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Hello Kevin, the safest way is to prearrange it through your hotel in Petra.. And the second is to just argue the price with the taxis there at the border, read well in this forum about the fair price so you know how much you expect to pay, I guess its something like 70 JD Aqaba is Jordan's window on the Red Sea.Historically the same city as Eilat on the Israeli side of the border, plans for a shared international airport and other forms of cooperation have cooled down in the past few years during a period of political tension. Aqaba has seen a lot of development. This has improved the infrastructure and facilities Family Choice - Families love the Kids Club and the kids pool in this hotel Learn More. Relax on our private beach, dive in the Red Sea and unwind with a spa treatment - all while staying at the luxury Mövenpick Resort & Spa Tala Bay Aqaba.Our award-winning resort combines contemporary decor and first-class facilities in a stunning beachfront location just 15 minutes from Aqaba's. Check if your nationality is able to receive a visa upon arrival. A list of these nationalities can be viewed via the website of the Jordan Tourism Board.

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El Jordan Pass en un paquete turístico con el que se ahorra bastante dinero cuando se visita Jordania, con este pase se pueden visitar 40 lugares turísticos del país y al adquirirlo también tenemos el beneficio de no pagar los 40 JD (48€) del visado que te cobran al entrar en Jordania. ¿Cómo funciona? Una vez hecha la compra del Jordan Pass, te envían por correo electrónico una. Visas, required by all visitors, are available (JD40 for most nationalities) at the international airports and most of Jordan’s land borders. Buying a Jordan Pass (www.jordanpass.jo) online before entering gives free access to many sites in Jordan, including Petra, and waives the visa fee.

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Grand Tala Bay Resort Aqaba Tala Bay Hotel Aqaba features 5 swimming pools, water sports activities and private beach. Located on the banks of the Red Sea, this resort has deluxe rooms with free WiFi. Tala Bay Hotel Aqaba features rooms with large windows leading to a private balcony, some of which overlook the Red Sea Visa, formalités en Jordanie. Prix du visa à Aqaba et intérêt du Jordan Pass. Nous partons en Jordanie en février pendant 1 semaine à 7 personnes. Nous arrivons et repartons d'Aqaba (vol avec ryanair avec des billets AR actuellement à 40 euros depuis berlin). J'ai lu qu'Aqaba.. Take a tour of the Aqaba Castle, Jordan to visit historic site in Aqaba. Get the Reviews, Ratings, location, contact details & timings Nice location next to the beach with some cafes and restaurants around. Free admission with Jordan pass. more less ; By Kenan Cruz Cilli. Small castle in Aqaba. Parts of it seemed to be under restoration in.

My wife and I will be crossing the Eilat- Aqaba border on April 19th with the Jordan Pass and no prearranged visa. If we cross the border prior to you I will post how it goes. Local Cuisine While you're here, be sure to sample Aqaba's signature dish sayadieh, a delicately spiced fish, served with rice with onion and tahini sauce.Cruise to Aqaba to try falafel in its place of origin — some say Jordan is the best spot in the world for savoring these fried chickpea fritters, spiced with cumin and garlic and brightened up with parsley Were you successful at using the Jordan Pass to enter into Jordan at the Eilat-Aqaba border without a per-arranged visa?

Read the Kempinski Hotel Aqaba Red Sea, Jordan hotel review on Telegraph Travel. See great photos, full ratings, facilities, expert advice and book the best hotel deals It is closed on Yom Kippur and the first day of the Muslim New Year. If crossing into Jordan, travelers are also required to pay a fee of 105 NIS. If crossing the opposite way, Jordan's fee is 10 JD. Transport at the crossing. To Aqaba - A taxi ride to Aqaba costs about 10 JD; To Petra - A taxi ride directly to Petra costs around 70 JD.

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The amazing rose city of Petra in Jordan can be reached from Aqaba within two hours by car or bus.So the only thing separating you from checking another world wonder off of your bucket list is the 60km transfer from Eilat Owda Airport to Eilat (21,50 NIS / 5,20 € per Person / 45min - 60min by bus) and of course, crossing the Eilat - Aqaba. Jordan Pass: If you are eligible for a visa on arrival, stay more than three nights in Jordan and plan to visit Petra you will save a lot of money by buying the Jordan Pass. The discount program includes your entry fee to Petra, 40 other popular tourist attractions such as Wadi Rum and Jerash as well as your visa fees

I would advise you to allow two full hours in Jordan. Wadi Rum to Aqaba would take a full hour, and you should really allow a bit more. Handing back a rental car: the time depends on how busy the office is, and the same with a taxi to the border.One hour for this is not too much. Actually crossing the border should be fairly quick, say half an hour The main gateway into the country is Queen Alia Airport, a little over 20 miles south of Amman, though international airlines are starting to fly more frequently to Aqaba, in the south. Roads are well maintained and well marked, making Jordan one of the easiest countries in the Middle East to navigate by car The Battle of Aqaba (6 July 1917) was fought for the Red Sea port of Aqaba (now in Jordan ). The attacking forces of the Arab Revolt, led by Auda ibu Tayi and advised by T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia), were victorious over the Ottoman defenders. Thomas Edward Lawrence - a.k.a. Lawrence of Arabia. 2 Battle and campaign There are three border crossings between Israel and Jordan: the Yitzhak Rabin Terminal/Wadi Araba Crossing, the King Hussein Bridge (Allenby) Terminal and the Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein Crossing. Below get details on each of these crossings so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. Yitzhak Rabin Terminal/Wadi Araba Crossing

Jordan pass et visa - forum Jordanie - Besoin d'infos sur Jordanie ? Posez vos questions et parcourez les 3 200 000 messages actuellement en ligne The Jordan Pass is a discount program offered by the Jordan Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities that combines a tourist visa and admission to 36 tourist sites across the country. The pass comes in three price levels, depending on whether you'd like to stay at Petra for one, two or three days. Costs start at JD70 (about US$98). If you buy it online before you arrive, the Jordan Pass waives visa. King Hussein Street: Aqaba, 2311, Jordan +962-03-2092222 Email Perfect for Red Sea holidays and business, this Aqaba resort has a private white-sand beach lapped by turquoise waters.Luxury guestrooms with balconies overlook a lagoon-style pool Day 3 of 5 Day Jordan Itinerary: Leave Petra for Aqaba, snorkel in the Red Sea and watch the sunset over the Sinai Mountain ranges We had kept this day to cover remaining Petra and then drove down to Aqaba and the Red sea via King's highway


  1. It makes sense for most travellers to buy a Jordan Pass (www.jordanpass.jo) online before entering the country: this waives the cost of a visa in addition to giving free access to many sites in Jordan, including Petra.
  2. Our private tours are provided by local tour guides who have a genuine passion to share Jordan's unique places with you. The most popular daytrip from Aqaba takes you to the wonders of ancient Petra, carved in the rock over 2000 years ago
  3. A $400 million agreement to create a desalination plant in Aqaba and to pump brine water to the Dead Sea is a far cry from what is being hyped by Israel as an historic agreement. Jordan would supply Eilat with 30 million cubic meters of water and make the same amount available to its own southern population
  4. The Jordan Pass. The Jordan pass is the ultimate sightseeing package that has been especially tailor-made for visitors to the country. It gives pass holders the ability to make the most out of their trip visiting top sights and attractions whilst saving time, money and stress. Hassle-free prepaid entry at a reduced rate to over 40 attractions.

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About Aqaba. Jordan's only coastal town, the beautiful city of Aqaba sits surrounded by majestic desertmountains and the picturesque Red Sea. Some of the world's most spectacular coral reefs and unique sea life abound along its waters and at the Red Sea Marine Park, making it a veritable paradise for scuba divers and snorkelling enthusiasts In Amman, you can start the process of lodging your visa extension paperwork at Al Madeenah Police Station, opposite the Arab Bank.This was helpful as we are crossing the border in march. i am planning on purchasing a jordan pass for each member of my family of 5. One question: does anyone know if there are drivers on the jordanian side with larger vehicles that can fit our family? i can only see 'max 4 people/taxi' notes on websites. Starting in the morning with pickup from your hotel in Aqaba, the one day Petra tour then heads north along the desert highway through the unique scenery of Wadi Rum (where Lawrence of Arabia roamed), arriving to Petra, and entering the site through the impressive Visitor Center. Continue with either a short horseback ride or on foot, and pass. Jordan gave up a large area of inland desert in return for a small piece of sea-shore near Aqaba. Jordan signed a military pact with Egypt in May 1967, and following an Israeli air attack on Egypt in June 1967, Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iraq continued the Six Day War against Israel. During the war, Israel captured the West Bank and East Jerusalem

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Disclaimer: please note that visa regulations might be changed without any notification. This overview of getting your visa to Jordan might change over time. Viaje a Jordania con la EarthCam y la colección de cámaras del Jordan Tourism Board Jordania es un país de fascinante belleza que tiene mucho que ofrecer al turista moderno. De la bella ciudad de Amán al increíble Mar Muerto, experimente las vistas de este histórico país que se ha convertido en una visita obligatoria para los turistas de. We'll help keep you safe at home or abroad. Book your visit online today! Jordan, located in the Middle-East, is known for its ancient ruins, nature preserves and seaside resorts. The country is home to more than 7 million people and offers many different and fascinating destinations to explore. These include the capital, Amman, and the Dead Sea I was intrigued at the option to take the ferry from Egypt to Jordan, and despite the STEEP PRICE USD90 per person (as of Dec 1 2017 it was changed to US75 per person over 2 years old), it meant a two hour car ride, a night in a Nuweiba hotel near the port and an arrival into Aqaba (Which unfortunately it is a long weekend in Jordan, an Islamic. If you arrive in Jordan’s southern city of Aqaba by air on an international flight or by sea from Nuweiba in Egypt, you are entitled to a free visa as part of the free-trade agreement with the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Area (ASEZA).

Need an expert to help you plan out your trip? Our bot has been infused with all of our local knowledge and can help you with any questions you might have. We tried explaining that Aqaba is located in Jordan's Special Economic Zone, which was created to promote trade and tourism. Thus, it has different, more liberal restrictions regarding entry. Visa at the Aqaba border and airport is free, and the 6-months validity of passports does not apply to the Zone Hi, looking for information re visa for Jordan. If we buy the Jordan Pass, as I understand reading posts, it will give us free visa entry into Jordan at the QAIA. After 11 days travelling in Jordan, we are crossing into Israel via the King Hussein Border for 5 days. We will then cross back into Jordan via the King Hussein Border The purchase of a Jordan Pass pre-arrival waives visa fees of JD40 (if staying a minimum of 3 nights) as well as providing access to 36 tourist sites across the country. Entry visas are not available at: the Wadi Araba crossing between Aqaba, Jordan and Eilat, Israel. the Allenby and King Hussein Bridge on the border between Jordan and Israe Situated on the southern tip of Jordan, approximately 4 hours from the capital of Amman, Aqaba is a beach town with Jordanian appeal. Equipped with the local watering holes, to water sports, and a historical flair for those looking to revisit the past Aqaba is a delightful complement to the metropolitan appeal of Amman

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Jordan pass is available for travelers staying at least three nights, it includes visa plus entry for 1 or more days to many popular Jordanian sites such as Petra. Jordan Pass cost at writing(04 FEB 2018) was 70, 75 and 80 JOD for 1, 2 or 3 days in Petra respectively including Entry visa.(Petra entrance fee is typically 50-90 JOD and Visa is. Jordan Pass Refund 03 May 2020 New rules for now on Royal Jordanian Airlines 30 April 2020 Still possible to get visa on arrival at KH Airport, Aqaba? 28 April 202 Visa to Jordan when arriving to Aqaba. When you arrive to Aqaba (via the port, when you're on a cruise-ship, coming from Saudi Arabia, Eilat/Wadi Araba Border or arrive via the Aqaba airport), then your visa is free of charge. Exit fee is always 10 JOD when leaving Aqaba The Jordan pass is the ultimate sightseeing package that has been especially tailor-made for visitors to the country.

10 Jordan to Israel: Aqaba Crossing (Wadi Araba)/Eilat. 10.1 Getting from Aqaba to the Wadi Araba Border; A step-by-step guide for each entry point from Israel to Jordan is provided below for your reference. Enter the Israeli border control office and pass through the airport-style security. Be prepared for questioning and lines At this moment we recommend to purchase a Jordan pass. You will need need to buy it ahead of time, is only available online and need to print it out to show to the customs. (There’s no such thing as a special desk at the airport where they sell Jordan passes!)The Jordan Times quoted the IMF's chief of mission to Jordan, Chris Jarvis, on April 17 as saying the fund was ready to provide Jordan with support through its rapid financing instrument. Jarvis expressed confidence in Jordan’s ability to recover, as the government “has already done a lot in terms of structural reforms,” according to the paper. Minister of Finance Mohamad al-Ississ was quoted in the same story as saying the spread of the coronavirus will not stop Jordan's economic reform process but rather will expedite it. He stressed that the kingdom will continue to service its debt and honor its external obligations.Check the latest status of Jordan's border crossings on the Jordan Tourism Board website (http://international.visitjordan.com/GeneralInformation/GettingAround/Bordercrossings.aspx). After exploring the vast plains of Wadi Rum and the ancient treasures of Petra, head south and immerse yourself in the seaside delights of Aqaba, Jordan. Spend a day experiencing the world-class scuba diving of the Red Sea. On your first day in Aqaba, dive right in to what the city is best known for: scuba

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Jordan visa costs 40JD, entry fee to Petra for 2 days costs 55JD. Jordan explorer pass costs 75JD and contains the visa, the 2 days Petra entry and includes also entry permits to handful of othe Jordanian historical and natural sites. If you do not visit Petra, skip the Jordan Pass; If you do not visit Aqaba and you do visit Petra, the Jordan. The Jordan pass is the ultimate sightseeing ticket. Use just one ticket for all of the great archaeological sites throughout Jordan. From the stunning Rose Red City of Petra to the Roman Ruins in Jerash, this pass is tailor-made for all types of visitors

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Entering Jordan is straightforward whether by air, land or sea, with visas and money exchange facilities available at all borders. My Jordan Pass Review. I had the wonderful opportunity to make a quick trip to Jordan this summer using the Jordan Pass. For those who do not know, the Jordan pass is an effort by the Jordan Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities to give independent travelers a hassle-free way to enter into Jordan and experience its most popular tourist sites The Jordan Trail Thru-Hike is a long distance hiking trail in Jordan connecting the length of Jordan from Um Qais in the north to Aqaba in the south. Offering 40 days of hiking over more than 650 kilometers of trail, and travelling through 52 villages and towns on its way Jordan Cab provides Premium Quality transportation services in Jordan for more than 20 years. Professional Taxi Services in Jordan, Transfers in Jordan and Transportation in Jordan. Different categories of new vehicles on your choice: comfort class taxis, business class taxis, jeeps (all vehicles with air-conditioned and Free Wi Fi) Buying a Jordan Pass (www.jordanpass.jo) online before entering gives free access to many sites in Jordan, including Petra, and waives the visa fee. At the Airport Visas are issued on arrival at the immigration desks in the airport in Amman

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When planning on visiting Aqaba, there is more than the Red Sea beach resorts that low-cost airlines are flying many European travellers to. There are plenty of day trips from Aqaba to hit some of the highlights of Jordan. While a 2 or 3-day itinerary might be easier, if you are tied to day trips [ The Jordan Pass covers both for a mere JOD75. As I've laid out before, I absolutely recommend staying — at least — three days in the Lost City. That costs a cool JOD60. Plus a reduced visa fee of JOD10 this leaves you with JOD10 to spend on other sights in the country. There is a list of currently about 40 sights covered by the Jordan Pass

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Jordan ends the lockdown in Aqaba while keeping certain restrictions in place and eases curfews elsewhere as the region's first country to enforce a nationwide lockdown now seeks to gradually reopen its economy. Find Top Jordan Tours in Jordan! Book Activities on Jordantoptours. Free Cancellation. Reserve Now & Pay Later. Low Price Guarantee. 24/7 Live Support Na granicy Eilat - Aqaba (Izrael - Jordania) + Jordan Pass Informacje z początku roku 2018 z życia wzięte. Jak to wygląda... Do granicy z przystanku autobusowego w Ejlacie można dostać się np. autobusem 444 jadącym do Jerozolimy. Na dworcu jest okienko Informacji, więc nie ma problemu dopytać o inne numery. Wszystkie zatrzymują się.

There are three price ranges for Jordan Pass, 70 JD ($99), 75 JD ($106) and 80 JD ($113). Snorkeling in the Red Sea at Aqaba is a must - I traveled to the Aqaba city at the Southern side of Jordan to visit the Gulf of Aqaba. The Gulf of Aqaba is shared by Jodan & Israel, which is the northernmost tip of the Red Sea When you arrive to Aqaba (via the port, when you’re on a cruise-ship, coming from Saudi Arabia, Eilat/Wadi Araba Border or arrive via the Aqaba airport), then your visa is free of charge. Exit fee is always 10 JOD when leaving Aqaba. Sometimes this exit fee is included in the outbound flights and depending on the airline. Overall people always pay 10 JOD departure tax (or 40 JOD+10 JOD when staying less than 3 nights) In this case the Jordan Pass is more expensive so it’s not recommended to purchase one. The visa policy of Jordan is quite easy. There are two types of visa: normal visa, and the free Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZA) visa. Both visas allow full travel throughout Jordan. The free ASEZA visa is available to people who arrive at Aqaba, either through the port, Aqaba International Airport, or from Israeli or Saudi Arabia borders Petra, Jerash, Wadi Rum, and much more. entry visa is included in the pass. covering all of Jordan's tourist attractions Do you have any questions about your trip to Jordan, visa regulations or do you want us to make you a custom itinerary? Check our ‘About Us‘ page to see why and how you can contact us! 

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  1. Thinking about deadlines and responsibilities is exhausting. You should be thinking about floating your cares away
  2. The Jordan pass will allow you entry into Jordan without a visa. There are three types of passes available for purchase: Jordan Wanderer for 70 JOD (99 USD) - includes 1 day visit to Petra and free entry to over 40 attractions Jordan Explorer for 75 JOD (106 USD) - includes 2 day visit to the Petra and free entry to over 40 attractions Jordan Expert for 80 JOD (113 USD) - includes 3 day.
  3. This is helpful. I am going on June 7th, so yes, please let me know if your crossing goes smoothly with the Jordan Pass. Have a great trip. Thank you
  4. The Jordan Pass is a pass that combines the visa to Jordan and pretty much all possible entry tickets you could need. Not all the time the Jordan Pass is the best solution, check the list above here to see if you should buy one or not.  There are 3 options for the Jordan pass and these are depending on how many days you are planning to visit Jordan. Once you’ve bought the pass, you’ll receive it via email in your inbox. Make sure you’ve printed it out and taken with you to show to the customs.  You can buy the Jordan Pass here.
  5. Before we take you to the sandy beaches of Aqaba, head to one of the best, most remarkable places of worship in Aqaba - and in Jordan itself - the Sherif al-Hussein bin Ali Mosque. It was named after the leader of the Arab Revolt of 1916 and the current king's great grandfather, and it is undeniably visually striking. First built back in.
  6. Top10 Recommended Hotels in Aqaba, Red Sea, Jordan | Red Sea Diving - Duration: 11:26. Ljpromo Hotels Reviews 20,900 view
  7. g from Egypt, you can take the ferry from Nuweiba (close to Dahab) to Aqaba in Jordan. See the above section regarding Aqaba to find out how to reach Wadi Rum. A taxi from the ferry ter

Weather in Jordan in April. April is when spring properly begins in Jordan - even the desert offers up a view of myriad wildflowers. This is an excellent time of year to visit Jordan; temperatures aren't too warm and even the nights aren't that cold anymore I was told that if I purchase the Jordan Pass which includes the entry fee into Petra and 39 other sites in Jordan, that I would be able to cross the border into Jordan at Eilat-Aqaba without arranging a Visa in advance. I was told that the Jordan Pass would be accepted without having to obtain a Visa from a consulate in advance Aqaba is Jordan's popular holiday spot on the shores of the Red Sea. We had planned to spend 5 days here but extended it to a week, not because we wanted to lounge a bit longer on the beach but because we were tired of traveling. My many blog posts about Israel give you a bit of an idea about how much we experienced there One way to get a free entry into Jordan is arriving through Aqaba airport or port. In this case you will be granted a free visa by the Aqaba Special Economic Zone. This free visa entitles you to travel all around Jordan for 1 month, but you will have to leave via the same border point you entered at. So if you can, ditch Amman Airport and fly.


"By showing Jordan pass on Wadi Araba border you will be able to get a free visa upon arrival providing you will stay at least 3 nights in Jordan."In case you have a nationality that is not able to get a visa upon arrival, please note that we can help you but only when booking a complete program with us and that we ask for a non-refundable fee to process the visa’s. Plan ahead: take around 6 months time to get everything sorted. It can be that the ministry that provides this visa’s doesn’t approve your visa so we can’t guarantee success. Chances of getting one is bigger when you travel as a family. Again: We can not guarantee that this application will be approved. The following guide is updated as of 2019.If you have any more updated information, kindly, let me know and I will update it accordingly. The Israeli - Jordan border crossing is one of the few overland borders in the Middle East which can be crossed. Jordan and Israel are not the best friends in the world but both countries signed a peace agreement some decades ago so, surprisingly, travel.

One piece of advice I will pass on is exchange some money on the Israel side for Jordan prior to crossing to pay for the taxi from the Jordan border into Aqaba. There are no ATMs at the border. Or you will have to get the taxi to stop at an ATM in Aqaba prior to going to your hotel. I'm quoting this from another forum, I think it's useful: So I just wanted to update on this post about crossing the border from Israel/Palestine to Jordan via the King Hussein/Allenby bridge without having a visa, only the Jordan pass: IT WORKS. we're three people from Denmark and Australia who did it just two days ago. The first thing to do is getting the Jordan pass - no need to look. After recently traveling to Jordan, I became extremely confused on the actual visa policies for the country. In short, I was able to enter via Aqaba (AQA) International Airport, receive a free visa on arrival, and leave from Amman (AMM) International Airport without paying any visa fees or buying a Jordan Pass.I hope this brief guide will clear up some of the miscommunication across various. After the pickup from Jordan's resort city of Aqaba, you'll pass through the Mars-like landscape of Wadi Rum, where Lawrence of Arabia famously rode through the pink sands. Once at Petra, see the highlights of the site, including the iconic Treasury, famous from the movies of Indiana Jones

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  1. Luxury 5 Star Red Sea Resort. Kempinski Hotel Aqaba. Welcome to the Luxury of the Red Sea. Kempinski Hotel Aqaba is gracefully situated on the white sandy beach of the Red Sea, with an array of dining options, comfortable rooms and suites, top-tier pampering facilities and picturesque surroundings, this 5 star resort is a heaven for explorers.
  2. Aqaba, Jordan, on the right, and Eilat, Israel, on the left. Photo by Alis Monte [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Connecting the DotsGallipoli campaign. Even though the Ottomans were a declining superpower back in the times of the First World War, this tactic proved to be very effective and even cost Winston Churchill his chair of First Lord of Admiralty after a major failure for allies at the Gallipoli.
  3. Aqaba lies on the small south coast of the country near the famous Wadi Rum dessert and just a two hour drive from Petra! It's the perfect base to explore this beautiful and historic country while dipping your toes in to some of the most perfect diving conditions the Red Sea has to offer. Here's the low down on how to dive in Aqaba, Jordan

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  1. at present time. the fact is. at aqaba airport you get FREE visa. since the main benefit from jordan pass is cost of visa jd 40 waived so you dnt need to buy jordan pass
  2. The Dead Sea is astounding, I'm constantly impressed by the underwater splendor of Aqaba, inspired by the ruins of Petra, and mesmerized by the magic of the desert stars in Wadi Rum. I would highly recommend getting a Jordan Pass—this is one of the things we do for the TBA Escapes tours
  3. Visa, formalités en Jordanie. Jordan Pass et entrée à Aqaba via le ferry de Nuweiba (sans visa). Voilà j'ai acheté le Jordan pass donc logiquement j'ai pas à payer mon visa et j'ai la visite des site gratuite cependant je ne sais pas si en passant à la frontière à Aqaba je pourrais bénéficier..
  4. Latest travel advice for Jordan, including how to stay safe during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and information on returning to the UK
  5. utes to complete the registration process at a police station. You may be required to have an HIV test, which usually takes 24 hours to process. The maximum stay allowed on an extended tourist visa is six months. Failure to register results in a fine of JD1.500 for every day you have overstayed. This is payable when you extend, or on departure from Jordan at a counter just before immigration at Queen Alia International Airport in Amman.

Free entry to over 40 of Jordan's tourist attractions including Petra, Jerash, Wadi Rum and much more. Jordan Itinerary . Jordan in 7 days. A week is a great amount of time to spend in Jordan and you will be able to cover the highlights of this country in this time without rushing, as it is relatively small. Day 1: Amman. Flying into Amman, the capital, I would recommend staying near the Roman Amphitheatre (free entry with your Jordan Pass) In Amman and Aqaba visas can easily be extended, for a charge of JD40, for stays of up to three months. The process is simple but involves a little running around, although you’re unlikely to spend more than 30 minutes in each office. Cruise ship visitors entering Aqaba are entitled to the no-fee visa even for visits less than than 48 hours. The Jordan Tourism Board also offers a single-fee package called The Jordan Pass that includes visa costs and entry fees to tourist sites in Jordan. Contact the Embassy of Jordan in Washington, D.C. for current visa information

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  1. This is the border just up from the Dead Sea. Only Jordan passes or pre-arranged visa’s (via the Jordanian embassy Ramallah or Tel Aviv) are allowed here. Please note that on Fridays and Saturdays the opening hours of the border are limited: Be there before at 10 AM.
  2. Jordan - Aqaba. P,O,Box 459. Travel Resources . Travel Tips. Our Guide Planner. Destinations. Tours Guide. Gallery. ADDITIONAL LINKS. Home. The Visa & The Jordan Pass. The cost of a trip to Jordan. Jordan art and culture. Our team will be happy to answer your inquiries, fill out the form and we'll be in touch as soon as possible
  3. Answer 1 of 11: Hello, Just a quick question - if I have a Jordan Pass and will be staying 3 nights in Jordan, does that mean I do not need to obtain a visa prior to arrival? (I am otherwise required to have visa pre-arrival) We will be entering via Aqaba..
  4. That is great. I am glad you were successful and will definitely purchase the Jordan Pass. Thanks for the tip about changing money before crossing. I hope your trip was wonderful.
  5. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Aqaba This rating is a reflection of how the property compares to the industry standard when it comes to price, facilities and services available. It's based on a self-evaluation by the property
  6. Hi there, I'm planning a trip to Jordan and Israel in October. I'll be arriving and departing from Queen Alia Airport. Currently, the plan is: Amman (1 night) --> Tel Aviv (via Allenby bridge) (2 nights) --> Jerusalem (3 nights) --> Wadi Rum (via Arava border) (2 nights) --> Petra (1 night) --> Dead Sea (1 night) I'm eligible for a visa on arrival

The crossing was quick, maybe 30 minutes from starting to cross the Israel side to leaving the Jordan side. Aqaba Harbor is a natural harbor. The Sinai Peninsula, Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia form the coastline of the Aqaba Harbor. The Gulf of Aqaba reaches a maximum depth of 1,850 meters (6,070 feet). Its width varies from 19 kilometers (12 miles) to 27 kilometers (27 miles) Visitors can get from Aqaba straight to Eilat by shuttle bus. Shuttle buses run twice a day at 7.30 am and 18.00 from most hotels in Aqaba and from Aqaba Airport. The journey from Aqaba to Eilat is around 25USD per person. The shuttle bus can take a while to get through to Israel depending on the number of people on board. The buses have a. Many travellers arrive into Aqaba thanks to the ever-increasing number of low-cost flights into Jordan's Red Sea region. Whether it is to visit Jordan's Golden Triangle (Aqaba-Petra-Wadi Rum), or as the start of trip backpacking in Jordan, there are several ways to get from Aqaba to Wadi Rum to enjoy the stunning desert and enjoy [ Are you looking for Aqaba Excursions?Explore Aqaba Day Tours to Petra, Wadi Rum, Dead Sea, Amman, Jerash, Aljoun and More.. Have a blissful Petra Day Tour, Petra is one of the fantastic sights in Jordan which attracts tourists from all over the world. or Enjoy a Private tour from Aqaba to Wadi Rum , one of the most impressing desert landscapes in the world

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  1. Free 120+ page guidebook packed with useful information about the attractions, plus tips and hints about the city to help you plan the perfect trip.
  2. istrative centre of the Aqaba Governorate. The city had a population of 148,398 in.
  3. Hello MommaBCabot_AR, If you enter Jordan via Aqaba airport you get a visa for free, if you meet the requirements mentioned in my post. Unless you visit a lot of sites it will not be interesting to buy the Jordan Pass. If you enter Jordan via Amman you need to pay for the visa (40 JD) which makes the Jordan Pass interesting. If you plan to visit Petra and a couple of other places you can save.
  4. Visas for Jordan are issued on arrival at Sheikh Hussein Bridge or Wadi Araba from Israel, but not at King Hussein Bridge. The Jordan Pass (www.jordanpass.jo) is recognised at all land borders. Borders with Iraq and Syria are open but are considered unsafe.

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Aqaba is the only coastal city in Jordan and if you have one week in Jordan I totally recommend to put it on your itinerary. It's an easy 2 hours drive from Petra through the highway. I suggest having an early breakfast and hitting the road again, so this way you can have almost a full day in Aqaba Given historic tensions between Arab countries and Israel, any evidence of a visit to Israel in your passport (such as an entry or exit stamp from a Jordanian border crossing) can potentially bar you from entering a number of countries in the region in the future, so if you’re combining your stay in Jordan with a trip to Israel, there are a few things to bear mind.Visas are issued on arrival at the immigration desks in the airport in Amman. There’s no form filling involved. Payment must be made in Jordanian dinars. Choose your preferred Jordan Pass package out of the three available options. 2-Pay Safely and Securely. Buy the Jordan Pass from the comfort of your home, office or on the go and get your pass by Email. 3-Show your Jordan pass. Show your Jordan pass at any of the listed attractions, Make great savings on attraction ticket costs

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Explore Jordan's natural wonders and ancient history on a 2-day, small-group tour of Petra, Wadi Rum, and the Dead Sea. Travel by climate-controlled vehicle with an English-speaking driver as you explore Petra's rock-cut architecture, go off-road in Wadi Rum, and soak up the mineral-rich mud of the Dead Sea Log in Forgot your password? X You’re now subscribed to Al-Monitor. Here's what you can now access.I was told that if I purchase the Jordan Pass which includes the entry fee into Petra and 39 other sites in Jordan, that I would be able to cross the border into Jordan at Eilat-Aqaba without arranging a Visa in advance. I was told that the Jordan Pass would be accepted without having to obtain a Visa from a consulate in advance. Is this true? We plan to spend 4 days, 3 nights in Jordan and have arranged to have a driver meet us on the Jordan side. The person who arranged the driver is the one that told me about Jordan Pass. Dear all, I'm in need of advice on my trip planning! I will go to Jordan at the end of May (yay!) for 8-10 days to reunite with some friends.. Because I have a few extra days at the beginning of the trip before meeting with them, I was recommended to go chillax in AQABA.Once they arrive, they will rent a car and come south, we would meet in Petra and explore the surroundings (Petra, Wadi Rum. About usWork for UsContact usPress, trade and advertisingContent LicensingArrivalGuidesTerms & conditionsPrivacy policy© 2020 Lonely Planet. All rights reserved. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission.

Water Ministry launches first phase of USAID-funded Aqaba-Amman water conveyance national project The Ministry of Water and Irrigation on Wednesday announced the launch of the Aqaba-Amman Water Desalination and Conveyance National Project (AAWDC), describing it as 'the largest water generation scheme to be implemented in the history of the. I forgot to mention in my previous post that I contacted the Jordan Pass people and asked the question you are asking and they emailed me the following: Jordan shares control of the Dead Sea with Israel and the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea with Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The history of Jordan stretches to antiquity. However, in more modern history, the Emirate of Transjordan was first officially recognized following Britain and France's division of West Asia after World War I Entry into Jordan. Exit service fee applies for land and sea border points. 10.00 JD per passenger and 5.00 JD per vehicle.Starting 1st of January 2016, entry visas will no longer be issued at the Wadi Araba Border Crossing First and foremost, please check that your passport is valid for at least 6  months after leaving the country. 

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all but essential travel to within 3km of Jordan's border with Syria. Around 70,000 British nationals visited Jordan in 2017. Most visits. Jordan clearly needs tourists to return. The big chain hotels are managing to weather the storm by shifting marketing to locals, but the smaller business are suffering. Before 2011, 70% of our.

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Dweik Hotel 3 offers a terrace and rooms in Aqaba, 1.3 km from Real Club Nautico. This 4-star hotel offers free Wi-Fi and a 24-hour reception. The hotel has a ski pass sales point. The air-conditioned units feature a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a refrigerator, a kettle, a bathtub, free toiletries and It is important to remember that you may have difficulty entering some Middle Eastern countries from Jordan if you have a visa stamp in your passport from Israel, although generally visitors are given a loose-leaf Israeli entry card not a stamp. Al Marsa Hotel is located in Aqaba. Wi-Fi is available in public areas upon request. Downtown Aqaba is 100 m away.Rooms here will provide you with a flat-screen TV, air conditioning and a minibar. Featuring a shower, private bathrooms also come with a bath. Extras include a seating area.Guests can enjoy a daily buffe

The regular single entry visa through Jordan Pass, for example, is not waived - see #Jordan Pass for details. There is a departure fee of 10 JD when exiting Jordan by land or sea. At the Aqaba/Eilat border crossing some people got around paying the fee by ignoring the relevant fee counter The new routes will serve over 500,000 customers annually at Amman and Aqaba airports. Jordan Tourism Board (JTB) and The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities said that the partnership with Ryanair.

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You pay the departure tax on the Israel side, then cross the border to Jordan. First stop for us on the Jordan side was at window 10 (Visa). We showed our Jordan Passes and the officer wrote something in our passports then we went to window 8 to have our passports stamped. Besides being the only coastal city in Jordan, Aqaba has the largest population in the Gulf of Aqaba.Located between the continents of Africa and Asia, Aqaba port has played a strategic role during centuries.. The city has been ruled by the Byzantines, was under Latin Catholic rule and was the setting of the Great Arab Revolt's Battle of Aqaba, depicted in the film Lawrence of Arabia This is the most northern border you can take. here you can get a visa upon arrival but also the Jordan Pass is recommended here to save time and costs. Also here they are to be printed out before arrival and to show to customs. Other than  that here the same rules apply as when arriving to the Queen Alia airport in Amman. On this tour, you'll get a good glimpse at the city of Aqaba, before sitting down for a traditional Jordanian lunch in the desert at Wadi Rum. From the port, you'll drive by coach through Moderate physical activity. Petra - Trek to the Monastery. In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, only the penitent man could pass into Petra. But. 7 days: The South of Jordan. This route is great for those who want to spend more time in the deserts of Jordan. It includes a visit spectacular Wadi Rum, the reefs of the Red Sea, and, of course, the always magnetic Petra.. Backpackers can arrive in either Aqaba or Amman.The former is better as you can get a free visa

Jordan wants you to enjoy it’s beauty and contribute to the economy. This means that when you stay less than 3 nights in the country an additional exit fee is charged. This is 40 JOD. The Top 10 Things To See And Do In Aqaba, Jordan Jordan's only coastal city sits on the Gulf of Aqaba and is home to the country's only seaport. As the gateway city to the famous desert landscapes of Wadi Rum, Aqaba receives a good share of tourists and holds a reputation for rich marine life in its warm Red Sea waters If you search the Jordan Forum you will find others who have done what you are being advised to do. Lots of posts on this subject on the Jordan Forum.

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