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Hey all, remember that big announcement I talked about a while ago? well, here it is!!I’m proud to announce the official launch of: The NerveGear Project! this project is what I have been dreaming of for quite some time, and I believe that we as a community work together to build the NerveGear, Sword Art online would be possible in the next 3 years or so maybe sooner! It is open to anyone, and I mean anyone, whether you have technical experience, or just want to hang out and talk about stuff in a community setting. and if you have any ideas about the NerveGear come visit us in the Devs channel! there’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ProjectNerveGear/ Discord: https://discord.gg/7DbnAmf and soon to be twitter and YouTube! So come join the Team and be part of the greatest advancement in gaming!! Booklet SWORD ART ONLINE NerveGear Vol. 3 Limited Edition. BOOK TITLE. Used Book x 1 I 100% with you about the game kensuke and i think it would actually be possible by time the anime set in (2022) or in 2025. I think I have seen things about it and I kind of hope they delay the game to make it just like the anime. ŁØŁ I’m such a nerd

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omg, i can relate after i watched SAO i was like “i need to be in that, i want get away from here and go there” youre so smart and id love to talk to you more about your ideas. im still mind blown about what i just read. lol.http://www.seeker.com/bionic-eye-sends-images-directly-to-the-brain-1770629932.html Using something like this for the video feed and combining it with current brain wave sensor technology for the characters motion should easily make a nerve gear. Also look at it electrically as well as an eeg format.  The body and mind responds similarly.  As the mind is able to control the body from an electrical signal,  it is also able to think using nuerons fired in the brain allowing one to think and even create an alternate world for a length of time.  This means not only would you need to intercept the electrical impulse,  but interpret the nuerons firing so let's start there as well as with Cody d.  Post from September 13 2017. I would volunteer for beta testing for this also “No controllers are required as players use their body to make moves.” Wow, can’t wait to become part of the game!

Found a video describing the haptic feedback. Buru-Navi3: Behavioral Navigations Using Illusory Pulled Sensation Created by Thumb-sized Vibrator Although In my oppionion the device in the video can be made smaller.I love the show and the game and Iv got some prItty good Ideas that wIll change the the way VRMMO gameIng werks oh and Id lIke It If you could me teck but my name.Is zander The best we got is PriorVR, The best thing about the nerve gear is that you dont have to move your body to move in the virtual world. The PriorVR, you have to move your body, but its pretty close to nerve gear, By pretty close, i mean like 40%. Nerve Gear Taps into your brain waves and all of the senses (sight, smell, taste, etc. Sword Art Online beta testers Sword Art Online players (Heathcliff might have used an advanced version of the NerveGear instead)I want in I’m currently in college at FSU studying computer technology anyway I can help let me know

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  1. Nervegear T-Shirts on Redbubble are expertly printed on ethically sourced, sweatshop-free apparel and available in a huge range of styles, colors and sizes. Slim fit, order a size up if you'd like it less fitting
  2. This Is The Model In Which Developer Use To Make The Real NerveGear , Its Prototype As Prototype Always Be The Test Subject For A Better Creation. Posted by Unknown at 06:31 No comments: Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Yes It Is! But Dont Expect Too Much
  3. There's also the idea of being able to artificially induce a controlled REM sleep, which could solve some of the problems.
  4. Sorry, but I’m not. I wish I was though, but who knows? Maybe I’ll become one through this project. what you said did encourage me, so thank you for that. it is possible that later on I could use some help in contacting the devs of one of the pieces I’m looking at. and who knows? if it takes off I’ll be lookin for testers. Sadly though the video game as[ect wont be done until the NerveGear is complete.
  5. In my thoughts,  using eeg would be a first step.  This allows the brainwashed emitted to control objects in some game consoles such as escaping from lab.  If it was enhances to decipher the waves according to motion and electrical impulses based on the differentiation of the signals sent to the body such as move your hand or wiggle your fingers,  it would be possible using modern day technology to make a character in the game to do the same. Thus making a virtual world be able to be reacted with
  6. ate normal sensory input. 


Hello Summer, I’m very impressed with your post, and you are right on several counts, however in terms of development what you said is in stage 3 or 4. which yes, does mean i am currently working on a prototype design. along with everyone else, I too am impressed, and if it succeeds, I’ll be lookin for beta testers. I’m 19 btw[…] is sponsor van het project, dat slechts als techshowcase bedoeld is voor de mogelijkheden van de SoftLayer-clouddienst van het bedrijf om grote hoeveelheden […]

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  1. g world and lovers of SAO. You could have cornered the ga
  2. g from however, I am not the only one working on this and my team has decided to try several different approaches to the NG. since we have, we’ve made excellent progress, sadly i cant give the full details here, but its slowed down thanks to the holidays. Respectfully, if you were trying to knock us down, make fun of, or discourage us, you failed. Our drive has never been stronger! And, should we stumble, we’ll just take a step back and continue on! Finally, to all on this forum: The FDVRMMO’S will be made a reality of that you can be sure, what the 1st gen device will be? I don’t know. I do know that if its the NG it will have the security of the AS. please remember that the dreams, wishes, and feedback on this forum serve as one of the many fuel sources for the passionate fire that burns in the team’s hearts! So spread the word that Sword Art Online: The True Beginning has begun! https://discord.gg/7DbnAmf
  3. “It’s my biggest dream to be able to go to a virtual world and get away for all the stress and pain of this world ” I am from in VietNam and I want to be your friend
  4. Acho que muito semelhante ao retratado em Jogador Número Um (que tem uma premissa semelhante tecnologicamente). A maioria, se não todas, das esferas sociais, como trabalho, lazer, e negócios, seriam remodeladas tendo o NerveGear como base: * Criaç..
  5. […] The not really a virtual reality game that is the IBM IBM +0.03% marketing stunt called Sword Art Online: The Beginning released its first in-game footage recently and it looks thoroughly terrible. […]
  6. d, which is a big step to transferring brain waves into code, which is the hardest part, Japan already has a nerve gear in testing but unfortunately it does not put you completely in the game yet, They are using goggles as well as a helmet, but it’s a big step. They have been able to control a lot of things with their

A while back I saw an anime called, Sword Art Online, ignoring the plot. What I'm most concern about is NerveGear. A helmet that's connected to a computer which is a able to send your mind to a computer probably using the Internet IBM’s Watson in a lot of ways can function exactly like the Cardinal System. It can manage the game on its own and self correct errors like Cardinal can.[…] than introduce Pokemon VRMMO. Anime like Sword Art Online are popularizing the idea of VRMMOs, with IBM-Japan even getting in on it by showing a SAO demo, it’s only natural for Nintendo to get in on the […]

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Same my sister and I are hoping for it to come. I know that I am 12 but I am a gamer so thats why I am here!!!and I will nit say to every one about that project I am promise as a hunestly promise and I have not work in production every thing in Indonesia so dont worry your secreat of project and I was 16 years old so I am teen and I stay at sunior hight school of sience at indonesia cause that I like gane and teknologi in the world and if I can after I join that I will stay at japan only and get a school over there or continue my school over there thanks you so much to you for the secountMy theories are still being n progress and I would love it if I could get some feedback from you guys. Also if you need my help just comment.Hey Kirito I’ve been working on theories for a nervegear as well and I would like to know if I could Ben of any assistance. Thank you!

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. ( Log Out /  Change ) you are all so funny i injoy reading your guyses comets there COOL i loved the show sao was a big thing in my life and i liked it so much i have every thing that you can downlowed theres a game called sword quest in the app store i was one of the ferst 10 peppole to beat the game all the floors and all there bosses i had all of it…. sadly i broked the screen one my phone and from that it went to shit and now wen i go to downloed the game it never opens… the thing i like about it was the bugs in the game were left in the game so like it was SO…SO hard but i beat it and if that game was so cool i can only dream of what a VR saoDude, this isn’t even full-dive tech. I think this is called active-vr, and I for one, am not looking forward to it. Sorry

I think there will be a server system like for people in Usa there will be a specific server for that country so everyone can understand each other. and if someone who loves in a different country but speaks the same language as their home country they can join that country’s serverWhy don’t you try to come up with something that scans the brain and clones the brain signals from the brain and put it in the game,how do you become a deta tester? Swordartonline nervegear replica. Since i saw #swordartonline so as to contain the electronics. the coating is an alloy of metallic polyester putties.It is as strong as a real helmet.It is truly interactive: the visor moves, and opens like the anime. nascorsto side has an ethernet plug :. I can try to draw a prototype later if needed, and about the cables i think it should be on top of the helmet so he nuser can lie in any position. if the cable is on the back people couldnt lie looking to the ceiling. if on the side people couldnt lie on that side Kirito: Main Character: Was a beta tester in the Sword Art Online game using NerveGear Software. Klein: First person to meet Kirito, its his first day in the gaming realm, and asks Kirito to show him the ropes of fighting. Game Master: Real name is Kabaya Ahkihiko, creator of Sword Art Online and NerveGear

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  1. Nerve Gear. 1,070 likes · 6 talking about this. Computer Compan
  2. Now if this article was merely for fun and is the jumping off point for a discussion on whether or not one would want to see the Nerve gear system and games such as Sword Art Online implemented in real life then this topic has been done to death already in various forums
  3. […] Developer.ibm, Kamis (24/3/2016), IBM menawarkan Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Game (VRMMO) untuk […]
  4. Personally I think this may be possible, because our nerves control our movement with electrical signals and if we find a way to use those to control a computer only by thinking. so if we are able to accomplish that, then we will be able to make this possible. maybe something like in halo where captain keyes had a chip in the back of his head to save data. but use that chip to control the computer and completely shutout the outside world. and then maybe that would be possible. :)
  5. I am no brain expert but how are you going to make the person stop moving because you need to send the "moving signals" to move because you can't really imagine moving your arm to do it because the signals are probably different. also, it is not easy to measure brain signals look at the machines they have to use to it now for brain skills and motor functions. not to mention you would have to make a bunch of custom stuff. like software and parts.
  6. Sword Art Online was an immediate hit from the moment it's pitch-perfect first episode aired in 2012. Setting up this game world where every player within was trapped in a system where failure meant death, SAO one of the biggest successes in anime this decade, and will no doubt go down in anime history, no matter what it's detractors might say..

try to check edu.mrmo cause the existense of the nerve gear had finished to the 4th level and 6 helmets seceed to connect individualy to SAO or Sword art Online only 6 levels left to provide the real outmost nerve gear just wait it will be done soon comment who want to be a tester .. ONLY an IT gratitude and experienced only.Sadly not to walk u have to move ur leg up and down to use sword u need to swing ur hand down and also 1 swing can mean 2 swing in the game so it wont be really fun i was expecting for a full dive though maybe they will come out with full dive in a few years or a few decade.. this is the first step though well i hope for a really good game. For now the quality is bad and we move like robot :/ not really good yet but i believe sometime full dive will be reali like to be part of the Beta tester if its okie 🙂 im actually an IT student and also want an awesome experience in gaming 🙂

you might just want to have the helmate insert 1 or more chips safely into the head, if at all posible. also dont let it intercept the signals to the organs, but everything else. i would love too see this, so msg me when you have a prototype. i would love too test it. Nervegear would be a VERY bad idea, and the Augma turned out to not be so hot after all too....the whole deleting portions of your memory thing is a bit of a turn-off for me It was only for the SAO Survivors, it erased the SAO memories I feel you, I know what it feels like. Iol. Agreed to what you have said And I think that it would be much realistic if they used some lasers and put it on in our heads where they can transfer brainwaves and signals to the brain that can trick the brain to feel, to touch, to smell, to hear and etc.. I just want to escape in this reality and have fun in VRMMORPG SAO like but it seems like it’s still far in our reached but you know, I know that we can make it happen. I’m just a boy that keeps dreaming even though they told me not *Sorry for the grammar ^_^ I’m a BAKA!I’ve been studying genetics and I believe that if we can find a way to use technology to read the helix in such a way to use a piece of hair or something simple to make each person’s own body in the virtual world as unique as it is in the tangible world it may work, but it would be much more complex and very complicated. It may also help with the speed that the virtual body can make motions according to the learning speed that the brain can actually comprehend.

Interesting. Very interesting. Though it isn’t 2022 yet, I believe that our generation can make a game like SAO sooner than the anime anticipated. All we need is motivation and determination.For instance, we have cochlear and retinal implants, which can restore hearing and sight — but both of these require some part of the apparatus of your ears and eyes. It’s not so much a “from scratch” realization of these senses as much as it is a repair job. The technology for retinal implants especially is still limited enough that it doesn’t fully restore vision so much as create an approximation that’s better than nothing at all. All of these devices wired into your eyeballs and inner ears are a pretty far cry from a non-invasive headset you can take on and off at will. Even supposing we put a jack into the back of your head like they did in Neuromancer, we wouldn’t know how to go from “wire inserted into brain stem” to “reproduce vision and hearing.”Well, the advantage of Cognitive Computing is the ability to use natural language and to learn. So you “teach” Watson the different in-anime characters, and Watson becomes the AI running them “think Yui” as she is an AI entity.

Is the Nerve Gear possible? Like the one in SAO (Sword Art Online) Considering all the new VR systems that will be coming out soon. spending his days working on a theory to unite quantum physics and general relativity into a single theory. he had no real formal training in either math or physics. he was on full welfare due to moderate. if your body moves while you play, wouldn’t they have to develop a big place where you can play it, because a lot of homes don’t have the space required for this, so, I was wondering how someone would go about playing this after it gets released?Im beginner in science.And i planning to work on project.If you already watched SAO(Sword Art Online) you must know about Nerve Gear.Im going to make Nerve Gear on real life.If you dont know about Nerver Gear i will introduce it.Nerve Gear is helmet that will stop your movement and send you in to 3D game world.That's what i want to make real.My project name is "Ecto Gear".Im exploring about brain.How to connect brain to server?This is my first answer.But i think its possible.And my plan is connect brain to server based on computer and server will connect it directly to Virtual Character.Only thing that i want to know is this possible?Please leave me answer or your opinions. Published on Aug 27, 2019. Will Elon Musk's Neuralink Company be able to bring us the NerveGear of our dreams?! Support the channel and the VR Industry: Oculus Quest: https://amzn.to/2Hpyby3. The PriorVR, you have to move your body, but its pretty close to nerve gear, By pretty close, i mean like 40%. Nerve Gear Taps into your brain waves and all of the senses (sight, smell, taste, etc.) My Opinion is that nerve gear is very possible to the technology we will have in the future. Who knows? Maybe the nerve gear will come out 201

I want to be a beta tester of the game SAO the beginning please I live in India and a big fan of SAO. I Sayan Bhattacharjee would be honoured if you give me a chance, please. NerveGear is the world's first true VRMMORPG device. Sword Art Online (SAO) has generated worldwide buzz, and on its official launch day, one player, Kirito, immerses himself in its virtual world. Game Over is equivalent to death in the real world So i was wondering how to play a mmo online i tride to do it last night but wen i got my character i wasent abol to play……..TIPS anyoneIt really is simple of course it would take years to research and test the idea of putting the mind into an online game the rest is easy we already have the occulus so actually all we have to do is program a single game by itself to create certain sounds for a certain game with a certain occulus oh and they’d have to make the whole respawn buissness which will be the hardest with all this you’d also have to know every crack and corner about the human mind The NerveGear is a streamlined helmet coated in dark blue. At the back is a long pad with a wire the same color as the NerveGear stretching out of it. It also has a battery and internal memory to store data from the games. 30% of the NerveGear's weight is from its internal battery. Transceivers

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  1. I think in 2020 – 2030 we going to can play a vrmmorpg or a other game in vr online with the world. I am the bigger fan of SAO and accel world this is my favourite anime and I’ll this project realize. Sorry for my English i’m from switzerland
  2. It’s a 3D body scan, something similar to the Xbox Kinect or Leap Motion. It scans an object within a radius and maps out your movements as you move, then correlates that in real time back to the game. In order for the walking to work, you’d have to have some sort of Omni-Treadmill which too are being built for consumers currently.
  3. Well, Watson can also do REALTIME audio translations. So you speak in your native language and the person who you’re talking to hears their language. Not your voice, but still amazing technology. The Tower of Babel really exists now.
  4. the sword art online nerve gear format is using bluetooth signal to link the eyesight into the 3d eye camera ot the avatar instead of electricity

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Sword Art Online (Sub) In the near future, a Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) called Sword Art Online has been released where players control their avatars with their bodies using a piece of technology called Nerve Gear. One day, players discover they cannot log out, as the game creator is holding them captive unless they reach the 100th floor of the game. I decided to do some digging after my last post. What I’ve found is very interesting, and I believe we might have a true nervegear by 2022, possibly sooner. Now, I know that sounds far fetched, right now I’m trying to find a last few missing pieces and trying to figure out got to present my findings. Please understand I’m not trying to get anybody’s hopes up, it’s just my findings look promising. So please be patient

Now if your purpose is to gather the entire cars in CSR 2 – and we will provide you with some tips that may provide help to achieve that – you shouldn’t promote something, being that you’ll usually be getting a certain number of cents on the dollar.The NerveGear's high-density microwave transceivers are capable of accessing the user's brain, allowing it to send fake signals to the five senses of the user.[4] The transceivers are not only capable of inducing fake sensory signals but can also block every movement command from the brain to the body, preventing the player from moving their body while in FullDive to avoid injuries.[4] The transceivers are also capable of blocking sensory information from the body to the brain, thus, while using it, the player is completely insensate to the physical world.[citation needed] The NerveGear is able to destroy a person's brain by emitting high-powered microwaves, shutting down one's vital processes, and Sword Art Online's (SAO) operating system has been programmed to do so if the player's Hit Points are reduced to zero.[3] Despite the exact method that kills a player being disclosed in the story, some of the signs left behind in the brain are cerebral hemorrhaging and arterial occlusion.[5] The NerveGear is equipped with a new generation diamond semiconductor central processor.[6] Appearance The NerveGear is a streamlined helmet coated in dark blue. At the back, it has a wire of the same color stretched out of a long pad. It also has a battery and internal memory to store data from the games. 30% of the NerveGear’s weight is from its internal battery. In the real world, Kazuto discovers that 300 SAO players, including Asuna, remain trapped in their NerveGear. As he goes to the hospital to see Asuna, he meets Shouzou Yuuki, Asuna's father, who is asked by an associate of his, Nobuyuki Sugou, to make a decision, which Sugou later reveals to be his marriage with Asuna, angering Kazuto

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This is my dream for a couple years, I want to play SAO, I want to be part of it. And the game now come true.It would be great if we could create personalized characters, so each player could have their own style and history, it would be epic, i can not wait more!!Summer you are actually impressive and the fact that you are only 13 impresses me and makes me hopeful for the future I’m 16 and trying to program an A.I., and could use more than a little help. Email me if you think you could help. Regards, L

It’s theoretically possible once we understand more about the human brain however I wouldn’t expect this sort of technology within our lifetime. Even if a prototype was made I don’t see it being deemed safe for consumer use for a long time to come, one small error and you could suffer serious brain/nerve damage.whats date or year will be release the nearve gear i’m waiting for it i think i watch sword art online the nearve gear. and i think it’s not stand it and walk but i was watch it on sword art online its like rest on the bed and to start will be say LINK START i saw it on the movie Virtual MMORPG : NerveGear The S-Class Virtua Nerve Gear is completely different from other virtual gaming devices. Many virtual reality gaming devices run on the sense that you feel that you are in the game and that your limbs can control the game. With our technology. we hav I really want to try this..I’ve always liked sao and mmorpg. I wish I could play vrmmorp like this. too bad I’m not Japanese.. hope they’ll make English version and share it with us sooner .

Second problem: Even if being able to read / write from / to neurons was solved, how do you convert binary code into neural code? Scientists don't fully understand the brain yet, and what all of its millions of nerves and connections do precisely. Desciphering the actions going on inside the brain enough to translate it on a computer is another very difficult task. In this case we would need to precisely translate the brain's intentions to move a limb, as well as pipe digital images / sounds / smells / touching of quality, in a way that can't be told apart from reality. Hello everybody. Im beginner in science.And i planning to work on project.If you already watched SAO(Sword Art Online) you must know about Nerve Gear.Im going to make Nerve Gear on real life.If you dont know about Nerver Gear i will introduce it.Nerve Gear is helmet that will stop your movement and send you in to 3D game world.That's what i want to make real.My project name is Ecto Gear.Im.

I would really love to see this happen, exept the dying part. I am new to programing but familiar with technology and ideas, msg me if ya need any help! One of the few ways I have previously thought of to make a nerve gear used nanites ,bad idea, However,I have had another thought. Getting data out of the brain we already can read brainwaves in real time now all we need is a way to decode them My idea was to use an Al to do this..

My suggestion is that you go to school obtain a PhD in neuroscience, a PhD in electrical engineering and a PhD in computer programming.  i would also suspect that this endeavor would require at a minimum your entire life to accomplish.  An alternative is to hire people with these degrees and create a team to work on this.  The number of technological hurdles to accomplishing something like this is huge.   After the SAO Incident, NerveGear had been seized and disposed as according to Japanese Code of Criminal Procedure, Article 121.

Official website will be up soon, please stand by. Official website will be up soon, please stand by You have used an analogy to suggest rapid advance is possible.And I know that VR topic was developing not one year but I realy belive in such thing as nerve gear. […] The last type of media would that are part of my digital identity that I would like to describe would be my posts. One of my recent posts was sharing about this Anime called Sword Art Online. It is an anime where the main characters are trapped in the game and if they die in the game, they die in real life. Apparently, they are making a real version of the game where you can utilize virtual reality game. A video showcasing the the town of Sword Art was shown. I shared it in my timeline and tagged one of my friends because we enjoyed the anime. The video can be found below. Details about this game and its developers can be found here. […] So my friend told me that Japan is currently working on a real life nerve gear set. I (only owning a wii) would actually preorder a nerve gear set for whatever price it is set at. However, there are a couple down-sides. 1- you have to get a shot directly into your spinal cord so they can implant. When will this game be officially out? Just wondering bc I just finished watching the first part of SAO.

Even though the NerveGear is considered obsolete, its base technology was used to develop other VR devices, such as the Medicuboid and the Soul Translator. Sword Art Online: A Virtual Reality MMORPG Sword Art Online (SAO) is a popular Japanese light novel series by best-selling writer, Reki Kawahara.It has been adapted into three manga, an anime, and a video game for the PlayStation Portable (PSP). SAO has taken the anime world by storm. Many consider it to be one of the best anime series in recent years

In 2022, a virtual reality massively multiplayer online role-playing game (VRMMORPG) called Sword Art Online (SAO) is released. With the NerveGear, a helmet that stimulates the user's five senses via their brain, players can experience and control their in-game characters with their minds. Both the game and the NerveGear was created by Akihiko Kayaba And, last but not least, 3. Theoretical sciences behind all of this: Like the title says, this is all theoretical. Without actually applying and thorough testing of various methods then you will never find out what works and what doesn't. Simply by finding what doesn't work even helps because it narrows down the list of what does. Remember though, the human brain is extremely complex, can vary from person to person, and scientists don't even truly understand what sleep is for either. Scientests thought light was only limited to where they saw the trail of it but they were wrong. Scientists thought that Pluto and Charon were geologically innert due to being so far from a strong heat source but they were wrong. Heck, even some scientists thought that the laws of physics apply to everything, no matter what it is, even after being proved wrong again and again. Instead of pointing out problems and preaching about how hard this is, try to find solutions. Just because they were wrong doesn't mean they gave up. Instead, they pushed further and learned far more then they thought they would. So do the same as so many scientists and intellectuals before you and achieve greatness by discovering the impossible and making it possible.SAO is a sucess because it have anime appearance, who looks really charismatic. You guy will keep the anime appearance or will use “human” avatars?

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My name is William Collins I live in Ardmore Oklahoma I like the shows I want to try the nerve gear if you do not mine I watched sword art online for about 3years now I like the show so please let me try the nerve gear in real life. Or call me at 5804651326 I how to here from you I how you have a good day today.At the time of the Sword Art Online beta test, there were about 200,000 players in possession of a NerveGear. Half of them applied for the beta test, while only 1,000 of them were actually invited to participate in it.[4] Can’t wait for the worlds Best Game ever I know that I am 12 but I am a gamer so that is not gonna stop me!!!!

Real Life Action. Play Nerve (in real life) People have been playing a game similar to Nerve on Double Dog. If you haven't seen the 2016 Nerve movie, then read on. Nerve, apart from being the name of the book and movie, is the name of the dare app around which those stories revolve. The heroine, Vee, uses the app to have some fun and break. level 111 points · 5 years agoMy life goal is to develop this tech. Currently in the brainstorming/researching part. Just went and bought 5 big whiteboards and a bunch of books on neurology, chemistry, physics, and tons more. I'm also in college majoring in software engineering. My "company's" name is SynapseVR. I'm currently the only person working on the project that I dubbed Project NERVS. Its possible. Just needs a lot of time and a good amount of resources. And a metric ton of dedication.

After the events of the Death Game incident, Argus no longer produces new NerveGear units, and most users instead use RECT’s replacement for the system – the AmuSphere, which has significantly less powerful transceivers; it is thus incapable of doing harm to a player, but cannot completely eliminate normal sensory input. I was pretty pleased to uncover this site. I want to to thank you for ones time for this particularly fantastic read!! I definitely appreciated every bit of it and I have you saved to fav to see new information in your web site Sabung Ayam.The main Kings are usually among a good number competitors picked to travel completely, and that’s certainly the most important subject: Will they return to the last? This version of Full Dive is almost identical to the one found within Sword Art Online and is known in that world as the NerveGear, which our current technology and medical research cannot do completely at the moment, but there are extensive efforts in order to expand on existing technology to define the future of virtual reality gaming, even.

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Even though the NerveGear is not possible with current technology, though not far away, ordinal scale can already be achieved. Through the use of global positioning software and augmented reality, it would be possible to overlay reality with a virtual layer by creating a virtual image that is just barely on top of or overlapping the edge of any object in reality I’m wandering if this game will become available internationally or will it be limited to Japan only. Also, if it is to be an international game, how will you make language interchangeable?Is this for real even i cant believe it such game is for real life expirence even it is can anyone give me full detail about this im glad to hear about these kind of games ….so just mail me.[…] https://developer.ibm.com/dwblog/sword-art-online-vrmmo/ Starting today, a real-life Sword Art Online: The Beginning, is being played by 208 lucky gamers. The VRMMORPG sponsored by IBM, replaced the NerveGear helmets with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets. The event showcases IBM’s SoftLayer cloud technology with the high performing, big data platform needed to take the video game industry to new worlds. After a 3D body scan, gamers are transformed into avatars of themselves that live…Read More IBM Technical Rock Star Program […]

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The idea is very interesting and fantastic! But realistically speaking, it's hard to imagine how it can be properly brought to reality. The two main problems here are "how to do it safely" and "how to do it at all". The helmet must basically tap into the signals the brain works with, and read as well as replace them. A lot of questions arise at this point.Hello everyone, well it’s that time again where this place gets really quiet, almost dead, haha. But, if you have been keeping up with it and are looking for updates, well there’s a Aincrad size of a major one coming up! So, to that end I’m gonna wait for a bit and let that simmer in the back of your minds! see you in a few days!

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I hope this nerve gear conduct with brain… this will be more conducted to all people sense of body.. in reality we dont need to move around.. we only sleep and conduct this nerve gear to our head.. and link start to our brain… i seems its gonna be get long time until they develop that.. !Science fiction fans might be able to draw parallels with the Cyberdeck from William Gibson’s definitive cyberpunk novel Neuromancer, written in 1984.

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It’s fun to fantasize about NerveGear and Cyberdecks and all that, but nothing quite does the job of human eyes like actual human eyes, and meanwhile the technologies of this equipment as well as the production tools for creating content with it are both advancing insanely fast. Yes- But I'd say something more like 2022. We already have VR so we already have the visual aspect of the nervegear and the next thing you'd need to do is get rid of the game consuls. MOTION - EASY VERSION TO UNDERSTAND: You know when you want to. truth be told i only skimmed through the comments and one comment specifically caught my eye the 13 year old girl who truly has our asses beat when it comes to this just like everyone else on this forum? i would love to see full dive vr to become a reality, as of the present,i think i speak for all of us here when i say, summer if you were to decide to start researching full dive on your own i would fund you i have saved up roughly 100,00 and would like to put it to good use, NOW WHO’S WITH ME SAY I

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https://discord.gg/C4FpeYM this is for regen only, this link has only one use. anyone who joins my server othere than him will be kicked help make the sao nerve gear real by signing this pettition and why will that is a good question and that is because that IBM Japan released sword art online the begining project and all sao fans thought this was the actual game but then people found out it was a marketing demo but however with this pettition we can try to make it happen so that way that's how we can experience the virtual. Sadly only a tech demo for the moment. But who knows what the future brings us. Would be stupid to not make a real SAO VRMMO. Even for a MMO SAO have great ideas. What IBM does here with the SoftLayer cloud technology is not so far away from the Cardinal system in SAO itself.Kirigaya Kazuto is one of the few VRMMO players who used a NerveGear even after the SAO incident, though this was likely due to time and monetary constraints in getting an AmuSphere, as he wanted to check out the possibility of Asuna being trapped in ALfheim Online. Eventually, even Kazuto switched to using an AmuSphere after the ALO incident.

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Thirdly, there is also huge problem of safety. What if an error causes the game to freeze? If the signals which allow you to move your hands are still redirected, the person won't be able to take the helmet off, and could remain stuck there until someone takes it off or a power blackout saves them. If neither of the two happens within a day, there's already a death risk due to dehydration. Also, if the device requires a pemanent chip to be installed in the brain: The person could be hacked like a computer, and a hacker able to take control of what they see / hear and even how they move. One can only imagine how trolls would use that to make people do crazy or dangerous things... even to commit murders or robberies for them.I am a huge fan of Sword Art Online, thank you IBM for making a dream come true for us fans! I know the event in Japan is just an “Alpha test” but I beg you to move this project forward to a full fledged game! SAO fans and VR enthusiasts alike will thank you. The domain name NerveGear.com is for sale. See full details on the Uni Market. Check out this great domain name I found for sale at the @uniregistry Market. NerveGear.com is listed for sale! A great domain can be the key to your success. Submit an inquiry to the seller. Required form fields * * * I apologize for responding so late Link. i cant say i have because i don’t know what they are. do you have any knowledge in computer science? anyway, come join the team I’m curious as to what you have come up with. https://discord.gg/7DbnAmfwhat are the requirements of the game ? is it gonna be available on PS4 ?? Camera of ps4 will be the scanner of the body .. as you know about this alpha test i believe you had the chance to see everything !!

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Woah dude, slow down. I appreciate your enthusiasm, however you need the hardware first before you can make a game. I’m curious, do you have any experince with backbone coding or anything technical? if so please respond to me, I’d love to hear your ideas.What principles of biology and technology do we not understand fully enough in order to develop "full-dive" VR (like in Sword Art Online)? originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.Like people made game by understanding codes and computer. People will have to understand the codes of the brain for that.Iam very impressed by the comments iam reading. And I as well do dream of this happing but I don’t know what to do in order to become a beta tester. I would like to escape for a little while and see where this can go.

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2. The gear itself: If you can talk to people who have worked on something similar to what the project requires then get into contact with people in both the medical field and the VR gaming field. If you can apply both of them together then you would have almost a perfect setup. The VR we know know requires movement and a wide open space with what feel like controllers or, my personal favorite, gloves and boots. The medical field is already testing out "microchips" implanted into the brain to stimulate the movement, not the feeling, of motorized artificial limbs. It's an area of interest to many as you would be able to consider yourself a "cyborg" with said technology. Sadly, it is only workable right now with limited use of legs, but it does work. They haven't been able to use it on hands yet because they require fine motor skills and nobody can seem to replicate that at the moment but that is off topic. If you could, without having to implant something in your head with a medical procedure, find a way to integrate both into the same application with some sort of internal broadcast system, that might be your best bet.level 13 points · 5 years agoI'd think that it would be possible once we learn to send and receive data with the brain through electromagnetic induction. But before that we'd need to figure out how the brain "computes".Even though the NerveGear is considered obsolete, its base technology was used to develop other VR devices, such as the Medicuboid and the Soul Translator.

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The VRMMORPG sponsored by IBM, replaced the NerveGear helmets with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets. The event showcases IBM's SoftLayer cloud technology with the high performing, big data platform needed to take the video game industry to new worlds […] show off it’s current technologies. Here’s what the IBM developers had to say on their blog. […] Now trapped in the virtual world of Aincrad, their bodies held captive by NerveGear in the real world, users are issued a chilling ultimatum: conquer all one hundred floors of Aincrad to regain your freedom. But in the warped world of SAO, game over means certain death - both virtual and real.. Probably use an omnidirectional treadmill or harness rather than paralyzing people. Muscles and ironically nerves would be a pain to do without much gain. Safer too obviously. oculus its just a visual not virtual although they can make new gadgets that can make you feel the game right?

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Don't get me wrong, I want to see the technology happen! I'm a computer nerd, especially focused on virtual reality... I'd be crazy not to. Apart from being able to play games as if they're reality (exactly like The Matrix), this could use the internet to create a global telepathy network, where every person could talk to anyone else at any moment inside their heads! Still, can one really hope? What are the chances? I Pray and hope for the day of Real Life Nerve Gear. If SOA actually happened, Like being trapped in the game and all, I'd probably still put on that gear and jump in the game I actually had an idea similar to Nerve gear in 7th-8th grade which was quite some time ago I really would like to work at this project or something related with it when I finish the university. As it is explained in SAO, this kind of technology would be useful not only for videogames, but also for medicine. The sad part of this is that creating a tehcnology like the one represented in SAO will take a lot of time, maybe decades and for the time it is finished i probably won’t be able to enjoy it although I’m only 16.Summer, Wow, what a great read. I hope you do good things. I cannot wait for the day of complete VR where we can visit VR worlds.

The prospects for artificial realization of coordination and movement are even less far along than that. We’ve seen huge advancements in the articulation and portability of bionic limbs in recent years, for instance, but we cannot reproduce a sense of touch or direct coordination at all. As an example, the most advanced bionic hands on the planet use pre-defined “grip patterns” which the user can cycle through rather than giving full control over their fingers. It’s good enough for quite a lot of needs in day to day life, but I think you can understand that this gives us very little to go off of if what we’re interested in is re-creating the sensations of physical movement and touch. There is research being done on the subject of nerve impulses and how they relate to the control of limbs, but it’s in its infancy.Certain equipment is not available to the general public, not because they are impossible or expensive to make, but because they need a lot of upkeep and have very strict regulations. Directly manipulating your nervous system undoubtedly would fall under the same kind of technology as it has serious potential to permanently paralyze people.

in our tech now it’s possible to have a full dive tech but it will take a long time i say in a full scale research about 8 to 13 years they may a prototype and after 1 to 2 years for mass production but for an average person may be able to afford it ! i’m just guesing peopleYou could make better graphics … like more anime , and better skin but the other tings are fantastic !! i cant wait until it comes !!… My dream comes true!! Yaysorry can I join to be the one betatester from indonesia cause I so like with this game and I like japanes too

level 23 points · 5 years agoReally, the solution comes when we can make a system that is easily detachable, and has a really good killswitch. Basically, the second that someone tampers with the escape mechanism that should instantly release every player on the server, for their own safety.This is absolutely exciting and cannot wait to try! BTW, shall the acronym for ‘Sword Art Online’ be SAO instead of SOA?If the game is multiplayer and follows the original story, then, personally, then players would be much better served if everyone play as themselves instead of playing either Kirito or as a companion. It’s much better to have Kirito and his gang played by AIs (and voiced, preferably by original voice actors), or a GM.

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SAO is a decently long series. Standing at two seasons of 24 episodes each, it makes sense to start at the very beginning. And I don't mean the year 2022, when the actual game of Sword Art Online first launched in canon. I'm starting earlier, to the now seemingly distant year of 2003. 2003 was the year that Reki Kawahara wrote the original story of SAO for a short novel contest With current tech, we can read simple limb movements by placing little antennas that listen to your brains noise and decoding it. The issue is the two way communication. I do not know of a non invasive way to stimulate the brain and make it think it is being touched. The alternative is a full body suit with built in haptic feedback.[…] SOURCE: IBMVollständige Immersion: Oculus Rift, Leap Motion und VR-Laufband was last modified: März 21st, […]

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Is there anyone interested in that topic? I would like to know about it more and try to help... If i only know how to help. So write if someone still here! Ever since I watched SAO I was hoping for it to be real. I hope its a full dive and not just half made thing with movements needing to be made in real life. If we have games that can be controlled via brainwaves then it is very possible for IBM to create a full dive SAO, if not myself and 16.5Millions SAO fans will be disappointed. Dying in the game or removing the NerveGear equipment will result in death in the real world. One of these players is series protagonist Kazuto Kirigaya, known as Kirito in the world of Sword Art. If you manage to make this I would like to try it, though I am fairly certain I will be deader than hell before anything like this is made. N.. NO not for the nervegear even me im scared of it too but i wanna try too y know… All of us is trying new things and inventing things so im excited too for that

Few people have the passion that you do for making this happen, Jeremiah. Your passion will lead you to discover more and more about this topic, and if you continue to pursue it, you will become more and more able to help make this happen. Keep running. Since the body is an AC (alternating current) circuit so if we in theory hook up an oscilloscope and recorded the frequency changes as well as the changes in the ampacity. Then we could start to decode it once it has been decoded we could replicate and or block it using a magnetic field applied to the back of the neck. Why so? I just mean that, for example first computer was created in 1946. After that only in 1980 we made the first personal computer for home use. ( 40 years ). In 2009 Microsoft has released the operating system Windows 7, which as of 2016 is the most popular OS in the world. ( 29 years ). And finally, in 2012 Oculus Rift made revolution in such thing as VR. And I know that VR topic was developing not one year but I realy belive in such thing as nerve gear. “The VRMMO sponsored by IBM, replaced the NerveGear helmets with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets. The event showcases IBM’s SoftLayer cloud technology with the high performing, cognitive computing big data power of Watson to take the video gaming industry into completely new worlds of game play. After a 3D body scan, gamers are transformed into avatars of themselves that live inside the game. No controllers are required as players use their body to make moves.” this just got real…. VERY real…Hello! I’m a big fan of SAO, i would like to know if there are any news about this project, or if any of you are working to create something like this.The theories I have been making are still in progress, and you might have already discovered them, but if I can be of any assistance please send me the discord link. I’ll do anything I can to help.

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