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  1. asin May 11 2015 11:13 am Omg i thought of the same thing too. It looks like the japanse manga, Arisa !
  2. I find it normal that she didn't end up choosing Tae Gwang even if he was there all along from the beginning. From the first moment he expressed to her his feeling, she already told him straight that she didn't have this kind of feeling for him. I know, they share a lot of screen time together but friendship and love is 2 different thing in my opinion. She is comfortable with him as good friend but she doesn't love him that's all. Just like Eun Byul is comfortable with Yi Han but she didn't love him also.
  3. g career. I really can't blame Yi An for ignoring Eun Bi as himself is very confused and sad after finding out Eun Byol might had been dead. And also remember how Eun Bi talk to her sister (picture) telling her how Yi An love her (Eun Byol). I think Eun Bi feel very sorry for Yi An and her sister she want to compensate the loss she cause but she not really (more like she can't) love Yi An knowing Yi An love Eun Byol.
  4. imum to watch it on tv.. But thanks for the great story!!!!
  5. Jee Jun 08 2015 11:37 pm I have some thoughts of what might happen :( this might be a spoiler to those who haven't seen episode 13..

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Eun Byeol is Yi an childhood friend, it's true that the year should matter. But he felt in love with Eun Byeol first. He though that Eun bi was Eun byeol, when he figured out that she wasn't Eun byeol, he got mad and couldn't acept Eun bi. But now he likes her?!?! U liked Eun byeol for year and in a few month u like her sister? Yi An didn't acept Eun bi from the start. Yi An needs to clean his act, he easily got jealous. Kathrin May 21 2015 5:29 pm THIS IS SO GOOD! I don't find the words in how to describe this drama. Really. If Eun Bi ends up with Yi An, can I have Tae Kwang? Haha kidding. Seriously, I fell in love with this drama. And, thank you for making me cry every episodes. K Jun 23 2015 8:09 am Its a good drama really!!!!! I already knew at first that she will end up with Yi An. Then I thought maybe EunByul will go back then it will be YiAn- EunByul and Taekwang-EunBi. Cos Taekwang likes Eunbi as Eunbi from the very start. Oh well the drama is already done so whatever hahahaha if only theres a special episode where taekwang and eunbi ends up together xD

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wien May 23 2015 8:50 am if yi an will end up with eunbi it's seems like drama "my lovely girl" -_- Also, I agree with Lisa that even though Eun Byul does not appear on screen a lot but definitely she is the main cast of the drama. I really want to see Eun Byul on screen a lot more often and get to know her character more I like her personality cold and strong on the outside and warm inside. Sanity Jun 10 2015 9:19 am @merhesejes i dont think that was a kissing scene though i wish it was but that is simsly just tae kwang kissing eun bi cheek. For sure most viewers is TaeBi shippers and less YiBi scene make that couple seem ridiculous and unreal (being in love without strong explaination).. I love Yi An since beginning seeing his deep love which i never expect to changes in the end... so dissapointing! Honestly i love YiByul couple more than TaeBi couple.. till the end i keep telling myself Yi An and Eun Byul made a great couple and YiBi just boring.. How could first love lose to confused love? Yi An should confess to Eun Byul and grab Eun Byul tight not leave her when someone better come.. Yes, Yi An has wait long so, why he cant wait longer? He ended his first love well but cant he see that Eun Byul also loves him and just don't realize it earlier because all burden she had... Tae Kwang made me cry till the end...

angelica cueto May 13 2015 10:31 pm its a beautiful and exciting story. because every episode theirs always a suspense and i like the way of the story flow. its makes me think like " what will happen next," there always many questions keep on my mind." ihope it will airing here it the philippines... thanks for such good story... jiehoon May 06 2015 9:10 am Eunbyul is alive, I am sure of that. But I'm really curious who is Soo In... Maybe Minjoon? Minjoon will have a big part of this drama I think because he's the 6th in the cast hehehe diane Jun 12 2015 12:38 am lol guys stop fighting HAHA it's just a drama. don't fight, just comment about how you feel and your "ship." come on don't take it too seriously y'all should chill STOP FIGHTING AIGOO koi koi Jun 25 2015 10:12 pm the drama is done..the love plot is not so important..what important are how u make friends and how u keep your friends..also the disadvantages of bullying..bullying will never end if someone never step out to stop it.. u guys just care about the love story urgh heyyy wake up!! korean dramas are much better now! not like before 100% romance things involved ==" its better make a drama to teach immature kids how to live and how tough the world is..stop fighting over the drama's plot just figure out the drama's contents instead and think how u can use them in your everyday lives..

But yeah I believe, I BELIEVEEEEEE~~ lol that Gongtae is not like the second male lead who breaks our heart like oahbdcihdqbchwf. I also believe that the story flow is made enough to root for Gongtae. WRITER NIMS DONT DISAPPOINT US HUHUHU YiBi shippers I respect your opinions and all but WOOOOOO TAEBI TILL THE END!!! Daniel Jun 16 2015 5:37 pm @jihoo wow so you are blaming a 3 or 5 year old kid that desperate for love? Don't you understand her situation? Eun Byul back then who was a kid just fail in her adaptation and then some one come asking if she wanted to live with her. Put yourself on her shoe I don't think you can reject the offer even if you are 20 years old so how about a kid? belanast_ May 08 2015 11:03 am rewatch ep 1 and 2 i think eun byul is alive, i think when eun bi suicide , she saw her and save her, and she search information why her twin do that, then she told tht eun bi was dead so eun bi's friends who bullied her, doesnt know tht eun byul in seoul is eun bi. then i think eun byul wants to eun bi has chance to live with her mother but i think the secret about So in is something tht make us still wondering. i think that is a reason why eun byul hide from everyone. but im confused why in the poster just one girl who between yi ahn and tae gwang. tht is make me think eun bi will get involve triangle love with them. but how about eun byul? as i know in last ep ( ep 4) eun bi will make yi ahn and tae gwang has develop feelings for her. but, i dont like this triangle love! because yi ahn and tae gwang deserve to be happy in the end. Nevi Bella Windy Sep 14 2017 7:22 am I am a Kim SoHyun fan and i always watch her new drama but i really love this drama so much School 2015 i love taebi and ahnbyul and i really love ruler master of the mask too seunghyun . moe Mar 25 2015 2:41 am Since Minhyuk turned down School 2015, FNC should consider Kwak Dong Yeon already. He and Kim So Hyun are a couple I've been waiting to see.

A star next to a school's name indicates that it meets our Equity measure by helping low-income students score at or above average on state assessments. Read More: Newsweek High Schools 2015 Sectio School 2015 - Who are you 1.rész Hun sub / magyar felirat Magyar cím: Suli 2015 - Ki vagy te? Fordította és időzítette: Ruby Ismertető: Go Eun-byul and Lee Eun-bi egypetéjű ikrek, akiket születésükkor elválasztottak egymástól. Eun-bi egy árvaházban él Tongyeong-ban, ahol a fiatalabbak felnéznek rá

ri hyo May 20 2015 2:04 am Seems its being a issue - who eun bi should end up with! for its it must be tae kwang! yes, eun bi might slowly likes yi an and then eun bi x yi an shippers appears... BUT think again... how much yi an love eun byul ! he truly loves eun byul to the point he cant compete on his important competition. he the person who most worries about eun byul and will do anythg for eun byul ! i dont think he will fall for another girl tht easy. when yi an knew tht current eun byul is eun bi (eun byul twins sister) he must asking the whereabout of real eun byul, and when eun bi told him that eun byul how sad yi an going to be... he will be in pain & heartbroken for sure ! i dont think he could love eun bi instead of eun byul.. tht why i truly hope for eun byul return! so eun bi could be wif tae kwang without any objections. tae kwang always be there for eun bi, he love eun bi for who she is... its truly not fair for him to hve one sided love in the end.. tht cannot happen! plez writer-nim wrote hepy end for both guys ! hana May 05 2015 6:04 am @Lisa yes!! OMG!! i though i'm the only one who realized it has an EXTREMELY similiar story to ARISA omg... @Jee same situation here. I am also never experience second lead syndrome since I started watching K-drama like for 8 year. Unlike drama like "You're Beautiful"/"He's Beautiful" for example even though second lead done a lot for the girl I still ship the main guy because the main guy on the other hand did do his part for the girl unlike Yi An here. I mean what? In episode 15? Episode 15 he trying to take away Eun Bi from Tae Kwang (at the same time dissing Eun Byul what a selfish jerk). naireonnamjaya Apr 06 2015 9:09 am waaaaaa!!!! #KimSoHyun & #NamJooHyuk couple!!! i'm okay as long as they're pretty and handsome...age-gap doesn't even matter to me! #Hakgyo2015 hwaitingggg!!!!! waaaa it seems KBS has given the opportunity to let more YG artist to act in their dramas (Goo Hye sun & Nam Joo Hyuk are under YG & YG Plus management respectively!!)....i'm happy to seeing this KBS!! since there's conflict between you and YG about their artists didn't promote their song on #MusicBank well they do promote on #YooHeeyeolSketchbook at least! but it only happens once, i want every week!! TaeBiShipper Jun 16 2015 12:08 pm just read the comment about the ending and I feel like wanna throw my lappy to you Writer-nim! Eunbi should end up with Taekwang not Yian .PD-nim please do an extended episode and put Eunbi and Taekwang together haha.. -sorry for the bad english,but I still want to give my opinion^^-

ON THE WAY TO SCHOOL is the story of: Jackson, 11, who lives in Kenya and twice a day he and his younger sister walk 10 miles through a savannah populated by wild animals; Carlito, 11, rides more. Ya. Jun 03 2015 4:15 am I think it will also be unfair if Eun Bi ended up with Tae Kwang. She also sees him as a friend and not more than that..

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It would be good and happiness for everyone if this sucks writer makes eunbi and taekwang ended up together and so on with eun byeol with yi an! But i totally don't really care about the pairing But i totally admit that the relationship between eun bi and yi an being force and rush. And it's confusing too because nothing is confirm about the dating! because it seems like they finally date but seems like not really too -,- Gosh but the real eun byul is so badass. Every time she went against soo young to protect eun bi... she was really cool. It would have been great if she had rly RLY been in love with yi an (just sayin lol). It's really f*cked up that eun bi had to meet her horrible bully again.

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Yoon Ae May 15 2017 5:48 am this drama is so complicated , but i love this❤️ This is the real fact of high school story. 8/10 voes Jun 17 2015 2:29 am I recommend this drama. Great story from beginning till the end. And im yibi shipper!!❤❤ sooyuh Jun 15 2015 1:34 pm Wooaahh... Lucky you Han Yi An you got Eun Byul as your best friend and now Eun Bi as a lover? Poor Taek Gwang I feel so sorry for him.. I am a TaeBi shipper and this ep breaks my heart.. Well let just hope that Eun Bi will gonna end up with nobody and they will remain friends.. Taek Gwang and Eun Bi as best friends and Yi An and Eun Byul as best friends. I think that's the best ending rather than seeing someone hurt.. I want a happy ending.. still hoping for TaeBi.. even though it's 40% chance off. I agree! How can Han Yi An changed his feelings as fast as like that, I know Eun Byul didn't show much interest on him but in the drama, Eunbyul's character really cares about Han Yi An.

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i wouldn't mind if Eun Bi not accept Tae Kwang but it is crazy for Eun Byul she lost her friend So In and wonder what if she lose another important person to her and add salt to wound it's her own sister who taken it. TT_TT im curious about the new teacher which is jung so in sister. and also about so in. why is she died? hmm im gonna wait for the next episode School Meal Analysis: 2015-16 Data Tables. Statewide Summary: School Meal Access and Participation PDF; Local School Meal Data: CFPA's County Profiles link; Overvie

I'm also agree with @Daniel. If in the end Eunbi end up with Yi An, Taekwang will be totally all alone. it's really unfair for Taekwang. in eps 13-14 i think the main male is sungjae. PD-nim giving us so many sweet scene of TaeBi. If Taekwang and Eunbi can't end up together, just make all of them be bestfriend. It's better than make Eunbi with Yian, really mess ending. lisa Jun 08 2015 8:49 am I think this new episode confirmed that Eun Bi/Yi An ending... Soo young asks the question because she knows the answer and wsnts the sisters to fight. I guess Eun Byul will give up Yi An because she feels like Ejn Bi would have met him first if she was adopted and she wsnts them to be happy... and I'm not even sure she likes him more than friendship...I guess it is clear now :D espexiaööy since eun bi seems to reject tae gwang again^^ Keira Jan 09 2017 2:24 pm The whole story is really good but not the ending. The ending really makes me dissapointed. It makes me feel like Han Yi An is a womanizer guy.

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Just because you want Eun Bi and Yi An you push Eun Byul with Tae Gwang? He doesn't like her, he likes Eun Bi and she doesn't like him, she likes Yi An. Iru May 13 2015 11:12 am Hey! I'm not a Korean or I'm not living in Korea! I knew about this drama from Internet! But! This drama is the best k-drama that I ever watched. What happened to Eun Byul? I hope she's alive! We can't let her to die. . And a dead one messaging? Can't be? Where is Soo In? Teacher Kim also Should have a secret with Soo In. Soon Young Ohhhh she is really annoying. BTW who does taekwangsupport Jun 18 2015 9:52 am writer nim played with many viewer's heart. bcoz they know most of viewers is fallin love with taekwang character rather than yian character. but. writer nim i am really dissapointed. if you wont put taebi on the end. just made yibi scene more better and more acceptable from the beginning. but the story have a lot of taebi scene more acceptable more romantic and better than all yibi scene. really writer nim gave false hope for most viewers. and i just realized a lot of taebi scene is made for high up the ratings. sorry but no sorry.. are you really desperate of ratings?? then why you writernim made the worst ending ever.. such a waste becoz the storyline and the cast so good.. but ending still worst for me. Milly Mar 09 2016 7:26 am It's an interesting drama. But the way eun bi is getting hurt by cruel girls is so pathetic. All the young actors and actresses are so talanted. A nice story. EunByulEunBi Oct 05 2015 11:48 pm Truthfully when I watch the preview...I don't have any attention to watch this drama..but then accidently I watch Ep 2 and I just get addicted to it..The bullied part make me cry..It just to painful..no one deserve to be treated like that...Thankfully EunByul Charcarter exist..EunByul Chingu too .. Both of them awesome..If not I don't not what will happen to Eun Bi alone...That charcter named so young..I really hate her..I Don't know how many time I mad or curse you .. Sorry Your charcter too bad..Yi and Tae lwang is too cute..haha I really Ship TaeBi...Yi an with EunByul...It will be really good if taekwang play the lead role...with Euni..I hope to see both of you on new drama or movies...(So hyun & Sunjae) it will be daebak..because I know Many people will cheering foe Yaebi Couple ^^~ Fighting..I highly recommeded this drama to kdrama lovers who want to watch this drama .. School 2015 is amazing, storyline is daebak & all the cast is awesome & talented .. This drama is full of lesson , love , friendship , sad happy painful awesome scene(so many mixed feeling involved)...Watch it ^^~I enjoy watching it . .thank you

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Menna Doubal Jul 02 2015 11:39 pm am I the only one who think that the ending is perfectly reasonable and somehow expected. of course she would choose yi-an she loved him from the beginning and somehow she managed to keep tae-kwang as a friend however i think it would've been perfect if tae-kwang and eun-byul got together, everyone would've been happy, but one thing i learned from korean drama is that it's impossible for everyone to be happy "especially the seond male lead aka tae-gwang"regardless it was fun watching this drama and i recommend everyone to watch it ;) United Kingdom 2015 - Calendar with British holidays. Yearly calendar showing months for the year 2015. Calendars - online and print friendly - for any year and mont Hangul: Who Are You: School 2015; Hanja: 후아유: 학교 2015; RR: Huayu: Hakgyo 2015 adalah serial televisi Korea Selatan tahun 2015 yang dibintangi oleh Kim So-hyun, Yook Sung-jae dan Nam Joo-hyuk.Ini disiarkan di KBS2 dari tanggal 27 April hingga 16 Juni 2015 pada hari Senin dan Selasa pukul 21:55 untuk 16 episode.. Ini adalah angsuran keenam seri KBS School yang disiarkan dari tahun.

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  1. and I TOTALLY knew that Eunbyul's alive all along. remember when Yian said 'Eunbyul' was actually a good swimmer and how in the flashback footages of the drowning scene, Eunbyul didn't even break a sweat in dragging Eunbi up surface? yeah, that pretty much gave it away.
  2. dihan Apr 10 2016 4:50 am One of the best korean drama. Totally amazing. Suggest to watch this. & Kim so-huyn's acting is really good.
  3. 마샤일 Jun 17 2015 6:08 am Wow!♥ . I really like this drama . Its really awesome . It makes me learn many things .every one can be hurts while he/she is teenager. So we just have to know what we gonna do in this situations . Also friends is really important in our life . Parents is the most important thing in our life so we have to respect them and never hurts them . By the way I really enjoyed this drama . It gots a painfull moments that makes me cry alot . And a big thanks to the actors in this drama . They were actual in thier acting . Specially kim so hyun . I really love it . Also oppa yook sung jae I like his cold personality in this drama and oppa nam joo hyuk the most cute and friendly guy . L♡ve this drama alot . Keep going guys ★★★. Fighting°▼°

kim_so_hyun_china_fan Mar 25 2015 2:38 am REALLY??!!! I really want kim sohyun to be the lead...and kwak dongyeon to be her partner OMGGGG:3 NIEL Jan 24 2016 11:43 pm WTF .. This Rating to this kdrama . This is the best kdrama for high school student ! Who Are You: School 2015 (OST) lyrics with translations: Reset, Return, I'll Listen To What You Have To Say (너의 얘길 들어줄게), Fly with the Wind (바람에 날려), Remembe hermine May 12 2015 10:07 pm I'm getting the feeling that Eun Byul is not dead.....Gods! I ship Tae Gwang and Eun Bi together! They are so cute! Episode 6 left me hanging! @YiBi mind to explain in detail how Eun Bi change Yi An life? He literally is living the same life since episode 1 or are you talking about the rehab thing? Eun Byul influence Yi An life more if you ask me. He do his best to fulfill their promise (make me sick when he decided to give his medal to Eun Bi in last scene of episode 14) they made when they were child back then. Eun Byul is the driving force and source of motivation for Yi An look at him when he found out Eun Byul is missing he can't concentrate in his competition.

YiByul Jun 16 2015 2:55 am Eun Bi is going to transfer to Seungri High school! A school from drama 'School 2013'!! Hahaha...I'm already waiting for School 2016!! ♡♡♡ Directed by Sam Greisman. With Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick, Dante Palminteri, Katherine Alt Keener. Fifteen year-old JACK is forced to come face-to-face with his growing romantic feelings for his best friend DANNY This show could've been my favourite if the ending was different but because of the disappointment and my ever consistent love of the second lead I'll have to give it a 7/10.

School 2015 Full Episodes Online. Instantly find any School 2015 full episode available from all 1 seasons with videos, reviews, news and more Lolalove2015 May 03 2015 11:08 am I have a feeling that Eun Bi and Eun Byul are twin sisters that got separated after Eun Byul got adopted by her mother, but I also have a feeling that Eun Byul did something to Eun Bi e.g. Hiding her so she wouldn't get adopted xp Anyways love the story, it took me just a couple of minutes of watching to start loving it ^^ And I've been a fan of Kim So-Hyuns acting ever since I first saw her in the Moon Embracing The Sun XD Kero Jun 10 2015 1:56 am I really, and seriously like this drama!! the emotions it wants the viewers to feel really got me. I like it!!! one thing though~ I have watched episode 13 and 14, and one thing I don't like is how Yi An acts. don't get me wrong, so, this is my reason, Yi An, without understanding anything, misunderstood EunByul's part. and right now, he played the part of being a confused prince,.. I want him to clarify his feelings, cause seriously, if he goes for Eun Bi, then the plot is messed up! I would hate it, if Eun Bi, will be more confused about her feelings, cause damn! there's a lot of conflict in this drama. as for Tae Kwang, I like it that he noticed right away that Eun Byul is back, to be honest, he has a big highlight in this drama, he knows way too much, and till now, I think he is the persona in this plot. so here it is... jinie Jun 16 2015 7:42 pm Gong Taekwang is the one who kept up the viewer ratings but Han Yian gets all the glory in the end? The director makes viewers fall in love with the second lead but then destroys it completely. diane Jun 12 2015 12:31 am i still can't get over ep 14's ending like wahhhh DID GONG TAE JUST KISS EUN BI OMG!!! i fricken hope it's going to be TaeBi in the end like please make it happen. right now, i'm so pissed at yi an ugh. i can't believe he's starting to like eun bi. can't he just stick to one girl (eun byul) LOL they look so good together. the thing is it seems like eun byul doesn't like yi an. she doesn't show interest towards him which is quite upsetting lmao i really love eun byul's character. she is one tough girl and there's just something about her that makes her stand out. as for eun bi, she is really nice but why the heck can't she appreciate gong tae's efforts and feelings for her?? he's always been there to protect, guide and help her but i don't understand how you can't fall for a guy like that. he is honestly so bae material and if i were eun bi, i'd go marry him right away :-) i know that kim so hyun portrays these two main roles but eun byul and eun bi's auras are completely different from each other HAHAH i wish that in the last episode, it will be TaeBi and YiByul like PLEASE!! (i'm the same age as kim so hyun and wow she's hella successful at this age WOW!!!)

school2015FANS May 26 2015 9:14 am even the viewers are divided in 2 different teams.. eunbi yian.. and eunbi taekwang.. LOL A May 30 2015 6:30 am I like EunByeol more than EunBi.I ship EunByul with Yi An and EunBi with TaeKwang ^^ Daniel Jun 16 2015 12:54 pm As expected an open ending and as I had said from the beginning if Yi An and Eun Bi ending could be a bad ending but ending without Eun Byul and Eun Bi sister together is worse than bad. Drama que estará situado en una prestigiosa escuela secundaria privada en el lujoso barrio de Gangnam, Seúl, Corea del Sur. Lee Eun Bi es una joven que vive en una casa hogar y asiste a la preparatoria Noori, en Tongyeon, una provincia al sur, donde es víctima de bullying por sus compañeras. Luego de ser expulsada injustamente de la escuela, ella huye y decide suicidarse… Mientras, Go Eun-Byul (que luce exactamente igual que Lee Eun Bi) es una estudiante muy popular en la escuela secundaria privada de Seúl. Ella desaparece durante un viaje escolar a Tongyeon en circunstancias misteriosas. Una aparece, pero ha perdido la memoria. ¿Quién de las dos es? ¿Y qué ocurrió con la otra?

ri hyo May 25 2015 3:19 am Eps 9 will aired tonight in korea,, so we world fan could watch it online tomorrow morning ! i guess we all know K-drama formula, lead would be together in the end, but this drama both lead is eun bi and eun byul ! so its not necessary for eun bi to end up with yi an right? dont get me wrong i love han yi an.. seeing the preview 4 eps 9 seems yi an knew tht eun byul assume dead... how hurt he would be! but its dont means tht yi an shoul love eun bi in place of eun byul (like her mother did bcoz its totally diff situation). i hope writer dont juz waste the remaining eps wif love triangle- push-pull relation between eun bi x yian x taekwang. the best twist would be eun byul return ! i still dont believe she died, the so many things yet to be clear! till now we dont see for real eun byul corpse right? so she probably hidden somewhere. lets wish this drama dont dissapoint us in the end! Oana May 19 2015 9:01 am Am I the only one that ships Eun Bi with Yi An? yes, Tae Kwang is cute and all, but Yi An really loves her. What if Eun Byul is actually dead and Eun Bi ends up with Tae Kwang? Omg i can't watch Yi An suffering x_x Hana Jun 18 2015 12:40 am Really enjoyed school 2013 and started watching this one and it's pretty bad! I mean it just focuses on the twins and their love life blah blah and the annoying bully. And if both twins were alive why not make them each get the two guys. Writers or whatever were probably drunk. blergh May 27 2015 7:14 pm Getting tired with people who complaint getting tired, sick all about who will end up with who. 'Secuse' me (flip hair). This is comment section. Everyone has the right to say whatever they want. That was a bad ending I expect the Eun sister will attend same school and live happily with each other. I know Eun Byul went aboard to study but they did not show how she felt or how she been doing at the end I been waiting to see her after Eun Bi receive letter from Eun Byul but that did not happen. Ouch..

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Taekwang Jun 09 2015 11:14 pm I died inside after watching this ep. Omg so many taekwang & eunbi moments these 2 ep's. ;))))) *THAT KISS DUDDE* Also, I used to like yian, but now he's just being a lil insensitive bitch. Like your best friend is back, but all you do is get mad? Yian is only caring about his own feelings and I HATE how he's choosing between eunbi & eunbyul. It's like 'hmmm, should I go out with sister 1 or sister 2?' Maybe he needs to back off. Taekwang and Eunbi are my OTP!!!! AHHhhHHh! Why is he the 2nd lead?!!?!!?! Mental breakdown halp. Sekemoto Apr 27 2015 11:03 pm The first episode looks so promising. Kim So Hyun is the best in the younger generation of the actors and actresses! She's barely 16 and look at her roles now! She acts so well. To be honest, I only checked out this drama because of her, and I'm loving it so far! They did really well in choosing the cast for this one! Hope it stays great until the end! I really hope that Taekwang ends up with Eun-bi! If Eun Bi ends up with Yian, i'll really pissed off. * flips the table Very likely is all teacher Jung doing. Also regarding Eun Byul say Soo In was following her around after her death I think she is imagining thing because she feeling guilty I mean how can anybody went inside her house let alone her room and switch off the light =.= Kaye Mar 30 2019 12:11 am Well it might be a little late for me because i watched this drama this year but i really can't accept the fact that eunbi ended up with han ian. Taekwang and eunbi has really great chemistry together but Eunbi ended up with Han Ian. I really ship Eunbi with Taekwang, not with Han Ian. One also im confuse about is Jeong Suin. Its kind of confusing to me (a little bit). But overall I really like Eunbi AND Taekwang together. And also the ending--no ending with taekwang only with ian? come on there has to be a scene with them. ugh its so unfair. but the plot of the story is okay-oh and also about the kiss huehuehue- its not that bad but about eunbi and ian is my #1 problem in the story so yeah

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tinamina Jun 08 2015 4:47 pm One of the besssssssst korean drama i have ever seen in my life..it is soooo underrated..Drama of the Decade...:} ;} lady Jun 14 2015 2:30 am han yi ahn is first man role in drama. so i hope writer-nim can write yi ahn with eun bi will be together in the end episode, because they love each other. and for tae kwang, he is second man and i hope he can accept if eun bi with yi ahn. so dont disturb yi ahn eun bi couple. ZIEYA May 28 2015 11:46 pm I wish in my school days have a friend that stay with me no matter what happens.Love to Taekwang if just have him in my school days as a good friend,don't look at anyone else.Just enough him.Hope Taekwang and Eunbi be good friends if not a couple^^.Shinjin is a good girlfriends too.Stay with Eunbi no matter what when other don't. 600 Jun 15 2015 10:22 am I decided to stop watching this drama because the love story is suck and i like eun byul story more than eunbi story. It just what i think

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Sharonlee94 Mar 19 2016 12:03 am Go eunbyul is simply the best thing that ever happened in this drama. I wish they could show more scene of Eun Byul coming back to Korea though and smiling happily with their friend and family. Not that bad of an ending even though my ship sinks. Thank for leaving the ending rather open so that I can assume all become friend instead and nothing actually happen kkk....

Who Are You 후아유 EP

The rating is went down. I've said that, just give us more scene of Taekwan with Eunbi this drama will get more high rating. remember why rating of episode 13-14 went up. If ending of this drama Yian with Eunbi, it's really bad story. It's better make all of them as best friend. Ray May 21 2015 1:28 am Feel sorry for Han Yi-An but for Han Yi-An get good ending Ko Eun-Byeol needs to be still alive... Han Yi-An love Ko Eun-Byeol so much that he can't accept that Ko Eun-Byeol is now Lee Eun-Bi... But must said Han Yi-An denial make this story interesting otherwise it gonna make the drama flat with just Lee Eun-Bi and Kong Tae-Gwang against Kang So-Young... Little twisted in drama is needed... Who Are You - School 2015 OST. May 20, 2015 November 2, 2016 alainw711 Kdrama OST Red Velvet, SHINee, Who Are You - School 2015 OST, Younha. Watch at Dramafever Pre-order soundtrack at Yesasia.

2015 May 21 2015 9:10 am so sad this drama have a low rating great story yes great cast yes Great ost yes but whyy?under 10-__-Okay korean taste is drama with idol not like this because that this show isnt popular in korean..for international fans we can support this drama with live streaming...:v anyway if korean people read this please watch this drama This drama is so damm Good.. Mrs Gdragon Jun 17 2015 12:59 am They should at least made YiBi realistic and not forced if they were to end up together. Fine, YiBi end up together, but TaeKwang was the one to kiss her first! *Sings That Should Be Me for TaeKwang* Best Business School 2015. by Jonathan Rodkin and Francesca Levy from . Business school has been called a two-year job interview, and with good reason: For more than $100,000 and two years of. Jack Chui Nov 17 2015 5:47 pm This is the second Kdrama i've watched (first was Producer!) and wow this is definitely one of my favourites!!!! I love this Kdrama so much because it focuses on the struggles of the youth which I find really appealing because i'm a youth!! I really hope there is going to be a Season 2 or part 2 to this!!!!

The story is good overall. My only problem is why Taekwang didnt end up with the main shitty girl where we all know that everything he did was for her and his relationship was quite clear compared to the guy who just liked her because of a certain misunderstanding, like lol why did the useless girl even like him? ... He wouldnt have talked to her if her face is different.....I hate stereotypical heroines. REin Sep 01 2015 5:12 am i Love it!..Great acting Kim So-Hyun she potrayed 2 character really well.. im so in , in this Drama cant get out of my head :) Q : "Eun Byul should be with Tae Kwang" A : It's nice to ship couples, but to ship some nonsense couple is just sick. It's like you ship Pizza with no cheese considering Pizzas will be awful without cheese. can someone kill soyeong?? i cant stand seeing her face anymore! she just kind that got no humanity. 'fooling with friends'? ommoo! bicosso???. human dont fool like that. i bet she is an animal. ommo! why am i being to emotional??!! friedtofu Jun 12 2015 10:08 pm I am enjoying reading everyone's opinion in here but I can't believe that a lot has been hating on Yian omg XD I am rooting for GongtaexEunbi but I'm not hating on Yian hahaha I think he's just confused or something. Who knows, maybe he'll just thank Eunbi in the last part of ep 14 then offers some closure since they fought real hard and ask for her help to get Gongbyul XD lol -daydreaming at its finest-

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dongsekgi Dec 29 2015 3:03 am i hate the ending. it left a booboo in my heart forever. bye yall kdramaboos akaya May 20 2015 11:22 am I wanna stop watching this drama because i really break to see eunbi-yiahn moment.. but i can't because i'm fan of kim so hyun and sungjae.. ok.. i just skip eunbi-yiahn moment.. if eunbi-yiahn sippers are increase no problem.. i still stand by taekwang side..

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  1. g career, you know their childhood promise.
  2. Học Đường 2015 - Who Are You: School (2015) là bộ phim truyền hình tạo cơn sốt khắp Hàn Quốc và nhiều nước châu Á, với sự góp mặt của nữ diễn viên xinh đẹp sinh năm 1999 Kim So-Hyun luôn nằm trong TOP 20 chương trình truyền hình được yêu thích nhất tại xứ sở Kim Chi. Học Đường 2015 không chỉ là câu chuyện xoay quanh những cô cậu học sinh tại trường học mà nó còn khắc họa những mối tình đầu đời trong sáng, những khoảnh khắc đáng yêu tinh nghịch gắn liền với tuổi học trò, đặc biệt So-Hyun tham gia với 2 vai trong phim, đây cũng là tác phẩm được đánh giá rất cao của nữ diễn viên tuổi teen, đưa tên tuổi của cô nàng ngày càng được nhiều người biết tới.
  3. saira Mar 27 2017 7:46 am genuinely i didnt except much from this drama but it was very good with important life lesson.. i feel so pressured during whole series whom she will end with...thanks God she ended with han yi ahn i shipped them during all episodes...for me they have more chemistry than tae kwang...tae kwang was also good but all that matter is whom she likes..and her choice was good enough.. they should show more scene of them togeather..
  4. The 2015 version of KBS2's School series, this young adult drama focuses on an 18-year-old female high school student who has her life turned upside down overnight and the honest, touching situations that students encounter. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel

G E N Z May 12 2015 1:15 pm This is why I hate drama with amnesia, switching body, twins, coz I like Yi An and Eun Byul's relationship right from the start. I mean they are childhood friends and then she died, her twin appeared, Yi An thinks she's Eun Byul and he might like Eun Bi (just bec of her face that looks like Eun Byul) Haaayyy. poor Yi An he doesn't know anything about his love 1019 May 25 2015 4:09 am This is my opinion, but I think that both Han Yi Ahn and Gong Tae Kwang both like Eun Bi. The only difference is that Tae Kwang knows that he likes Eun Bi but Yi Ahn does not. Yi Ahn still believes/ wants himself to believe that he likes Eun Byul, but in reality he has already fallen in love with Eun Bi. He even admitted that sometimes he likes the "new Eun Byul" more than the old one. We also all know that sadly, Eun Bi likes Yi Ahn and not Tae Kwang. Eun Bi likes Yi Ahn but she tries to control her feelings for him because she knows that she shouldn't like Yi Ahn ( because of Eun Byul) and she feels guilty for lying to him about her real identity.In episode 8, since Yi Ahn found out about Eun Byul's real identity, we know that this isn't the climax of the drama since theres still 8 episodes left. There must be a bigger plot waiting ahead of us, either Eun Byul is alive or there's a totally different story that we don't know about. I don't really care about who ends up with who, I just hope that the drama will be worth watching till the end. School 2015 cast and crew fighting!!! Fierrie Feb 10 2020 9:51 am So okay, a lot of people had gone ballistic over Gong Taegwang's fate, me too I like him but.. maiden Jun 29 2015 7:17 am There's a lot of reasons why other girls (i.e. us audience) would go with Tae Kwang. He's loyal, supportive, lovable, adorable and he changed just for the girl he likes. There's only ONE reason why Eun Bi chose Han Yi An. It's because he's the one she likes. It'll be unfair to chose someone just because they're ideal and convenient. Q :"If Tae Kwang and Eun Bi were together, i feel sorry for Eun Bi because she sees him only as a friend." A : So you're saying Eun Bi didn't see Yi An as a friend? B**** please.

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tsubasa May 26 2015 2:05 pm i wish eun byul come back, yi an in pain and confused. don,t eun byul miss her mom, friends and yi an. i guess eun byul away for a while to solve by herself the mystery of soeun dead. ah and the new teacher is that hong so hyun? diya May 27 2015 1:36 pm which one will end up with han yi-an i can't wait to see the final episode from the 2015 national survey, 37 state surveys, and 19 large urban school district surveys conducted among students in grades 9-12. Results: Results from the 2015 national YRBS indicated that many high school students are engaged in priority health-risk behavior And I don't know what Eun Bi was thinking when our poor Tae Kwang confess to her she reject him ouch that really break my heart our poor Tae Kwang. He do everything for Eun Bi and even oppose his dad and in the end that is what he got...aigoo...

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  1. K May 31 2015 10:43 pm Best drama ever! Each episode is interesting and not boring! It seriously stuck in my head on what will happen in the next episode!
  2. june syahiera Sep 04 2015 9:46 am the most of korean drama that i loved since 2010 until now ... I love YOUUUUUUUU!!!! aJA AJa Fighting!!!!
  3. Aniki Apr 29 2015 10:47 am can someone tell me the title of the song in closing song of episode 1-2....thank you
  4. heyy Jun 09 2015 7:55 am i really like kang so young more than any one in the drama. i really get pissed when shes losing to eunbi/eunbyeol on the scenes. i really dont know whats with me but can you enlighten me why i should be in favor with the protagonist? im really confused.
  5. I do agree with you 100%. I reallyyyy reallyyyy disagree if the production cast make EunBi-YiAhn, i dont give a damn on how they will twist the plot later on, it's seem unfair since EunByul apparently still alive (if she died, that'll make up a whole different story, but the point her is she's alive so NO to EunBi-YiAhn).

Drama Korea School 2015 Subtitle Indonesia 1 - 16(END

  1. Apink Apr 29 2015 11:18 pm so this is just my thoughts...Eunbyul saved Eunbi from drowning,then she did something on Eunbi that's why Eunbi cant remember anything...Then Eunbyul swapped herself to Eunbi's life, so that she wont get in danger because of that guy who text “Just because it’s something that’s in the past,it doesn’t mean it never happened.” to her....so that's means Eunbyul is still alive.. but now she's living as Eunbi and Eunbi is now living as Eunbyul,slowly recovering her memories..
  2. I don't get it why people liked Yi An character probably they are just a fan of ju hyuck they like ju hyuk instead of Yi An character in the drama well this is very understandable. Will really pissed me if Tae Kwang doesn't get happy ending pergh  :S
  3. I hate it when Eun-Bi hesitated with Yi An. Hope that was because she do not want Yi-An to know the fact that Eun-Byul was "dead" because of saving her she afraid Yi-An will despise her instead of Eun-Bi develop feeling toward Yi-An (well that would be suck).
  4. Rosie Oct 27 2016 7:39 am Wadda hell! Why do kdrama endings have to be like this! I mean is it so wrong for the 2nd lead to get a girl even when there are 2 girls? De 2nd lead's feelings r always a lot stronger than the main lead's. Why couldn't eun bi end up with tae kwang n eun byul with han yi an. It could've been such a perfect ending! Plus yi an loved eun byul from the beginning. N twe kwang lovex eun bi from the star so they should've formed 2 pairs!

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  1. juhyun May 05 2015 4:37 am Wow... i thought it will be like just some teenage highschool romance story... but wow.. the storyline is so... UGH I WANT TO WATCH ALL THE EPISODES NOW
  2. ds me a lot of pretty little liars. but better.. lol very good and interesting
  3. Nana Jun 16 2015 5:34 pm Perfect ending! Yi An and Eun Bi are meant to be together. Just accept the truth will ya?!
  4. Thanks for your feedback on Who are you-School 2015. I'm watching it at the moment, it's at episode 7. Your writing really gave me a new view of youth, about dreams, about our ability to fall and then stand up and be stronger. I have watched many films especially Korean ones but rarely write reviews about them
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AAKI Aug 07 2015 3:16 pm It's nice...but little bit dissatisfaction with the ending..Ko Eun-Byeol was really cool.she is absolute my style! I like her very much...any way very nice & lovable drama...but I want to say that school 2013 was the best drama among the high school dramas.anyhow I would like to pay my gratitude to all the cast members and the crew of the drama school 2015...good work...! dea Jun 11 2015 9:28 am I'm glad if EunBi end up with TaeKwang. Who always helped EunBi if not TaeKwang. Udeshika fernando Sep 13 2015 9:18 am I like this story. They're acting very good. When i waching this i was cried. I love this. Taebi Jun 16 2015 5:21 am After reading soo many k dramas I only got second lead syndrome in 2 dramas 1st in dreams high and 2nd in school 2015 one ship sailed and the other sank. The problem is it was ok if YIBI had ended together if thy had only provided me with a reason y thy should end 2gether. If instead of TK, yian had been there 4 EB2 when so young was blackmailing her I would have accepted it but that was not the case. any ways it's just a drama and I won't hate it bcoz it have done so much for SUNGJAE. #fighting sungjae.

The School Calendar for School Year (SY) 2015-2016 shows the school events and activities for the said SY. The core events and activities for this SY, which represent the actual teaching-learning days, shall be strictly observed in all schools. The SY 2015-2016 shall begin on Monday, June 1, 2015 and shall end on Friday, April 1, 2016. The SY. --> i think this story is more realistic, if i were Eun Bi, my heart is belong to Tae Kwang since he said "can't i be the first person to call your real name??". Childhood love story berween bestfriend, naahh you can't replaced that easily, moreover if the other person has the same face with your first love, its just wrong in so many level.. Me May 19 2015 1:25 pm I just wish everything goes well and that Eun Byul is alive so that it will make two lovely couple at the end of the story. I saw the episode 8 and I am quite sad about the end, I wish they publish one episode per day, at least it won't hurt people like me so much. Really, I cried a lot while watching it and (spoiling) when Yi An was swimming in the pool for hours cause he is too confused, I cried a lot. Imagine yourself having a twin but never saw her and at the end she saved your life, I will cry for my life and be so sad. Also, I wish the drama will end happily so that at least I can say to everyone, School 2015 is a super good drama with a good ending. I wish everything will be fine and please, Eun Bi, tell Yi An the truth. I don't care what you guys think about my comment, because these are my feelings and I just want to spell it out, that's all. Anita Jun 09 2015 10:06 pm YiBi <3 Fighting! I love YiAhn more! TK rejected a lot, it would be strange now if EunBi would accept him. And the kiss was just sad, a bit forced. Not cool... DramaQueen May 19 2015 9:53 pm @MsConfuse omg!! yess i love your comments..Gong tae kwang is not third wheel couldn't agree more.. it's because the girl is twins and the one with gong tae kwang is eun bi so it's not his fault to fall in love with her eventho somewhat I can feel maybe he has some feelings for eun byul before (?) idk maybe just my prediction but I still ship eun bi with gong tae kwang.. and finally i found someone that can see Lee Jong Suk in Sungjae (Gong Tae Kwang) i thought i'm the only one who see that..

fan, part 2 May 10 2020 2:53 pm Please make season 2 ASAP bc i love this show and all the characters. Omg i love that idea >< i always imagined the alternative ending such as after a long time, Eun Byul return from overseas and realized her feeling towards him and how yi an feel towards Eunbi bec she's resembles her sister but have a very different personalities that lead yi an to comparing and finding out his heart still lean on Eunbyul, And how Eunbi misses taekwang by every single time yi an kisses her cheek(they're dating right?), slightly taekwang would pop out on her mind. And there's taekwang, his heart always waiting for Eunbi. It would be perfect ^^ HAHAHA can't get over the ending even after the new series came out already park77 Mar 24 2015 4:34 pm Kang minhyuk decline the offer for this drama. I hope this drama will find good actor like lee jong suk

First Day of School 2015 (Canada) School's back in session! Happy first day to all of the students and teachers who are welcoming the start of a new school year. We talked to Doodler Olivia When. Genz Jun 10 2015 11:50 am I think the ending won't be about their pairings/love interest but the friendship that they built through difficult times specially they are still students, since they experienced the most scary crime in school "bullying" TEHEE May 20 2015 6:54 am DON'T MAKE TAEKWANG THE NEW YOUNGDO PLS.. let him be happy! He's doing the best he can for Eun Bi but he get nothing in return, it's always yi an ughh it's so frustrating! Collibosher Apr 16 2015 11:57 am The talented and lovely Kim So-hyun will guarentee a large interest in this drama, but, for me, it's the veteran talents of the great Lee Pilmo and the always great Kim Jung-nan who will have me tuning in. Looking forward to a great ride!

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ดูซีรี่ย์ Who Are You School 2015 Son พากย์ไทย 4 พฤษภาคม 2563 ซีรี่ย์เกาหลี Who Are You School 2015 ซับไทย Ep.1-16 (จบ Haley Jun 17 2015 9:52 am I don't think yiah deserve uen bi at all. He just selfishly play with two sisters' feeling. How can 10 years crush ends bc of only few months loveline. Plus, he only gives eun bi attention at first bc he likes eun buyl. Tae Gwang was always there for her, accept and comfort her as well. He goes through a lot of struggles in the drama as well. Why can't the writer give him the girl he likes as the reward for him after suffering from so much struggles in life? I know traditionally the second never get with the girl but I will always ship taebi and for my the last ep is 14 where they kiss. Stephany Jun 09 2015 3:22 pm I honestly do not know how to feel anymore. At first I was all for TaeGwang; I loved him so much with EunBi. But after the latest episode I have kind of switched boats(pun intended).. I think. Maybe I just feel bad for YiAn. Whatever. Great series so far, cannot believe it will be over in two episodes a fan of this drama May 25 2015 8:15 pm i wish eunbi end up with taegwang and yi ahn with eunbyul. but my brain keep processing about one of them(eunbi/eunbyul) will die in the end of the drama as u can see the promotion poster there just one girl holding yi ahn hand and taegwang follow at the back and that are eunbyul's hair! and it makes me sad to watch all the way episode. but if im aint watch it i will live in curiosity. ommo! im being emotional again. i adore this mystery drama so much. and im a fan of kim so hyun and btob. btob members are all funny and weirdooo!

Leizl Oct 12 2015 1:20 am Hope there will be a part two of this. I love this drama.. I was expecting that eun bi is for Tae-kwang and eun byul is for Hi-yan. but it goes out a love triangle... hee mi May 02 2015 4:25 am i cant wait for mon&tuesdays this show was off the hook. i kept on wondering what really is the truth behind the drowning...the swap on lives .etc and where the heck is eunbyul?and who was the one texting & the toilet incident... her friends are kinda to look at for esp the short haired one >., < ghad this drama is so good; it kept me thinking about possible stuffs~~

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Ghanagal May 20 2015 5:39 pm So love this drama ..even if yi ahn found out she isn't eun bunlye I don't think he's gonna let tea kwange have her.. I like the way he said : hey let go of that hand..tea kwange should back of and let her handle it herself and stop interfering because she definitely going to end up with yi ahn ver dorama Who Are You: School 2015 2015 sub español online gratis, ver Who Are You: School 2015 audio latino sin publicidad, tambien conocido como: 후아유 - 학교 2015 / Quién Eres: Escuela 2015, descargar Who Are You: School 2015 completo sin anuncios, doramas de genero: Drama, Misterio, Romance. Estrenos de doramas, películas, novelas y mas en DramasJC - DoramasJC • Doramas Online. JustALover Jun 15 2015 9:40 pm Watching ep 15 really make me so sad. The love story of eun byul just like mine. it was too bad ending. I think eun byul will be too sorry later. Thanks PD-nim 4 make me remember my story so i can remember why i am really disbelief man's love. PortalSinopsis.com - Drama Korea Who Are You : School 2015 merupakan drama ke 6 dari rentetan drama korea School. Seperti series school lainnya, Drama Who Are You : School 2015 juga masih mengangkat permasalahan-permasalahan yang dihadapi oleh remaja SMA masa kini Indira Jun 13 2015 9:56 pm I hope tae kuang will lead. And yi an will relove eun beyol. Cause they were together at the beginning.

Carla Yluiana Jun 03 2015 3:23 pm este drama me encanta bastante, ademas la otra gemela apareció supuestamente había muerto pero no es así.Pero en realidad yo quiero que Eun Bi y han Yi terminen juntos, porque ambos se gustan. heartbroken Jun 18 2015 12:59 am Seriously i can't get over this frustration feeling after finish watching the ending.. Now, i like.. I WANNA RESET I WANNA RESETTT~ best ending Apr 17 2016 11:36 pm best ending ever !!!!!!! love nam joo hyuk! fighting! please have these kind of endings! thank you PD! Izzy May 04 2015 10:23 am I feel as if this might be a similar story to the lying game, the storyline sounds so familiar. SUB Who Are You: School 2015 Episode 16 2015-06-16 09:32:18; SUB Who Are You: School 2015 Episode 15 2015-06-15 16:22:16; SUB Who Are You: School 2015 Episode 1

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Also the mean girl's (can't remember her name because I don't like her) father is going to reveal the truth to Gong Tae father that Eun Byul is Eun Bi and she is the one who ruined his daughters life because they have the same hand writings and that her grades is going down (he's going to use her grades also so that he could and be on his daughters side and could expelled her easily) and so on and on... etc.... So Gong Tae founds out and talks to his father that he would do anything (and would go study abord if his father wants to) as long as he does not expell her from school meolchi89 Jun 09 2015 10:38 am the funny things in this makjang drama are the story is about eunbyul (her friends, her crush, her school, etc) but when the real eunbyul came, she is not even in the game of that so called 'love triangle'. i think, eunbyul come back from the 'death' just to help enbi (i love enbi, no offence). this is so sad.. i know she is strong, but she has a lot of problem with herself and need someone to support her. just like eunbi have TK. but.. who is that person? definitely not YA.. i am soooo disappointed with yi-an character. in the end i hope its eunbi who will open eunbyul's heart. winnie May 20 2015 2:37 am I ship her with both but I prefer her with Gong Tae Kwang ! They had a lot of chemistry together. I think the Yi An shipper would increase more but anyway I still like Gong Tae Kwang :D The drama reminded me a mystery story about the twin with the title is "Arisa" (it's a japanese comic). Anyway the mystery school life is nice to watch too :D Since the day her mum adopt her she knew it. Her mum mention she met her (the one her mum meet is Eun Bi she mistaken it that why Eun Byul feel sorry for Eun Bi for taking away what belong to her) before during their first encounter at orphanage. Remember Eun Byul alway sending goods and cloth to Eun Bi using her mum name? Class of 2015 Class of 2015. Share this. Name: Lenorre Clarke Undergraduate Institution: UC Riverside Major: Liberal Studies, concentration Biological Sciences Hometown: Corona, CA Master's: UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, MPP . Name: Brittany Dixon Undergrad Institution: UC Santa Barbara Major: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology Hometown.

mimi May 28 2015 9:05 am i hope writers can see the comments! Like 90% are shipping taekwang with eun bi >>> come one let them be happy!! Feel so sad seing go taekwang always being the third wheel, the second option... :( Cben10 Jun 15 2015 1:07 pm I decided not to watch finale episodes until thy show a good ending 4 TAE kwang if he does not have a good ending 14th episode will be the last episode 4 me. can't take any more heart break. LovableOneManKookie May 14 2016 5:11 am Lol I thought this would happen for the ending: the boys end up with their original love, Yi An with Eun Byul, Tae Kwang with Eun Bi, but oh well xD

Athena Mikhaela Jun 20 2015 3:25 am School 2015 was really nice drama and Kim So Hyun is very cute and good!!!!! I really love it!!! And Yook Sung Jae is so handsome!!!! For Me This is the best!!!! I really like Kim So Hyun And Yook Sung Jae to be a couple!!! The 2015-16 school year was the first in which the majority of public schoolchildren were minorities. For a look back at what that milestone meant for schools, revisit this story from 2014. How. NilaKDSY Jun 20 2015 6:54 am Oh my Gosh!! I can't believe that Eun Bi and Yi An has ended as Couple. T_T

loving May 30 2015 9:57 am Monday hurry up!! I want to watch moreeee!! This drama makes me want to come home from school feeling happy :D Knowing that I got something waiting for me back home so that I could watch it! :) The excitement is killing me. I wonder what will happen next. I hope that I get to see Eun Byul and Eun Bi together, in the same room although I know that Kim So Hyun is playing both roles in this drama. I see want to see them together. Looking at each other, identical twins separated at birth (I think) and prove to Kang So Young that they are actually twins and not the same person but Eun Bi is playing her sister. Ugh! Monday hurry come! I have another opinion in the story, why like most people ship Tae Kwang and Eun Bi. Yi An was like not in the scenes and looks like Tae Kwang was the one who always taking good care of her. Yi An is clueless, Eun Bi doesn't want him to find out. But once he find it out, he will do anything to protect her, like stopping that So Young. He get back to school even he got hit by the car. privatefan May 27 2015 6:07 am i'm peniel's fan but since that 'taekwang' is one group with him.. so.. fighting sungjae ! from peniel's fan..^^

Yeo Ji Yeon Mar 29 2016 8:57 am I really really like this drama.. one of the best drama I've ever found...it has love story which I really like ...there's a horror,about bully, revenge,funny and love story... best korean drama ever!!!!! Siyuri Jun 21 2015 12:36 am From the start Ive the feeling that the writer would make Hanyianx Eunbi ending but then I thought the writer would be sane enough to not write that ending. Cause its just... Nonsense. Really nonsense. Thanks god I havent finished the drama. The comments make medevide to not continue watching this drama. amazing May 19 2015 11:45 am probably episode 7 is the best episode so far each episode is getting better(from good to great)im in neutral side so im not dissapointed like shipper in here but i have to say nam ju hyuck acting is improve and now im always smile when eun bi have a scene with han yi an(only in eps 7)i hope yian know the truth about eun bi and many plot twist in episode 7 that i dont except at all i think eun byul have a phsychologi issue about soo in i think she feel guilty make soo in suicide (maybe) and mystery side in this drama make me hooked aishh cant wait for downloading eps 8 and watch it...Btw where is eun byul? writer can you make she appear and not make she died because its make thing more interestin

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