in and zoomed-out perspectives.  Page 1 of 2 - Accordance 13 - posted in General Accordance Topics: Any rumors of an Accordance 13 version yet? I need to upgrade from 11 to 12 but want to wait if there is a 13 coming soon Back up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch so you have a copy of your important information just in case you need it. iOS 13 ist das nächste große Update von Apple für iPhones ab 6S und SE. COMPUTER BILD wirft einen Blick auf die Beta und zeigt, was sich ändert You can now press and hold on an app icon to quickly perform actions specific to the app on any device, iPhone or iPad. This too was previously limited to devices with 3D Touch.

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