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Compare the stats and general application in this comprehensible weapon list for all Marksman Rifles available in PUBG Mobile SLR is great. For me it's like a hybrid of the fun of the Mini and the increased power of the SKS. As murder weapons go, it's a very satisfying and fun one. The first time I had it, I killed a surprise guy off the hip with it in rapid tap style just like you can do with the Mini. BLAP BLAP BLAP BLAP YEAH F0rever, jogador profissional de esporte eletrônico, atualmente jogando PUBG. Jorge Luis Andrade - Assesso The Mk14 is the best among all the DMRs because it has does the most damage and even has an automatic mode. The Mk14 is only available inside air dropped loot crates in the game which makes it an extremely rare gun. It has a damage of 61 and the longest range among all the DMRs that use 7.62mm ammo. It has high recoil especially in the auto mode which can be reduced using attachments. It has slots for a cheek pad, magazine, muzzle and scope, it also come with a bipod which stabilizes the gun when shooting while prone. It holds a normal magazine of 10 bullets, which can be extended to 20. With only three Sniper Rifles available as a normal drop, the chances of getting some of the more powerful Snipers is slim. The SKS, Kar98, and VSS are the only ones found in the wild, and out of these, it's a personal preference. The SKS offers a decent rate of fire and bullet velocity, but lacks damage

Choosing where to land in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a life or death decision. You can try to float to Battlegrounds' best loot spots and compete for gear, or take a more strategic approach, using the trajectory of the plane to predict quieter areas that will allow you to gear up in relative peace PUBG Mobile: What the Best Weapons Are. In a genuinely surprising turn of events, you can now play PUBG, in full, on your mobile phone. And while it would be easy to get bogged down on exactly how. SLR 58. SKS 53. QBU 48. Mini14 46 PUBG Weapon Attachments. The most popular weapons in PUBG, capable of carrying you through to a victory are worth looking into first. We will discuss the key points of attachments compatible with the.. The SKS can be considered a cross between an assault rifle and a sniper rifle, having nearly the Despite. RT @GoBoomTV: Great news! @bstategames told us that we'll have viewer DROPS on https://t.co/afYNyxLlLt from 6-7pm PT! In 3 hrs @ 12pm PT,…


Find info about all the weapons currently available in PUBG Mobile in this Weapon List. Info included on Magazine Size & Reload. Use this as a reference when gathering your gear. These rankings do not come from the official PUBG Mobile site or its developers and are solely based on the experience of Gamewith's team Self Loading Rifle or SLR is a DMR that can be found across the map in PUBG. The gun can be considered a more advanced version of SKS as they both possess some similarities รีวิว SLR ปืนสไนเปอร์แบบ DMR ตัวใหม่จาก PUBG Mobile ใช้ดีแค่ไหน 02 ส.ค. 61 (11:42 น.) ความคิดเห็น Friends is video me maine aapse kuch top secret trick dhika diya hai jiska use karke aap easyly pubg me lag fix kar sakte ho and kisi bhi android mobile me agar pubg lag ho raha hai to us lag ko aap 100% solve kar payenge is sabhi tricks ka use karke Compensators are attachments with baffles that redirect muzzle gas in an effort to combat recoil or drift. It does this by redirecting the gases in the opposing direction of weapon drift and recoil so that the gas counteracts the action of the weapon

The SKS is a significant DMR in PUBG. It has low damage compared to SLR but is more reliable. SKS has lower recoil than SLR but is very close to its damage numbers. The gun is very versatile and. 活动作品 为什么职业选手都喜欢用slr而不是sks,因为子弹追着人打的感觉很美妙 游戏 网络游戏 2020-03-16 00:53:33 --播放 · --弹幕 未经作者授权,禁止转 SLR là phiên bản bán tự động cơ bản với sức mạnh hơn hẳn khẩu SKS (5 sát thương) và thua khẩu MK14 (3 sát thương). Tốc độ ra đạn của SLR đạt 840 m/s biến nó thành khẩu súng có chế độ bắn bán tự động nhanh thứ 2 trong game sau MK14 Best Sniper Rifle Locations In PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, there are a variety of guns and ways to win. However, the Sniper Rifles are the most sought out ones in-game

A new weapon, the SLR DMR, also makes its way into the game. It uses 7.62mm ammo and contains 10 bullets per magazine. The PUBG SLR is more powerful than the SKS, but has more recoil LG Stylo 6 स्मार्टफोन हुआ लॉन्च, जानिए कीमत और फीचर्सWe may have ranked the guns according to what we think the variables said, but all said and done, it is up to the user to best use them. It does not necessarily mean that having a better gun will win the game, using it properly will. And always use guns that suit your play style and not what rankings say.K98 in solos and SKS in groups. Annoying they can crawl away before you can land another shot with the 98.रियलमी लॉन्च करने वाली है दमदार स्मार्टफोन, मिलेंगे कई नए फीचर


PUBG Mobile में आया अपग्रेड होने वाला हथियार Desert Fossil AKM 实际上,早在几个月前,由光子打造的另外一款游戏《Pubg Lite》,就已经针对海岛2.0做局部优化了。 AKM vs M416: SLR vs SKS BGR is a leading online destination for news and commentary focused on the mobile and general consumer electronics markets. It is America’s number one source of exclusive and breaking mobile news, and a technology category leader among early adopters, savvy technophiles and casual readers alike. more The SKS (Samozaryadny Karabin sistemy Simonova) is a designated marksman rifle, being a middle ground between a typical assault rifle and a sniper rifle. Thus, this rifle excels in medium-range combat and packs devastating stopping power if a user can handle this gun effectively in CQC (close-quarter combat), but will be less effective in long- to extreme-combat as it lacks the precision of dedicated sniper rifles. Players who wish to use a weapon with high damage, rate of fire and long range effectiveness should look for the SKS, as it is one of the few weapons with such properties.This gun also has the benefit of accepting the most attachments out of all the sniper rifles. The SKS shown and used in PUBG is a Chinese F.D.E. version made by Tapco.

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PUBG Mobile memiliki dua jenis Sniper Rifle, yakni DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) Sniper Rifle dan Bolt Action Sniper Rifle. Bolt Action Sniper Rifle memiliki empat macam senapan, yakni win94, Kar98k, M24 dan AWM. Sementara DMR Sniper Rifle mempunyai lima macam, yakni Mini 14, SKS, VSS, SLR, dan MK14 PUBG Weapon Charts - Damage vs. Utility Talking about what's the best weapon in what circumstances is a common thing nowadays for all the PUBG gamers. Well, thanks to the table below, you might find some guns quite underpowered and others OP GUIDE: The new SLR SNIPER - Uncovering the facts (Bullet speed, aim points, tapping speed +) - PUBG - Duration: 5 minutes, 40 seconds. WackyJacky101 214,641 view Lobes - 27 KILLS - M416 - SOLO vs SQUADS - PUBG ArrowDixoN loop video or see full youtube channel statistics, revenue calculation or use sub count online to uncover growth on diagrams

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Awm Sound Pubg We will be ranking the DMRs and Sniper rifles based on three variables, which are damage, range, and recoil in the ascending order. In this video, I will show you guys which gun is better, SKS, SLR or MINI 14. We will Compare these guns on the basis of: 1. Capacity 2. Recoil 3. Firing Speed 4. Reloading Time 5. Attachments 6.

PUBG replace 12 launch date. PUBG replace 12 is the most important patch to the sport since its launch from Early Access in December 2017. It's so hefty, in reality, there are much more bug fixes and motion tweaks you could learn in full here. You can get your arms on the brand new model of PUBG on May 3 This is something that has been bugging me for a couple weeks. As we all know, with Patch 17 came the SKS nerf and the brand new SLR. The Old SKS used to do 57 Damage, but was lowered to 53. Before the slight nerf it was possible to knock a 100% Health enemy with a level 1 helmet. Now with the SL.. Page 10 - PUBG Mobile Reversal, Structs and Offsets - PUBG Mobile Hacks and Cheats Foru

Changelog 1.00 28.5.2018. Updated weapons stats; Added new weapons; Improved usability; 0.96 20.11.2017. Fixed drag and drop issue with Google Chrome; 0.95 1.10.2017. PUBG Xbox One update: Patch notes REVEALED for next major console update • Added the SLR • The SLR is more powerful than the SKS but has more recoil. Recoil control is the key to using.

Pubg slr vs sks PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds PC servers went down for a few hours on Wednesday, May 2, to give way to a live server maintenance to launch the PC Update #12 of the game. d Compensator,Foregrip. You don't need to waste your time on forums, agreeing to risky terms, or trying to find a trustworthy website.. Pubg Game 4k 1080p wallpapers. Download this Pubg Game 4k in image in HD quality to use as your Android Wallpaper, iPhone Wallpaper or iPad/Tablet Wallpapers. As well as you can use this image as your WhatsApp DP or Facebook profile picture and cover photo. 2pubg-wallpapers playerunknowns-battlegrounds-wallpapers 2018-games-wallpapers games. The SKS shown and used in PUBG is a Chinese F.D.E. version made by Tapco. The SKS is not without its downsides however. Its standard capacity magazine of only 10 rounds, combined with high recoil and high precision compared to the automatic rifles require the user to stand still in order to land consistent shots, which in turn makes them an. PUBG Wiki Uncategorized NEW SLR GUN VS SKS | BEST RIFLE IN PUBGM? GUN RANGE TESTING. NEW SLR GUN VS SKS | BEST RIFLE IN PUBGM? GUN RANGE TESTING. July 8, 2019 admin 22 Comments. Hey everyone today in pubg mobile I will be testing the new slr rifle against the sks. Which one is the better rifle for you and which one is the king of rifles

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PUBG vs Free Fire : Arms & Ammunitions. At the point when things come as far as weapons then the PUBG is the unmistakable champ. PUBG accompanies more than 30 kinds of weapons (Guide to PUBG Weapons), for example, riflemen, guns, shotguns and some more.Then again, Free Fire offers you under 20 kinds of weapons yet they are like PUBG weapons The SLR spawns alongside normal world loot. It's a DMR which uses 7.62mm ammo and contains 10 bullets per magazine (20 bullets when extended.). The SLR is more powerful than the SKS but has more. PUBG MOBILE HACKS AND TRICKS EASY TO SCORE 1 @PUBG @PUBG LIFE HACKS; INI RASANYA KALO RANKED DI EPIC ! - MOBILE LEGENDS INDONESIA Just noticed I say level 3 helmet and level 2 vest when I talk about damage of the SKS, SLR and mini. What I mean is Level 2 helmet and level 3 vest (This is the data that is shown on screen too) <3. Reply; FIGG GUIDE: Kar98k vs M24 - MEGA COMPARISON - (+Critical Misalignment Uncovered) - PUBG4.5 (89.73%) 1849 votes This is the most comphrehensive weapons comparison video there has ever been done in PUBG history. Don't ask how long it took to make, just sit back and enjoy the free knowledge Music: Sappheiros - Truth Outtro music:. Our PUBG Best to Worst Weapons page lists all weapons in the game, with comprehensive stats and a tier list for each category. There's a whole host of weaponry up for grabs in PUBG, and if you're unfamiliar with the game it can be difficult knowing which you should be equipping or leaving by the wayside

The SLR is DMR (Designated Marksman's Rifle) type weapon. This gun is effective for long range combat. This semi-automatic rifle capable of shooting 7.62 mm bullets. This gun is a replacement of SKS. It is more powerful than SKS at the expanse of more recoil Direct comparison of the barrel attachments, compensator vs flash hider vs suppressor in PUBG. Which one is best to use in which situation

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PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has become a phenomenon, and people all over are getting into it. Even though the PC version of the game came first, the Xbox and the mobile versions that followed have managed to gain much more popularity. PUBG is all about guns and using them properly. The SLR has the same firing speed and capacity as the Mk14 but with a shorter range. The SKS shoots into third place with its capability to also deal single high-damage shots SKS: The second-weakest long gun, fulfilling its role as a marksman rifle rather than a fully-fledged sniper weapon. I tend to prioritize it below assault rifles unless there's a handy sniper. You can check PUBG weapon analysis data. PUBG weapons, PUBG gun, PUBG parts, PUBG weapon list, PUBG ar, PUBG sr, pubg wiki, pubg rifle SKS is the most basic DMR that uses the 7.62mm ammo and can be found on all the maps on PUBG.This gun has the lowest range among the DMRs using bigger bullets, and its damage of 53 is higher than.

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The most basic form of sniper rifle found in the game is VSS and it is an underrated gun because hardly anyone uses it. It has potential because It can be equipped with a cheek pad and an extended mag. This gun comes with a built in suppressor and scope and uses 9mm ammo which is used in pistols and SMGs. It has a very short range and can be fired in an auto mode. The damage from VSS is the lowest among all the DMRs and Snipers at 41. It holds a normal magazine of 10 bullets, which can be extended to 20. SKS - Uses 7.76mm ammo and damage of the single shot is 54 and comes with semi-auto firing mode. SLR - Uses 7.76mm ammo and damage of the single shot is 58 and comes with semi-auto firing mode. QBU-Uses 5.56mm ammo and damage of single shot is 48 and comes with semi-auto firing mode This is why I will almost never use a Kar98. Something is fucking off with it... Or am I doing something wrong?

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Today's Gunfight pits two semiauto rifles up against one another: the Soviet SKS against the American Mini-14. Both are gas operated, and each one fires the service cartridge of its respective nation MINI14 Mini14 is the best. It is very much stable without any equipments to the gun. Using an extended mag it can have 30 ammo per mag. Less recoil, high bullet velocity are some of the things that make Mini14 a beast. If you're fast enough you ca.. PUBG Mobile All Guns Damage: P92's Damage is 60 and time to kill on a headshot is 1.50 seconds.Sounds intriguing innit? Here we have the complete list of damage inflicted by each weapon in PUBG Mobile so you can re-arrange your priorities while gaming and strategize better

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Haven't seen a ton of discussion over this so I thought I'd start a thread. Note, I'm not rushing and saying the mini is too strong, I simply want to compare the balance between the mini and the SKS. The way I see it right now, the mini is better than the SKS in every way. Higher muzzle velocity, only just slightly lower damage, higher magazine capacity, is 5.56, seems more common, much easier. SKS DESCRIPTION The SKS is a Soviet semi-automatic carbine chambered for the 7.62×39mm round, designed in 1943 by Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov. Its complete designation, SKS-45, is an initialism for Samozaryadny Karabin sistemy Simonova, 1945 (Russian: Самозарядный карабин системы Симонова, 1945; Self-loading Carbine of (the) Simonov system, 1945). The SKS-45. 12cm FPS PUBG Game 7.62mm Bullet Weapon Model SKS Key Game PUBG Model Toy AWM 98K M24 SKS S686 SCAR L M16A4 Gun Game PUBG SKS SCAL Cartridge Detachable Gun Model 17CM Battlegrounds PUBG 1:6 Action Figures SKS Metal Model Gun PUBG CSGO AWM Sniper Rifle Armor Model Key Chain Keychain. RT @PlayVALORANT: We're inviting more people into the EU/NA Closed Beta via Twitch drops today. We are also going to follow up as soon as p…

PUBG weapon damage stats become increasingly important as you begin to think more competitively about how you play the game. Our next favourite is the SLR, which now trumps the SKS,. Pages in category Attachment for SLR The following 21 pages are in this category, out of 21 total. 15x PM II Scope 2x Aimpoint Scope 3x Scope 4x ACOG Scope 6x Scope 8x CQBSS Scope Cheek Pad (DMR, SR) Compensator for AR, S12K Compensator for Snipers Extended Mag for AR, S12K Extended Mag for Snipers, DMR Extended QuickDraw Mag for AR, S12K Extended QuickDraw Mag for Snipers, DMR Flash. The following are all attachments available for this weapon. They are sorted alphabetically with no regard to the attachment point utilized. The SLR is a more powerful version of the SKS but it comes with less options in terms of attachments. It has a damage of 58 which happens to be the highest among the DMRs that are freely available in the maps. It has a longer range compared to the SKS as well. But it has higher general recoil and which can be reduced. It’s attachments include a slot for a cheek pad, magazine, muzzle and a scope. It holds a normal magazine of 10 bullets, which can be extended to 20. PUBG 's PC Test Servers just got a brand-new update and its patch notes have been released. The major overhaul adds map selection, significant weapon balance changes and a cool new vehicle. ARs - rebalanced ARs so none is the objective best—the power differential between each is now reduced, bu

Pubg slr PUBG NEW RIFLE: SLR (all attachments) - YouTub . This is the new weapon in PUBG: the SLR. This is the new weapon in PUBG: the SLR. It is a DMR chambered in 7.62 and it takes both AR and SR attachments. Become a part of the PG family: http.. SLR 58. SKS 53. QBU 48 ; SLR + susturucu ile harika bir maç - pubg. Yıl önce Pubg Mobile Solo Vs Squads Guide 2020 Tips & Tricks Tips Hi Guys Today we will talk about Pubg Mobile Solo Vs Use the marksman rifles like the SKS, Mini14, SLR etc. they're better at putting down constant suppressing fire. is a blog which gives complete information about the Pc, Xbow, Ps4 and Mobile Games like Apex Legends, Clash. PUBG Weapon Tier List. Find out what the top weapons are in PUBG with our PUBG Weapon Tier List.. Reddit user AnarchySwitch compiled a breakdown of the stats of each of Battlegrounds' weapons, providing a look at which firearms are the most powerful in each category. Though hit detection issues mean that some of these weapons might not get the job done as accurately as the below spreadsheet.

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  1. ed vehicle, boat, loot, weapon spawn locations
  2. Инфографика: slr с большим отрывом побеждает в дуэлях с sks. Создатели тренировочной площадки gosu.ai сравнили по своей эффективности наиболее популярных представителей из разных классов оружия в pubg
  3. PUBG Xbox Update 17 Patch Notes: New Attachments, SLR Weapon, Mirado Vehicle and More. Kicking off the PUBG Xbox Update 17 patch notes are the weapon balance changes. Most of the pistols have been.

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  1. PUBG: Những combo súng hiệu quả nên chọn để chiến đấu hiệu quả hơn 1. AKM vs Mini-14. Nhiều game thủ sẽ cảm thấy ngạc nhiên khi ghép hai khẩu súng này lại với nhau, AKM thì có sức sát thương đứng đầu dòng AR, khẩu còn lại thì lại có sức sát thương thấp nhất của dòng súng trường AR, rõ ràng cả hai đều có.
  2. The SLR is a relatively new PUBG weapon and is a DMR which uses the 7.62mm rounds, the same as the SKS. This gun, like most DMR's, is something getting used to with high recoil and long distance shots
  3. And since knowing the game goes a long way in winning it, players can always get better results when they know which guns to use and which best suits their style of play. PUBG as a game has Pistols, Shotguns, Sub-Machine Guns, Assault Rifles, Designated Marksmen Rifles, and bolt action Sniper Rifles classified into different classes. We take a closer look at the different DMRs (Designated Marksman Rifles) and Sniper rifles in the game, and the specialties of each of these. Snipers and DMRs share equipment which include cheek pads, magazine mods, muzzle mods, all scopes available in the game and grips for some.

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According to the game's official Twitter page, PUBG's new gun is the QBU is a designated marksman rifle — not unlike the SKS and SLR — that features a built-in bipod for increased accuracy. M16A4 vs SKS Cặp đôi thứ 3 cũng là một AR khá phổ biến với một DMR không phổ biến tí nào, M16A4 rất dễ tìm thấy ở mọi nơi trên bản đồ của PUBG, còn SKS thì hơi khó kiếm một chút, và đây là hai sự lựa chọn khá chênh lệch về sát thương SLR Glock Gen 5 Back Plate. Quick view Add to My Wish List. AK 5.4 Mid MLOK - YUGO M92/ SAM 7K / MINI DRACO/ Krink Type. Quick view Add to My Wish List. 308L ION 16 Ultra Lite Handguard- MLOK. Quick view Add to My Wish List. ION 9.0 Ultra Lite MLOK Handguard

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The Values above are valued per close shot. Keep in mind that the shotgun shell damage drops off distance. Frееdіа.Vір [Update] Sks Vs Slr Free Fire Hack Che... Boope.Vip/Fire How To Fix Free Fire Hack Cheat 0.1... Newfire.Icu #Freefirehack How To Keybind In Free F... Neruc.Icu/Ff Free Fire Hack Cheat Reddit 2019; Uplace.Today/Fire Free Fire Cheat Jio; Ff.Gamev.Site Free Fire Hack Cheat Crates Rigged; Gdop.Live/Ff Free Fire Cheat World Series. Opinion: Why Mk14 is the most underrated gun in PUBG Mobile. The Mk14 is the most versatile and one of the most powerful guns in all of PUBG yet it doesn't get the attention it deserves Poco लॉन्च करेगा वायरलेस ईयरफोन Poco Pop Buds, सामने आई ये नई जानकारी

The SLR is a new DMR that uses 7.62mm rounds and contains 10 bullets per magazine (or 20 when extended). Developer PUBG Corp. notes the SLR is more powerful than the SKS, but also comes with more. #N#AK47 SKS STRIPPER CLIP CHEST POUCH Mag Magazine AK - 7.62x39. #N#SKS Spike Bayonet Original Folding Bayo. #N#SKS 20rd Removable Magazine FDE TAPCO DE MAG NEW. #N#TAKEDOWN MANUAL SKS SIMONOV 7.62x39 Rifle (63) #N#Star SKS Scope Mount & Receiver Cover NEW NCStar

PUBG: Best Shotguns. S686. OK, you'll have to reload after every couple of shots, but the S686 is the most devastating of all the shotguns. Pressing the trigger twice in quick succession will unleash both pellets almost instantaneously, and will often make for an insta-kill at close range Welcome to the PUBG Mobile Weapons Guide, where you can check the stats of the 35 weapons in the game: damage, dps, ammo type The Pan has the best damage, but in terms of DPS the Machete, the Crowbar and the Sickle are really the same. The S686 and the S1897 have the best damage. But the three shotguns are really fast killing The Karabiner 98 Kurz or simply the Kar98 is the most basic bolt action sniper rifle in the game and the most popular one since its availability is the most. This is a very basic bolt action rifle which uses 7.62mm ammo to do 75 damage which is the third highest among all guns in the game. The high damage is balanced out by a very small magazine capacity or 5 bullets which can’t be extended and the next bullet needs to be loaded in the chamber using w bolt action which gives it an extremely low rate of fire. It has a long range which is less than the M24 and AWM but higher than most other guns in the game. It comes with slots for either a cheek pad or bullet loops which makes reloading quicker, a muzzle slot and a scope slot. The suppressor is the only reasonable attachment for bolt action snipers because the recoil is not an issue with these guns. NEW UPDATE HUNTING FOR NEW SLR DMR \\ BATTLEGROUNDS PUBG PUBG Corp Announces Brand New Sanhok-Exclusive DMR, QBU PUBG Mobile weapons guide: All you need to know about DMR PUBG BANA DMR VER #FPP #SOLO - YouTube PUBG Mobile Mini14 - Stats, Attachments Setup & Skins PUBG's Sanhok map is getting a new DMR and a new vehicle. Welcome to our PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Best Weapons Tier List. You can view the TOP 3 Best Guns in PUBG for each weapon type, like Snipers, Assault Rifles, and even Shotguns. The speed in which the bullet travels from the barrel of the gun to aimed location. (The Higher the Number the less you will need to lead your shoots.

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For now, we’ll stick to the actual damage dealt by all of the guns in PUBG. The effort put in reviewing and making a table of all the PUBG weapons was fun, improving and learning more about the game. As we said, one of the most critical things in PUBG is the Weapon Damage. Tapi kami akan tetap coba memberikan perbandingan tentang sniper terkuat PUBG Mobile antara SKS Vs SLR! Baik SKS atau SLR keduanya bisa dibilang senjata level dua yang memiliki tingkat rarity cukup tinggi dan jarang sekali ditemukan. Keduanya memiliki daya hancur yang sangat besar walau tidak sebesar AWM atau M24, tapi tetap masuk dalam.

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The SKS is an incredibly powerful weapon when in the right hands. With a semi-auto receiver, it's capable of firing as fast as you can click your mouse. However, accurate, slow bursts are often more rewarding, especially at longer distances. You'll find that the SKS is very useful in short-to-mid ranged battles when using standard optics Developer Tencent Games issued PUBG Mobile update 0.7.0 on Tuesday, adding some of the highly anticipated features, including the War Mode, an all-new clan system, and the SLR sniper rifle. The. SKS atm, I would possibly put the kar98 in front of the SKS in the future when there are some optimization patches, because I'm a player who is used to playing first person shooters on 100+ fps at least but when I'm barely holding 60 fps consistently in a game where you have to lead shots It's hard to be consistent with a bolt action rifle The SKS is a Soviet semi-automatic carbine chambered for the 7.62×39mm round, designed in 1943 by Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov.Its complete designation, SKS-45, is an initialism for Samozaryadny Karabin sistemy Simonova, 1945 (Russian: Самозарядный карабин системы Симонова, 1945; Self-loading Carbine of (the) Simonov system, 1945) Topikhot.com, Sniper Terkuat PUBG Mobile - Bandingan Senjata Sniper Terkuat PUBG Mobile Antara SKS vs SLR? - Kedua senjata ini juga menggunakan tipe atau jenis peluru yang sama yaitu 7,62 milimeter peluru coklat.Masing-masing dari kalian pasti memiliki gacoannya sendiri. Kalau kita ngomongin soal perbandingan senjata mana yang terbaik jelas tidak akan ada habisnya, karena semua senjata.


PUBG 's PC Test Servers just got a brand-new update and its patch notes have been released. The major overhaul adds map selection, significant weapon balance changes and a cool new vehicle. Read. 职业选手不选择sks,而优先mini和slr的唯一原因,就是这把科技枪已经跌落神坛了。 游戏 网络游戏 2019-04-19 11:30:55 --播放 · --弹幕 未经作者授权,禁止转

akm DMR m416 Mini14 MOBILE pubg pubg weapons vss scarl SKS SLR Last modified: December 13, 2018 Previous Story: Buka 40 Weapon Crate & Advance UC Crate Box di PUBG MOBILE - Dapet Skin Senjata dan Baju Langka PUBG weapons, PUBG gun, PUBG parts, PUBG weapon list, PUBG ar, PUBG sr, pubg wiki, pubg rifle. Current PUBG Players : 344,980 Home Leaderboards Weapon Analysis Map Info OP.GG Inde SLR 58. SKS 53. QBU 48. Mini14 46. VSS 41. AWM 105. Kar98k 79. Mosin Nagant 79. M24 75. Win94 66. Crossbow 105. UMP45 41 * Tommy Gun 40. PP-19 Bizon 35. MP5K 33 * Vector 31 * Info for PUBG version — Generated 2020/04/21 contact.

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  1. Best Weapons For PUBG Mobile - Top In Category. We created this list of weapons according to our experience and knowledge. There might be different views and opinions. Best Assault Rifle For PUBG Mobile. In our list of best assault rifle AKM is on the top of list. There are multiple attachments that support AKM
  2. AKM. The most well-known assault rifle in PUBG Mobile is the Kalashnikov. It has two fire modes: semi-auto for close range, and full auto for long-range combat. You can attach a scope to it and increase the magazine for a complete tour de force
  3. Added a new DMR, the SLR. The SLR is a DMR which uses 7.62mm ammo and contains 10 bullets per magazine (20 bullets when extended). The SLR is more powerful than the SKS but has more recoil. Recoil control is the key to using the SLR effectively

New Slr Gun Vs Sks Best Rifle in Pubgm? Gun Range Testin

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  2. Designated Marksman Rifles; VSS. Suppressed sniper rifle that uses a heavy subsonic cartridge. Mini14. Semi-auto carbine. QBU. Semi-auto Chinese bullpup designated marksman rifle. SKS. Semi-auto Soviet designated marksmen rifle. SLR. Classic semi-automatic long rifle. Mk14 EBR
  3. INDOSPORT.COM - SLR atau Self-Loading Rifle dan juga SKS Samozaryadnyi Karabin sistemi Simonova, adalah dua senjata bertipe DMR atau Designated Marksman Rifle di game eSports PUBG Mobile.Dua Senjata ini memang sekilas terlihat mirip, namun siapakah yang paling kuat diantara keduanya. Untuk kemiripan sendiri terlihat dari bentuk yang sedikit mirip, lalu penggunaan jenis peluru yang juga sama.
  4. pubg Finally, the newest weapon added to PUBG with this update is the SLR. The SLR is a beefy, more powerful version of the SKS that has quite a bit more recoil
  5. SKS is the most basic DMR that uses the 7.62mm ammo and can be found on all the maps on PUBG. This gun has the lowest range among the DMRs using bigger bullets, and its damage of 53 is higher than the Mini 14 and QBU that use 5.56mm ammo. Without any equipment, this gun has a lot of recoil and can be difficult to use at longer ranges. But it has the option of a lot of mods that increase stability a lot. It comes with a slot for a cheek pad, magazine, grip, muzzle and a scope. It holds a normal magazine of 10 bullets, which can be extended to 20.

PUBG's first designated marksman rifle, the SKS can be insane when fully equipped with a compensator, foregrip, extended quickdraw mag, and cheek pad. The SKS trades damage for fire rate, and.


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'PUBG' Test Server Update Adds Map Selection, SLR & New

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