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Interorbital Systems NEPTUNE Series Modular Rockets provide the world's lowest-cost access to space. Interorbital's CubeSat and TubeSat kits are the most cost-effective currently available Orbital Sciences Corp., now a subsidiary of Northrop, has secured a $1.1 billion contract to provide missile targets for the Ballistic Missile Defense System. Don Foley is at Orbital Science . September 27, 2018 · Sterling, VA Get directions, reviews and information for Orbital Sciences in Colorado Springs, CO. Orbital Sciences 565 Space Center Dr Colorado Springs CO 80915. Reviews (719) 637-8740. Menu & Reservations Make Reservations . Order Online Tickets Tickets See Availability Directions.

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Amid Cygnus rendezvous and capture preparations, Commander Scott Kelly with Flight Engineers Kjell Lindgren and Kimiya Yui also worked on biomedical science activities today. The trio collected blood and urine samples and participated in a vision test to help doctors understand the effects of living in space on astronauts.As a condition for the approval of the merger, the FTC ruled that the company would have to supply solid rocket motors "on a non-discriminatory basis under specified circumstances," Erwin reported.  Orbital Sciences Corporation (commonly referred to as Orbital) was an American company specializing in the design, manufacture and launch of small- and medium- class space and rocket systems for commercial, military and other government customers. In 2014 Orbital merged with Alliant Techsystems to create a new company called Orbital ATK, Inc. Company: Orbital Sciences Corporation Headquarters Address: 45101 Warp Drive Dulles, VA 22193 Main Telephone: 703-406-500

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Orbital Sciences Corporation (commonly referred to as Orbital) was an American company specializing in the design, manufacture and launch of small- and medium- class space and rocket systems for commercial, military and other government customers. It was headquartered in Dulles, Virginia and publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange with the ticker symbol ORB. Orbital's primary products. Meanwhile, the six member Expedition 41 crew is moving right along with station housekeeping and an array of advanced science to improve life on Earth and in space. Orbital Sciences Corporation Antares rocket and Cygnus spacecraft blasts off on July 13 2014 from Launch Pad 0A at NASA Wallops Flight Facility , VA, on the Orb-2 mission and loaded with over 3000. Orbital Sciences Lockheed L-1011 N140SC Stargazer Boeing NB-52B Mothership. Initial missions of the Orbital Sciences' Pegasus satelite booster were lanched from NASA's NB-52B. The NB-52B became the world's first manned, winged, return to launch site satellite launcher when it launched the Orbital Sciences' Pegasus booster on April 5, 1990

[7] Orbital proposed [DELETED] positions that would support the New Zealand work, but included in its proposal travel costs for only [DELETED] "person-trips."  COSF at 20.  After increasing the person trips to [DELETED] to account for this discrepancy, the agency further increased the estimated cost by 10 trips.  Id.  The protester disputes only the agency's increase from [DELETED] trips to [DELETED] trips.  According to the agency, "[t]he number of 'person-trips' includes all deployed staff--those that precede arrival of the aircraft, those that operate the aircraft during the mission and those that complete shut down after the aircraft leaves for deployment to New Zealand.  It also includes rotating and refreshing staff that are unable to stay for the entire deployment."  COSF at 20. The merger came about as both companies moved to increase their NASA and military space business, Erwin wrote. Orbital ATK in April unveiled a new intermediate to heavy lift rocket that was designed deliberately to compete for national security launches. Northrop Grumman recently secured a sole-source Air Force contract to develop next-generation missile-warning satellites. Orbital Sciences is the second private company to design and launch a rocket that can resupply the international space station. Very cool. The space frontier is open again. The 40-meter tall Antares rocket lifted off with the company's Cyngus cargo capsule Wednesday and will rendezvous with the space station Sunday Learn about working at Orbital Sciences Corporation is now Orbital ATK!. Join LinkedIn today for free. See who you know at Orbital Sciences Corporation is now Orbital ATK!, leverage your.

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Orbital Science's initial $1.9 billion deal with NASA required it to fly eight unmanned cargo missions to the International Space Station using Antares and Cygnus; in 2016, Orbital ATK signed a second agreement for more launches between 2019 and 2024. (The value of this second contract was not disclosed, although NASA said it is paying up to $14 billion overall for contracts awarded to Orbital ATK, SpaceX and Sierra Nevada.) SpaceX vs. Orbital Sciences? In your opinion, who will benefit the most from the commercialization of space travel. I know a pretty good amount about SpaceX but barely anything about Orbital. All I know is that they're currently in the demonstration phase for commercial resupply missions. SpaceX already has that NASA contract, as well as a.

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Orbital Sciences Corp. was the original company that developed the Antares rocket and Cygnus spacecraft, designed to deliver pressurized crew supplies, scientific experiments and other unpressurized cargo to the space station. Orbital also specialized in launching small satellites. The company's formal relationship with NASA began in 1983 when the firm signed an agreement to build a Transfer Orbit Stage vehicle that was eventually used during a launch of the space shuttle Discovery. [See Photos of Orbital's Cygnus and Antares]  Orbital Sciences Corporation develops and manufactures small- and medium-class rockets and space systems for commercial, military and civil government customers, including the United States Department of Defense (DoD), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and other United States Government agencies. The Company's products and services are grouped in three segments: Launch. This image provided by NASA shows the Orbital Sciences Corporation Antares rocket, with the Cygnus spacecraft onboard, as it suffers a catastrophic anomaly moments after launch from the Mid. DOCUMENT FOR PUBLIC RELEASE The decision issued on the date below was subject to a GAO Protective Order. This redacted version has been approved for public release.

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Orbital Sciences Corp.: ORBCOMM Case Solution,Orbital Sciences Corp.: ORBCOMM Case Analysis, Orbital Sciences Corp.: ORBCOMM Case Study Solution, In late 1993, orbit coupling Corporation (OCC), a subsidiary of Orbital Sciences Corp, is developing a global two-way wireless data transmission system i — An Orbital Sciences' Antares rocket carrying a commercial unmanned cargo spacecraft bound for the International Space Station exploded just seconds after launching from the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia on Tuesday evening (Oct. 28). The cause of the mishap, as Orbital described it, is still to be determined Orbital ATK is preparing to launch its Cygnus space freighter Tuesday at 11 p.m. EDT/Wednesday 3 a.m. UTC for a four-day trip to replenish the Expedition 47 crew. Cygnus will launch atop a United Launch Alliance rocket from Kennedy Space Center on its sixth Commercial Resupply Services mission for NASA. The Cygnus launch and rendezvous will be covered live on NASA TV.

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  1. Orbital Sciences Corporation manufactures aerospace and defense products. The Company offers propulsion systems, satellites, tactical missiles, precision weapons, launch vehicles, rockets.
  2. g losses totalling $715,592 jointly seek to be lead plaintiff
  3. It was formed in 2015 after the merger of Orbital Sciences and ATK. Under the deal, Northrop would pay $134.50 a share, a significant premium. On Friday the stock closed at just over $110 a share
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  5. About Orbital Sciences Corporation Northrop Grumman's major military systems include manned and autonomous aircraft such as the Global Hawk drone, a next-generation B-21 Raider bomber, and fuselage sections for the F-35 Lightening
  6. istration (NASA), other Unites States Government agencies and commercial satellite operators
  7. The Expedition 41 crew is working advanced microgravity science while a pair of space freighters await launch. Orbital Sciences’ Cygnus is set for a 6:22 p.m. EDT launch today while Russia’s ISS Progress 57 will begin a six-hour trip to the station at 3:09 a.m. Wednesday.

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Orbital Sciences suffered a major setback on October 28th when its Antares rocket exploded. One failed launch does not doom Orbital Sciences. The financial impact is unknown, but largely depends on h Orbital Sciences Corp. was the original company that developed the Antares rocket and Cygnus spacecraft, designed to deliver pressurized crew supplies, scientific experiments and other. Orbital Sciences Corp. designs and manufactures space-related products. The company manufactures small and medium class rockets and space systems for commercial, military and civil government customers, including the U.S. Department of Defense, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and other U.S. government agencies

Id. at 186.  In addition to the point score, the mission suitability subfactors would also receive an adjectival rating, as relevant here: Orbital Sciences: . View company info, jobs, team members, culture, funding and more Finally, Orbital contends that the NASA erred by failing to consider a NASA Inspector General (IG) report regarding the SOFIA program, issued in July 2014, in evaluating USRA's past performance.  The protester argues that this IG report, which identifies problems with the earlier management of the SOFIA Program, was unreasonably not included as part of the agency's past performance evaluation.  Protest at 27. 

Orbital Sciences Corp: Pegasus: MH: 20240722 Jul 22, 2024 LLO 11-078: Lockheed Martin Commercial Launch Services: Atlas V: CA: 20211219 Dec 19, 2021 LLO 13-083: Orbital Sciences Corp: Minotaur I: VA: 20230606 Jun 6, 2023 LLO 14-091 (Rev. 3) Orbital Sciences Corp: Antares Configuration 230: VA: 20240611 Jun 11, 2024 LLO 17-099: Orbital Sciences Cor [4] In Wolverine Servs., supra, GAO denied a protest challenging an agency's decision to reject a non-compliant proposal.  Where, as here, the rejection of a proposal that does not satisfy a solicitation requirement remains discretionary, the agency is not obligated under Wolverine Servs. to do so.    Orbital Sciences Corp. announced Tuesday it selected United Launch Alliance's Atlas 5 rocket to launch a Cygnus space station resupply mission in late 2015 while the company redesigns its. Your rights may be affected by the Settlement if you (i) held stock in Orbital Sciences Corporation (Orbital Sciences) as of December 16, 2014 and exchanged shares of Orbital Sciences stock for shares of Orbital ATK, Inc. (Orbital ATK) common stock on or around February 9, 2015 in connection with the Merger between Alliant Techsystems Inc.

An Introduction to Orbital Sciences Corporation May 2012 Approved for public release. Distribution unlimited NASA asserts that if we conclude that it waived or relaxed a solicitation requirement, it should nevertheless prevail because Orbital has not argued that it was prejudiced as a result of the alleged waivers.  Supp. MOL at 3.  In the record before us, Orbital does not allege that it was prejudiced by the agency's waivers, i.e., the protester does not address how it would have amended its proposal had it known that the agency would waive the total compensation plan requirement for subcontractors.  See, e.g., Orbital Comments & Supp. Protest at 2.  Even in circumstances where the agency was unreasonable in accepting the awardee's proposal, a protester must still show that it was prejudiced by a waiver of solicitation requirements.  Conwal, Inc., B-279260, B-279260.2, May 26, 1998, 98-1 CPD ¶ 153 at 3.  This protest ground is denied.  Desbuild Inc., supra.[5] Orbital Sciences Corp is a company based out of Talo Rd Bldg 1555, Lompoc, CA, United States. The Orbital ATK Cygnus cargo craft will launch Thursday at 5:55 p.m. EST to the station. The 61P is scheduled for a Dec. 21 liftoff. While mission managers are preparing three different spacecraft for launch this month, the Expedition 45 crew is performing research to help scientists benefit life on Earth and crews in space. Orbital Sciences Corp /De/ - Form of Amended and Restated Executive Change in Control Severance Agreement (February 22nd, 2013) This letter agreement (the Agreement) sets forth the severance benefits that the Company agrees will be provided to you in the event your employment with the Company terminates following a Change in Control (as defined in Section 2 hereof) under the.


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  1. The International Space Station saw a pair of space freighters leave while two more resupply ships were moved to their launch site waiting for liftoff this week. Europe’s Automated Transfer Vehicle-5 fired its engines this afternoon to move the station away from a possible conjunction with some satellite debris.
  2. Cosmonauts Max Suraev and Alexander Samokutyaev trained on rendezvous gear in advance of Wednesday’s arrival of the ISS Progress 57 resupply ship.
  3. istration (NASA) for science and mission operations services in support of NASA's Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA), the world's largest airborne astronomical observatory.  Orbital alleges that NASA improperly waived or relaxed the solicitation's total compensation plan requirement for USRA's proposal, failed to evaluate the difference in proposed hours between Orbital and USRA, made an improper upward price adjustment to Orbital's travel costs, and failed to consider a NASA inspector general report as part of USRA's past performance evaluation. 

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Cosmonauts Oleg Kononenko and Mikhail Kornienko continued cargo transfers from the 61P. Kononenko also worked on science hardware that monitors chemical reactions in Earth’s upper atmosphere. Kornienko joined veteran cosmonaut Sergey Volkov to process blood samples for the Neiroimmunitet study before working on the Algometriya medical monitoring experiment. Volkov then moved on to more science including the ongoing crystal magnetism experiment, the Calcium bone loss study and the Seismoprognoz earthquake study. Orbital ATK celebrates its first year as a company after the merger between Orbital Sciences Corporation and Alliant Techsystems, Inc. in February 2015. The merger brought into existence a new $4.5.. NASA astronaut Kjell Lindgren is completing cable connections and routing today in the Unity module, the first U.S. module delivered to space and installed in 1998. The Unity’s Earth-facing port, which will be powered by the cables, will host the Orbital ATK Cygnus commercial space freighter due to arrive in early December.

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Orbital Sciences × Send Inquiry To Unmanned Systems Technology is a dedicated directory of component, service and platform suppliers within the unmanned systems industry. All categories of unmanned systems are included: Air vehicles (UAV/UAS/RPAS), Ground Vehicles and Robotic Systems (UGVs), Surface and Subsea vehicles (USV, UUV) and Space. A launch this evening will result in Cygnus catching up to the space station on Sunday, Nov. 2. Cygnus will be grappled at approximately 4:58 a.m. by NASA crew members Reid Wiseman and Barry “Butch” Wilmore. Cygnus will be attached to the Earth-facing port of the station’s Harmony node and will remain in place approximately one month. It is scheduled depart the space station on Dec. 3.Join our Space Forums to keep talking space on the latest missions, night sky and more! And if you have a news tip, correction or comment, let us know at: community@space.com. Latest Plans For Reopening Hillsborough CountyThe current Safer-At-Home Executive Order signed into Florida Law is due to expire Thursday, April 30, 2020 Die Orbital Sciences X-34 war ein autonomes pilotenloses Fluggerät des US-Raumfahrtkonzerns Orbital Sciences Corporation.Es war als kostengünstige Testumgebung für neue Technologien gedacht, die in eine Raumfähre integriert werden könnten.. Geschichte. Die X-34 war als autonomes pilotenloses Fluggerät gedacht, das von einem Raketentriebwerk bis auf Mach 5 beschleunigt wird und bis zu 25.

› Watch NASA TV › View Orbital Sciences Orb-3 mission page › Visit NASA’s Orbital Sciences Commercial Resupply Launch page Breaking science news and articles on global warming, extrasolar planets, stem cells, bird flu, autism, nanotechnology, dinosaurs, evolution -- the latest discoveries. Orbital ATK was one of five companies that submitted contracts for CRS-2 in July 2014 and one of three companies awarded contracts on 14 January 2016 for resupply mission slated to begin in 2019. (iii) Identify employee compensation information regarding:  vacations, severance pay, holidays, overtime and shift differentials, sick leave, California Family Leave Act, bonus plans, life insurance, medical/dental/ vision insurance, uncompensated overtime, pension contributions, employee incentives, training, career development, moving expenses, and compensatory time. Identify benefits that require employee contributions and the amount of that contribution as a percentage of the total cost of each benefit.The cosmonauts worked on their complement of Russian science and maintenance. Alexander Samokutyaev collected his blood and saliva samples and stowed them in a science freezer for later analysis on the ground. Commander Max Suraev began preparing for his Nov. 9 departure while finishing cleanup work after an Oct. 22 spacewalk. Elena Serova assisted her fellow cosmonauts with science and departure work.

Orbital ATK formed from the merger of Orbital Sciences Corp. and the Aerospace and Defense groups of Alliant Techsystems Inc. (ATK), in a deal that was announced last April. The merger was. Orbital Sciences maintains that what goes up doesn't have to come down -- at least not for a long time. The company makes low-Earth-orbit satellites and other spacecraft for communications, science and technology research, and national security purposes Orbital alleges that NASA waived or relaxed the RFP requirements relating to the total compensation plan when evaluating information provided by USRA's subcontractors, [DELETED] and [DELETED].  Orbital Comments at 2.  The protester contends that the agency was required to conclude that the awardee failed to meet a material solicitation requirement and was therefore ineligible for award.  Id. at 20, citing Wolverine Servs. LLC, B-409906.3, B-409906.5, Oct. 14, 2014, 2014 CPD ¶ 325 at 3-4 (denying protest challenging the agency's rejection of the protester's proposal where the RFP advised offerors that failing to provide a required document would render a proposal non-compliant).[4]

In two weeks, NASA astronauts Scott Kelly and Kjell Lindgren will step outside the U.S. Quest airlock for the first of two maintenance spacewalks. The International Space Station is also being readied to host the next Orbital ATK Cygnus cargo mission set for early December.Astronauts Reid Wiseman and Alexander Gerst drew their blood samples Monday. Barry Wilmore stowed a pair of U.S. spacesuits. Elena Serova, Russia’s first female cosmonaut aboard the station, sampled surfaces in the Russian segment for microbes and worked on a physics experiment.Cosmonauts Sergey Volkov and Mikhail Kornienko continued studying how blood circulates in space. Volkov then moved on to an experiment observing how the vacuum of space and space radiation may influence organisms off Earth. Kornienko explored new Earth photography techniques. Orbital Sciences Corporation is located in Dulles, Virginia. This organization primarily operates in the Defense Systems and Equipment business / industry within the Measuring, Photographic, Medical, & Optical Goods, & Clocks sector. Orbital Sciences Corporation employs approximately 463 people at this branch location Orbital Sciences Corporation, of Greenbelt, Maryland, protests the award of a contract to Universities Space Research Association (USRA), of Columbia, Maryland, under request for proposals (RFP) No. NNA16579196R, which was issued by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for science and mission operations services in support of NASA's Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared.

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Appropriations Law Bid Protests Other Decisions General Legal Decisions FAQs Red Book Contract Appeals Board Federal Vacancies Act Resources Congressional Review Act After performing a best-value tradeoff, the agency made award to USRA.  AR, Tab 30, Source Selection Decision, at 1903.  This protest followed.[2] Orbital Sciences Corporation, commonly known as Orbital, specializes in the development of satellites. Based in Virginia, Orbital's fleet consists of a staggering 569 launch vehicles, with another 82 on the way. Orbital also boasts 174 satellites already constructed and another 24 under development Japanese astronaut Kimiya Yui assisted Lindgren with the Unity cable work before reviewing procedures for the SPHERES Vertigo experiment that uses a pair of bowling ball-sized satellites. Commander Scott Kelly replaced electronic gear inside a science freezer before attaching instruments and sensors to himself for the Sprint exercise study.

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  1. Orbital Sciences Corp. expects to take delivery of the first pair of its newly purchased Russian rocket engines in June or July, with a second pair arriving before the end of the year, under a.
  2. Orbital argues that NASA had an affirmative obligation to review the IG report as part of USRA's past performance evaluation.  Orbital Comments & Supp. Protest at 29-30, citing DKW Commc'ns, Inc., B-411182, B-411182.2, June 9, 2015, 2015 CPD ¶ 178 at 8 (protest sustained where agency did not refute protester's allegations that it failed to review relevant CPARS reports).  NASA first notes that the IG report was not a review of USRA's past performance under a recent and relevant contract.  MOL at 4-5.  In addition, NASA argues that its review of relevant information, including information in the agency's CPARS reports and in the PPIRs database, was reasonable.  Id. at 3-4. 
  3. Cygnus is loaded with about 5,000 pounds of science investigations, food, supplies and hardware for the space station and its crew.
  4. Orbital Sciences Taurus. Orbital Sciences Corp. developed the Taurus series of launch vehicles by matching the three stages of the Pegasus vehicle (less the wings) with a new upper stage. The first launch of the up to 27.90 m long launch vehicle was on 13 March 1994 and as 31 December 2004 six flights had been conducted of which one failed
  5. ute launch window. NASA TV coverage will begin at 5:30 p.m.
  6. Discover historical prices for ORS.BE stock on Yahoo Finance. View daily, weekly or monthly format back to when ORBITAL SCIENCES stock was issued
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The Orbital Sciences Corporation said today that it had agreed to buy MacDonald, Dettwiler & Associates for about $67 million in stock. Orbital, which is based in Dulles, provides space products. It's only impossible - until you do it at Northrop Grumman Defining Possible through your Career in Science, Technology and Engineering Learn More. Defining Possible Introducing: The New Northrop Grumman Logo Learn More . Turning imaging into intelligence Learn More. Stay Connected

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  1. [8] According to Orbital, the agency's review of USRA's CPARS was also not appropriate because "the CPARs are from 2011 to the present, after USRA was stripped of its contract management responsibilities" under the current contract.  Orbital Comments & Supp. Protest at 32 (emphasis in original).  The protester does not address why the agency would be required to consider information prior to the 5-year relevancy period.  RFP at 164.   
  2. ATK was one of the contractors working on NASA's Constellation program, which aimed to carry astronauts to the moon and beyond. ATK constructed the first stage of the Ares 1 rocket that would take the astronauts aloft. The program, which was conceived under President George W. Bush, was cancelled shortly after President Barack Obama took office. (NASA has now resumed a moon-focused policy under president Trump, although it will use a rocket known as the Space Launch System to get there.) 
  3. The RFP anticipates award of a contract representing the best value to the agency under three evaluation factors in decreasing importance:  mission suitability, past performance, and cost/price.  Id. at 177-178, 186.  The mission suitability factor consisted of three subfactors of different weights, totaling 1000 points:

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  1. A contractor Orbital Sciences Corp. sued for delaying upgrades to the Virginia spaceport Orbital uses for space station cargo launches will turn over hardware needed for the improvements now that.
  2. Frankly, Orbital Sciences' main competitor - Elon Musk's SpaceX - seems too big and powerful of a foe for me to want to bet against. But SpaceX isn't publicly traded. So until Orbital Sciences can move past the reality that its newest rocket exploded seconds after liftoff, this is one industry I'll be steering clear of
  3. Cygnus comes equipped with two sets of solar arrays on either side of the service module. The arrays power the command control and communications hardware of the robotic capsule, once launched and deployed. The Antares rocket — formerly called the "Taurus II" — is a two-stage launch vehicle designed to deliver cargo to low-Earth orbit. When upright, the rocket is 131 feet (40 m) tall, and the rocket's dual AJ26 rocket engines are designed to provide 680,000 pounds of thrust. Antares' first test launch occurred on April 18, 2013.

Id. at 158.  The RFP provided that an offeror's total compensation plan would be evaluated in accordance with NFS provision 1852.231-71 and FAR provision 52.222-46, and for demonstrating "reasonableness and effectiveness" under the above criteria.  Id. at 181-182.  Offerors were also advised that, "[i]f the SEB [source evaluation board] determines that a proposal does not adequately demonstrate that the Offeror will be able to perform the work with the resources proposed, the SEB may determine this to be a mission suitability weakness as well as require an adjustment for probable cost."  Id. at 180. Orbital definition is - of, relating to, or forming an orbit (such as the orbit of a moon, planet, or spacecraft). How to use orbital in a sentence The Offeror shall provide a Total Compensation Plan (TCP) for all personnel proposed, in accordance with NFS [NASA FAR Supplement] provision 1852.231-71, "Determination of Compensation Reasonableness," and FAR provision 52.222-46, "Evaluation of Compensation for Professional Employees."  The Offeror shall require its subcontractors (that will perform 5% or more of the value of the resultant contract, or that the Offeror proposes to award cost reimbursement or non-competitive fixed-price type subcontracts having a total potential value in excess of $700,000,) provide, as part of their proposals, the information identified in (a) through (c) of NFS provision 1852.231-71, if their employees are not covered by the prime Offeror's TCP.  The required TCP must:

Orbital Sciences has a long history supporting NASA missions and projects and scientists at Ames dating back to the mid 1990's. Beginning with engineering support to the SOFIA project, they became the prime contractor on the Science and Engineering Technical Support (SETS) contract A pair of spaceships is getting ready for launch to the International Space Station in less than a week. A Soyuz rocket will launch three new Expedition 47 crew members Friday evening from Kazakhstan. A few days later Orbital ATK will launch its Cygnus cargo ship from Florida and deliver new science, spacewalk gear and crew supplies to the station crew. In 2015, the remaining ATK space and missiles business merged with Orbital Sciences, creating a giant with $4.5 billion in combined revenue and pretax profits of about $585 million

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Orbital Insight ingests, interprets and analyzes multiple sources of intelligence to provide a holistic and complementary view of the world's economic and geopolitical activity. Object Detection. Object Detection. Identify and quantify activities based on data including car, ship and aircraft counts sourced from satellite imagery Orbital Sciences Corporation is an American company specializing in the design, manufacture and launch of small- and medium- class space and rocket systems for commercial, military and other government customers. Verify Orbital Sciences Employees Where, as here, a solicitation contemplates the evaluation of offerors' past performance, the agency has the discretion to determine the relevance and scope of the performance history to be considered, and our Office will not question the agency's judgment unless it is unreasonable or inconsistent with the terms of the solicitation or applicable procurement statutes and regulations.  SupplyCore, Inc., B-411648.2, B-411648.3, Feb. 21, 2017, 2017 CPD ¶ 72 at 11.  A protester's disagreement with the agency's judgment, without more, is insufficient to establish that an evaluation was improper.  Beretta USA Corp., B-406376.2, B-406376.3, July 12, 2013, 2013 CPD ¶ 186 at 10. Orbital Sciences Corp. at Orbital Sciences Corporation, 45101 Warp Drive, Sterling, VA 20166, USA. Find their customers, contact information, and details on 136 shipments The record also reflects that the agency considered, in detail, hours proposed in terms of "WYE," or work year equivalent, rather than raw total hours.  See, e.g., id. at 98.  The agency used this analysis as part of its conclusions that USRA's proposed resources were "appropriate and reasonable," and that USRA's proposed labor rates and rate escalation were "reasonable and realistic."  Id. at 104.  Furthermore, the agency's recognition of USRA's approach was carried across the evaluation, as NASA awarded USRA a strength under the management approach subfactor for "propos[ing] approaches to increase the productivity and efficiency of the SOFIA program."  Id. at 50.  Finally, with regard to USRA's cost proposal the agency "reviewed the hours and skill mix proposed by the Offeror and its subcontractors and determined that they were appropriate and reasonable for accomplishing the Offeror's operational plans and that no adjustments to these resources were necessary."  Id. at 104.  On this record, we find no merit to the allegation that NASA failed to consider the impact of USRA's slightly lower proposed hours.  This protest ground is denied.  See BCF Sols., Inc., B-409570, June 13, 2014, 2014 CPD ¶ 177 at 14.   

Explore the ORBITAL SCIENCES CORPORATION business page in MINNEAPOLIS, MN. Find more businesses with the D&B Business Directory at DandB.com Addeddate 2013-09-23 16:12:50.268774 Color color Ia_orig__runtime 47 minutes 52 seconds Identifier OrbitalSciences Run time 47:52 Sound soun Kelly and Lindgren have also been preparing the Unity module where the Cygnus commercial cargo craft will be attached when it arrives in December after a 14-month hiatus. Kelly installed a Unity power adapter in the Destiny lab module then joined Lindgren to adjust power connectors inside Unity.

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2.  Protests challenging the agency's cost realism evaluation are denied, where the record demonstrates that the agency's conclusions were reasonable with regard to the awardee's proposed hours, and where the agency reasonably adjusted protester's costs. Shares of Orbital Sciences jumped 16 percent to close at $30.96 while ATK closed up 6.7 percent at $148.22. Capital Business is The Post's weekly publication focusing on the region's business. Orbital definition, of or relating to an orbit. See more [1] The entire agency report, including the RFP, included at AR, Tab 2, was continuously paginated.  Citations herein refer to this applied pagination, and not to pagination unique to any single document. Contact Information: Orbital Sciences Corporation 21839 Atlantic Blvd Dulles, VA 20166 Phone: 703.406.500

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Get reviews, hours, directions, coupons and more for Orbital Sciences Corp at 355 Quality Cir NW Ste C, Huntsville, AL 35806. Search for other Aircraft Avionics & Instruments in Huntsville on The Real Yellow Pages® Orbital Sciences Corporation Source: Orbital Sciences Corporation Orbital's Applied Instrument Technologies business unit manufactures robust spectroscopy and gas chromatography analyzers for on-line process monitoring, process development, and laboratory applications ORBITAL SCIENCES: Aerospace and Defense Equities Technical Analysis -- Honeywell Intl., Raytheon, Embraer, L-3 Communications Holdings, and Orbital Sciences PR 201 Unlike SpaceX, where Musk stages dramatic unveilings and makes headline grabbing pronouncements, Orbital Sciences is a quiet company formed in 1982 by three friends from Harvard Business School

Case Summary Orbital Sciences Corporation Securities Litigation. Case Summary. Case Status: SETTLED On or around 12/13/2000 (Date of order of final judgment) Filing Date: February 18, 1999. According to the docket posted, on December 13, 2000, the Court entered the Order and Final Judgment.. Our decisions provide that an agency is not required to conduct an in-depth cost analysis, see FAR § 15.404-1(c), or to verify each and every item in assessing cost realism; rather, the evaluation requires the exercise of informed judgment by the contracting agency.  Cascade Gen., Inc., B-283872, Jan. 18, 2000, 2000 CPD ¶ 14 at 8.  Further, an agency's cost realism analysis need not achieve scientific certainty; rather, the methodology employed must be reasonably adequate and provide some measure of confidence that the rates proposed are reasonable and realistic in view of other cost information reasonably available to the agency as of the time of its evaluation.  See SGT, Inc., B-294722.4, July 28, 2005, 2005 CPD ¶ 151 at 7; Metro Mach. Corp., B-295744, B-295744.2, Apr. 21, 2005, 2005 CPD ¶ 112 at 10-11.  Because the contracting agency is in the best position to make this determination, we review an agency's judgment in this area only to see that the agency's cost realism evaluation was reasonably based and not arbitrary.  Hanford Envtl. Health Found., B-292858.2, B-292858.5, Apr. 7, 2004, 2004 CPD ¶ 164 at 8-9. Orbital alleges that USRA proposed fewer labor hours than Orbital and that NASA failed to account for this difference in the agency's cost realism analysis.  Orbital Comments & Supp. Protest at 24-25.  The protester states that the record contains no analysis of USRA's proposed level of effort, and therefore, no analysis as to whether USRA's costs are realistic.  Id.  NASA contends that its review of offerors' level of effort and proposed staffing was reasonable and that the protester's position is not supported by the record.  Supp. MOL at 6-7.  We agree with the agency.The three cosmonauts continued their routine maintenance tasks and science experiments in the station’s Russian segment. Flight Engineer Sergey Volkov explored crystal magnetism, while Oleg Kononenko and Mikhail Kornienko studied how a crew member adapts to motion during a spaceflight. Orbital ATK, Inc., a global leader in aerospace and defense technologies, today (Feb. 10) marks its first full day of operations following the completion yesterday of the merger between Orbital Sciences Corporation and the Aerospace and Defense Groups of Alliant Techsystems Inc

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The countdown is progressing smoothly today for the launch of Orbital Sciences Corp.’s Antares rocket, with the Cygnus cargo spacecraft on top. There are no technical concerns with the rocket or spacecraft being worked. The weather for this evening’s launch is predicted to be 97 percent favorable. Orbital Sciences joined SpaceX in reaching the ISS with a privately built spacecraft. It was a great day, Alan Lindenmoyer, Manager for NASA's Commercial Crew and Cargo Program, said in a press.

Orbital ATK's Antares rocket and Cygnus cargo spacecraft teams have reported to their stations, and the formal countdown has begun. Antares is on schedule for launch tonight, Oct. 17, at 7:40 p.m. EDT, and Orbital ATK reports conditions are nominal Orbital Sciences Corporation. McShane Construction Company was selected by Gilbane Development Company to provide construction services for Orbital Sciences' three-story, LEED-Silver office building located in Chandler, Arizona Liftoff is scheduled for 6:22 p.m. EDT from the Mid-Atlantic Spaceport’s Pad 0A at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.

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Jason A. Carey, Esq., John W. Sorrenti, Esq., Luke W. Meier, Esq., Patrick J. Stanton, Esq., and Evan R. Sherwood, Esq., Covington & Burling, LLP, for the protester. David S. Cohen, Esq., John J. O'Brien, Esq., Laurel A. Hockey, Esq., Daniel Strouse, Esq., and Amy J. Spencer, Esq., Cohen Mohr LLP, for the intervenor. Alexander T. Bakos, Esq., and Komal A. Sadhwani, Esq., National Aeronautics and Space Administration, for the agency. Stephanie B. Magnell, Esq., and Amy B. Pereira, Esq., Office of the General Counsel, GAO, participated in the preparation of the decision. [2] Both NASA and Orbital requested that our Office conduct alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in the form of outcome prediction.  NASA Email, June 29, 2017; Orbital Email, June 29, 2017.  On July 12, the GAO attorney assigned to the protest advised the parties that she would draft a decision denying the protest, and that the protest was likely to be denied by GAO.  Orbital elected not to withdraw its protest.  [6] The protester challenges the agency's calculations regarding the hours proposed by the offerors.  We need not resolve the issue.  The protester's calculation is used above and the agency's calculation would result in a difference of approximately [DELETED] percent.  The difference between these is, at best, de minimis. Orbital Sciences Corporation is located in Houston, Texas. This organization primarily operates in the Aircraft/aerospace Flight Instruments and Guidance Systems business / industry within the Measuring, Photographic, Medical, & Optical Goods, & Clocks sector

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Inside the space station, Commander Scott Kelly worked with a pair of bowling ball-sized satellites observing their automated docking abilities for the long-running SPHERES experiment. Japanese astronaut Kimiya Yui used an ultrasound to scan cosmonaut Sergey Volkov’s eyes for the Ocular Health study. The RFP advises offerors that NASA "will review recent and active contracts," and that other past performance information, such as that in the contractor performance assessment reporting system (CPARS) and the past performance information retrieval system (PPIRs), may also be reviewed.  RFP at 184-185.  Our decisions provide that, while agencies generally need not evaluate all past performance references, or those not reflected in the proposals, in certain limited circumstances an agency evaluating an offeror's past performance also has an obligation (as opposed to the discretion) to consider information that is "simply too close at hand to require offerors to shoulder the inequities that spring from an agency's failure to obtain, and consider, the information."  International Bus. Sys., Inc., B-275554, Mar. 3, 1997, 97-1 CPD ¶ 114 at 5.  Our Office has generally limited application of this principle to situations where the alleged "close at hand" information relates to contracts for the same services with the same procuring activity, or information personally known to the evaluators.  TRW, Inc., B-282162, B-282162.2, June 9, 1999, 99-2 CPD ¶ 12 at 5.Japanese astronaut Kimiya Yui has been servicing the two spacesuits Kelly and Lindgren will wear on the two six-hour spacewalks scheduled for Oct. 28 and Nov. 6. The spacewalkers will lubricate the tip of the International Space Station’s robotic arm, Canadarm2. He and Lindgren started their day, though, with eye checks for the ongoing Ocular Health study. Orbital Sciences 21700 Atlantic Blvd Sterling VA 20166. Reviews (703) 406-5000. Menu & Reservations Make Reservations . Order Online Tickets Tickets See Availability Directions {{::location.tagLine.value.text}} Sponsored Topics. Legal. Help Get directions, reviews and information for Orbital Sciences in Sterling, VA.. NASA released the RFP on July 22, 2016, and issued two amendments prior to the receipt of initial proposals.  Agency Report (AR), Tab 3, Amend. 0001; Tab 4, Amend. 0002.  The SSMO procurement was conducted as a full and open competition under Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) part 15 for a single-award hybrid contract consisting of a cost-plus-award-fee (CPAF) core requirement, a cost-plus-no-fee component for the core grants activity, and separate indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) elements for CPAF and cost-plus-fixed-fee (CPFF) task orders.  RFP at 88.[1]  The performance period consists of a 5-year, 2-month base period (including phase-in), followed by six 2-year options and a single 1-year "shutdown/close-out" option, resulting in a maximum potential performance period of 18 years.  RFP at 90, 99-100. 

Orbital Sciences, Gilbert, Arizona. 14 likes · 123 were here. Business Servic The next home-bound astronauts Kjell Lindgren and Kimiya Yui checked their vision and blood pressure today for the Ocular Health study. The duo will return home with Soyuz Commander Oleg Kononenko Dec. 11 officially ending the Expedition 45 mission. Kononenko participated in a pair of blood circulation experiments, Cosmocard and Cardiovector, and prepared the Soyuz TMA-17M spacecraft for its departure in less than two weeks.

Graham & Company is pleased to announce that Orbital Sciences Corporation leased 15,265 square feet at 355 Quality Circle in Hunstville for the fabrication of parts for a new rocket on Redstone Arsenal. The space will consist of 50% Office and 50% Warehouse and assembly area Orbital Sciences Corporation, of Greenbelt, Maryland, protests the award of a contract to Universities Space Research Association (USRA), of Columbia, Maryland, under request for proposals (RFP) No. NNA16579196R, which was issued by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for science and mission operations services in support of NASA's Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA), the world's largest airborne astronomical observatory. Orbital alleges that NASA improperly waived or relaxed the solicitation's total compensation plan requirement for USRA's proposal, failed to evaluate the difference in proposed hours between Orbital and USRA, made an improper upward price adjustment to Orbital's travel costs, and failed to consider a NASA inspector general report as part of USRA's past performance evaluation. A free inside look at Orbital Sciences salary trends based on 329 salaries wages for 104 jobs at Orbital Sciences. Salaries posted anonymously by Orbital Sciences employees Orbital Sciences (NYSE: ORB) has completed its merger with the aerospace and defense groups of ATK (NYSE: ATK) to create a new company that will operate as Orbital ATK.. Orbital ATK will start.

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