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Kostenlos power recovery medion betriebsanleitung herunterladen bei UpdateStar - 1.746.000 bekannte Programme - 5.228.000 erkannte Versionen - Software-Nachrichten Startseit Speeds have been quoted, but in short, circa 40MB/s – it's a green drive inside the unit which is probably the limiting factor.Help please. I am having this message "550 Rename/move failure: Invalid cross-device link" when moving files between directories on the MEDION NAS itself using filezilla. This happens when i try to move files locally that have been synced from a QNAP nas on the medion directory using allwaysync, and with a test file i have created and saved in one of the directories.Don't use the supplied cable .. get another cable and test.. even direct to the pc and it should do 1gb.

The BIOS password is stored in a non-volatile memory, which can be cleared. Doing so clears the password too, allowing you to reset it. Here are two methods that you can use to recover your BIOS password. To recover the BIOS password, you have to move a jumper on the motherboard. The following process will reset the BIOS settings to default. b) In the ‘Windows setup’ page select the ‘language to install’, ‘Time and currency format’ and the ‘keyboard or input method’ and click on ‘next’.The following keyword changes are necessary to proceed:#required by cross-armv6k-softfloat-linux-gnu/binutils-2.22, required by cross-armv6k-softfloat-linux-gnu/binutils (argument)>=sys-devel/patch-2.6.1 ~amd64

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This one is different in that you can ping it and look at the folders but the NAS seeker cannot find it. After copying a large amount of data, the whole thing goes away.4. Look for a file called “stream.sys.” If it is there, your camera is outdated and not able to be used by Windows 10.same just got 2 units , $90 bucks each at aldi today, playing with one unit tonight see how it runs over the weekend .

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This will be the limiting factor. Over this sort of wifi you will be able to stream music and some video, but not HD video. The description for Event ID ( 10 ) in Source ( Pcmcia ) cannot be found. The local computer may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer. You may be able to use the /AUXSOURCE= flag to retrieve this description; see Help and Support for details


It's the additional file system processes in commencing each new file transfer rather than sending the next block of an existing file transfer.Well now I have tried 2 switchs 3 modems and they still go away after about 15-20 hours. I can ping them fine. When the NAS Seeker is run both NAS hard drives start up but they are not found. Power cycle and there they are!!!Has anyone had a problem with the NAS not being connected as in not being available in windows explorer (Windows 7) but the device can be pinged.

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If you have an external camera, and none of your apps can use the webcam, it’s always worth a shot to make sure that any physical connections are secure. Don’t worry – it’s easy to overlook. Even the most experienced among us will sometimes make this mistake. Simply unplug the cord and plug it back in again, making sure it’s securely attached.Yes. The manual has details. Refer to the chapter titled "Sharing", in particular, the subsection titled "Configuring Advanced Share Access" (p 80).The disk reports as Disk H but shows no files. I tried it on other computers and similarly no files showed up. I cannot believe the NAS would have wiped the files but may have slightly changed the file structure or something.

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PS I was about to invest in a TPLink SG1016 gigabit switch – so please tell me you DON'T have this one!That would involve a package (if it exists even for such Linux devices) and the means to enable the package (which is not straightforward on these). I am not even sure if it's practical or possible. Some of the drive space is reserved for the operating system files.I bought a couple this morning – have only set up one so far, and found it very easy. The only thing I cannot seem to get it to do at them moment is to re-connect a share I created for my own (non admin) user account. I'd ticked the reconnect at logon box – but no luck.right this is really irritating me now,nas wont show up in networks folder on win 7.now its not showing up on my vista machine either, but it was last night.Worked out if I copy 6 files at a time there is no problems. 7 or more and most of the files after the first 6 become corrupt. This happend even with very small files (60KB each).

on my desktop pc i have installed the ps3 media server (mkv's are located on a external USB drive) – this works with PS3 and mkv's!Affiliate Disclosure: Make Tech Easier may earn commission on products purchased through our links, which supports the work we do for our readers.Certainly not going to use CHROME for this...doesn't like logging in with Chrome but it's not the only device that Chrome has problems with.

1. run regedit2 Find the key KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Lsa3. Set LmCompatibilityLevel to 1 To decode the meaning of your computer POST beep codes you must consult the manual of your motherboard. If you don't have a motherboard manual or if it's incomplete you must search on the site of your computer manufacturer. Another way is take off the computer case and look for BIOS manufacturer (just see if it says AMI or Phoenix. I wrote a support email to Medion Germany but they didn't know much about the box because it is so new. Or they wouldn't want tell me! ;-)

for anyone running FFP and wanting to use transmissionyou need to edit /etc/passwd and give nobody a shell by changing /false to /shI will fire one or two (I now have 4 so I have a spare spare!!) up again and watch/wait....Wish me luck, but not sure if you want mine to work or would be happier to have someone else share your current misery?

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  1. e tells me that 1.00(UZD.2) is current. maybe it cant find the internet thru the switch to router to modem setup I have.any chance of a link to the .bin of an update?TIA
  2. Thanks, ran the test on my laptop: Router Billion 7404VGP-MTest 1 – wireless – 0.54mb per secondTest 2 – cable – 11.38mb per sec
  3. The current version of the firmware is 101UZD0D0_20120203. It is available from the Medion download site (using the URL referred to above).
  4. Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. Additionally, some scammers may try to identify themselves as a Microsoft MVP. 
  5. Also I have 2 units running of a switch for 48 hrs + now , no issues with losing access/ connectivity others have experienced.
  6. I read somewhere that it's worth adding a switch to make use of the faster speed capability...ummm...help?

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  1. You will want to configure Network – TCP/IP and PPPoE settings, so that the NAS Server itself has access to the internet.Then you should be able to Retrieve the Package list from the Internet.
  2. 873 – RSyncSo whilst it may not be an official rsync service, there is *something* running on that port.
  3. web interface is sometimes lagging/freezing alot, it drives me crazy... :-(
  4. First thing strange that I found is that the the transfer speed from my PC to the NAS is around 500/1000 kbytes per second where if I transfer from NAS to PC the speed looks ok (around 20/40 Mbytes per second).I tried to transfer using the windows explorer, FTP client and the web file browser but it is always the same. I change the lan cable and the port from the router but I am still having the same issue. I don't know what could be wrong
  5. After entering the Recovery mode, go to the wipe data/factory reset option using the Volume up and down button. Use the Power button to make a selection. If you get an additional message, then select the yes - delete all data option. When it is done, you can simply reboot your device. Part 6: Fix process system isn't responding.
  6. If you just need web-based file browsing then can do this via port redirects/mapping on your router. Ensure there is a password set.

It describes how to setup the box for Time Machine.. this may or may not work with Lion.. even if it does work it will not be as good as the Time Capsule.. so I strongly recommend if it works you test a restore. You don't want to think you are safe and then discover it doesn't actually work.Hi again Nifty – I am coming back to my original theory that it is your "old" Billion giving grief. Against my better judgement I have fired up my old 7404VGP just now and had a look at the DHCP config pages (as the link on the Cormain site for 740xVGPM emulators appears to be part broken). I might even leave it running connected to my laptop to see how long it works this time before getting all freaky on me.

Solution to Vista problem – incorrect username and password error message on bootup and drive not mounted as a consequence.Note these units are not just rebadged Zyxels. There is no model in the Zyxel lineup with same hardware specifications.Whilst digging around before 26th Nov, apparently there were some sales (maybe Austria from memory) and UK already happening. How to download medion pc mt6 recovery drive? Just go to the Medion official site and download the drivers from there. Check on the Device Manager to see which driver is missing Hmmm, I lost one gain yesterday. Currently have two setup called "MusicNAS" and "VideoNAS". Had been accessing VideoNAS a little in past 48 hours and it has stayed on Network. MusicNAS has been idle and became unfindable last night. PING was fine but not found with explorer or from TV (DNLA) or Beyonwiz device search. I noted MusicNAS was marginally hotter than its mate and drive was spinning before I restarted it. I suspect now that they get lost somehow if they aren't accessed occasionally while on. Is that your experience Niftie? How many hours do you think yours last if they are doing nothing? Starting MusicNAS now – will check occasionally during the day....

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  1. It's OK, wouldn't sing too many praises, based on current HDD pricing and it's a NAS, good price. But you do get what you pay for.
  2. s of copying. Just dropped of the world in the middle of a file. I am now copying for 10
  3. For those interested, it has an interesting combination of a dual core ARM PLX NAS7820 coupled with 128MB of RAM, of which 50% is used as default. The drive is a Seagate 1.5TB Green (ST1500DL003-9VT16L) which is XFS formatted and gives me 30MB write, 55MB read over gigabit ethernet for a ~580MB virtual hard drive.
  5. Sorting of files is all to do with client.. and how it reads the files on a NAS.. rather than the NAS ordering the files in any particular order which would have to do with the NAS OS. .

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  1. The disk data structure itself is not going to be accessible to the average user if pulled out of the box and attached to a PC.
  2. Is that even possible, what i'm requesting, or is the only way of me setting this up is by reading the 23 pages of this thread and downloading and changing bits and pieces as I read through?
  3. One thing I have noticed is that I can sometimes hear the unit engage when I fire up one of the laptops – but it's not visible as a share.
  4. I am guessing this is because of a limitation of the installed (older) version of Twonky on the Medion, but have also heard of idiosyncratic Samsung TV behaviour with Twonky.

If you have a windows desktop or tablet that won't start, Mark Edward Soper will help you troubleshoot it, in this excerpt from The PC and Gadget Help Desk: A Do-It-Yourself Guide To Troubleshooting and Repairing</a> (EDIT: can also log in to the web interface and use the file browser to upload/rename/move/copy files around on the server.)I just did a quick test on copying some files from computer HD to the NAS.~35MB/s, then I compare against the USB drive that is network share on the netgear router (WNDR3700) which is less than 3MB/s. Both on 1G lan but the 1st case is 2 hop while the 2nd case is 1 hop.

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  1. 1. Have you made any changes to the computer prior to this issue? 2. What is the complete error message?
  2. I purchased one of these the other day, and it gave me a fair bit of heartache, so thought I would share some of my problems and fixes.
  3. Password: 1234, you will need to read the book and the web page has a online help in the top right corner, it can be confusing if you have never setup a NAS before, I actually find this one easier than my others, nice Web GUI
  4. It seems that the /etc/init.d/rcS file is almost the same as described at http://zyxel.nas-central.org/wiki/Usb_key_func.sh#NSA-310_and_NSA-320 – but the interesting part is commented out (i.e. removed):
  5. If anyone interests in how to hack into the boot procress, should take a look here: https://github.com/jedie/NAS7820-Tools/tree/master/usb_key_func
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4. BIOS Update failed? - First aid www.biosflash.co

There is bound to be a back door to enable SSH & or Telnet. If not they could offer this feature via the inbuilt package manager.What part of Denmark you from?I'll trade you the 33°C + heat for cold, wet and windy any day :)Sorry can't help you with your problems, what you said went straight over my head, you don't see many if any people from Denmark around here or in Australia in general :(Fix this by going to the settings screen of your application and looking for an option to select your preferred device.powr cycle router and NAS? Ensure NAS plugged into a LAN port? restart browser?What IP did you see it set up as? Protect Yourself From Tech Support Scams Learn More

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Due to a quirk in my ADSL modem I had to turn DHCP of in it and have the PPoE configured in my Airport Extreme: Everything else is running behind it. The network is running just fine. The Package Manager just was not shown. it came back after i reset it a second time. Just for good measure i did it one more time to test it and now is sitting in its proper place. Go figure. I did not touch the network setting during initial configuration and afterwards. The NAS came with the latest firmware v1.00(UZD.2).1) Software – how good a NAS is really depends on how good the software built in is. There is no way Medion is going to have developed the product as well as the other NAS providers.It is a Medion Life P89626 with a 1.5 GB hard drive dual core ARM processor2 x USB1 X Lan rj-45 ethernet 10/100 & gigabitTCP/IP protocolUPNP DNLA server with Twonk Media Powered by JForum Expression version is undefined on line 20, column 136 in default/bottom.htm. The problematic instruction: ----- ==> ${version} [on line 20, column 134 in default/bottom.htm] in include bottom.htm [on line 322, column 1 in default/post_show.htm] ----- Java backtrace for programmers: ----- freemarker.core.InvalidReferenceException: Expression version is undefined on line 20.

If you search the Twonky forums there are quite a few mentions of having to edit the config files to enable Samsung tvs to play some media types. RE: The User Profile Service service failed the , User Profile cannot be loaded Jump to solution This thread is old but anyone with a similar issue should restore the computer to an earlier date in Safe Mode 5. Next, look at “Choose which apps can access your camera.” Make sure apps you want to use with your camera are enabled.I just picked two of these up and keen to fire it up, but in the process of rebuilding, how many people have actually returned these?@Grish, hoping you have had some time in writting up a dummies guideHave anyone tryed the webserver part in the box ?I'm thinking on useing it for a WordPress driven website, but are the Samba Webserver running PHP and therefore usefull as a WordPress installation ?

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If you are moving a file within the same partition (or "device" using the wording of the error message) then a move can be achieved with a rename.NAS performance tester 1.3 http://www.808.dk/?nastesterRunning warmup...Running a 400MB file write on drive Z: 5 times...Iteration 1: 11.33 MB/secIteration 2: 11.48 MB/secIteration 3: 11.44 MB/secIteration 4: 11.42 MB/secIteration 5: 11.44 MB/secIt may turn out to be some bug with the NAS – but my bet would be on the 7404VGP. Setting up static IPs might help – it seemed to for a time with me, but I ended up abandoning it (and odd as it may seem, bought another billion). My new 7401VGPR3 seems to be playing nice with my $99 Aldi special so far...

1) It firstly wouldn't update the firmware, no matter how many times I tried it got to 20% and said the server was unreachable.eg TP-LINK 1043D with DDWRT firmware. Beyond this thyread to go into details on setting up VPN except to say the Medion is not a router, nor has any VPN functionality built-in or available from the standard packages.

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Hope this has not been posted before. I have the Medion server from Aldi running over a wired ethernet network with Macs running Lion latest version. The Nas is plugged into a Billion router Bipac7404.No problem with setup the Mac found the NAS server and connection is not a problem.The problem I am suffering from is a disconnection.I can be connected quite happily and occasionally when I click on a movie of any size and format Finder hangs. I then have to force quit. I then loose connection to the NAS. When I try to reconnect via Finder it tells me the NAS is not available. If I use the IP it just hangs. If I wait about 5 minutes I can then reconnect. Any idea's. very new to all this so any help would be appreciated.Guys, Are these still for sale at Aldi? I have been to the north strath field store and they had no idea what product I was talking about. Has anyone seen them for sale anywhere in NSW recently?Cheers,MEDION Australia reserves the right to modify or amend this Statement at any time and for any reason. Nothing contained in this Statement is intended to create a contract or agreement by MEDION Australia.I'm a bit late with this, but surely you should just use a static IP on the NAS, ensuring it's outside the DHCP allocation pool of the router, and also ensuring there's no other devices running DHCP on the network.quick question if anyone knows – using the BTorrent client ,how does the nas act regarding power management / turning off the hard drive, i.e. If I have torrents sitting in the inactive list and i am using the scheduler for the time period to make torrents active, will the nas be running hot waiting to go active with the BT.

The NAS are normally the limitation unless you are talking high end, but even then recent HDD will normally outperform the NAS.I'm always able to ping the NAS, but it seems as if it's idle for a while it disconnects and I cannot re-establish a connection without restarting it.I must be lucky. Running Win7 and mapped two Medion NASs to the drive letters of main computer then mapped it to drive letters of other computers including a wireless laptop running XP.Has anyone hooked up a power consumption meter to it? Would be interested to know how much power it really does use. Not much from what I can tell.

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My NAS drives are set to 3 min sleep. However, I have torrents active on both NAS devices to keep them alive. The torrents are downloading, but still I cannot get to them. I will set them to a long time and see what happens.I didn't use any of the software that comes with the NAS to configure it. I just simple connect it to the router and start changing configuration via the web interface.Just logged in using the same credentials as the web access. Then just cd / as per normal linux commands. (sorry is this what you mean??)

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It's small & simple – you select the drive, the file size and number of iterations (I just use 1 as it tends to give a decent enough idea).How do you use the Starter Utility to "initialize" a new drive. When I have tried to use the Medion Starter Utility and selected the Configuration | Initialization Wizard it gets to the Network Connection Step 1 of 5 and then has time out or NAS not responding but the NAS is working fine web access, shares etc.Edit: Did a database rebuild from the Media Share page and now DLNA is working fine with my Samsung TV :)/ $ cd zyxel/zyxel $ lshtp mnt sbin/zyxel $ ls -ladrwxr-xr-x 5 root root 0 Oct 6 00:54 .drwxr-xr-x 19 root root 0 Jan 1 1970 ..drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 0 Oct 6 00:54 htpdrwxr-xr-x 5 root root 0 Oct 6 00:54 mntdrwxr-xr-x 2 root root 0 Oct 6 00:54 sbin/zyxel $

The BackupPlanner package (version 001pkg006) has 2 backup types – "archive" and "synchronization".My current set up:- No switch yet (I took the punt but am still waiting for my TPlink SG1016 to arrive) so only 4 wired devices at any one time directed to router thru patch panel AND I have had only the one NAS on-line at a time.- NAS on LAN (via cat6) to 7401VGPR3 (v6.24b firmware).- DHCP active but limited to known clients. All devices potentially connected to network are entered into "fixed host" table (including wireless devices) with un-expiring lease time (ie set to 0 in the table) . Fixed host IP addresses start outside default DHCP range.I picked one of these up these this morning and I'm trying to set it up but it's requesting a user name and password that isn't supplied in the user Manual.my ip range goes from through to win 7 laptop laptop server this slow down my internet? Since I have 4 ports on the original router, could I still leave the original 3 computers on the router, have the switch on the 4th and the NAS on the switch?

EDIT1: ok tried the reset button a couple of times again and finally got it to behave as per the book (1 beep at 3sec then another beep at 10sec and then release after which 3 beeps as confirmation) however still nothing!

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Just so I understand. When you stream to your Sony TV are the mkv files saved on the NAS or are you streaming the files from the external USB, through the NAS to the TV?Sporadic availability. They'll likely release an upraded version. But these are not the usual rebadged products- these are designed specifically for Medion, with firmware based on Zyxel's but hardware is new (dual core CPUs). Who we are MEDION is Germany's leading manufacturer of consumer electronics and a best-in-class provider of digital services. :: LifeCloud Desktop Applications for Mac - Click here to start downloading this application. :: MySync Client :: :: Visit our MySync page to download the MySync Client applications. :: JAVA™ Runtime Environment - Click here to start downloading this application Well alxr, I had a good time for 3 days with my NAS. I was so pleased I went and got another one, this worked good as well. But 2 days later, same again. cannot find either drive, cannot find any shares, Medion program says nothing is found. Both address can be pinged and reply.

The username given on the screen was defaulted to admin and I have tried the following passwords: admin, Admin, password, Password, medion, Medion.Maybe check for the presence of compressed headers in the one that doesn't work in case that is an issue: http://matroska.org/news/compressed-headers.html Who we are MEDION is Germany's leading manufacturer of consumer electronics and a best-in-class provider of digital services.

Otherwise it is just the viera tools cannot read file names correctly from linux because it has been written to work with windows.However, this will not work with my NAS. i also tried setting up DMZ (default host on my Airport Extreme), nada.Weird, could not access it after i reset the settings to default trough web gui. The second time i used the back panel reset button and it works. And package management screen is where its supposed to be. Download Universal Media Server for free. Streams many media formats with minimal configuration. Universal Media Server is a DLNA-compliant UPnP Media Server Universal Media Server supports all major operating systems, with versions for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The program streams or transcodes many different media formats with little or no configuration 1. It's not showing up in windows explorer like my the fritznas. my Android tablet is not finding it eitheror my mac book pro. I have to map the drive via IP to find it. What do I need to change to fix this?

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I did.. nothing on the cd that seems to be required. Completely agree.. and since I am doing it from OSX I wasn't convinced the cd would work anyway.Questions :1. Would it be worthwhile just ripping out the disks & putting in the microserver?2. The units are outside of the 60 day no questions asked return policy. What's the easiest process to get a refund. 3. How to format the disks prior to return?Had exactly the same problem, losing connection after a period of time, but being able to ping the server still. Only a power cycle would bring the server back. Also, syncing data (USB>NAS) would stop and never get past about 550GB. I ended up taking the unit back to Aldi yesterday and got a new one. The problem does not exist with this unit (so far) – has been on for nearly 24 hours and is still accessible. Syncing is up to 750GB and still going. I suggest you get it replaced.I used the NAS Starter Utility to do this then hit the Network button and assigned drive letters. I think each computer assigns different drive letters for each folder on the NASs.

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TP-Link are also quite good modems with broadcom chipsets i believe, generally making for good robust connecitons on ADSL.Hey guys. I had my Medion on scheduled downloading during the night but when finished the HDD did not spin down so when I got home from work this arvo the NAS was quite warm. Have I done something incorrect? I have seen it spin down after 3 mins but only when I stopped doing stuff on it. I can actually hear something from the machine after 5 mins of inactivity. Is that right?The second core kicks in only when required? The thing's only got 128 meg of RAM and still kicks butt.

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Hi Guys, I'm new to MSSQL but have a good working knowledge of MySQL, I've set up a new windows based server, set up the database using MSSQL (2008) and simply tried to run a script to create my database tables etc.. I want to use the NAS as a primary file store for the files my wife and I share – primarily iPhoto and iTunes (but other things as well). In order to add your email account to Outlook, Outlook on the web, Outlook.com, or the Mail and Calendar apps for Windows 10, you'll need several pieces of information including the type of account, the incoming and outgoing server names, and the SSL and port settings. Your email provider can give you these settings, but we've provided the.

Ah – I had one of them and it drove me NUTS for quite a while with wired connections – sometimes (frequently) it wouldn't properly renew DHCP leases for my PCs and I would get similar strange behaviour.Best regardsfrom Denmark where it currently is cold, wet and windy.Still no freezing temperatures though :-)I searched around.. there is a zyxel directory also under etc. Looks like the packages.. hmm sure does.Simply copy the following text into the browser line – "IP OF NAS 'of course, substitute your own IP by:Will that then make the Medion available to all devices (to back up and also stream) which are either wireless or cabled on the network? ie. a few lappies (currently with duplicated data which is driving me nuts), 2xPS3 and Magic PVR.

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Low disk space issue is very common in Windows 10 especially to system partition C, but few people know how to solve this problem. In this article, I'll explain why system C drive runs low on disk space and how to fix Windows 10 Low Disk Space issue with detailed steps. Symptom of low disk spac I have a Samsung 8 series 55" networked through the same router as the NAS. It can pick up the NAS as a DLAN, but doesnt pick up the ocntents of the folders?? I use the samsung share manager to share specific folder from my pc but when i try share the folders form pc it says can only share folder items??further, I do not succeed to mount the nfs drive from my linux box:OUTPUT is:mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on, missing codepage or helper program, or other error (for several filesystems (e.g. nfs, cifs) you might need a /sbin/mount.<type> helper program) In some cases useful info is found in syslog – try dmesg | tail or soPlease read the following statement regarding the use of the data compiled on our server. In case you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. MEDION Australia makes every practical effort to avoid excessive or irrelevant collection of data.For information on keeping your HP and Compaq products up and running, please visit our website at: http://www.hp.com/go/totalcare

Backup Planner, DynDNS, NFS support (for you linux fans), SMART drive diags. (can install one package at a time). All installed quickly even whilst ftp upload proceeding.My drives (2) are active all the time, LEDs flashing, data is coming in and out, but no connection without a power cycle.Ediit – Trust them to do this the day AFTER I'd spent hours+hours getting the Samygo apps and windows CIFS sharing running on my TV!If anyone connects it up to a network then appropriately password protected shares are not going to be accessible to the average (or even advanced) user.

There's a good article in german today, which covers this.And – it has a link to OUR DISCUSSION HERE !!!!http://www.speicherguide.de/Magazin/StorageNews/tabid/114/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/14951/NAS-Knaller-Life-P89626-von-Medion-ab-morgen-bei-Aldi.aspx(use google translate)Has anyone looked at installing the asterisk PBX on this(via e.g. optware). I think this CPU has floating pint capability, if so it could use some of the decent codecs such as ILBC etc.I read earlier in the thread that this unit does not allow connection via USB post for file I/O. Is that info actually correct?

I'd try connecting the NAS directly to a PC (no switch) and try a few different cables in case there's a faulty one causing the lack of speed.A new version of the FFP-Stick is available, 2012-01-31. This version will by default install FFP 0.7, which is one week old, and has already more packages available than 0.6 ever had:Several FTP servers,MLDonkeyTransmissionMidnight commanderLighttpd...With playback from USB storage, only the tv has to know how to handle the particular file, therefore the chance of success goes up.

That is correct. You can specify just one share as the "NAS Copy Target". (Refer to the manual p 60.)ok really wierd now, came home, change ethernet cable to one of my own rather than using the one that came with it. and it is now showing on my win 7 laptop and have been able to map the drive, but now its gone from my vista laptop. really strange. Stage-1 Bootloader Tue Aug 9 16:44:00 CST 2011 Attempting to set PLLA to 750MHz plla_ctrl0 : 0x0000000A plla_ctrl1 : 0x000F0000 plla_ctrl2 : 0x001D01A0 plla_ctrl3 : 0x00000017 PLLA Set Setup memory, testing Reading NAND, Image 0 Hdr len: 0x0001A94C Hdr CRC: 0xF0019DAC OK U-Boot 1.1.2 (Jun 24 2011 - 09:41:57) U-Boot code: 60D00000 -> 60D1A94C BSS: -> 60D1F004 RAM Configuration: Bank #0. It's got a couple of USB slots on them. Could I chain a 2nd drive off them to increase space. Any idea how the device would present the 2nd drive to the network?

My main interest is in the getnzb program, so I haven't tried dropbear out yet. Could you save me a couple of hours work and write some operating instructions to make dropbear working/installed?But the reason why I post in an australien forum is, that I've the same problem as mentioned before. Streaming (Audio-files) doesn't work from extern. This means, when I call the public url of the server (Dyndns.org-Domain), the stream doesn't start. The browser tells the same "VLC-Player-Plugin wanted" -message.I ran into the same problem when I was trying to set up a Gentoo chroot on the NAS. In the end I simply ignored it and copied the existing /dev to my chroot directory and only mountet proc and devpts:

No. That's usually a featur set specific to a particular NAS/device and a specific usb wifi adapter. The driver and capabilities has to be built-in to the NAS/device firmware.How are you playing the file? Eg with Windows Media Player 7 through Windows Explorer on Windows 7? Wirelessly to a WDTV? Might be a player or network issue.thanks groundh2o & alxr , looks like we can now access twonky correctly. Now how do we update to TwonkyServer 6.0.39. The mediaserver and the BT downloading are the most important functions for me with this unit . 5 Ways to Fix Windows 10 Reset Failed Properly; 5 Ways to Fix Windows 10 Reset Failed Properly. A few things can cause Windows 10 reset failed. If there was a problem resetting your PC, read this to get it fixed in a proper way cd /mnt/medion (changing current directory to the mountpoint) ls -l (Looking at what is actually there, from experience I would believe that there would likely be user volumes as the directories and the data bundled somewhere below those) cd / (changing directory back to / so the volume can be unmounted) unmount /mnt/medion

Select Preferences from the Plex main menu. Navigate to Plex Media Server (0), and select it. Press the red B button, as was indicated in the above screenshot. This will allow you to add a Plex Media Server. Next, simply enter the IP address of your Plex Media Server. The IP of your Plex Media Server is the same as the IP address of the. Error code KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR on MEDION MD laptop error code accompanied by a the blue screen of death is notorious as a serious OS malfunctioning hallmark. Sounds like you are kind of on the right track but still having a bit of an each way bet? I'd try EITHER Option 3 (with care) OR option 2 (maybe with an unexpiring or very long lease) – not a mix, but will be interested to see how they go.

first of all, get nfs operational on your linux box; on ubuntu maverick, i needed to install the package:- nfs-commonWell the problem seems to be fixed but I will keep you posted. How, set the IP address as static in the NAS. I set the first one (NAS1) as static yesterday morning, it was still there at 6pm but NAS2 was gone. Power cycled NAS2, set it to staic and both are still there as of 3pm today. Click Start, point to Run, type mmc, and then click OK. On the File menu, click Add/Remove Snap-in. In Add/Remove Snap-in, click Add, and then, in Add Standalone Snap-in, double-click Group Policy Object Editor. In Group Policy Object, click Browse, browse to the Group Policy object (GPO) that you want to modify, click OK, and then click Finish

Thanks – I've done this, but can't see any way in which to kick off the transfer – how is this done – or does the config start the transfer automatically, in which case I may have done something srong, because nothing has happened.I am also wondering if it would be worth while to start a petition asking Medion to offer some basic features by way of their Browser based Package Manager?

Processor was released onto the market last year (PLX NAS 7820 http://www.plxtech.com/products/consumer/nas7820).Decided to activate one of the two onboard Nic (NVIDIA nForce) and create a new static subnet. Set the NasServer also to static IP address.Enabled Jumbo Frames – 9014 on both devices.

Hello can somebody tell me how to fix the processor reverting back to single core after the firmware upgrade or does anybody know how to obtain the original firmware (the one ending in 0 ) I seen a post where sombody tested the cpu and it was only running single core I can also back up this statement cause I have seen on the net numerous mentions of it in different forums also the processor usage im getting is ridiculously high thankyouOn another note, has anyone found a way to turn off the media server? I already have one running on the network and don't need this one running as well. There's no on/off or enable/disable button like there is for FTP that I've found.However when you start to look, the drives wake up. The router says that the mac address' are connected and the IP number (10 & 11) are used.It's fast and responsive. Had no issues accessing the admin interface whilst loading it up with FTP transfers (multiple concurrent transfers).It seems if you leave these NAS's plugged into your network without power they can do strange things to the Ethernet devices attached to it. :(Note any changes you make will be lost on reboot I should think.. but packages you load should be there, maybe in the hdd.

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