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  1. When Shirakawa and the scientists were forced to release Mariko from her confinement tank, which she had been sealed in all of her life, they pondered their options as how to make her submit to their commands. Saito was the first to volunteer in greeting Mariko in an attempt to appease her, mistakenly believing that by allowing herself to be seen by Number 35 would help to identify herself as the Diclonius' mother. Saito, who is always smiling, believes she is in no danger and looks forward to finally meeting Mariko face to face. Shirakawa agrees to let Saito meet Mariko, believing that Mariko views Saito as her parent and that she would never do anything to hurt her.
  2. Elfen Lied + RWBY Crossover. Follow/Fav Kaede's Redemption. By: SuperSaiyanDiclonius. Saved from damnation by a generous deity, Kaede and her friend Aiko Takada now find themselves in the magical world of Remnant, when the villains that seek Remnant's destruction come forth, will the diclonius queen remain neutral, or defend her new home with.
  3. Deaths on Elfen Lied. Edit. Classic editor History Comments (4) Share. These are the confirmed deaths Elfen Lied. Season One Edit. Body Count Victim Killer Aiko Security Guard Shot 2 Saitou Mariko Kurama Chest pop out Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death 1 Shirakawa Lucy Torn in half 2 Mercenary Luc
  4. Mariko Kurama (蔵間マリコ, Kurama Mariko), also known as Number 35, is the daughter of Kurama.[13] She is described as the most powerful of the diclonius; in the anime, it is stated that she has 26 vectors (although in the manga, she has over 50) which have a range of up to 11 metres (36 feet). Mariko's condition was the result of an escape attempt by Number 3, when Kurama was infected by her vectors, turning him into a carrier of the Diclonius virus, which ultimately caused Mariko to be born a diclonius, much to her father's shock and horror.
  5. ate mankind and to fill the world with Diclonii, and brings out his son, Lucy's half-brother, to try and convince her to join him. But despite not having horns, she is able to use her vectors and kills them all. She escapes the sinking island in order to face Kouta once again.[5]

After Lucy escapes, Bando is one of the SAT members sent to capture her. When Bando finds Lucy on the beach, he initially only encounters the Nyu personality, but Lucy's personality soon emerges and attacks Bando. Bando, always eager for combat, initially welcomes the challenge, but he quickly discovers that Lucy's vectors can deflect his MP5's 9mm bullets with almost no effort, and is then forced to dodge numerous heavy objects that Lucy throws at him. Ultimately, Lucy overpowers Bando and then takes great pleasure as she mutilates him, severing his right arm at the elbow, and breaking his left forearm so severely that his left hand is left dangling uselessly. Bando screams in pain, promising that he will never forget Lucy's face; Lucy responds by using two of her vectors' fingers to destroy his eyes, blinding him. Deciding that torturing Bando is no longer fun, Lucy decides to choke him, but her Nyu personality suddenly emerges, and she runs away. Bando, blind and bleedling profusely, is left lying on the ground, cursing and thrashing around in pain. Alerted by the noise, Mayu (who was taking shelter nearby) finds Bando and applies an improvised tourniquet on his arm stump before calling an ambulance, thus saving his life. In their mutual obsession with destroying each other, Lucy and Doctor Kurama failed to see the greater enemy as well as their responsibilities in creating the world in which they dwell. Each ends up placing the other as the embodiment of all that is wrong with their lives, something that must be continually punished or destroyed. In their final meeting. their actions are still sadly locked into automatic, though Lucy tries to resist. Lucy finds her resistance unfortunately overridden by the Voice, and when Kurama again shoots someone else while hunting Lucy, he finally gains a moment to pause and reflect.  Kouta/Yuka (Elfen Lied) Kevin Levin/Gwen Tennyson; Ben Tennyson; Lucy | Nyuu | Kaede (Elfen Lied) Kouta (Elfen Lied) Yuka (Elfen Lied) Mayu (Elfen Lied) Nana (Elfen Lied) Wanta (Elfen Lied) Nozomi (Elfen Lied) Kurama (Elfen Lied) Professor Paradox (Ben 10 Series) Arakawa (Elfen Lied) Chief Kakuzawa (Elfen Lied) Mariko (Elfen Lied) Gwen Tennyson. Tomoo is a minor, but significant antagonist in the anime and manga series Elfen Lied. He served as the chief force that ultimately turned Lucy into a homicidal maniac, and he's also the reason for her deep hatred of humanity as well as the cause of many innocent people's deaths at her hands. He made his first appearance in the eighth episode of the anime, and the 32 chapter of the manga. In.

The defeated Nana was held up like a limbless doll or trophy by the arrogant Nousou; Nozomi was kept in a chokehold, potentially ending her singing career. When Yuka objected to this treatment, she was shoved and held face down, while the crowd of men likely did nothing for Mayu's peace of mind. The last straw for Kōuta was the sight of little Wanta kicked away by one of the steel-booted soldiers. Grabbing one of their guns, Kōuta held Nousou hostage, even adjusting his tactics to meet the ante of the doctor's taunts. Either uncaring or simply so desperate that he forgot his position, Kōuta was shot by The Agent, who needed Nousou alive for a variety of reasons. As Wanta was the last straw for Kōuta, so was seeing him fall the last one for Nyu. In her shock and rage, for the first time in the series, Nyū exhibited vectors like Lucy's and was now just as willing to use them. In the last episode of the anime, Bandō is defeated again by Lucy, who simply tells him that they will never meet again before leaving him lying on the beach. It is implied that he survives, although the extent of any new injuries that Lucy may have inflicted on him is unclear. (Kiro) {playing the piano the elfen lied tune} The mouth of just shall meditate wisdom and his language shall be spoken in judgement. (Hoshi) I still don't get it. (Kiro) You don't need to Hoshi, it's a melody that makes people feel sympathy, makes them understand people's pain, unlike rock'n'roll Kōuta was a friend to Kaede/Young Lucy, though he only met the Lucy persona a handful of times, almost always very briefly. His noted denseness, the romantic obliviousness of a young boy, and his lack of understanding of the depths of Lucy's solitude left him unaware of just how much he meant to her, and perhaps how much she meant to him.

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Nyū and Life in Maple House

In the manga series' conclusion, Kurama and Nana are seen at her grave, burying her ashes. Presumably, these are the ashes of those parts of her that could be recovered, after the explosion. She is later brutally murdered by Lucy before her father, on the train leaving Kamakura.[20] He witnesses Kanae's death as well and apparently intends to avenge her by attacking Lucy, instead, he is killed. In the anime, Kouta and Kanae's father comes over to see what is happening, unaware his daughter has died, before he is also murdered by Lucy. However the trauma of witnessing their murders causes Kouta to repress his memories of the events; in the manga, he believes that Kanae was killed in a car accident,[7] whereas in the anime he believes that she simply got sick and died (and that their father died in a car accident). It is only after witnessing Lucy brutally murder a group of soldiers in front of him, with her vectors, that his repressed memories emerge. Shirakawa (白河) is a scientist in her mid-30s who works very closely with Kurama at the Diclonius research facility. Though her personality on the surface reflects a business-like demeanor, she holds a secret affection and genuine concern for Kurama and on all the matters related with his mysterious past. However, Kurama does not return the feelings because most of his time he focuses on attempting to find and terminate Lucy, therefore, keeping the relationship strictly professional. The Diclonius DNA Voice is arguably the secondary antagonist/Bigger Bad and the Greater Scope Villain in the manga and anime series, Elfen Lied, and it appears in both versions.The voice's influence on the tragic events of the series is undeniable, though its true nature and origins are uncertain. It may be a deity, and it is the reason why Kaede (also known as Lucy) lost her love for mankind.

To better show her growth from a mental toddler to an ordinary woman in the manga, Nyū refers to everyone using proper Japanese honorifics. This shift puts her in contrast to Lucy, who uses no honorifics at all (ex: Nyū always refers to Kōuta as "Kōuta-san," whereas Lucy only ever calls him "Kōuta"). Once back at Maple House, a tearful Nana remembers both Mariko and Nyu (supposed dead at this point) who will never know all the wonderful things the world has to offer. The lack of a second season meant that any future plotlines involving the Kurama family would never come to pass. Arakawa (荒川) is a young researcher in her early 20s who is also Professor Kakuzawa's partner who works alongside him to create a vaccine in order to counter the threat of the Diclonius virus. She, along with Kouta, inadvertently discovered Professor Kakuzawa's severed head and warned the boy not to disclose anything of what he saw or heard to anybody else. Afterwards, she reported her finding to Director Kakuzawa at his compound facility, but he would not let her go scot-free after seeing his son's horns. She was threatened by Chief Kakuzawa to take charge of his deceased son's research on the island and spread the virus or else be killed. Kurama (Elfen Lied) Edit. History Talk (0) Share. After being taunted by Lucy about this loss and her loss of Aiko Takada, Kurama fled with Cynthia's corpse. Nana, who was now being pressured to leave by Yuka's Mother (the true landlady of Maple House), went down to the beach in Mayu's place to deliver food to the man who turned out to be.

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Kaede is the main anti-heroic protagonist of the Elfen Lied series. Kaede is a Diclonius and the Queen, who, after her puppy was killed and facing discrimination against, wants to kill all of humanity. She is voiced by Sanae Kobayashi in the Japanese dub, and by Kira Vincent-Davis in the English dub. The former who also voices Allen Walker, Asuka Tenjouin, and Natsumi Raimon, and the latter. During the fight between Lucy/Nyu and Nana, Mayu is slightly injured. When she awakens in the hospital, she has them call Kouta claiming he is a relative. Kouta and Yuka, pondering as to why she didn't call her real family (and already suspecting that Mayu may be homeless), ask her to stay for dinner at the Kaeda House. Mayu, deciding that the fight between Lucy/Nyu and Nana was simply a bad dream, develops a friendship with Nyu as they bathe together, and Mayu accepts an offer to spend the night. The next morning, Kouta and Yuka discover that Mayu is gone; she has left a note thanking them for their help but stating that she does not want to be a burden on anyone. Explore the Elfen Lied collection - the favourite images chosen by gigathespacehog on DeviantArt. Explore the Elfen Lied collection - the favourite images chosen by gigathespacehog on DeviantArt. Lucy and Aiko. Stberrylove. 9 Comments. 20 Favourites. Lucy - Elfen Lied. Lucy - Elfen Lied. JxbP. 706 Comments. 8.5K Favourites. That's what we are While Nyū became aware of or concerned about the existence of Lucy, she seemed to remain unaware of the Voice, a perhaps deliberate move on Lucy's part. Constructed by Lucy using the pain and shock of her head wound, Nyū was both her ideal self and someone capable of living with and possibly even loving Kōuta. Towards the very end of the series, the line between the two leading personalities began to blur.

A New Nyu, Old Threats

Most of Elfen Lied, but particularly the heart-wrenching last episode (or the last few chapters of the manga). With the crappy past of some characters at hand, who'd ever thought you could care so much about remorseless killers? Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned. Read the manga. Elfen Lied takes place in the same universe as Scanners Back in the 1940's Dr. Paul Ruth created Ephemerol as a treatment for morning sickness, but it lead to children being born as Scanners instead. Fast-forward to the early '80's and Darryl Revok is doing all he can to make certain that more and more Scanners are born so he can make an army.

Kaede (楓 ?) was a young Japanese woman from Kamakura responsible for the murders of several hundred people. Kaede was the first of the diclonii, a human sub-species that emerged in the late 1990s and noted by their horns and ability to kill using high-vibrating arms called "vectors", which are invisible to normal human sight. Feeling betrayed and enraged, Lucy unleashed her vectors for the first time, killing all of her tormentors in a swift, brutal manner. She then buried the dog, apologizing for not being able to protect it, and decided to go on the run. The orphanage regarded her as missing, perhaps taken away by whoever had murdered the other four children. Nana is still settling in at Kohta's home. After nearly killing Mayu when her arm flies off while trying to chop lettuce, Nana is given the task of helping Nyū clean the house. However, Nana treats it as a competition between her and Nyū, and repeatedly hurts herself and damages the building as a result. After getting in an argument with Kohta about her role in the house, she runs away and ends up at the beach, where she meets Bando again. He figures out that Nana knows where Lucy is and coerces her into agreeing to bring Lucy back to the beach that night. Later, Nana manages to get Nyū out of the house by saying she wants them to take a walk together to apologize for her earlier behavior, and she gets back to the beach where she starts having second thoughts. It starts raining, and Nyū slips in a puddle of water and hits her head, knocking her out. While Nana gets Nyū sheltered from the rain and tries to reawaken her, Nyū, now Lucy again, has a flashback of a time five years after her first encounter with Kohta (three years before the present day). Lucy carries a deep hatred toward Kurama, stemming from his failure to save Aiko Takada. However, she states that she will not kill him but will instead kill everyone that he cares about. Elfen Lied is licensed for English language releases in North America by ADV Films and in Australia and New Zealand by Madman Entertainment. ADV Films aired the series on IFC from April to June 2007 in the US and in Canada on G4techTV Canada's Anime Current block from May 11 to August 3, 2007. ADV Films UK division aired the English dub of the series in the United Kingdom on Propeller TV as part of Anime Network's launch, uncensored and uncut. ADV released the series across four Region 1 DVD volumes, with the first volume released 17 May 2005. A box set containing the entire series was subsequently released 28 November 2006 in both North America and in Europe to Region 2 DVD., and in Australia by Madman Entertainment on 4 April 2007.[1] ADV did not include the OVA episode in the box set, instead releasing it as a standalone volume in 2006.[2] It was left unreleased. ADV Films aired the series on IFC from April to June 2007 in the US and in Canada on G4techTV Canada's Anime Current block from May 11 to August 3, 2007.

Even if otherwise heartened by his hidden affection, Lucy's rage at Kōuta's certain death began to rock all of Japan, and perhaps the world. Lucy decided that if the world would continually conspire to take away the ones she loved, she would end it. Her anger-driven power destroyed what remained of the JSDF's First Escort Fleet and left the surrounding area ridden with shockwaves; the United States military refused to make use of atomic weapons, unable to guarantee they would even come near their target. Nana rescued Kurama, cast off the tower of the Sea Candle by Lucy's power, but it seemed soon there would be no safe place to flee. Despite the danger, Yuka, Mayu, Nana and Nozomi with Wanta also made their way to the ruined Sea Candle to be by the side of their loved ones as this drama played out. As her vectors were growing still further, Lucy received a painful reminder of the late Chief Kakuzawa's warning as one of her hands melted off at the wrist. Mariko Kurama (Number 35) is a "third generation" Diclonius, a Silpelit born from a carrier infected by a Siplelit born of a father infected by a First Generation Diclonius. She was the most powerful Diclonius, with the most vectors and longest range on record. She is the daughter of Kurama and his late wife Hiromi after many unsuccessful attempts at pregnancy. During Mariko's birth, Hiromi was discovered to have cervical cancer and had to have her entire uterus removed, resulting in Mariko being their only child. Hiromi's dying plea to Kurama was for him to keep Mariko alive, but since he agreed to do whatever was demanded of him by Chief Kakuzawa without objection, he had to keep away from Mariko while she was locked away within the Diclonius Research Institute, overseen by Saito.

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Saito (斎藤, Saitō) is Mariko's foster mother, in her mid-twenties, and one of the scientists working at Chief Kakuzawa's compound facility. Although she has never actually seen Mariko in person, every day for over 5 years, she and the Diclonius girl have been verbally interacting with each other through the use of loudspeakers. Mariko always referred to Saito as "Mother" during these interactions. That encounter is different in the original manga, with Kurama being saved, from the missiles fired at them (which turned out to be dummies that do not explode), by Mariko. Lucy then appears and Mariko (worried about the safety of her father) confronts and fights her. With her legs cut off, Mariko clings to Lucy as the bomb inside her detonates; this results in Lucy's horns being damaged and turning back into Nyu, as well as Mariko's death. Kurama, depressed by his pathetic ability as a father, attempts to commit suicide with a gun. But is saved by Bandō, and lives with him in a small shed on the beach and is partially insane. If you are looking for more wallpapers such as images of Elfen Lied Photo then Animewp.com is the site to be! Some Fun Elfen Lied Facts The homeless girl who gets shot in episode 14 is named Aiko Takada For someone so morose, Lucy commented twice on her tendency to be an unwitting audience to father's having meaningful talks with their children, both times being when Kakuzawa or Kurama had moving dialogues with their daughters. Lucy bitterly remarked "Why does everyone start parent-child conversations in front of me?", a possible residue of her resentment toward her parents for abandoning her.

  1. ately for the sake of furthering her race, Aiko's death provided a focus for her rage. Instead of killing mass amounts of people without a care, she mainly focused on killing those Kurama cherished, those who chased after her, and sometimes the random passerby. If the speculation based on the series' ending is correct and Aiko survived, then Kurama's choice to misinform Lucy (assu
  2. For example, whether this was part of the unspoken plot or not, no aspersions are cast on Saito's motives, and her actions while dying seem decidedly more heroic. Isobe is a good deal colder regarding her case and in other matters, while Shirakawa was the one disturbed by placing bombs in the body of a small child. Mariko played with Nana as she did in the manga, but in this instance, Nyu was accompanied by Kouta, when they found the police blockade rendered unconscious. Mariko briefly threatened Kouta, though Shirakawa was more interested in why a Human and a Diclonius had any relationship at all. Mariko, now doubly enraged by Nana even having friends began to strangle Nana. In desperation, Nana disabled Mariko's vectors before collapsing through a guard railing on the bridge where the battle was taking place. Just as with Nana, the innocent Nyu personality does not register as Lucy to Mariko, who also tearfully announces that her vectors are disabled. Isobe withdraws with Mariko, leaving the soldiers to attack Kouta and Nyu, which re-awakens Lucy and dooms Shirakawa and every soldier present.
  3. While Kōuta began to recover in the hospital and while Nana struggled with both Yuka's mother and her 'Papa' Kurama, Lucy was bound over by the Agent and taken back to the Diclonius Research Institute. Nyū awoke restrained in the underground grotto beneath the facility, nude and with her horns starting to regenerate. In the custody of Chief Kakuzawa, she also encountered the Chief's daughter, Anna, transformed into a living computer and behemoth. Kakuzawa confirmed that she was the killer Lucy, a great shock and sadness for Nyu, who only wanted to return home to those she saw as her family. Showing a feeling of control (justified or not) the Chief released Nyu, who showed modesty uncharacteristic of either Lucy or her former infantile self. He also began to make his case for an alliance between himself and Lucy, with her bearing the children of the new world order. Explaining that the persecution of his ancestors, who he sees as the first horned people, or Diclonii, shows Humanity's true nature, the Chief says that their destruction is inevitable.When Nyū rejects his biased, self-serving notions, the Chief orders Anna to attack Nyu, which she does with her massive arms.
  4. Most of the known facts about the manga version of Mariko apply here as well, but some definite differences exist.
  5. The words "Elfen Lied" are in German, and all episodes have alternate titles in the language. The English translations of the episode names, however, are taken from the Japanese names for the episodes. The German titles do not translate exactly to those of the Japanese titles, except in some cases. The German episode names are included in the titles during the episodes, and "DAS ENDE" (lit. "The End") is shown in German at the end of the last episode. Translations of the original German titles are given.

Close to the end of the manga, when she got to speak to Kōuta after so long, Lucy revealed she'd always wanted to be part of human society and take part in their lives. She was just never allowed the chance due to her instincts and the scientists wanting to either kill her or use her. In spite of this desire, Lucy viewed her impulse to kill humans, spurred by The Voice, as natural and had difficulty fighting it. While she desperately wanted to be part of humanity, she gradually came never to expect them to accept her, leading her to do little more than try and create a niche for herself. Her sadism, however, is only a portion of her being and is likely a front caused by the various traumas during her very short life. Beating Nana up and taking her limbs off is little more than a game to her, like a child "tearing the wings off an insect" in the words of Shirakawa. She only appears to realize the strength of her powers regarding how it can help her. That empowerment can take the form of escaping from her tormentors. It could be taking revenge on them (such as during her initial introduction). She could see it all as a game (fighting Nana), or as a way to protect herself or her family (fighting Lucy, beating up Nana out of jealousy in episode 13), yet can only take her so far. She's incredibly precocious as well, able to trick Isobe into giving her the cell phone code to postpone her bombs' detonation and killing him afterward in the manga. A SzinkronVideók legújabb videójából kiderül, hogyan szinkronizálta Csifó Dorina Aiko-t az Elfen Lied című sorozatban, melynek premierje a DragonHall+ oldalán lesz Read more information about the character Aiko Takada from Elfen Lied: Tooriame nite Arui wa, Shoujo wa Ikani Shite Sono Shinjou ni Itatta ka? - Regenschauer? At MyAnimeList, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more! MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read. Elfen Lied Wiki is a community site dedicated to the dark, wonderful series that shows us at our worst and occasionally, our best. Join up and keep this site as the go-to for all things having to do with Lucy, Kouta and Maple House

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Kills: Directly, 2 or 3 people, depending on the manga or anime. Implied to have killed much personnel at the Diclonius Research Institute during her captivity. Yuki Matsuoka (松岡 由貴, Matsuoka Yuki, born September 13, 1970) is a Japanese actress, voice actress and narrator. She graduated from Otemae Women's University in Nishinomiya.She is affiliated with Production Baobab.. Her notable roles include Ayumu Osaka Kasuga in Azumanga Daioh, Orihime Inoue in Bleach, Tsuruya in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and Alisa Bosconovitch in Tekke The OVA special of the series was created separately and released on April 21, 2005 in Japan and in 2006 by ADV Films. Chronologically its event occur between episodes 10 and 11, thus it is referred to as episode 10.5. It is much more comical and light-hearted than the main series, with far less blood and violence, although it does contain the fanservice present in the rest of the series. However, the lengthy flashbacks to Lucy's past, while not as bloody as in some episodes of the normal series, still have a dark and somber tone. The OVA explains some of the history between Lucy and Kurama (specifically how he was able to capture her alive), and why she never kills him when she sees him, in a flashback while Lucy is unconscious, although the plot of the main series can be understood without viewing the OVA. It was not released with the ADV series box set in 2006, nor was it dubbed into English at that time. Distributor Section23 Films released a Blu-ray and DVD set on September 3, 2013 that features the never-before released OVA with an English dub, however certain key characters have different voices (notably Lucy / Nyu). If you are looking for more wallpapers such as images of Elfen Lied Season 2 then Animewp.com is the site to be! Some Fun Elfen Lied Facts. The homeless girl who gets shot in episode 14 is named Aiko Takada. Aiko's mother left her shortly after birth and father is physically abusive towards her. This detail is revealed in the manga

10 Facts About Elfen Lied You Probably Didn't Know! - Duration: 4:29. 414Anime 19,170 views. 4:29. Killer Klowns from Outer Space YouTube Movies. 1988 · Horror; 1:26:13 The still injured Kouta is waiting for her and takes her to the top of a lighthouse that his sister liked the view from. There Lucy apologizes and Kouta has her promise to never kill again, she does and goes to get an ambulance, but Kazuma is waiting for her and shoots at her. Lucy is prepared to die but her newly (fully) manifested third personality, based entirely on Diclonius instincts (the one which in flashbacks, was what urged Lucy to start killing), cuts off his arm. Kouta appears and thinks that she has already broken the promise, Kazuma then fires again, but Kouta steps in the way to protect her. Lucy then goes on a rampage with her vectors now even longer, destroying the city and causing the military to attack her. However, her entropy reaches its limit and her body begins to deteriorate, so she uses her remaining powers to put Kouta's cells back together and save him as she sings "Elfenlied". The entire Kaede inn family arrive as do the military, and Lucy begins to attack them. Fulfilling the vow he made to Lucy as children, Kouta kills her.[6] Nana's prediction came true several times on several fronts, almost all at once. At Maple House, the vile Kakuzawa operative the Unknown Man invaded the home, injuring Nana and nearly raping Mayu before being turned back by Bando. At college, Kōuta, Yuka, and Nyū found themselves cornered by the increasingly desperate Doctor Arakawa. The scientist even attempted to take Nyū hostage, before realizing just who her hostage was, releasing her in a blind panic. In the aftermath of the intruder's assault, the three encountered Bando, who recognized Nyū as Lucy. Mayu, who had even advised Nyū not to go down to the beach for fear of this confrontation (early on, she reasoned Bando might be looking for Nyu) saw herself chastised for her deception. Nyū was shot by Bando, to no better luck than Kurama's attempt. An awakened Lucy regretted disrupting the peace she had found but accepted Bando's challenge to meet him back at the beachfront. Looking for information on the anime Elfen Lied? Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. Lucy is a special breed of human referred to as Diclonius, born with a short pair of horns and invisible telekinetic hands that lands her as a victim of inhumane scientific experimentation by the government

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  1. When she finally came ashore, Lucy emerged on Yuigahama, the coastal beach near Kamakura. By sheer coincidence, she happened to have been found by an amnesiac Kōuta and Yuka as they walked along the same beach. Because of the blow to the head she had suffered, she temporarily lost her memory and developed a childlike and ignorant personality, only able to make the sound Nyu, which prompted the two to call her Nyu. They took her with them to Kōuta's new home - Maple House. At the start, Nyū knew little of hygiene and other forms of restraint, but she began to learn slowly over time.
  2. utes, 9 seconds
  3. Amv -elfen lied - my immortal. ethio. Follow. 13 years ago | 609 views. very good rate and comment plz. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 2:39. Nightcore AMV - Pretty Little Psycho [Elfen Lied AMV] [Nyu/Lucy x Kouta] Psycho. 5:09. AMV elfen lied IntoMyWorld. pink-miu-miu. 2:59. elfen lied amv avarice. Aiko-Chan. 5:24. AMV Elfen lied.
  4. At a nearby position, Isobe is informed by the Chief that even a powerless Mariko can be of use, perhaps indicating the possibility of clones in an unrealized anime second season. Unknowingly, Isobe's conversation informs Mariko of her family name and who her father is. Nana, who was recovered by Kurama, pleads with him not to kill Mariko, but Kurama seems resolved.

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Nyu (にゅう, Nyū) is a split personality of Lucy that developed after a .50 BMG round pierces the metallic helmet encasing her head when she escaped. Nyu has a childlike personality and infantile knowledge of the world, and lacks spoken language skills, being able to say only "nyū" and "Kouta" most of the time. As the series progresses she develops a wider vocabulary; by the halfway point she is able to speak perfectly normal. Nyu is innocent and incapable of violent acts, a foil to the normally cold and sadistic Lucy; she is the manifestation of her "good side". When Nyu is attacked violently (or hit on the head), she regresses into Lucy; likewise, when Lucy is treated with love and kindness, or wants to hide herself from Kouta, she will change back into Nyu. While Nyu exists first due to trauma, Lucy subconsciously encourages her presence due to her feelings of guilt towards Kouta and to prevent her from harming him (directly or indirectly). If you are looking for more wallpapers such as images of Elfen Lied wallpaper hd then Animewp.com is the site to be! Some Fun Elfen Lied Facts The homeless girl who gets shot in episode 14 is named Aiko Takada At first, Mariko appears to be the typical sort of Diclonius those who work at the Diclonius Research Institute expect them to be. Toward human beings, she was sadistic and didn't hesitate to kill anyone who came near her. This animosity extended toward Saito, who at that point endeared herself to her enough for Mariko to refer to her as "Mommy" before realizing Saito was not her mother. Only the threat of pain kept her in line, and rather than show malice toward her handlers; she expressed a childish excitement toward maiming the other diclonius she would be allowed to fight.

Elfen Lied is, beyond the extreme gore, violence, and otherwise uncomfortable subject matter, defined by her love for Kouta and her desire to atone for her past sins against him while she's dogged by humans out to either take her life or re-purpose it to suit their own goals She eventually succeeds in creating the vaccine, just as the explosion releasing all the Diclonius on the island occurs. She is saved from a group of them by the Mariko clone Diana, and is then helped escape by a member of another government research facility, that specializes in vectors, but drops the vaccine. She is then saved again by more of that facilities members in a vector craft, a vehicle that uses artificially created vectors, using enlarged organs of Diclonius, can also cancel out other vectors and sense/show where Diclonius are. They take her deep into the island to retrieve the vaccine. 10 Things You Didn't Know About Elfen Lied Feat Akidearest (Warning 18+) - Duration: 13:31. Anime Balls Deep 212,461 view Kurama etwas jünger. Kurama ging mit Yu Kakuzawa auf die selbe Universität. Nach ihrem Abschluss schlug ihm Yu vor, zusammen mit ihm für seinen Vater im Forschungszentrum zu arbeiten. Kurama willigte zwar ein, aber wusste eigentlich nicht, welche Art von Dingen dort untersucht werden würden.Zu Anfang seiner Zeit im Forschungszentrum wirkte er noch nicht so abgestumpft, was sich zum. Elfen Lied takes place in Kamakura, Japan, focusing on a new strain of the human race, Diclonius, similar to human beings but different at the genetic level and notable due to physical abnormalities, particularly a pair of short horn-like protrusions. One such Diclonius, Lucy, is the main character of the series: Initially held in a facility.

In the anime she sympathizes with Kurama after the Director orders that Nana be terminated - as Nana says goodbye to Kurama after he gives her a sedative, Shirakawa who is watching, is forced to leave, as she cannot keep from crying. In episode 11, Shirakawa attempts to protect Kouta from both Mariko and Lucy, but is sliced in half at the waist by Lucy; in her final moments, she hopes that Kurama will forgive her for failing to stop Lucy. This manner of execution awakens Kouta's lost memories of how Lucy killed his family. Elfen Lied Published 8 years, 6 months ago. Subscribe. Mirrors : Synopsis : EPISODE 10.5 (OVA) - Nana is still settling in at Kohta's home. Aiko pushes her out of the way and takes a bullet to the chest that was meant for Lucy's head. In order to save her friend's life, Lucy agrees to sacrifice her freedom, and surrenders to Kurama without. Elfen lied aiko. Aiko Takada was a young child who befriended Kaede in the days prior to her capture by Kurama. After befriending Kaede, Takada was forced on the run when she too was suspected of being a Diclonius due to wearing a hat Elfen Lied (Japanese: エルフェンリート, Hepburn: Erufen Rīto) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Lynn Okamoto

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Very very little (ironically, perhaps the least of any character in the series) is known of Lucy/Nyu/Kaede's parentage. I've written an essay on the series' wiki, but I'll give you something here besides the link. 1 - We are not even 100% certain. In the manga version of Elfen Lied, Nyu's love of breast squeezing is taken far into Les Yay territory with both Yuka and Nozomi. Were it not for a timely intervention by Kouta, she might have actually raped Nozomi., At one point, Yuka and Nozomi actually got aroused from it., and with Mayu: In the anime, Nyu gropes/washes her in the bath and it seems to not be a wholy unpleasant. Nana (ナナ), also known as Number 7, is a young Silpelit girl, born from humans infected with the Diclonius virus, who has the physical appearance of being 12–14 years old. Nana's actual age is actually about 6 years old; it is explained that Silpelits age more rapidly than humans (or a "Queen Diclonius" like Lucy). Her name, 'Nana', is Japanese for the number seven, the number by which she was called at the research facility ("Nana" is also a fairly common female name in Japan). Most Diclonius babies are euthanized at birth in sweeps of hospital maternity wards, but Nana was one of a handful kept alive for use as a test subjects and has spent her entire life in the Diclonius research facility.[12]

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Away from Maple House, Mayu reunited with Nana, who had been given vector-respondent artificial limbs by Kurama and sent away from the Institute to evade Chief Kakuzawa's execution order. As they talked, Nana realized that Nyū might be Lucy, traveling with Mayu to Maple House so to confirm. At first not sensing Lucy, Nana prepared to leave when Nyū surprised her instead of Kōuta. Panicked and angry, Nana began attacking Nyu, leaving in tears when Kōuta and the other residents defended Nyū and yelled at her instead. Mayu pursued Nana for an explanation while Kōuta and Yuka attended a feverish Nyu, not realizing as she shifted to an equally ill Lucy. Friends Forever {An Elfen Lied Fanfic} - Chapter 1Chapter 1: The Facility I lay against the wall, blood streaming down my arms and legs. Another experiment.another painful, painful experiment was over. They had fired that heavy metal ball at me a total of 67 times, and that last time I wasn't able to deflect it., an it had struck me in the head

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Kurama, seeing his mortal enemy, did not hesitate and fired his pistol straight at her. Lucy decided that she must keep her promise to Kōuta even at the expense of her life. At that moment, the DNA Voice seized direct control of Lucy and cut Kurama's arm off, scaring even her with the fact that it could do so. Worse still, Kōuta walked in on this scene and assumed the absolute worst of Lucy, now proclaiming that he hated her. Inside Lucy, the Voice exulted in its seeming triumph, only to have its narrow point of view ever more firmly rejected. The wounded Kurama takes aim as Lucy is distracted, only to have Kōuta jump in front of Lucy, taking a new bullet wound to save her life. When pressed as to why he would do such a thing given his vow of hatred towards Lucy, the fading Kōuta claimed he wanted to avoid leaving things unresolved, as he did with Kanae. Her horns regrown to demonic size, Nyū ripped through a great many of the soldiers as well as Cynthia, one of the Mariko clones. Though wounded, Kōuta witnessed Cynthia torn in half, something both Nyū and Lucy would soon have cause to regret. Nousou's efforts to regroup with the remaining two clones proved futile as Nyū moved forward relentlessly. Sighting helicopter gun and transport ships outside the house, Nyū gives way to Lucy herself, who destroys the ships to a one, raining debris down on the retreating Nousou, killing another of the clones (Alicia) who is defending him. As she left Maple House, Lucy heard Kōuta plainly say that his memories of how his family died had returned, this while glaring at her. Resigning herself to the inevitable, Lucy departed for the last time, charging Yuka with caring for Kōuta and Nana with protecting the house and their family. Once outdoors, the Agent ambushed Lucy, and used the dying Cynthia first to knock one of her horns off, then when she was on the ground, to shoot off the other. Deranged and lost at this point, Lucy's old enemy Kurama finds his way there and cradles the dying Cynthia, thinking she was his late daughter Mariko. When the clone passes on, Lucy taunts Kurama once more for it, and the two bitterly recall how they first met, including the tragedy that led to Lucy's capture before the series began.

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The characters in the Elfen Lied manga and anime series were created by Lynn Okamoto, with character-design assistance from Seiji Kishimoto for the anime adaptation. The plot and characters are described, below, using in-universe tone. Elfen Lied takes place in Kamakura, Japan, where a fictional mutant human sub-species, with violent telekinetic powers, has been discovered. Known as a Diclonius, any person showing signs of the mutation have either been contained in the Diclonius research facility or exterminated. Want to help but unsure what to edit? Take a look at the links below: Stubs • Uncategorized Pages • Wanted Pages • Unused Files Need help? Help! • Getting Technical • Formatting Help • Templates Manual Of Style • Layout Policy • Spoiler Policy Community Portal 161890-elfen lied nyuu lucy kouta nana lynn okamoto anime manga ecchi shirakawa arakawa isobe1 super.jpg Lucy asking to help her save Aiko's life Lucy's evil stare before she blinded Bando

Later in the manga, four copies of Mariko (Diana, Cynthia, Barbara and Arishia) are created by Doctor Nousou, with parts of their frontal lobes removed and electrical components added so that they follow his every command. Three of them (Diana is injured and stays behind) and a group of soldiers raid the Kaede inn, but nearly all are killed by Lucy's increased powers, only a few including Barbara and Nousou survive. In the hospital, Nousou removes the component in Barbara's forehead to see if they can truly coexist with humans, she cuts off his head and goes after Nana. Just as she is about to kill her, she is shot dead by Kazuma. Diana later helps Arakawa escape the island before being killed by another Diclonius. Check out avatarviola's art on DeviantArt. Browse the user profile and get inspired

Much to Lucy's dismay later on, after she's been locked in the apparatus that will be her container for the next three years, Kurama arrives to tell her Aiko has passed away. To rub salt in the wound, the manga has him telling her it's essentially her fault since she should have cooperated or tried to coexist peacefully with humans. He even intimates Aiko's own guilt in the matter. Overcome with both sorrow for her friend's demise and fury at Kurama's lack of care, Lucy swears she will someday tear his life to pieces. She will ruin his life before his very eyes, kill everyone who matters to him, and make his feel the same suffering he's inflicted upon her. A quiet dinner, in which the only tense subject was awaiting Nozomi's music school entry results, was sundered by the entry of armed troopers, in tandem with an Intelligence Agent, a scientist more ruthless than Arakawa, and three clones of the late Mariko Kurama. Nyū watched in terror as she saw Maple House invaded and her friends assaulted. Her manner and position remained unprovocative; so much so, it took the force's leaders a few moments to recognize her while securing the other residents. In the interim, both Kōuta's and Nana's efforts to either turn back or gain information from the invaders resulted in their undignified injury and disabling. Upon realizing who Nyū was, the technical Commander, Doctor Nousou, commanded his three viable Mariko clones, Alicia, Barbara, and Cynthia, to hold 'Lucy' against the nearby wall with a chokehold. Unaware of their target's nature, the attackers began dangerously escalating their efforts. Nana initially feels alone and despondent, but becomes friends with Mayu. Mayu convinces Nana to come with her to the Kaeda inn, but this initially leads to a confrontation, when Nana sees Nyu (recognizing her as Lucy) and attacks her. After running away, Mayu follows her, and Nana reveals the whole truth about the vectors, Lucy/Nyu, and Kurama. Mayu convinces her stay at the Kaeda inn, while telling Kouta and Yuka that Nana only attacked Nyu because she was cranky from being hungry, and that like Nyu, Nana has no place to go because of her horns. Despite Nana's lingering fears about Nyu (whom she believes may become Lucy again), she tries to adjust to life at the house, although she refuses to tell Kouta and Yuka anything about the Diclonii and their vectors. At one point, after an argument, Nana briefly considers leaving out of anger, but after Kouta (using some reverse psychology) asks her where she will go, Nana quickly becomes emotional and breaks down; crying in Yuka's arms, Nana admits she is scared and doesn't know what she would do if she was alone again. As Yuka hugs Nana to comfort her, Kouta gently places his hand on her head, and welcomes her into their "family."

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Elfen Lied: Genre: Action, Drama, Ecchi, Horror, Psychological, Romance and Seinen. Plot: The Diclonius, a mutated homosapien that is said to be selected by God and will eventually become the destruction of mankind, possesses two horns on their heads and have a sixth sense which gives them telekinetic abilities The synopsis of the Queen Diclonius Lucy from Elfen Lied. Born as Kaede, a girl with horns atop her head that resembled cat-ears, she was abandoned in a field on a mountainside, and taken to a nearby orphanage. While she would later be told that her parents abandoned her, in fact only her father did. Her mother, upon learning what he had done, never stopped searching for her While burying her dog in the mountains, Kaede made the decision to go on the run, but was stopped by Kouta, a young boy on vacation who went into the hills to draw. The two formed a close bond much to the surprise and confusion of Kaede. However, these moments of happiness were not enough to stop her following her newfound instincts and slaughtering entire families to use their houses for the night. Their time together was cut short when the Kaede's constant killings led to curfews which prevented Kōuta from seeing her. After three days, Kōuta took to sneaking out of the window for the two to meet up, and gave her a hat so she could hide her horns, oblivious as to why anyone would dislike them but wanting to help. As the final day of his vacation arrived, Kōuta and Kaede spent their whole day together and visited Nogeyuki Zoo. Kaede hoped to attend the Bonbori Matsuri festival at the Tsurugaoka Hachiman shrine with him, but was dejected to learn he had already promised to go with his cousin, believing herself to in fact be nothing more than a substitute for a girlfriend. Kaede began choking Kōuta in rage, but came to her senses seconds later and begged Kōuta to kill her if she couldn't stop her murder spree. A confused Kōuta ignored the remark and, understanding her feelings about going with someone else, lied about his cousin being a boy.

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Elfen Lied belongs to writer Lynn Okamoto and Weekly Young Jump and the anime was produced by Arms and licensed by Sentai carrying Aiko to the door. She then looked back and scowled at him. If you're an adult...then you need to fix your judgment a bit more. She said as she left through the door. Yea! Pesky Dust said as he blew a. Kaede, also known as Lucy in her mad form or Nyu in her amnesiac form, is the main protagonist and anti-hero of Elfen Lied. Lucy is the Queen Diclonius, an evolutionary offshoot of the human race. In the Japanese version, she is voiced by Sanae Kobayashi. In the English dubbed version, she is voiced by Kira Vincent-Davis in the main series (who also voices Seryu Ubiquitous, and Kokoa Shuzen. Transported to the Enoshima Park Beach boardwalk in a wheelchair (her limbs atrophied from her captivity), she saw Nana approach them, Nana having sensed her presence and not wishing to endanger her new friends at Maple House. Mariko immediately showed that she regarded killing as a game. When Nana extolled the virtues of her 'papa,' she angrily rejected her own and resented her for having one, not realizing both were the same man. Stripped naked and played with like a doll (Nana's artificial limbs coming off, as they often did), Nana seemed to accept her fate until Mariko made a threat to Nana's unseen Papa, which enraged Nana into action.

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Back at the diclonius research facility, Bando, who is seen heavily bandaged, screams and curses as Kurama tells him that he must undergo castration surgery, since he has now been infected with the vector virus (and thus any children he fathers will be born as diclonii). Kurama explains to Bando the truth about the diclonii and their invisible vectors (hands) and their true purpose to destroy the human race. Kurama entered into an alliance with the former SAT special forces police member Bando, another person who hated Lucy and wished to kill her. In the meantime, Chief Kakuzawa ordered Kurama's subordinate Shirakawa and his personal assistant Isobe to release Kurama's real daughter Mariko from captivity to pursue and capture Lucy. Nana, present on a beach where the copter carrying Mariko passed over, sensed and was sensed by Mariko, and moved to confront her. Isobe was manipulated and then killed by Mariko. Kurama arrived on the scene just as his two 'daughters' were fighting it out, with the massively powered Mariko holding a supreme advantage. While never wishing to hurt Nana, Kurama felt compelled to at last hold his daughter and tell her that he loved her. Underneath the vicious nature she developed from being imprisoned in the research facility, Mariko is still, at heart, little more than a 5-6-year-old girl who wants nothing more than to be with her family again. This desire leads to her being selfish regarding what she wants and also makes her jealous of those who have what she does not. This envy shows itself best when she interacts with Nana. Mariko is initially envious of Nana having friends at all when she's a Diclonius like her, and this envy morphs into outright jealousy when she learns of Nana and Kurama's father-daughter relationship, finding it unfair since Kurama let his real daughter be locked away in the darkness. Naturally, she takes her aggression out on Nana and taunts Kurama in doing so as a way to punish him for abandoning her and favoring another girl with horns. In both manga and anime, though, Mariko does reconcile with her father before dying. In the manga, she asks Nana to take care of him before sacrificing herself in an attack on Lucy, and in the anime, both father and daughter die together after Kurama apologizes for abandoning her.

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This page lists the characters of Elfen Lied and their associated tropes. WARNING: Unmarked spoilers ahead! Characters / Elfen Lied She does show lack of regard for human life and has shown empathy for other people (namely Aiko) in the past, but by the time Elfen Lied starts, she's too far gone in her hatred of humans His repressed memories are triggered when Lucy uses her vectors to kill over a dozen soldiers in front of him. The reunion between Kouta and Lucy is vastly different, In the manga, Lucy apologizes and Kouta has her vow to never kill again, but Kazuma shoots at her and Kouta steps in the way to protect her. As Lucy's body begins to deteriorate, she uses her remaining powers to put Kouta's cells back together and save him. Fulfilling the promise he made to Lucy as children, Kouta kills her. Ten years later, with the Diclonius menace eradicated, Kouta and Yuka are married and subsequently name their daughter Nyu.[6] Lucy | Nyuu | Kaede (Elfen Lied) Kouta (Elfen Lied) Arakawa (Elfen Lied) Yuka (Elfen Lied) Nana (Elfen Lied) Mayu (Elfen Lied) Jack Bright (SCP Foundation) Munru (MTF Tau-5 Samsara - SCP Foundation) Nanku (MTF Tau-5 Samsara - SCP Foundation) Chief Kakuzawa (Elfen Lied) Dr. Alto Clef (SCP Foundation) Silpelit 39; Silpelit 26; Happy Ending; Earn.

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Lucy/Nyu (real name: Kaede) is the main character, protagonist and anti-heroine / anti-villainess of the Elfen Lied series. The so-called 'Queen' Diclonius, Lucy, was an individual difficult to pin down by any standard of good or evil societal mores. She was both ruthlessly tormented and was also a sadistic tormentor to others, driven to a. Mayu (マユ) is a young thirteen year old homeless girl.[11] (In the manga she is introduced at age twelve and turns thirteen; but in the anime she is introduced at age 13 and turns 14.) Mayu is first introduced when she arrives at the closed-down restaurant (then inhabited by Kouta, Yuka and Nyu) to return an umbrella she found at the beach.[8] She is homeless and lives on the beach with a stray puppy that she calls Wanta, subsisting mostly on bread crusts from a nearby bakery.

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Unfortunately, the exhibit is closed at the time and Kurama and his group show up to catch the girls. Kurama sneaks up on the girls and fires, Aiko pushes Lucy out of the way and is shot. Kurama then promises Aiko's well-being in exchange for Lucy's capture. Lucy agrees and is later shown confronted by Kurama, while held under restraints as he tells her that Aiko died at the hospital from her injuries. The death of Aiko serves as the last straw for Lucy to become resolved to kill everyone in Kurama's life. In the series' final chapter, Wanta walks past a poster of Aiko, announcing her recent art exhibit, possibly implying that Kurama may have lied about Aiko's death.[6] It is possible that this is instead a poster for Aiko's mother, holding an exhibition again in Kamakura many years after her daughter's death. As Kōuta cried and Little Nyū wondered about him doing this, twin girls who looked much like Lucy did as a child approached them. Nyū even called one "Kaede" by name, and one of the girls smiled as she said they'd been waiting there for Kōuta, their "special friend." The manga ends with a tearfully smiling Kōuta turning toward the girls.

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Kaede (楓), also known as Lucy (ルーシー, Rūshi) and Nyu (にゅう, Nyū), is a diclonius girl and the central protagonist of the series. Aiko Takada was a young child who befriended Kaede in the days prior to her capture by Kurama. After befriending Kaede, Takada was forced on the run when she too was suspected of being a Diclonius due to wearing a hat. The two girls hid in a shopping mall in Kamakura, where Kaede kept her entertained with her powers, using her Vectors to move objects as if by magic. Eventually the two were. Kōuta already seemed distant to Lucy as she arrived, and this distance between them would only grow. This coldness was immediately apparent as Kōuta all but demanded the nude Lucy wear his coat, while stubbornly refusing to return to the hospital. His collapse while attempting to walk leads to Lucy carrying him to the entrance gate of the Enoshima Sea Candle, a lighthouse, and observatory completed after the death of Kanae, who had wanted to see it. Once they reached the summit, Kōuta asks why Lucy murdered his family, and why she has killed others. Unfortunately for Lucy, her explanations of her nature to spread her kind across the planet and of the voice of her DNA driving this do not even begin to satisfy Kōuta. Her exact explanation as to why she killed Kōuta's father and sister is inconsistent as well, saying she wished to end her attachment to any Humans; in the past, she had seemed to call it a transactional payback for a betrayal, while still wanting to be around Kōuta. Later, when circumstances caused Nyū to emerge, she saw it as a chance to begin again and redeem her relationship with Kōuta, absent the baggage of memories. Whether her motives or beliefs were clear or muddled, she offered up an apology for murdering Kōuta's family, hoping it would be enough. Aiko Takada (高田愛子, Takada Aiko) is Lucy's friend three years prior to the start of the main story, though her full name is never revealed. She becomes the second human who has both given love and come to accept Lucy by who she is, regardless of her horns. She always saw Lucy on the playground and liked to sketch her, as she wanted to be an artist. She lives with her abusive father (who does not want her to be an artist) and his girlfriend. She becomes good friends with Lucy and tells her how her mother is an artist and traveled abroad. She says there is a large art exhibition in town and suspects that her mother might have returned for it, and that she wants to give her a drawing she made for her. When Lucy goes to see Aiko, she accidentally killed her father when he was about to stab the drawing with a knife, she pushed him and he cut his own throat. Knowing the police would come, she and Lucy run off to the art museum so Aiko could deliver the picture to her mother before they are caught.

This is your place for valuable information on Elfen Lied series by Lynn Okamoto including the original Manga and the Anime! In special episode 10.5 of Elfen Lied anime, there was a scene where Lucy was together with a girl in a school. Aiko Takada was responsible for inadvertently stopping Kaede from going on another rampage when she was accidentally hit by a soccer ball. Aiko is the second girl after the unnamed Orphanage Girl who befriended Kaede. In the anime. Elfen Lied is an anime series adapted from the manga of the same title by Lynn Okamoto. Produced by Arms Corporation and directed by Mamoru Kanbe, it premiered on TV Tokyo's AT-X satellite channel on 25 July 2004 and concluded on 17 October 2004. The series spanned 13 episodes and was followed by a single original video animation on 21 April 2005. The OVA episode, referred to as episode 10.5, depicts events occurring somewhere within the timespan of episode eleven of the series. The series is based around the efforts of humanity to quarantine and eradicate the diclonius, a species of mutant humans with horns, and focuses on "Lucy", believed to be the first diclonius, who encounters two teenagers on the shores of Kamakura after attempting to escape her holding facility. Myu is the noise she would make after deflecting a missile that was fired to kill her and is used to describe her resulting split-personality. Both she and Kurama would have died so she used her vectors for protection and the result was a loss of memory. She was sweet and calm with reactions the same as a three-year-old girl and behaved just like would have if she wasn't a Diclonius. Unlike Nyu, she couldn't use her vectors. Nana can be seen as the exact opposite of Lucy. While Lucy's default personality is serious and cold, Nana's is friendly and kind; Lucy's split personality "Nyu" is similar to Nana's default while Nana sometimes goes into trances and acts cold like Lucy's default personality. Nana is in the middle of the spectrum of Lucy's split personalities: she's not as mature as Lucy, but more mature than Nyu. She is in fact extremely childish due to her young age.

Elfen Lied is, beyond the extreme gore, violence, and otherwise, extremely uncomfortable subject matter, a tale defined both by her love for Kouta and her desire to atone for her past sins against him. This goal, while she's dogged by corrupt humans out to either take her life or re-purpose it to suit their aims. As a Diclonius, Lucy possessed power rivaled by very few others of her kind, and her control over her vectors was virtually second to none, possessing X with a range of two metres. She was also capable of spreading the Diclonius mutation to humans via infecting their parents with her vectors, a process capable of gradually replacing regular Humans with her kind, albeit mostly of sterile, rapidly growing Silpelits that were to serve as "drones" to her role as "Queen." This infection process, which is described as a virus, is used perhaps for lack of a clearer term. Desert Eagle Mark XIX. In a rare case of a justified usage of a Desert Eagle Mark XIX, Bandou wields two of these .50AE handguns against any Diclonius he happens to meet (one of the pistol is kept as a backup weapon).He says the pistols are loaded with custom .50 Tungsten rounds, which can passes through the Diclonius vectors as opposed to normal pistol rounds due to its mass and velocity. The conclusion of the series shows Nana and Kurama before Mariko's grave, with Nana glad that they are now living together (whether this is at Maple House or in a separate residence is not made clear). Kurama tells he must leave and deal with some of the other people involved in Kakuzawa's conspiracy, but that he will return. He seems to dismiss Nana's notion of becoming his wife and having his children as childish nonsense, yet the text leaves that future possibility open. In the manga, there are differences between the English and Japanese on Kurama's last word to Nana at the end of the story. In the most popular English translation, he says "Nana is my ..." and trails off. But in the Japanese he says "ナナ 私は..." ("Nana, Watashi wa..."), which could mean "Nana, I..." or "Nana, I am..." depending on whatever he intended to follow it up. This difference in words, while seemingly minor, allows a wide margin of what he could have meant to say afterward.

Mariko Kurama (Number 35) is a third generation Diclonius, a Silpelit born from a carrier infected by a Siplelit born of a father infected by a First Generation Diclonius. She was the most powerful Diclonius, with the most vectors and longest range on record. She is the daughter of Kurama and his late wife Hiromi after many unsuccessful attempts at pregnancy. During Mariko's birth, Hiromi. Nozomi is revealed to have a great talent for singing. However, due to her father's abuse, in addition to her family's dislike toward her musical education due to her throat defect as well as being the only heir to her father's corporation, Nozomi has no place to study and prepare for the difficult entrance exams for her musical education. Nozomi often stays with Yuka and Kouta so that she can prepare for the entrance exam without her father's approval, and later moves in with them after she passes and is accepted as a student. While she is extremely embarrassed about her friends discovering her need to wear diapers all the time at first, she eventually comes to trust her friends enough that she leaves off trying to hide her diapers or even the fact that she wets them. Nana notes later that year that Nozomi was familiar enough with the occupants of Kaede Inn that she eventually took to wearing just a diaper and a shirt short enough to leave her diaper fully exposed. Nozomi teaches Nyu to sing the titular song "Elfenlied". Hier ist eine Liste der Charaktere aus Elfen Lied. Es sind aktuell 52 Artikel in der Kategorie Personen gelistet As Nana and Mayu sat and talked through their bizarre situation, and as Kōuta reluctantly sought the biased input of Doctor Arakawa, Nyū wandered a nearby forest, trying to find those she considered her family, even if they now had cause to think otherwise of her. In a stroke of bad luck, she happened upon Nana and Mayu while they were discussing Lucy and how to deal with her. Horror-struck, Nyū attempted suicide by slashing her wrists but found herself not able to go through with it. Still not wishing to live as the killer Lucy, she returned to face Nana, hoping the younger girl would kill her. For her part, Nana was further enraged to realize Nyū was using her as a means to commit suicide. However, Nana's warm feelings for Nyū were genuine, so she lied and said that Nyū was not the same person as Lucy. Whether Nyū believed this is debatable, though perhaps she merely appreciated Nana's caring enough to spare her a harsh truth.

Kouta is the main deuteragonist in the manga and anime series, Elfen Lied. He is the love interest of Kaede, and unlike her, Kouta has no super powers nor extraordinary skills, but his compassion and kindness may in the end have turned back an evolutionary apocalypse. As a teenager, he is voiced by Chihiro Suzuki in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Adam Conlon in the English version. Lucy was born to the actual progenitor of the Diclonius race, her mother. Her mother was an ordinary human, though with the exceptional capability of giving birth to Diclonius who could reproduce (as opposed to the sterile Silpelit children) and was, apparently, the actual origin of the virus that spawned them. The series reveals nothing about the background of Lucy's parents. Throughout her short life, Lucy believed that both parents had abandoned her, leaving her naked in a field to die of exposure as an infant. Towards the end of the series, Lucy learned that only her father had shunned and tried to dispose of her. Her mother, realizing what he had done, spent the rest of her life searching for her, a quest that finally caught the attention of the wrong person. In Nyu's case, it was a relationship of open affection on both ends, and at times with Yuka more of a mother to Nyū than to Mayu. Yuka might have well felt that Nyū could be all too affectionate and all too curious for her comfort. One indicator of Yuka's regard and concern for Nyū might be that not merely the dense Kōuta but she often ignored Nyu's sudden islands of coherence and loquaciousness. Her stance was likely similar to Kōuta's, fearing that asking too many questions might upset their hard but pleasant lives. Elfen Lied Who is the best diclonius? 104 fans picked: Lucy 78%: Nana 15%: Mariko 7% RukiaKuchiki88 posted over a year ago: Make your pick! Lucy/Dog/Kotha/Aiko). I feel sorry for her, having been just a child, but like the orphans who killed Lucy's dog, the joy she took in sadism rendered her unsuitable to live peacefully among society, so.

In the anime adaptation, Lucy assures Kouta that she can do so in five years, but refuses to because that would mean his death. Kouta seems to understand that something truly horrible must have happened to shape her into a cold-blooded killer and, while still stating he is unable to forgive her, Kouta professes his love for Lucy. Lucy then kisses Kouta and they hug. Sometime later, Kouta along with the "family" of Kaede house, including Nana, settles down until the music box stops, a figure appears at the front door and the grandfather clock starts ticking. Elfen Lied (Japanese: エルフェンリート, Hepburn: Erufen Rīto) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Lynn Okamoto.It was originally serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Young Jump from June 2002 to August 2005, with the 107 chapters collected into twelve tankōbon volumes. Elfen Lied revolves around the interactions, views, emotions, and differences between human beings and.

Firmly realizing that her end is near no matter what, Lucy realized that she could either end the world or use her power to save Kōuta's life. Though the DNA Voice resisted, it found no doubt in Lucy's being that it could exploit. Lucy used her powers in several ways, at least two of them never explained. The mechanics of her healing Kōuta ended up keeping him alive and no longer in danger of dying, though he still had to return to the hospital to fully recover. At the same time, Lucy put up a force field of sorts around herself and Kōuta to keep the military bombardment at bay while somehow also broadcasting the German poem/song Elfenlied, taught to her by Nozomi, while she sang it. The precision of saving Kōuta on one level along with the high power usage of turning back heavy weapons fire perhaps along with the dying statement the series' titular song made via broadcast took the most massive possible toll on Lucy. When Kōuta awoke, he found Lucy/Nyu's body had melted while leaving her still alive and in agonizing pain.  Thanos attacks Lucy (Elfen Lied) artdog22 18 3 Lucy sings Tourniquet artdog22 5 1 Top 10 Characters I like but everyone else hates 2 artdog22 10 16 Top 25 Scary Face and Evil Grins 2 artdog22 35 12 Characters I want to fight with this theme 2 artdog22 27 4 My Team vs The Alien Invaders Meme artdog22 30 Fans of Elfen Lied know that this is the fate of anyone who comes across Lucy and her vengeance. Elfen Lied needs very little introduction. Fans of the dark supernatural and psychic powers genre have obviously read the manga or have watched the hit anime series After spending the night with them, Mayu leaves. Mayu's past is revealed. Mayu's mother remarried, and her new stepfather repeatedly molested her. When her mother refused to help, jealous her husband was paying more attention to her daughter then her, Mayu ran away from home, where she encountered a stray dog she names "Wanta." In present day, Kohta and Yuka convince Mayu to come live with them. Mayu's mother happily gives Kohta guardianship of Mayu. Kurama is the General Director (sometimes referred to as Room Monitor) working at the Diclonius Research Institute under Chief Kakuzawa, recruited by the man's elder son. He is in his mid-30's when the series begins, marked off by the escape of Lucy amid the brutal killings of many facility personnel, including Kurama's secretary. He is a father figure, however flawed, to both Nana and his birth daughter, Mariko, and his actions, whatever his mental state, often have their protection in mind. Eventually, the mad plans of his employers force him to a harsh realization and some even tougher choices, to the point it threatens his sanity. Whatever his alliances, he unrelentingly views Lucy as the number one threat to Humankind and the world itself.

Aiko Takada (愛子高田) ist ein eine Mittelschülerin, die Lucy während der Zeit, nachdem sie Koutas Schwester und Vater getötet hat, trifft. Sie ist der erste Mensch nach Kouta, den Lucy als Freund ansieht. Aiko zeichnet sehr gerne, weshalb sie Lucy bittet, ihr Modell zu stehen. Sie lebte mit ihrem aggressiven Vater und dessen Affäre zusammen. Ihre Mutter verließ sie, als Aiko noch ein. At the orphanage, Kaede was avoided and neglected by the staff, frequently bullied and referred to as an "Ox" (due to her horns), and told by the other kids that she should live outside. In an odd way, she understood this as the other kids using her as a way to distract themselves from their misery of being forgotten and abandoned. Lucy did little to prevent the abuse other than to refuse to react, presumably in the hopes they would tire of bullying her if they couldn't get any reaction from her. It remains unclear how or when Lucy and the other children learned of the story of her abandonment, but it seemed common knowledge at the site. Over time, her ignoring the bullying backfired twice over; it marked her off as emotionless and therefore more of a 'freak' and egged tormentors on, hoping to get a reaction from her. In the next few years, the explosion of both inexplicable heart attacks and Diclonius births in the Kamakura area led Kurama and the younger Kakuzawa to realize that not only was a Diclonius out and about but that this one showed a pattern of intelligence indicating that it was a 'Queen' Diclonius. Murderous incidents from a few year prior revealed the existence of the girl who would be called Lucy. Later on, cornered in a store along with her human friend, Aiko. As Kurama drew a bead on Lucy, Aiko moved her out of the way, taking the bullet instead. Lucy agreed to enter captivity in exchange for Aiko receiving treatment for her wounds. Later, Kurama informed her that Aiko had, in fact, died, leading to a vow of vengeance from Lucy and beginning the long and bitter enmity between them. ( NOTE: Despite the name of this article, there does exist evidence of Aiko surviving the end of the series. However, this article will treat her as though she is deceased, since her being believed to be dead drives a significant portion of the plot in relation to Lucy and Kurama's tempestuous relationship and the people said relationship effects. ) Aiko Takada's Death Purpose Essay analysis. He shows up at the raid at Kaede inn, and sees the clones of Mariko. He is later discovered by Nana, but he shuns her away at first, clinging to a dead body of one of the clones thinking it is his daughter. The surviving clone, Barbara, shows up and Kurama tries to embrace her too. She however attacks him and fights with Nana. When she is about to finish Nana off, Kurama shoots her in the head and regains his sanity. He then reconciles with Nana and confronts Lucy at the end, who shows a third personality and rips his arm off. However Nana saves him and in the last chapter they appear at a grave with Mariko's ashes, he with two arms (meaning he got a prosthetic as well), and it is revealed they are living together.[6]

Back in the present, Mayu and Wanta return to the beach, but Wanta's original owner arrives and takes him away, while rudely turning down Mayu's request to visit him because of her dirty clothing. Mayu tries to comfort herself with the thought that Wanta will at least be able to live in a safe home with plenty of food, but later breaks down and cries. Losing her only friend, Mayu is devastated and spends the night, which is her birthday, alone, trying to shelter herself from the rain and cold, while wishing that Wanta was with still with her. When Lucy lost her horns in the battle with Mariko, Nyu's persona predominated and remained for six months. Nyū matured significantly over those six months: she began to learn the basic morals and norms of society, learned how to speak properly, coherently, and in complete sentences, how to cook, clean, and, thankfully, to show at least some restraint on her sexual curiosity. She was even shocked and appalled at the idea of her groping anyone when Yuka and Mayu reminded her she used to do that to them. Later on in the manga, Nyū could use vectors like Lucy, but her control of them appeared tied to her emotional state at the time as a reaction to what was going on around her (i.e. Kōuta being shot, Kakuzawa telling her he would use her body for his goals). If you are looking for more wallpapers such as images of Lucy Elfen Lied then Animewp.com is the site to be! Some Fun Elfen Lied Facts The homeless girl who gets shot in episode 14 is named Aiko Takada Ordered to kill Nana, who Chief Kakuzawa now felt was useless, Kurama instead outfitted her with prosthetic limbs that responded to her vectors and were startlingly realistic, often to the point that someone who saw Nana's arms or legs fall off would be shocked. Kurama sent Nana out into the world, hoping she would find her place in it. At this time, knowing the price of defying his boss and learning of Kakuzawa's genocidal secret agenda for Diclonius supremacy from the Chief himself, Kurama left the project and went into hiding. Ironically, despite obeying his instructions for her to avoid Lucy, Nana ended up encountering Lucy living in the Maple House as the amnesiac Nyu. At one point he reciprocates the feelings, while Kouta and Yuka are searching for Nyu (after she escapes from the Professor's lab), they take shelter from the rain at the Sasuke Inari Shrine.[9] While holding each other in an attempt to keep warm, Kouta apologizes for not remembering anything about the time they were together as kids, but states that he remembers that he liked her then and that he always liked her. The two then kiss, with Yuka even becoming sexually aroused, and promise to always be with each other.[10] However, when they subsequently find Nyu, Kouta and Nyu share a long hug, and Yuka immediately becomes jealous again.

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