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Community Notice - Ooblets. Announcement. This is a subreddit where people can come to voice their personal opinions on what Epic Games is doing right and wrong with the Epic Games Store. All forms of discussion are encouraged, but please be mindful of the rules. Shitposting, threats of violence, racism etc. will not be tolerated Ooblets dev received thousands of hateful, threatening messages over Epic exclusivity Glumberland on being the target of online hate: I had no idea it was this ba “Because Epic doesn’t yet have the same market share as their competitors, they offered us a minimum guarantee on sales that would match what we’d be wanting to earn if we were just selling Ooblets across all the stores. That takes a huge burden of uncertainty off of us because now we know that no matter what, the game won’t fail and we won’t be forced to move back in with our parents.”Does Elliot use the extra space to fit in extra batteries, thus extending the runtime of the extra-long Game Boy? Nope; it’s still just four AA batteries. Does the extra chassis space hide any additional hardware components, perhaps supporting emulation? Absolutely not; other than its weird length, this is a thoroughbred Game Boy. Does it make it nicer to play? No; quite the opposite, in fact.

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They are similarly small indie companies. Everyone realized that the financial stability being offered to them by Epic was too good to pass up. People were sad that the games were exclusive to Epic, but they were understanding due to the situation and tact of the developers. Ooblets was an entirely different situation Build a landmark to help you navigate, and create emergency supply caches along commonly travelled routes. Review your Caches in the Journal, and leave notes on what you’ve stored in them so you can find vital tools or resources in the future. Ooblets, indie developer Glumberland's relaxing farming game, is the newest exclusive headed to the Epic Games Store.. While it won't be arriving on on other PC stores for a pretty long while, the Xbox One version of Ooblets remains unaffected by its Epic Games Store Exclusivity.. Ooblets Epic Games Store Exclusiv Gamers are being mean, Ooblets and epic are being honest and have solid facts -screenrant. Article/News. Close. 96. Posted by u/[deleted This is a subreddit where people can come to voice their personal opinions on what Epic Games is doing right and wrong with the Epic Games Store. All forms of discussion are encouraged, but please be.

Epic Games Store Announces Eight More Exclusives At PAX Airborne Kingdom, Manifold Garden, Ooblets, Superliminal, and more are all coming exclusively to the Epic Games Store. 8 months ag My wife Rebecca and I have been the target of a pretty big internet storm for the last five days following our Epic Games Store timed-exclusive announcement for Ooblets Epic Games Store Controversy. On July 31st, 2019, Cordingley and Wasser announced that Ooblets would be an Epic Games Store exclusive. In a post on the Ooblets website, they poked fun at the anti-Epic Games Store sentiments in the gaming community, writing: Just imagine if other companies got it in their head to offer funding in exchange for exclusives This was a dumb and short sighted move by the dev. I hope that epic paycheck was worth it if you were willing to; 1. Insult potential buyers of your game, reducing any extra sales on top of money acquired. 2. Creating a negative stigma around yourself for any future games you may have plans.. Wasser then moved on to the elephant—or most elephant-like Ooblet—in the room: the volcano of vitriol that erupts on every studio that signs an exclusivity deal with Epic. He prefaced it by saying that he doesn’t “expect much of our uniquely-lovely community to fit into this weird anti-Epic contingent,” but went on to use that as a launchpad for a discussion of common complaints against the Epic Games Store. First up, he addressed the store’s well-documented lack of features like social tools, achievements, wishlists, and user reviews, saying that software development takes time, and that Steam, in particular, took 15 years to get where it is today. “I’m sure there’s a team of folks working on launcher features for EGS, but their work depends on the platform being worthwhile from a market-share perspective to keep going,” Wasser wrote.

But it’s a thoroughly entertaining watch, and a lovely, comforting watch. It’s kind of like watching The Great British Bake Off, but for retro hardware, which is exactly the right amount of weird we need during these exceedingly weird times. Epic Games Store Announces Eight More Exclusives At PAX. Airborne Kingdom, Manifold Garden, Ooblets, Superliminal, and more are all coming exclusively to the Epic Games Store So you’ll be able to purchase all of the individual components of the Mafia Trilogy separately. If you purchase the trilogy itself – which is available to buy now – you can download and play the Mafia II HD Remaster and Mafia III right now, with your Mafia Remake available to download when it releases on August 28, 2020. Ooblets Goes to Epic Games Store; Devs Defend Their Decision. news 02 August 2019 13:04. Exclusive titles on Epic Games Store are still controversial. Many devs, however, are not afraid to cooperate with the company and strongly defend their position, putting forward strong arguments. One of them is the team at Glumberland, responsible for.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

When Xbox announced its acquisition of Double Fine during E3, Ooblets wasn’t included in the deal. The indie game about fun, friendship, and farming weird creatures left the Double Fine stable and struck out on its own.And really, in a world where games are difficult and expensive to make and so many indie studios struggle and close, that’s all that matters.

Ooblets Indie Developers Receive Immense Backlash Over Epic Games Store Deal Dennis Patrick / Updates / Epic Games , Epic Games Store , Glumberland , Ooblets / This is sounding a bit like a broken. Ooblets (previously known as Moblets) is a life simulation game due for release on Microsoft Windows and Xbox One in 2019.. The game has been in development by Glumberland, a two-person indie game development studio composed of artist/programmer Rebecca Cordingley and designer Ben Wasser, since 2016. The game combines elements of games such as Stardew Valley and Pokémon

Epic Games has issued a statement denouncing a disturbing trend of harassment toward its partners, specifically following the fallout from the recent exclusivity deal with Ooblets studio. Epic exclusivity deal guarantees Ooblets all the money it would've made on other platform

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Video: Ooblets dev opens up about Epic Games Store exclusivity

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

“Sometimes the only thing to do in cold weather is have an ice cream!"© 2020 Thumbsticks | Video game news, features, reviews | PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, 3DS, and PC. Today, the game's developers announced that, on PC, Ooblets will be an Epic Games Store exclusive. In an attempt to meet the inevitable backlash head on, they explained their rationale in. Also Epic Games exclusivity has been a major point of controversy this year. They also were passive aggressive about the backlash, but later said that they intended for this to be a lighthearted joke that got taken way out of context “So let’s remember that this is all low-stakes video game stuff we’re dealing with here,” he said. “Nothing to get worked up about.”

You should follow Thumbsticks on Flipboard, Facebook, Google News, and Twitter, if you know what’s good for you.The announcement of Ooblets highlighted a disturbing trend which is growing and undermining healthy public discourse, and that’s the coordinated and deliberate creation and promotion of false information, including fake screenshots, videos, and technical analysis, accompanied by harassment of partners, promotion of hateful themes, and intimidation of those with opposing views.

Ooblets Is Epic Exclusive, Developer Puts Expected

Ooblets will launch on the Xbox in addition to the Epic Games Store. Read next: Disney will bundle ESPN+, Hulu, and Disney+ for $13/month to take on Netflix in November Corona coverag Ooblets ist ein Spiel zum Kreaturensammeln und Anbauen, und über das Stadtleben. Erkunde die Welt von Oob, nimm an Tanzwettkämpfen teil, leite deinen Bauernhof, passe dein Haus und deinen Charakter an und finde Ooblet-Freunde. Epic, Epic Games, das Logo von Epic Games, Fortnite, das Logo von Fortnite, Unreal, Unreal Engine, das Logo von. After Viral Epic Store Rejection, Ooblets Devs Mock Community With Condescending Defense Of Epic Store Exclusivity - Duration: 30:39 Epic Games Denies Hurting Cyberpunk 2077 or CD Projekt. Epic Games Store exclusivity deals have typically been met with unhappiness from a vocal contingent of the gaming community, but last week's Ooblets announcement has been particularly ugly. In a. Epic paying for PC exclusives has become the latest thing Gamers™ have gotten angry about, which I'll talk more about a bit further down. What it means for Ooblets: Ooblets will be launching on PC through EGS. We won't be selling the game on other PC stores for a pretty long while (that's the exclusivity bit)

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Ooblets Devs Threatened after Epic Games Store Deal - Inside Gaming Daily - Duration: 14:29. Inside Gaming 250,377 views. 14:29. The Untold History of EA's Long (and Rich) Pay-2-Win Love Affair -. And why does The Long Dark continue to be so popular? Well, it’s very good, of course. That obviously helps. But it’s that continued commitment, development and support that makes it so cherished by its devoted fans. Epic Defends Ooblets Devs After Exclusivity Deal Leads To Massive Backlash Microsoft Won't Participate in Epic Store Exclusivity & Will Bring More Games to Steam - Duration: 14:45. YongYea.

Epic Issues Statement on "Misinformation and Abuse" in

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  1. The Ooblets' exclusive deal with the Epic Games Store has become the latest proxy battle in an online campaign to stop game developers from embracing Epic. The sudden rise of the Epic Games Store creates controversy. The Epic Game Store is a relatively new platform made by the creators of Fortnite
  2. Ooblets dev stands by comments about toxic, entitled gamers Wave of anti-Semitic, homophobic, racist abuse over Epic Games store exclusivity fails to convince Glumberland dev to recant statement
  3. Find Spray Cans in the world. Leave markers identifying important survival information such as the location of supplies or dangerous places to avoid. These in-world indicators appear on your map so that you can find things back even days or weeks after you’ve left a region.
  4. It’s a comically violent game with a shark tongue placed firmly in its cheek, exemplified by in-game narration from 30 Rock‘s Chris Parnell.
  5. Ooblets does not look like the sort of game to inspire death threats, racial abuse, and homophobic rants but thanks to the game now being an Epic Games Store exclusive that's exactly what's.
  6. Last week, the official Mafia Twitter account – which had lain dormant for almost two years – suddenly sprang into life. Over the course of three days, it sent the following three tweets:

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Consider that, in the same time period, Bungie has released two Destinies, Ubisoft has released two Divisions and two Ghost Recons, while Bethesda and EA have missed the mark with Fallout 76 and Anthem respectively. While those games from massive publishers have been and gone, it’s even more remarkable that a small Vancouver studio has developed and maintained one indie game with such longevity and sustained popularity. For example, if a game like Ooblets reviews extremely well, but fails to sell enough copies for whatever reason, without investment from Epic, it could mean the end for a studio like glumberland. Now the studio and everybody working for it doesn't lose their job if the game doesn't sell x amount of copies, and consumers get more games from.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Indie studio Glumberland, developer of cute and quirky life simulator Ooblets, announced its decision to sign a PC exclusivity deal with Epic Games last week. It essentially secured the company's. Obviously, Epic is entirely in the right here, and the behavior displayed by that vocal contingent is terrible. Most PC gamers will agree that this contingent of the community is only a vocal minority. They don’t speak for all of us in any way. Most of us will readily condemn any form of harassment and intimidation, not just threats and hateful comments. Even if we reserve some criticism toward Epic as a company, there is no justification for what’s going on. This is a sad situation, and it’s a constant challenge we must try to rise above. We can only try to foster open dialogue in the spirit of tolerance and civility, hoping that things might change in time.

After a preamble stressing that Epic supports the entire game community's right to speak freely and critically, the statement read: The announcement of Ooblets highlighted a disturbing. The latest target of Epic exclusivity ire? The developers of Ooblets, who tried to get out in front of the inevitable stampede of rage by snarkily putting the situation in perspective.Coordinated.

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  1. g weird creatures left the Double Fine stable and struck out on its own
  2. g indie game Ooblets developer Glumberland reports that they've received thousands of threats following their announcement of a temporary Epic Games Store exclusivity arrangement. This outburst is the latest of many such attacks leveled at developers who join Epic's storefront, which launched in December 2018
  3. imum guarantee on sales “that would match what we’d be wanting to earn if we were just selling Ooblets across all the stores,” which takes the loo
  4. 『Ooblets』のテーマは、作物作りとクリーチャー集め、そして町の日常。ゲームの舞台である「Oob」の世界の探索やダンスバトルへの参戦、農場の管理や家・キャラクターのカスタマイズ、愛らしい「ウーブレット」というクリーチャー集めが満喫できます
  5. Last week, Ooblets developer Glumberland released a statement on the game’s official website. The statement explained the developer’s reasons for accepting a one-year exclusivity deal on the Epic Games Store, as several other developers and publishers have done recently. It also addressed the potential issues that some PC gamers might have with the exclusivity deal. As expected, a vocal contingent (mainly denizens of Reddit) took umbrage with the statement and its tone. Since then, there have been reports of a coordinated campaign of misinformation and threatening messages to developers.

Ooblets - Accesso anticipato a Ooblets - Epic Games Stor

Ooblets - Accès anticipé d'Ooblets - Epic Games Stor

He closed things out with an attempt at putting it all in perspective, saying that while seeking out reasons to be angry and venting anger is “cathartic and natural,” there are other things in the world that might be “just a tad more worthwhile to be upset about.” He specifically pointed to climate change, human rights abuses, the new Twitter desktop UI, and the last season of Game of Thrones before clarifying—because this is the internet—that the last two things were of course jokes. What it means for Ooblets: Ooblets will be launching on PC through EGS. We won't be selling the game on other PC stores for a pretty long while (that's the exclusivity bit). We'll still be launching on Xbox One. The Epic exclusivity is just limited to PC Bookmark the Thumbsticks new releases page for the latest games. You can also stalk us on social media via Flipboard, Facebook, Google News, and Twitter.

Per seguirci: Sito web: https://www.nrsgamers.it/ Videogame news riportate su Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nrsgamershome/ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv.. What happened to us is the result of people forgetting their humanity for the sake of participating in video game drama Ooblets dev addresses Epic exclusivity harassment

Ooblets: "Ein Teil der Spiele-Community ist furchtbarFortnite System Requirements: Can My PC Run Fortnite

The new THQ also continues to tinker with its back catalogue, this time with an updated version of Saints Row: The Third. It’s a flawed game at its heart, but the remaster looks gorgeous, and if you’re looking for an open-world experience that requires little more than an instinct for chaos, you should have a good time.Found it interesting, entertaining, useful, or informative? Maybe it even saved you some money. That's great to hear! Sadly, independent publishing is struggling worse than ever, and Thumbsticks is no exception. So please, if you can afford to, consider supporting us via Patreon or buying us a coffee.And when Tim Schafer spoke about the Xbox acquisition, he was honest and frank about the decision-making process. Microsoft offered them lots of money to do it, and in turn, that allows them to develop the games they want without financial stress and pressure.

The anticipated, cute, indie Ooblets has just become an Epic Games Store exclusive. Developer Glumberland says it still plans to release on Xbox One. The PC version of the game will come to other storefronts as well but it is going to be much further down the line Quirky farming game Ooblets has become the latest title to sign up for Epic Games Store exclusivity. It now means the PC version of Ooblets will be launching through the EGS and will be exclusive. As many good-lookin' small-budget games are wont to, Ooblets has signed a timed exclusivity deal with the Epic Games Store in exchange for extra funding. That's common enough that we didn't even post about it. Also disappointingly common is the harrassment which follows, here directed at Glumberland, the tiny two-person development team behind the 'kinda Pokémon with cute dance-offs. The announcement of Ooblets highlighted a disturbing trend which is growing and undermining healthy public discourse, Epic Games' statement from yesterday notes, and that's the coordinated. The Long Dark’s Fearless Navigator update also includes a bunch of bug fixes, general fixes, tweaks, and improvements. You can read all about them on the Hinterland website.

The PC version of Ooblets will sold exclusively on the Epic Games Store for a fixed time period, developer Glumberland announced. The game will also release for Xbox One. In a blog post. Epic Games Store has secured another exclusive in Glumberland's Harvest Moon meets Pokemon meets Animal Crossing game, Ooblets. And while Ooblets might not be as big a name as Ubisoft's The Division 2 or 4A Games' Metro Exodus, the announcement around the exclusivity deal is a powerful statement For the game’s fifth birthday, CD Projekt Red is offering a bit of a series starter pack for PC players. On Steam and the developer’s own GOG.com, you can pick up a whole lot of Witcher content for the price of a nekker bounty. Epic Games Store is the subject of many gaming conspiracy theories. But it isn't a tool of the Chinese government, and it isn't spyware

Epic Games releases statement on the Ooblets controvers

Follow Thumbsticks on Flipboard, Facebook, Google News, and Twitter. Just don’t come and ask us if was a slow news day; the extra-long Game Boy is the most important story of our generation. Or something. We just love it, alright? Ooblets is the latest game to sign on as an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC, and it's a decision the development team candidly explained in a blog post on the game's official site Did you ever wonder what a Game Boy would be like it if were twice as long? Or is it twice as tall? That depends on what you consider the Y- or Z-axis on the Game Boy, we suppose. (And what is it called? Do you pronounce it Gaaaame Boy, or Game Booooy? We have so many questions!) Developers at Glumberland say they're devastated by the reaction to the announcement that the PC version of Ooblets will be a timed Epic Games store exclusive.. Revealing the deal in a blog post last week, Glumberland said Epic had offered the UK indie studio a minimum guarantee on sales that would match what we'd be wanting to earn if we were just selling Ooblets across all the.

Regarding what's been happening - Perplamps - Mediu

  1. g client finally stepped in
  2. g and creature-collecting game Ooblets recently announced an exclusivity deal with Epic to launch the title as a timed exclusive for the Epic Games Store.
  3. Epic Games Store has announced that eight new indie games will be available exclusively on its store. The games were announced as part of a PAX West 2019 Showcase, and include highly anticipated.

Ooblets Devs Threatened after Epic Games Store Deal

A couple of older games are receiving reissues and remasters this week. PlatinumGames’ The Wonderful 101 was an early Wii U darling, but also a massive flop. Its Kickstarter-backed release on Nintendo Switch, PC, and PS4 should bring it to a wider audience.Then came the really tricky bit: stripping sections of the track on the donor Game Boy’s PCB, then soldering in long tails for the new position of the speaker and controller buttons. (It’s particularly pleasing that Elliot has a whole caddy full of Game Boy buttons, like most people have sewing or art materials.) With platforms like Steam offering no similar incentives and a revenue split that leaves developers with less profit compared to Epic, this seems like a great opportunity for Ooblets. The post goes on to discuss why some people may dislike the Epic Games Store, and how some players may resort to piracy due to some imagined entitlement to play a. Which set tongues wagging that a Mafia announcement was on the way. But what announcement? A remaster? A spin-off? A proper sequel? We only had to wait a day to find out the answer: Epic defend Ooblets dev and call for more transparent discourse Ooblets dev's decision to go with the Epic Games Store exclusivity seems to have backfired in just about every sense of the word. Unfortunately, some evidence used to escalate the situation was faked, which Epic addressed in a blog post

Epic Games has released a statement on the controversy surrounding the announcement of Ooblets as an Epic Games Store exclusive Ooblets developers Rebecca Cordingley and Ben Wasser announced last week that their long-awaited farm life sim Ooblets will be an Epic Games Store exclusive at launch. The message, written by.

Birds of a feather flock together, so it’s no surprise to see that Glumberland, the developer behind Ooblets, being as frank and open about its decision to make Ooblets an Epic Games Store exclusive. (On PC, at least. Ooblets will still be available on Xbox One as originally planned.) A small indie developer decided to announce that their game Ooblets was becoming an Epic Store Exclusive. However they seemed to really, REALLY botch this!!.

Mafia III is… still here? This one only released in 2016, so it’s still in pretty good shape. Nothing to announce here, just a gentle reminder that it still exists. Glumberland has released an official statement regarding the harassment it's received following the announcement that the PC version of Ooblets will be a timed Epic Games store exclusive.. The studio's co-founders, husband and wife team Ben Wasser and Rebecca Cordingley, had anticipated something of a backlash to the news, so they addressed some of the most common complaints about the Epic. Not a parody account. Maybe threadmark worthy? Seems to be the official Epic's stance. Tim sees a fire and drives an oil tanker into it for the memes? I'm pretty sure this will result in the Ooblets devs retweeting it and then the mob will be reinvigorated and this will never end. Then more..

Ooblets will be exclusive to Epic Games Store on PC ResetEr

Ooblets will be exclusive to Epic Games Store on PC. Thread starter I'm assuming it's that the poster is just fine with Epic deciding which games are worth caring about. systemic problems with game development and specifically indie game development and deployment that the peopel behind Ooblets and other games have to deal with and that. On that note, let’s also point out that Epic has not yet addressed its quiet delay of features for the Epic Games Store. It continues to offer a poor service with its launcher and a baffling inability to deliver results. This will keep emboldening those who criticize the company, and it does nothing to help its image. A statement on the reasons for this delay and more transparency into the development process would go a long way.

  1. Rather than actually doing their due diligence to find out what had happened about Ooblets and Epic Games, easily outraged internet people decided to base their hot takes on a handful of.
  2. Live the life of a gangster across three distinct eras of organized crime in America. Discover the #MafiaTrilogy Tuesday, May 19 at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm BST at https://t.co/I2ztjXo7FZ. pic.twitter.com/kzLD4qFRAj
  3. Back then, the notion that a single independent video game might have such a long lifespan seemed far fetched. (Yes, some games take that long to get released thanks to development delays, but that’s not what we meant.)

Ooblets Goes to Epic Games Store; Devs Defend Their

Ooblets developer reveals shocking abuse over Epic - Metr

'Ooblets' developers receive violent threats for Epic

The latest development update for the ultra-cute farm life sim Ooblets says that we did the thing, which in this case means that it's become an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC. The update also. When a game studio takes advantage of Epic Games Store exclusivity, it risks the ire of the wider gaming community. However, there is a line that can be crossed in the way one can express disappointment and dissatisfaction. This line was crossed in the case of Ooblets. Following Ooblets' announcement that its quirky life simulation [ Developer Glumberland’s exclusivity announcement post is a mixture of frank and tongue-in-cheek. “This is exactly what Marx warned us about!” designer Ben Wasser wrote to kick it off. “Just imagine if other companies got it in their head to offer funding in exchange for exclusives. What’d be next? Game consoles paying for games to be exclusive on their consoles? Netflix paying for exclusive shows? Newspapers paying for exclusive articles? It’d be some sort of late capitalist dystopia.” What Epic really needs to do is get people to buy games that aren't exclusive. That would be success. IMO, the best way to do that would be to implement some of Steam's major features like controller support (so they're at less of an inherent disadvantage) and, crucially, develop some features that Steam doesn't have

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Epic's CEO shouldn't be riling the mob going after Ooblets

Ooblets Epic Store Exclusivity Announcement Triggers Backlas

Turn layers of information on and off in the Map. Locate and rename Rock Caches. Keep track of all Surveyed locations to know if you’ve found them all. Especially useful if you are hunting locations for the Faithful Cartographer achievement. Hate Epic Games if you'd like, but the reaction to Ooblets was just pure, despicable malice. Ultimately, when a game goes Epic exclusive, you are being duped by some internet provocateur if your response is to flip a table. With console exclusivity, these reactions might feel less ridiculous given the immense cost of investing into each console The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the best games of the generation. Nab it, all its DLC, and the rest of the series for the cost of a AAA game. But when Epic interferes with that by throwing their money at Kickstarters that I might already be backing, then that's a shame. I could be supporting a project that needs the help more. I'm just asking Epic to stick to supporting games that I'd never want to touch. Everyone wins! And so I'd like to thank Epic for supporting Ooblets Enter Elliot Coll, of The Retro Future, to answer all these questions – and more! – that you didn’t even know you had.

It includes numerous examples of the hateful messages they received in response to their announcement that Ooblets would be a timed Epic Store exclusive. The announcement's ill-judged tone meant the team received a disproportionate backlash compared to the numerous other studios that have accepted Epic's offering of financial stability. Can you believe that 2020 has been going on for eight whole years, yet somehow, it’s still only May? Speaking of things that have been going on for a very long time, The Long Dark originally released, into Steam Early Access, in September 2014. Epic recently made it clear that it wants to change the gaming industry with Epic Game Store exclusives. With that said, we hope that Ooblets turns out to be a great game. Ooblets release date is. Ooblets Developer Deals With Harassment Over Epic Games Store Exclusivity. Epic has issued a statement condemning the harassment and standing by the developers. by Imran Khan on Aug 06, 2019 at 03:55 PM. News. Ooblets Will Be An Epic Games Store Exclusive My brain is refusing to process the fact that racial slurs and death threats were directed at people making a game called Ooblets. OOBLETS, FOR GOD'S SAKE. Please release me from this 8chan.

Deux jours de "cris sans arrêt" après une exclusivité avec

Epic Denounces Harassment in Wake of Epic Game Store

  1. Ever since Glumberland - a small studio formed of Rebecca Cordingley and Ben Wasser - revealed that their game Ooblets would be an Epic Games Store exclusive at launch on PC, there has been a storm surrounding the game online and on social media, as we've come to expect from such reveals. We've seen the same with Metro Exodus, Borderlands 3, and more, but it turns out the discussion around.
  2. “Now we can just focus on making the game without worrying about keeping the lights on,” continues the post. “The upfront money they’re providing means we’ll be able to afford more help and resources to start ramping up production and doing some cooler things.”
  3. “Screw folks who get mad here,” one person wrote in response to the announcement. “Get paid, don’t shut down as a studio. You make good games, and the folks that are mad would be madder if you shut down tomorrow. They can handle having to buy from another store.” 

Ooblets - GameSpo

  1. Last week, Ooblets designer Ben Wasser wrote a post explaining why he and his development partner, programmer and artist Rebecca Cordingley, decided to take Epic's deal. Wasser said that the.
  2. If you're looking to hang out with cute creatures in the adorable farm life sim Ooblets, you're going to be doing it on the Epic Games Store. In a recent update, the team at Glumberland took to a.
  3. g 'life simulation' game Ooblets, which was a part of our 'Most Anticipated Indie Games of 2019' selection, will be an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC for 'quite some time', as the.
  4. So we all waited patiently, for a week, as the tweet instructed. Then yesterday, the 2K press team reached out with information on the Mafia Trilogy; it’s not quite as simple as it sounds.
  5. Epic has had enough. Following the announcement that Ooblets will be an Epic Games Store timed exclusive, developer Glumberland found itself in the crosshairs of trolls and harassers. We've come.
  6. Speaking of updates, Hinterland has today released version 1.76 of The Long Dark, the Fearless Navigator update. Here’s a nifty trailer showing off the new features, and a run-down of what’s included:
  7. Epic has announced eight more PC games launching exclusively on the Epic Games Store, including Ooblets, Wattam, and, for the first time on PC, the Alto Collection, which will come with both Alto.
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Independent development studio Glumberland has announced in a blog post that their debut title, Ooblets, will be debuting exclusively on the Epic Games Store. Furthermore, the post explains the motivation for the decision. Quote Because Epic doesn't yet have the same market share as their competi.. Just when you thought it was safe to visit the PlayStation Store, Maneater surfaces on PlayStation 4. Here’s this week’s lineup of new PS4 releases. Glumberland has announced that Ooblets will be an Epic Games Store Exclusive.. In a press release on the studio's website, the studio laid out its reasoning for signing the PC exclusivity deal: So we had a big decision to make, and we didn't take it lightly. Because Epic doesn't yet have the same market share as their competitors, they offered us a minimum guarantee on sales that. Buy on AmazonG/O Media may get a commissionPeople, he noted, sometimes even go so far as to threaten piracy in reaction to Epic exclusivity shifts. Wasser is not a fan of that approach. “Feeling like you’re owed the product of other people’s work on your terms or else you’ll steal it is the epitome of that word ‘entitlement’ that people use to discuss immature, toxic gamers,” he said. Announced by independent developer Glumberland this morning via a blog post, the PC version of Ooblets, essentially a hybrid of Pokémon and Animal Crossing, will launch on the Epic Games Store as.

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