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By completing the storyline of Varan, the player unlocks the Besaid Aurochs' locker room in Luca. Here, they can face the three best Sphere Break players in the game with Quota values upwards of 500. Defeating the elites will award the player some rare accessories—Enterprise, Invincible, and Ragnarok, respectively. "Flash Over" is played as the normal tournament music. During the Aeon Cup, the aeon battle theme titled "Aeons" plays instead of the normal tournament music. During the Fiend World Cup, the typical tournament theme is substituted with "Clash". During Farplane Cup, "Their Resting Place" plays instead. The Fiend Arena can be accessed at any point during the game by talking to Shinra on the Celsius. In its menu, the player can capture fiends, watch their Fiend Tale progress, manage them and finally, fight in the arena. MUSHROOM CLOUD Dress Sphere Garment Grid Accessories Skills Auto-Abilities Mascot Salvation PromisedSoul of Thamasa*Pernicious Powder Break Damage Limit (Ribbon) Ragnarok Ultima Break HP Limit (Magic Booster)* (Auto-Life) Black Magic Lv 2 (Spellspring) Life Turbo Black Magic Empty Name PodType Location Mushroom Cloud S Mushroom Ch 5 Bevelle, After Via Infinito Begins Note: Soul of Thamasa (Magic Booster) can be replaced by Key to Success (Double All) Magic Booster: To further increase the power of Ultima.Key to Success: Double pleasure, double the fun? NOTE: Other skills put into consideration are: Black Sky (Magic Booster doesn't help) and Vigor. NOTE: Break Damage Limit and Break HP Limit are NOT essential, but nice to have Taken from both the FFX SUG and the FFX-2 UG (working backwards). Pacce - 10 Calli - 11 Rikku - 15 Gatta, Tidus, Yuna - 17 Botta, Brother, Datto - 18 Clasko, Elma, Jassu, Shelinda - 19 Chappu (at time of death) - late teens Keepa - 20 Letty - 21 Lulu, Maroda, Wantz - 22 Luzzu, Wakka - 23 Barthello, Dona - 24 Kimahri.

League Warrior is an enemy in Final Fantasy X-2 that appears in Chapters 2, 3, & 5 in Djose, Kilika, and Mushroom Rock Road. They appear during the boss battle with Elma . Stats [ edit Winning the Farplane Cup awards the player with one of the rarest and most valuable accessories in the game. The possible rewards are: Ragnarok, Force of Nature, Key to Success, and Iron Duke. Participating in the Farplane Cup and defeating Major Numerus through the battle simulator are the only ways to obtain multiple Iron Dukes in one playthrough. Two accessories found in Chapter 5 triple (AP Egg) or double (Key to Success) AP growth. AP Egg is a Blitzball prize; Key to Success is the final award if you complete the Moonflow mission 100% and do NOT defeat Garik on Mt. Gagazet. This precludes getting 100% for the whole game on your first play-through, but the Key is powerful indeed. Winning Standard Cup for the first time awards the player with the Psychic dressphere. Beating it three times awards the Intrepid Garment Grid and unlocks Standard Cup: Hard. Other rewards include X-Potion x4, Ether x8, Titanium Bangle or Silver Bracer.

Good places to level up during the game are the Leblanc Syndicate's headquarters early in the game, Cid's secret dungeon during Chapter 5 for mid level characters, and the Depths of the Farplane. Author(s): Damir Kolar Editor(s): Claire Farnworth First Published: 25-03-2015 / 00:00 GMT Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT Version: 1.0 (????) 20-05-2020 / 10:10 GMT

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It is in my opinion the best RPG battle system ever, because it blends perfectly turn based gameplay with a more dynamic approach. 3. ironically there's probably more dancing in FFX-2 than any other entry. Its not everyone's cup of tea but then its a special type of game and one that rewards skill as much as patience and. FFX-2 fiend arena. FF X. I'm just about finished with my current NG+ playthrough focusing on the fiend teams. Other than the obvious OP human/bosses, what fiends do you like to use? Just started ng+ with the aeon cup monsters. Jumbo cactuar is a wrecking ball early. I usually fall with in chocobos and machina. level 2 Ability: Description: MP: Learn From: Fire Breath: Deal fire damage to all enemies. 28: Balivarha in the Calm Lands and Thunder Plains during Chapters 3, 4 and 5.: Seed Cannon: Damage one enemy. 28: Cephalotus in Besaid and Mi'ihen Highroad during Chapter 3 and 5. Leucophylla in the Calm Lands during Chapter 3 and 5.: Stone Breat He performs much the same role in FFX-2, after a disastrous stint as a tour guide in the ruins of Zanarkand that demeans both Isaaru and the pilgrimage that meant so much to him. One interesting detail: Isaaru's aeons are named Pterya, Grothia and Spathi for Valefor, Ifrit, and Bahamut. We don't know what he named Ixion When the player participates in the Fiend World Cup for the very first time, it is named the Fiend portal, and the final opponent is Omega Weapon. Losing to any team results in a Game Over as the Celsius explodes. After winning, the player is given a choice to recruit either Ultima Weapon or Omega Weapon. Since Ultima Weapon was recruited to unlock the Fiend Portal in the first place, choosing Omega Weapon is recommended.

Nếu bạn chơi FFX-2 rồi thì bạn sẽ chú ý cô bé Calli, giờ vẫn còn nhỏ xíu. Đến khi gặp chi nhánh Rin (Rin's Agency), một trong chuỗi cửa hiệu nổi tiếng của Rin-người Al Bhed, thì nhóm bạn được thông tin về một con Chocobo Eater gần đó và chạm trán với nó (trận chiến có. Aeon Cup Edit . To unlock Aeon Cup, the player must find and transform several fiends. The fiends can be transformed by increasing their Story Levels by 4 after capturing and then releasing them. Doing so will release one of the eight aeons and unlock them in the Battle Simulator. If the player finds all of them, Aeon Cup is unlocked After beating this cup three times, multiple dangerous formations are added to block early access to the Youth League Tournament and, subsequently, the Farplane Cup. The player is guaranteed to encounter one or both of the following two "stonewall" participants every time following their third victory: Tonberry the Ripper (Mega Tonberry) and/or Shady Duo (Black Elemental + Mushroom Cloud). These enemies are very strong and can wipe out most parties. At this point, the player is generally forced to wait until Chapter 5 when stronger fiends become available for capture after making progress in Via Infinito, or until the Mascot dressphere is obtained, although it is still possible to beat them in Chapter 1 with heavy grinding. Having a Tonberry with the Adamantite accessory equipped is recommended. For Aeons, that's one per Aeon and you need to release all of them in order to open Aeon Cup. For Demon, that's a little more complex because there is a storyline involved, and you must do them one at a time

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  1. + Aeon Cup : khi bạn đã triệu hồi được Aeon Shiva thì cô ta là nguồn AP phong phú của bạn , cô ta sẽ cho bạn 15 AP , kết hợp với Garment Grid x3 AP trong bản Inter thì quá tuyệt rùi ( 45 AP một trận )
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  3. This page assumes you have played Final Fantasy X.As such, all spoilers from that game will be unmarked. Final Fantasy X-2 (that's ten-two) is a sequel to the tenth entry in the fist-bumpingly popular Final Fantasy series. It is the first direct sequel to a mainline Final Fantasy game, barring Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals (a sequel to Final Fantasy V which predated X-2 by 9 years.

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japanese products, Final Fantasy X review summary . 009 4 Yes , this game was amazing and had gorgeous graphics and even a good storyline to boot ( no FFVII though . The game sheds a lot to be desired such as plenty of side quests , secrets and mini games

The most dangerous foe in this tournament is Major Numerus, the strongest superboss of the game and unique to the Farplane Cup. He only shows up after the player has already beaten the cup multiple times and if he appears, the player has a high chance of fighting him—although it is possible that he loses to enemies like Trema or Paragon. Although rare, it is also possible that either the Concherer or Elder Drake beats him. This Dumb Industry: Tidus is an Okay Guy I usually say it just wasn't my cup of tea. (In fact its the only one I've played, apart from half of FFX-2 which is different.) I had pretty much the same opinion of Tidus too - he's not the most likeable character ever, but he feels quite genuine and he genuinely has an impact on the. Aranea (Bevelle): Level Up, Release, Aeon Cup Related If done correct and all Aeons has been entered, Aeon Cup should be unlocked NOTE: If you win All Cups at least once, Farplane Cup will be Unlocke The arena features two modes: Tournament Cups and Battle Simulator. The former allows the Gullwings to participate in cups against different monster formations. The latter gives them a list to choose any formation they have encountered in the cups to fight at will. Losing a battle in the Fiend Arena, be it in the cups or the Battle Simulator, will not result in a Game Over, the player is simply returned to the Fiend Arena menu. The only exception to this is the Fiend portal when faced for the first time. Aeon Cup - Final Fantasy 10-2 HD Remaster Complete the Fiend Tales for the following monsters. Capture them, raise their experience by five levels, and release them in the Creature History menu to complete their Fiend Tales

Alchemist (FFX-2) Alchemist is a dressphere in Final Fantasy X-2 . This dressphere is very similar to Rikku 's Mix Overdrive in Final Fantasy X , with regards that you can mix certain objects with others to make more powerful attack against your enemy or more powerful healing for your party Chapter 6 Look, Up in the Sky You'll be fine. My father sipped at his cup of coffee while we waited in our tiny backyard for Laserdream to show up. Do your best and have fun with it. They just want to see what you can do. It's not an audition that you can flunk. I know. I agreed.. If all eight aeons are unlocked, the Aeon Cup is unlocked. Mycotoxin can be captured with an S pod in Luca throughout the game; however, it is much easier to use an S or SP pod in Mi'ihen Highroad or Zanarkand once Chapter 3 has begun Barbariccia, the Archfiend of Wind from FFIV, relates to her video game counterpart pretty blunt. In Final Fantasy 4 (any version other then original NA Easy Mode), if you tried engaging Barbariccia during her tornado form, she would counter with either a physical attack, or Maelstrom, which would reduce your party members hit points to single digits The Fiend Arena is a battle arena located on board the Celsius, available in Final Fantasy X-2: International+ Last Mission and the HD Remaster versions of Final Fantasy X-2. The Fiend Arena can be accessed at any point during the game by talking to Shinra on the Celsius. In its menu, the player can capture fiends, watch their Fiend Tale progress, manage them and finally, fight in the arena

Valefor is a boss in Final Fantasy X-2. Valefor is an aeon fought in the Antechamber of Besaid Temple. Hardest Boss in RPG History Last would be Trema in FFX-2...try doing it without catnip! 13 years ago. I would say the dark aeons in the final fantasy X international version.. Full text of Playstation 2 Official Magazine UK 033 [ 2003 05] (double Page) (Future) See other formats.

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Turns out, Fiends? The souls of the departed, angry over their death, transformed into monsters? THEY'RE THE ACTUAL DEPARTED. One fiend's story says that he's a monk of yevon who is happy to assist yuna, even in this monstrous form, and he's glad he stuck around on Spira as a monster. A fish's bio implies he was swimming around spira in its entirety, thought he was going to drown, and is glad. Shop final fantasy x hoodies created by independent artists from around the globe. We print the highest quality final fantasy x hoodies on the internet come and see the very final match of the Yevon Cup tournament! of Zanarkand Abes Bliztball team used as tattoo by Jecht and as symbol in the clothres of Tidus in FFX and Juna in FFX-2. Located in Anytown, USA and with a mission statement of 'Have Fun,' the Men Drinkin' Coffee (the apostrophe is 'fficial now) are three guys with a passion for coffee, non-sequitur, and terrible video games For the rest of it, you have a few options, in no specific orders. However, I'm not going into details about these ordeals. So I hope you have a good understanding of these beforehand. Bikanel - Cactuar Hollow Bikanel - Oasis Besaid - Beach (Long Walk) Guadosalam - Hidden Passage Chest Gagazet/Defender Z Boss, Gagazet, Walk South Thunder Plains - Macalania, Walk South Kilika - East Treetops Gagazet - Mountain Trail (Teleporter), North Kilika - Dona's House Open Cactuar Hollow, Go to Airship, and Capture All Fiends in Bikanel Calm Land - Chocobo Ranch Get 4 Chocobos that can be raise to Level 5 Send these 4 Chocobos to Calm Lands as Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 Send 3 Level 5 Chocobos to Calm Lands; Leave 1 Level 5 on Stand-by -> Amazing Chocobo Dungeon Unlocked Send a Level 5 Chocobo to Mi'ihen Highroads -> Secret Dungeon Unlocked Capture all Fiends in Calm Lands and Mi'ihen Highroads Bevelle - Via Infinito Just climb and Capture All Fiends in Bevelle as you progress toward Floor 100/Infinity; eventually finishing this place Keep plenty of Trap Pod Ls and SPs in the process Finishing Up Unlock and Finish all the Fiend Arena Cups - Win Each Cup at least ONCEThis should add the Fiends: Ultima Weapon, Omega Weapon, and Almighty Shinra. Do remember to pick Omega Weapon when given the chance. Farplane Cup: Defeat Auron, Seymour, and Tidus in the tournament and win the tournament in order to Capture them Release them afterwards to add them to your Bestiary

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Final Fantasy X is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square as the tenth entry in the Final Fantasy series. Originally released in 2001 for Sony's PlayStation 2, the game was re-released as Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in 2013, for PlayStation 4 in 2015, Microsoft Windows in 2016, and for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One in 2019 To unlock the Aeon cup, you must complete the Fiend Tales for the monsters listed in this section. Capture them, get them. Capture them, get them. Kommt Tripel-AP und Tripel-Ekstase dazu, multipliziert sich der Wert um 6. 2 Abilities wie Tripel- und Doppel-AP oder -Ekstase sind nutzlos, es müssen je -AP und -Ekstase sein FFXII is just different to the rest of the series and it's not my cup of tea. The story and characters are definitly its weakest point, not quiet as bad as FFX-2 but not that far off either

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This page contains Cheats for Final Fantasy 10-2 HD Remaster organized by sections for Playstation Vita. This game has Role-Playing as genre, made by Virtuos, released on Dec 26, 2013. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates In this cup, the player will exclusively battle aeons. Shiva, Anima, Yojimbo and the Magus Sisters are identical to their storyline counterparts. The others are much stronger here than they were during the mandatory fights. The most dangerous foe is Bahamut, who has over 100,000 HP and very dangerous attacks, including Shin-Zantetsu. BOSS ANALYSIS : Take note that Shinra will begin the battle in Auto-Regen and Auto-Spellspring, meaning he’ll heal HP over time and his MP costs for his various abilities are zero. He happens to also have a regular attacking pattern: NOOJ Dress Sphere Garment Grid Accessories Skills Auto-Abilities Mascot Mercurial Strike Key to Success (Quick Hit)Auto-Haste (Spellspring) Ragnarok Vigor Break Damage Limit (Ribbon) Life Break HP Limit (Double All) Esuna* Auto-Reflect* Empty Name Pod Type Location Nooj SP HumanCh 5 Mushroom Rock NG+, Before Den of Woe Unlocked Ch 5 Mushroom Rock, After Den of Woe Unlocked NOTE: Esuna can be replaced with Attack. Esuna: Just a filler. Forces Nooj to use Quick Attack more oftenAttack: Assume the AI's dumb, at least there is a better option that keeps chain going for stunlocking. NOTE: Auto-Reflect can be replaced with Omnistrike. Auto-Reflect: Blocks the use of Life/Full-Life.Omnistrike: Absorbs MN's Fulmen Command and Demi. Be warned of foes that absorbs elements (Lulu). NOTE: Other skills put into consideration are: Full-Life and Auto-Life NOTE: Pure physical attacker. May need to be teamed with a fiend with Black Sky if going through the Fiend World Cup. In this episode, we release the creatures we caught in the first playthrough to unlock the Aeon Cup. While we're here, why not also capture ourselves a team of creatures to use for the playthrough.

FFX Yuna with all the aeons Black Leopard, Red Wolf (The Dark Star Trilogy DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. Aeon Overdrive- Final Fantasy X by Andrew-Gibbons on DeviantArt See mor ) After encountering each other on Bikanel Island, Jonathan agrees to travel with Rikku & the Lady Yuna in the hopes that, in the event they cannot find an alternative to the final summoning, he can take Lady Yuna's place & summon the final aeon - giving Yuna's guardians a chance to save thr High Summoner's daughter Chocobo Dress Sphere Garment Grid Accessories Skills Auto-Abilities Thief Abominable Tetra Bracelet (Mug) Life Preserver (Initiative) Rabite's Foot Delay BuasterAuto-Haste (Ribbon) Full-Life Auto-Wall (Tetra Eater) Full-Cure Turbo Swordplay (Empty) White Wind Tonberry Dress Sphere Garment Grid Accessories Skills Auto-Abilities Thief Vanguard Adamantite Attack Ailment Def Turbo Bushido Rune Bracer (Mug) Deathtouch (Initiative) (Armor Break)Auto-Haste (Empty) Fireworks (Auto-Wall) (Empty) Life White Wind Red Elemental Dress Sphere Garment Grid Accessories Skills Auto-Abilities Black Mage Downtrodder Soul of ThamasaMP Absorb Tetra Eater Turbo Black Magic Minverva's PlateFiraga Ribbon (Gravity Eater) Flare Turbo White Magic (Magic Booster) Full-Life One MP Cost (Nitro Black Magic) Holy White Wind

Aeons have their one turn to unleash an overdrive, true, but Mortiorchis then drains Seymour, making the hit that much sweeter. If you powered up Nirvana, remember that Valefor can hit for more than 9,999 now too, so you may want to start with him, but save Bahamut for the overkill, especially if Mortiorchis gets into its countdown Final Fantasy X-2 Official Strategy Guide Scan. It discusses briefly the concepts of the pods and sizes, a few paragraphs on fiend tales, a couple of paragraphs on the fiend arena and battle simulator, and then the section on tournaments is a bit longer, and it gives a list as to how to unlock each tournament with separate sections on unlocking Aeon, Fiend World, and Almighty Shinra Cups and.

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  1. Recently, the question of the exact nature of a connection between Tidus and Shuyin has become a popular topic for discussion in the FFX-2 Forum. Unfortunately, FFX-2 itself does not do a good job of explicating this question. In this thread, I hope to, as far as I am able, elucidate the matter of any relationship between Tidus and Shuyin, and explore any pertinent details regarding the issue
  2. ^ Square Co, Final Fantasy X, PlayStation 2, Square EA, Zanarkand (Dream), 2001-12-20, Zanar (Commentator): Ten years later, the Jecht Memorial Cup tournament is today! The two teams that have won through to the finals are, of course, the Abes from A-East, and the Duggles from C-South
  3. Level Cap: Level 89. Cup Unlocking Condition: Capture a Deava, level it up five times, and release it for the storyline end and its replacement by Aka Manah.Do the same for him, his replacement (Aeshma), and his replacement (Shahi). Now capture a Tomb enemy and level it up five times and release it
  4. g generation, The Escapist aims to capture and celebrate the contemporary video ga
  5. Final Fantasy X / X-2 Strategy Guide Page containing walkthroughs, strategy guides, game database, tips, tricks, news, and updates for the role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix. News and Updates. FFX / X-2 News and Updates. New Features on the Nintendo Switch! (April 15, 2019) Final Fantasy X Walkthroughs
  6. I turned my tonberry into a darkness/fireworks user. His slow speed gets annoying, especially when he gets stuck chasing an enemy down.

Logos Dress Sphere Garment Grid Accessories Skills Auto-Abilities Mascot Peerless Key to Success Quick Hit Auto-Haste (Ribbon) Tetra Bracelet*Vigor Break Damage Limit (Critical) Life* Spellspring (Tetra Eater) Esuna Life Preserver (Double All) Name Pod Type Location Logos SP Human Ch 1-5 Guadosalam, New Game Plus Only NOTE: Tetra Bracelet (Tetra Eater) can be replaced by Star Bracer (Auto-Reflect). Tetra Eater: Can absorb NM's Fulmen attack. Vital if you don't have BHPL. Unnecessary if you set the Star to 0.Auto-Reflect: Blocks the use of Life/Full-Life.Auto-Wall is not used because it halves Vigor. NOTE: Life can be replaced by Full Life Life: Shorter cast time and less MP compared to Full LifeFull Life: Full recovery from revival. Cast time is negigible. Good if reviving is not frequent. NOTE: Pure physical attacker. May need to be teamed with a fiend with Black Sky if going through the Fiend World Cup. NOTE: Logos naturally learns Quick Hit. Heavy Sallet Dress Sphere Garment Grid Accessories Skills Auto-Abilities Mascot Peerless Ragnarok Quick Hit Total Break Limit (Double All) Key to Success Auto-Life (Ribbon) (Critical) Vigor Auto-Haste Auto-Regen* Protect (Spellspring) Auto-Protect* Name Pod Type Location Heavy SalletL/SP Helm Ch 5 Bikanel, After Cactuar Hollow NOTE: Not effective against Trema. Long battle.Auto-Regen and Auto-Protect is Optional.Heavy Sallet learns Quick Hit naturally. She may resemble Dark Valefor from Final Fantasy X, but is nowhere near as strong as the dark aeons were.

Beating the cup awards the player with the Abominable Garment Grid. During the first attempt, the final opponent will be a Chocobo. Winning the tournament unlocks the Chocobo Cup. Fortunately, it is possible to inflict all Breaks on the boss, so the player may also want to consider Warrior (or in the unlikely event that it is available, Rikku's Mascot) or a captured Gucumatz or Kukulcan that can use Heaven's Cataract. Berserker's Counterattack can deal twice the damage, or deal damage even when that character's actions are tied up with throwing Phoenix Downs. Notably, 2 of the games new superbosses are fought in the later tournaments, and Tidus, Auron, Seymour, and Strongest Shinra can only be obtained by beating them in the final cups. Some of the tournaments are the Youth League Cup, the Aeon Cup, the Demon Cup, Strongest Shinra's Cup, and the final Farplane Cup • FFX - New Sphere Grid, Optional bosses (Dark Aeons & Penance) and new abilities • FFX-2 - Last Mission mode, new Dresspheres, a Creature Creator system, a Fiend Arena and a new dungeon: Iutycyr Tower 5 Game Boosters • Turbo options (2x and 4x speed) • Super charge (characters will have full overdrive meter each turn

Unlocking the Fiend World Cup is quite complicated. The sidequest can only be started after Chapter 2 and completed in Chapter 5. The Fiend Tales of many creatures must be completed in succession. All these creatures receive a Fiend Tale Complete at Story Level 3 except for Ultima Weapon and Almighty Shinra. Some teams can only be encountered by observing a fiend's Fiend Tale. See the Creature Creator article to see where to capture the corresponding fiends. For Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Aeon Cup unlock FFX-2 meanwhile did get new content that hadn't come out of Japan including the monster capture system, cup battles which uses the monsters (where you can fight the game's bosses/super bosses.

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Blitzball Prizes. While some gamers will enjoy playing Blitzball games, most will participate in Blitzball simply for the fact that many important prizes can be obtained by playing and winning Blitzball matches. So what prizes can you obtain? The important prizes to obtain include Overdrives for Wakka: - Attack Reels - Status Reels - Auroch Reel The Battle Simulator allows one to fight the fiends they have encountered through the various tournaments. Note that dying in these battles does not result in a Game Over, and various strong enemies can be repeatedly fought (such as Concherer, Paragon, Trema, etc.) for their drops (e.g. Dark Matter).

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2006 FIFA World Cup; 25 to Life (Ps3, 360) Aeon Flux (xbox, ps2) America's Army (xbox) Arena Football (xbox) Armoured Core Raven (ps2) Bully (ps2) Burnout Revenge (ps2) Call of Cthulu (xbox) Call of Duty 3 (360) Castlevania SOTN (360 xbla) Chronicles of Narnia (ps2, Xbox) Crimelife Gang Wars (ps2) Dance Factory (ps2) Dark Kingdom (Ps3) DDDDDD. Holy crap this game has some good music. Most notably Suteki Da Ne, which is a recurring theme throughout the game. However, I also like the battle music, boss music, and the song that plays on the Thunder Plains. The only music I really dislike is the metal/screamo imitation that plays over the Braska's Final Aeon fight. It bothers me. 4 FFX-2 comes with the Last Mission Edition and some Gameplay Additions you now have the ability to control monsters and you can do other new things. FFX-2 Gameplay - This game shines in the gameplay department because its faster and much more exciting in my opinion. Too bad the bosses and story aren't as exciting or threatening as they were in FFX Here's a list of all those cups: 1) Regular Cup 2) Regular Hard Cup 3) Large Cup 4) Large Hard Cup 5) Chocobo Cup 6) Cactuar Cup 7) Youth League Cup 8) Aeon Cup 9) Demon Cup -> Shinra's Cup 10) Farplane Cup Not counting the first cup, all the Cups are unlocked when the requirements are met or exceeded

In this cup, players have to face off against enemy teams that always include a Chocobo. They are paired up with strong enemies like the Anything Eater. Winning it awards the player useful accessories like Regal Crown, Champion Belt, Rabite's Foot or Minerva's Plate. FFX-2 Creature Creator, Monsters/Humanoid - GameFAQ . Final Fantasy X-2. Ja aber wenn man das LB von FFX-2 so mit früheren LB vergleicht,dann haben sie dieses mal das viel komplizierter gemacht.Ich fand LB für FF8 und FF10 sehr gut und sehr verständlich gemacht(die kleinen fehler die nur profis sind im.. Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster Trophies

A trick to getting the oversoul version of all fiends is to get a fiend of a certain species to oversoul then simply run away from it. From now on, any fiend of the same species encountered will be oversouled and gets added to Shinra's Bestiary as both its standard and oversouled versions The player is told to look for a 1000-year-old machina. That machina is the Machina Panzer, found by setting up an L-pod in the Thunder Plains. Completing the Fiend Tale for Machina Panzer awards the player with the Adamantite accessory. No Final Fantasy X-3 on the way: In an interview with sgcafe.com, Square Enix game producer Shinji Hashimoto confirmed that the The HD remakes of FFX/FFX-2 are out on PS3 and Vita next month ; FFX/FFX-2 model viewer (NSFW). Thread starter lunlunqq. FFX-2 model package re-hosted on RapidShare: package 1 (PCs, NPCs, Aeons, Weapons): http.. FFX专题 The first time you beat the Grand Cup: Then we get to the FFX-2 Added Final Fantasy X International content, which includes a newer Sphere Grid and Dark Aeons, as well as new bosses and abilities; Added Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission content, which includes new dresspheres, a new Coliseum battle arena, and a new.

Development on the game originally began in 1999 with a budget of around $32,000,000 and a team of over 100 people, recieving both commercial and critical success going on to be the first title in the series to receive a direct sequal (FFX-2) Don't hate them to be sure, but they aren't my cup of tea. Legion1771 The God. Oct 23, 2016 #21,188 B.B. Rain said: Tell him the truth that he's an Aeon and that if we go and ask the Fayth, they'll be able to make him a real body instead of one made of pyreflies like what happened in FFX-2? I have no idea how to even go about managing that. It's hard to find much about peoples experiences with the creature creator. Those that i can find are all the same (Logos+impale cheese), boring. Anyone else ever tried differnet combos?

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Ooooooh. Yeah. This is actually quite an old one, and conspiracy theorists hold this is why Paine was in FFX-2, not Lulu(all hail). Tifa remains the most sexualized character in the series, even more so than Lulu(all hail), partially because of her breast size, partially because of the simplicity of her design, but also because IIRC she was the series first actual direct sex icon character Grand Cup is unlocked after beating Standard Cup: Hard a single time. The roster of enemies fought in this cup is largely identical to that of the Standard Cup: Hard. However, as the name states, this is a "large" cup, meaning the winner is decided through a four-round elimination system rather than three. Each time she acts, Valefor has a two out of three chance to do Smash on a single character, hitting for about 300 damage, and a one out of three chance to use Sonic Wings on the character furthest away from her, which damages MP. Every instance of her attacking or being attacked is counted. After six counts, she will use Energy Ray, which hits all targets for 300 damage. After 12 counts, she uses Energy Ray again. After 20 counts, she casts Energy Blast, which deals 400 damage to all, and the count is reset.

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  1. Cactuar Cup - similar to the above, a Cactuar Team will eventually wait in the finals of Grand Cup: Hard and beating it unlocks this Cup; and equally similarly, you need a Cactuar in your party to enter. Unfortunately you can't recruit one until Chapter 5, which means you cannot enter this cup at all at this point. Youth League Cup - this is it.
  2. Chocobo Cup is unlocked after beating Grand Cup: Hard once. The player can only participate in this cup if they have a Chocobo in their active battling party. Chocobos can be captured by setting up S-pods either in Luca, on the Mi'ihen Highroad or the Calm Lands.
  3. Farplane Cup is the final and most difficult tournament of the Fiend Arena. It is unlocked by beating every other cup, other than the Almighty Shinra Cup, at least once.

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FFX-2. Wormtail AU HP (decided) Prequel (unnamed) Highly probable. Lord of the rings. Final Fantasy 7. FF8. Final Fantasy 9. Probable. Alternate Realities of Harry Potter (probably one or two, any suggestions will be taken in consideration) Undecided. Legend of Zelda. Other (offer suggestions, I will take anything into consideration) Xanth. are there Aeons in ffx-2 or any thing like Aeons? i know bahamut was in the demo. MXracer. NeoHome v.1 Up and 62% Complete ultra seeker since: Oct 2002. Nov 21, 03 at 9:17pm (PST) Operation monkey - ffx-2 hd.pngOperation: Minni and Maxx []. Minni is in the Great Hall.Maxx is sitting where Terran was, on those small steps in the Cloister of Trials.; Summer and Winter. Cup Unlocking Condition : Capture a Deava, level it up five times, and release it for the storyline end and its replacement by Aka Manah. Do the same for him, his replacement (Aeshma), and his replacement (Shahi). Now capture a Tomb enemy and level it up five times and release it. Repeat this with its consecutive replacements: Dorumen and Monument and Ultima Weapon. Don’t alter their default names. After getting Ultima, there will be some more story to deal with and you’ll be able to fight this Cup in the Colosseum. After fighting the cup, defeat Omega Weapon and pick him for your party after the fight. Level him up five times and release him, then Shinra comes on. You can now play the altered version of the Cup, the Shinra’s Strongest Creation Cup. Play it and level up and release Shinra as usual and you’ll get the Cup back to the Demon’s Cup. You might have gathered that it's Gamescom week, so there have been lots of goodies coming in recently — like a lovely little trailer comparing some of the.

Final Fantasy X-2 is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square for the PlayStation 2.As a direct sequel to 2001's Final Fantasy X, the story follows Yuna as she seeks Tidus and tries to resolve political conflicts in Spira before it can lead to war.. Final Fantasy X-2 set several precedents in the Final Fantasy series aside from being the first direct sequel in video game. Cactuar Cup is unlocked by beating Grand Cup: Hard three times. The player must have a Cactuar in their party to enter. Cactuars can only be captured in Chapter 5 after unlocking the Cactuar Hollow by setting up an S-pod in Bikanel. Completing the storyline of captured creatures can award the player with accessories or unlock new enemy formations in the tournaments. The girls do not perform their victory poses in the Fiend Arena except in the Battle Simulator.

So can someone explain the Creature Creator to me

If the player brings a White Mage, she should cast Protect on everyone to fend off half the damage from Smash, then Shell on everybody to similarly protect against the Energy spells, with the other characters filling in the gaps with Hi-Potions, then keep up Cura/Curaga (left directional button to target the entire party). Braska carefully placed his own cup down and pinned Jecht under a disapproving glare. I don't drink, he said. And I would appreciate it if you refrained from doing so while in my house. Jecht swayed and then grumbled in acquiescence, reaching instead for an empty cup and helping himself to some tea. Don't see the problem, he grunted

FFX-2 International Creature Create Special. Home. About ; Epilogue: The Other Side of Final Fantasy X - Another Story/Eternal Calm - -. This is a bonus ending of sorts that helps tell a bit of the tale about Yuna between FFX and FFX-2 ; Any platform PlayStation 2 PlayStation PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 Xbox One PC Playstation TV Switc ID3 ;TCON (12)PRIV ¢XMP ÿú`¹) & Aa†*@: Ã$ c#! © €#@sí´¤4Ë!¨î8) ØÕð Á N¢ê ´{ðÄçB~y 00 ý`OŠ }e §`|þ\ q?X FõŽv\@\ F• ¿ÁÎP6.

ÑÅÍÒßÁÐÜ #17(194) 2005. ÍÀ ÑÒÀÐÒ! Ñ Ë Î Â Î. Ð Å Ä À Ê Ò Î Ð À. ÌÀÊÑèìàëüíûé ïðèâåò! Ñ. òûäíî ïðèçíàâàòüñÿ, íî òîëüêî â. Here's an insane FFX challenge for everyone. Beat the game without using the Sphere Grid, items, or the Aeons. (Note: the only exceptinons are when you battle Klikk near the start, when you battle the first Garuda in Besaid, and Rikku's Mix Ich hab jetzt das Chocobo-Turnier 6 mal erledigt aber immernoch kein neues Turnier freigeschaltet Muss man da was bestimmtes machen um das freizuschaltenDi High quality Yuna Final Fantasy inspired T-Shirts by independent artists and designers from around the world.All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours Just like in the Chocobo Cup, enemy teams always include a Cactuar. Most monsters they are paired up with are giant fiends from the Cactuar Dungeon. At times, they will also fight the Jumbo Cactuar and unlike in the dungeon or the Via Infinito, he will actually attack the party here. Winning this cup awards the player accessories that greatly increase attributes like Power Gloves, Crystal Gloves, Oath Veil or Pixie Dust.

That is the standard team i see most of the time. I've never used it, though. I tend to prefer some sort of balance between phys and magic.Mycotoxin can be captured with an S pod in Luca throughout the game; however, it is much easier to use an S or SP pod in Mi'ihen Highroad or Zanarkand once Chapter 3 has begun. Given my resurgence of interest in the Final Fantasy series, I've made a general thread to kick off some discussion. As for me, I only played 10, 10-2, and 8 over a decade ago, but I am thinking about getting 9, as I heard many fond stories from other players. I've also recently went to a.. So, how to do this? Opening with Mighty Guard will be a great, great idea. Recommended job classes include a Gun Mage for said Mighty Guard, who will later become an Alchemist or Dark Knight at your discretion. The other two are a certain Dark Knight and a certain Alchemist. The Alchemist has the valuable Mix skill Miracle Drink - comboes being listed in the nearby link - that you can use as much as you need to nullify damage. I’ve no knowledge of how long it lasts, but I remember hearing someone go half an hour with it before, so … yeah. Keeping in mind that it nullifies all damage, you’ll love that.

Aeon Cup FFX-2 International Creature Create Specia

An Alchemist who has learned Mega-Potions in the Stash is, as always, invaluable. Mix is only limited by the available items, and there should be some good combinations available by this time. The first time the player wins this cup, they are awarded the Festivalist dressphere. After beating the cup three times, Grand Cup: Hard is unlocked. For placing first in this cup, the player is rewarded with small amounts of high-quality curative items such as Elixir, Remedy, Mega-Potion, or Mega Phoenix.

The HD remaster of Final Fantasy X-2 includes enough new content to merit another trip through the world of Spira.This Final Fantasy X-2 walkthrough covers how to unlock secret dungeons, how to get the best ending, and how to use the Creature Creator Slow is the only castable (bar Mascot) status effect Valefor is not effectively immune to. Gun Mage's Blue Bullet ability: Bad Breath (also usable by Malboro), Berserker's Instinct ability: Intimidate, and the Special Dressphere abilities Sticky Honey, (Yuna's Floral Fallal) Slow, and Slow Shell (Rikku's Machina Maw), as well as the creature abilities Lingering Gaze (Fly Eye and Vertigo), El Niño (Xiphactinus), Really Bad Breath (Great Malboro), and Squirt Gun (Sahagin and Sahagin Prince), all inflict this status.

Aeons are manifestations of the fayth, the spirits whom a summoner visits to gain a blessing and aid. There are a total of ten aeons in Final Fantasy X, though the Magus Sisters act together as a single unit. Of these, Anima, Yojimbo and the Magus Sisters are not necessarily acquired in a normal game, but the player can gain them through side. If the player indeed chooses Omega Weapon, completing his Fiend Tale causes the creation of Almighty Shinra, who then hijacks the Fiend World Cup and turns it into Almighty Shinra's Cup. It is identical to the Fiend World Cup except that Almighty Shinra is always the final opponent and beating him gives the player an opportunity to recruit him.

Aeon Cup - Requires capturing and training a specific succession of demonic creatures. Almighty Shinra Cup (temporarily replaces Fiend World Cup) - Complete Omega Weapon's Fiend Tale. Cactuar Cup - After beating Grand Cup: Hard thrice (3 times), beating it once again (while defeating the Cactuar team) Chocobo/Cactuar/Tidus/S-Size Fiend aka 3rd Man Dress Sphere Garment Grid Accessories Skills Auto-Abilities Mascot Chaos Maelstorm Key to Success Vigor Auto-Protect (Ribbon) Force of NatureLife Break Damage Limit (Double All) Esuna Spellspring (Turbo Arcana) (Black Sky)Life Preserver (Omnistrike) This 3rd Man is to fill in the gap if the enemy is immune to physical attacks.Very slow against Trema.Great addition to a team of 2 Quick Hitters And/Or 2 Impale Machinas.Essential if you're doing Fiend World Cup. Standard Cup is available from the very beginning. The monsters in this cup are not too tough, but they may overwhelm players that come here too early. The player will often end up facing off against the Amorphous Gel, accompanied by a Barbuta, a formation that can be somewhat difficult to defeat at low levels. As portrayals of heroic women gain ground in film, television, and other media, their depictions are breaking free of females as versions of male heroes or simple stereotypes of acutely weak or overly strong women

Aeons in FFX-2 - Final Fantasy X-2 Forum - Neoseeker Forum

Youth League Tournament is unlocked by beating Grand Cup: Hard six times. In this cup, the player will fight various NPCs, including Lucil, Elma, Yaibal, Nooj, Gippal, Baralai, Lulu, Kimahri, Garik, accompanied by two Ronso Youths and the duo of Brother and Buddy. Most enemies can appear either solo or in a team with some other enemies, for example Nooj, Gippal and Baralai will occasionally appear as a team. If the player completes the storyline of all six of Leblanc's Goons, the Weak Squad (consisting of Goon Red, Goon Black, and Goon Purple) can also be fought here. -On right side of the page scroll to the bottom of the page, then you will see Four Offsets that end with xxxx. -Paste the four digits in the line for FFX/FFX-2, save the file; - Applied just the checksum for FFX/FFX-2; - Encrypt the files and copy that on PS3. -Verify PFD NOTE:Always make a backup of your save

Hexapod Dress Sphere Garment Grid Accessories Skills Auto-Abilities White Mage Abominable Speed Bracer Ultima Turbo Black Magic (Double All) Key to Success (Vigor) Magic Booster (Turbo White Magic) Full Life (Auto-Haste) Auto Esuna Black Magic Lv 2 Auto Name Pod Location Hexapod S Ch 5 Mi'hen Highroad, After Mystery Cave is Unlocked In the Fiend World Cup, the Gullwings face demonic enemies, including Doomstones, Spellspinners, and Imps. Aranea, Humbaba, and the deadly Mega Tonberry also frequently appear. Another enemy to watch out for is Aeshma, a Spellspinner immune to physical attacks, which can spell certain defeat for parties that rely solely on physical attacks. Unlike other cups, as the Fiend World Cup operates on a deathmatch format, the player's HP and MP are not restored between rounds and upon starting the tournament, so they must start and continue fighting with whatever they have left. It is a four-round elimination tournament instead of the usual three. Level Cap: Level 79. Cup Unlocking Condition: Capture the Flame Dragon (Besaid), the blitzball-shooting thing (Thunder Plains), Jumbo Cactuar (Bikanel), Azi Dahaka (Bevelle), Aranea (Via Infinito 20F), Critical Bug (Bevelle), White Flan (Calm Lands), and Mycotoxin (Zanarkand).They will transform into various Aeons; once you get them all, you will need to release them to unlock the cup

Monster Master Trophy - Final Fantasy X-2 HD (PS3, PS4

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is the child of Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger but fails to emerge from the shadow of either. The characters are shallow and hard to connect with, the time aspects of the story aren't very well done and makes the story more confusing than it needs to be, and the combat system - with exception to the inclusion of monster. However, Yu Yevon also created Sin. Yet, Jecht, who by all accounts doesn't even exist, became a Final Aeon who defeated Sin, albeit only temporarily. If inhabitants of Dream Zanarkand are able to impact Spira in a corporeal way, and Yu Yevon and his army of fayth are able to dream up these characters at will, why not do more Shinra will also explain the Creature Creator system for those playing the HD re-release of FFX-2. Note that wining the Standard Cup in its Fiend Arena will earn you the Psychic Dressphere. Leave the Bridge and you'll find a Save Point in the hall leading to an elevator. Use it to restore the party's HP/MP and to save your game data As an Aeon, you can feel the physical world, but it's muted beyond feeling attacks. I don't know how any of the Fayth before had been able to last as long as they had. My sense was of my body, well my soul at this point, being twisted into a serpentine form, glittering gold scales with blue highlights

Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster - Walkthrough and

Aeon-Valefor: 0 Battles To Go Normally, if your Aeon is defeated in battle, you'll sometimes have to wait over 10 battles to summon them. This code will allow you to summon your Aeon the next time you're in battle instead of waiting for several battles to pass. 2C28EB57F8FCFEF Played the game a few months ago on my PS2 with some cheats and it was possible to mod your stats for the first game (Crystal Cup). Doesn't seem to work on the PS3, though. Anyways, thank you for clarifying this issue for me, thought I made a mistake somewhere When completing the cup for the fourth time, the last team the player faces will be two Cactuars and beating them unlocks the Cactuar Cup. Finally, beating the cup six times unlocks the Youth League Tournament. Anyone else notice that the gameplay for the Blitzball minigame in FFX(Not FFX-2) is identical to that of the Famicom Captain Tsubasa/NES Tecmo Cup Soccer games? Does anyone know if there is any connection between the two? Or is the similarity most likely a coincedence?--Vercalos 04:50, 6 February 2009 (UTC) Image

Final Fantasy X-2 - Creature Create FAQ - IG

This walkthrough for Final Fantasy X-2: International + Last Mission [Playstation 2] has been posted at 24 Oct 2010 by rolflange and is called Final Fantasy X-2 Version Differences/Extras FAQ. If walkthrough is usable don't forgot thumbs up rolflange and share this with your freinds High quality Ffx inspired Mugs by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours >> FFX-2 HD Fiend Arena/Tournament Cups If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Register yourself as a member of Eyes on Final Fantasy in order to post, have less ads, be able to read more thread replies per page, and much much more Share a cup of hot cocoa with Haurchefant by Athena-Erocith on DeviantArt Final fantasy 14 A Smile Better Suits a Hero by Athena - ffxiv How I miss your hot cocoa, Haurchefant. DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art

The 10 cups are as follows: 1. Regular Cup 2. Regular Hard Cup 3. Large Cup 4. Large Hard Cup 5. Chocobo Cup 6. Cactuar Cup 7. Youth League Cup 8. Aeon Cup 9. Demon Cup --> Shinra's Strongest Creation Cup (Will become) 10. Farplane Cup Each of the above tournaments has special requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to participate Valefor is an optional boss in the Fiend Arena and is stronger than she was in Besaid Temple. To unlock her, the player must capture and finish the storyline of Mycotoxin. This will release Valefor and she can be fought in the Battle Simulator. If all eight aeons are unlocked, the Aeon Cup is unlocked. Almighty Shinra Dress Sphere Garment Grid Accessories Skills Auto-Abilities White Mage Peerless Key to Success Clione Total Break Limit (Turbo White Magic) Force of Nature(Vigor) Spellspring (Double All) Life Auto-Haste (Critical) Esuna Anit-Ailments (Omnistrike) Almighty Shinra is obtained through the Fiend World Cup event. NOTE: Recommended that it should team up with Mushroom Cloud. NOTE: Owns everything except for Almighty Shinra and Trema. FFX-2 is a bit of an easier completion compared to FFX, both in terms of difficulty and time investment. However, it has many more missable achievements, so it's important to be thorough with the.

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